Update: Tyler McMillan murder *Both father, Brice McMillan and stepmother, Sandra McMillan have pleaded guilty*


Sandra McMillan to 13 to 16 years in prison
Brice McMillan to 10 to 13 years in prison.

Stepmother pleads guilty in son’s tree-tying death
Father pleads guilty in death of son who was tied to tree
Stepmother Pleads Guilty In Tyler McMillan Death, Gets 13 Years In Prison
Pair sentenced in son’s death

5 Responses

  1. I’m glad they got a few years out of it but I wish it would have been life!
    RIP Tyler 😦


  2. What a sad sad story. I am Sandra’s biological Aunt and my
    heart goes out to her.

    I will always love her.


    • Shirley,

      What about TYLER, the victim of this crime? Have you no words of compassion or love for him? I understand that she is your niece and all, however, please remember, she is not the victim here. Please think about Tyler and the life he lived and the life he lost. He did not deserve the fate that your niece and her husband gave him.


  3. I loved Tyler and miss him very much. This really is a sad story. Shirley I understand your love for Sandy – It is unconditional love which everyone should have. Unfortunately, Sandy was not able to give the same love to Tyler, Ryan or Brice. She would not even admit any guilt (took the Alford plea) and never took any responsibility for her actions. She tried to say she was physically and verbally abused and totally under Brice’s controll. She tied Tyler to the tree and physically abused both Tyler and Ryan. She was never physically or verbally abused by Brice and was definitely not controlled by him. She had the kind of love that she should have given Tyler. I feel so much for her daughter. Brie lived thru the event and saw her mothers actions first hand. Then saw her mother deny any guilt or responsibility.


  4. They both should have gotten the death penalty. Parents, yes even step-parents (because the child is a part of the person whom you love), are suppose to love and protect their children, not abuse and kill them.
    Shirley; your mentality is slipping and needs a reality adjustment. Your compassion is for the wrong person. Your niece received more prison time, let me repeat that in case your mentality is still slipping, your niece received more prison time than her husbands, that says something, don’t you think. A child lost his life through an adult. An adult. Get it. Good. Remember it. Oh by the way, on your way to prison to visit with your beloved niece try going out of your way to lay flowers on an child’s grave. The headstone you will be looking for has the name Tyler McMillan engraved on it.


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