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  1. This is exactly what “C-Murder” gets. Being Master P’s brother may get you alot of things, but it sure as hell doesn’t get you a pass for murder. RIP Steve. God bless you.
    C-Murder: dumbass.

  2. What I don’t understand is how people are so distraught over Trayvon’s murder but here’s an adult that murdered a child in the disregard and people are calling for his freedom. Is it because he’s black? SMH.

    • Personally, I don’t believe race should have anything to do with anything. In Corey Miller’s situation, people are calling for his release due to problems with the jury and deliberations. Now, I don’t believe he should be freed, as he is serving time for other crimes and was sentenced to prison. But if there is any validity to the jury issues, then he should have a retrial. But no one should be demanding his release. Have it all investigated, and if needed, a new trial. But I am guessing he would be found guilty again.

  3. I think personally hes a idiot for shooting a kid epically when the kid was one of his fans. Also he was being jumped by 15 dudes outside the club before C-Murder took it upon himself to shoot him wile he was being jumped can you say coward. R.I.P Steve

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