Movies Based on True Crimes: Taken In Broad Daylight (Anne Sluti story)

             Anne Sluti

Abduction Timeline

Friday Night

•Anne Sluti was kidnapped from the Hilltop Mall parking lot in Kearney, Neb.

•Sluti placed to calls to friends and family.


•Sluti called 911 from cabin near Livingston, Mont.
•Witness reported seeing Anthony Zappa and Sluti in Montana.


•Parents pleaded for Sluti’s safe return.

Tuesday night

•Stolen Toyota Tercel spotted near Kalispell, Mont.

Thursday 4:30 a.m.

•Zappa surrendered near Rollins, Mont.

Thursday Afternoon

•Sluti’s parents flew to Montana.
A neighbor noticed that a cabin that was supposed to be unoccupied had two people inside. That’s when the neighbor called police.

Officers managed to safely get Sluti out of the house at about 4:30 a.m. Officers said that Zappa surrendered peacefully. He did not have any weapons.

Rollins is in the northwest corner of Montana.

Authorities Search For Abducted Girl
FBI Looks For Kidnapper, Victim
New Clues Discovered In Case Of Missing Teen
Kidnapped Girl Released From Captor
Anne Comes Home
Zappa To Arrive In Lincoln
Kidnapping Suspect Has Hearing Tuesday
Zappa Pleads Not Guilty
Jury Selection Begins In Kidnapping Case
Testimony Begins In Kidnapping Trial
Kidnapping Victim Testifies
Teen Breaks Down In Kidnapping Case
Kidnapping Suspect Slaps Attorney In Court
Man Convicted Of Kidnapping Kearney Teen
Kidnapper Sentenced To Life In Prison
Anne Sluti Interviewed
Anne Sluti Has Moved On Since 2001 Kidnapping

Taken in Broad Daylight
Deadly Demands: Trail of Terror



Register Number: 06748-046
Age: 44
Race: White
Sex: Male
Located at: Kansas City RRM
Release Date: LIFE

4 Responses

  1. I am so sorry this happend I just got done watching the movie

  2. If that was my daughter and after that B*STARD RAPED her, I would get a butcher knife and cut his f’n dick off and his balls and shove them down his f’n mouth until he chokes to death….rolmfao Why do MEN think they have the right to abuse women and children. I will answer my own question, it’s because they are SICK F’N B*STARDS.

  3. this is such a sad movie my favorite part was the ending when she gets with her family🙂

  4. wow.. I just watched the movie and drove by Kearney the next morning to pick up my 12 yr. old daughter from her dads. This movie has not left my heart since. Ann my heart goes out to you. Life is so precious… let us all be good stewards.

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