Breaking News: Verdict in the Letalvis Cobbins trial: GUILTY of Felony Murder on many counts (so far most)

I am working right now on a post to cover the last few days, but the jury just came back, so I wanted to post this now.

Letalvis Cobbins

GUILTY! on both murders (but he has been found not guilty on some counts, but not the major ones)

5 Responses

  1. This case is horrifying.

    Yet, I only heard about it yesterday when I found a link on the comment section of Trials & Tribulations. Why? How does the media decide what to cover what not?

    My heart aches for the Christian and Newsom families.

    I hope Cobbins and all the others die in prison. Vanessa, too. Stupid is no excuse.


  2. This worthless, lying, coward is a disgrace to the human race.


  3. My he and the others have azz the size of a basketball within the first 24hrs in there lovely new home!!!!


  4. anja,
    LOL friend!! Of course I agree with you. I hope he gets the s**t beat outta him DAILY, forever.
    RIP Christian and Channon


  5. He won’t be beaten up in prison. Prisons are run by blacks, the rape victims are whites, and the blacks stick together against the whites. Prison will be cushy and he’ll be raping white people for years to come. It’s pretty pathetic.


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