• This Day in Crime History

    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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William Wagner murder 1/27/2009 Louisville, KY *Gary Lindsey charged with his murder*

William Wagner
William Wagner/Waggener

(I have seen the victim’s name spelled William Waggener and William Wagner. I am not sure which is correct)
Police investigating Louisville’s latest homicide
LMPD makes homicide arrest
Arrest Made In Main Street Homicide
First 48: Cold As Ice

Gary Lindsey
        Gary Lindsey

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99 Responses

  1. gary lindsey should be locked up and not on these streets.if it was a black man he would be locked up.this man got some ruff charges and he still aint locked up..

    • pook,

      Race has nothing to do with this and please keep it out of here. From what I have heard, they ARE searching for Gary Lindsey and his race is NOT an issue here. Only with racists is it an issue. And what do you mean by “ruff”? That does not make sense.

      • racism isnt the issue my dad is mixed black and white and looks white you would never think he was black and his friend curt is really black it was all over 20 dollars worth of weed i feel bad being in florida cause if i was in louisville,ky he wouldnt have went out there but sitting next to me black my game

  2. so, this guy shoots the other in the back while he was running away. here in jacksonville,fl there have been so many police involved shootings identical to this case(running away and unarmed) but unfortunately they’re ruled justifiable homicides and these fucking pigs are never prosecuted! they get a week off with pay. now does that make any sense?

  3. Race DOES BELONG HERE! Just watch on A&E he used the n—- word during the shooting, which to me, should elevate the charges to include a hate crime element.

  4. stop using the race card

  5. man he aint racists he lived wit me after he done it we have black friends that are like our bbrothers.

  6. What the hell are you people talking about that race was NOT an issue. According to the witnesses, Lindsey was yelling the N word over & over again before he shot Wagner. Now I understand that using the N word in Kentucky is as common as using the word “the”. But don’t con yourselves into thinking that this was not about race!

  7. Murder is murder fry his ass. He shot him in the back it wasn’t self defence. He had no right to take a life

  8. Gary Lindsey is the definition of a coward.

  9. Their is hope in any man. I pray for the Wagner family for there loss. I also pray for the family of the Lindsey’s. We must forgive those who have done wrong so that our place in heaven might be sealed. It is not up to you to decide who is wrong or right but to take these actions learn from them and better those around you. I am at a loss for words for our youth. I am 23 years old and a former US marine. This is a tragedy for both families. I think you should all take note what it really means to live. Do you really see yourself in the mirror. God Bless my prayers are with you.


  10. I saw this on the First 48 earlier this year and was captivated by the story because that is the neighbor hood I grew up in-the big apartment house accross the street from the American Legion and went to J.B.Adkinson elementary. I can’t believe that no one in that neighbor hood talked except the one man and the two that originally lied-and how the hell did they not get charged-when I lived there, everyone was in everyone’s business-no matter what time of the day or night it was. At the end of the First 48 show, they had Lindsay arrested and charged-Why was he not convicted-he shot the man in the back of the head while chasing him down the road after Wagner got out of a vehicle…how can any of that be self defense? I know there are travesties such as this that happen everyday, and I am saddened for the families and for all involved.

  11. what was the result of the trial? Gary didn’t get off did he?

  12. gary isnt in jail and from what ive heard there were crookedcops in the case not to mention first 48 changed the story

  13. somebody else was with wagner and that person pulled out an object acting like it was a gun

    • Unless you were there, this is heresay and not evidence.

    • curt was my dads so called best friend and he didnt pretend to have a gun cause if he did why would you shoot my dad and not the guy with the gun????????????????????????/……. get your facts straight before speaking

      • Stephen you should file a wrongful death suit against Gary Lindsey and his family. You, his wife, or parents are the only ones who can file a suit. This punk has some old grandparents that live in Edmonton, Kentucky. Gordon Moody is the trust fund. Take his damn inheritance away and any future wealth he may accumulate. He took your father, mentor, and best friend without any remorse of what he has done. This punk needs to pay!!!

      • stephen, I just found out today almost 3 years later. I did time with your dad and we had some good times. We both went in together on the same day and we became friends and partners. We were always partners in every tournament that rcc had and we won most of them. We were great card partners, I cant believe it. Sorry for your loss

  14. Gary’s trial is postponed until November/December. Also, gary’s family is sueing first 48. they apparently changed the story on the episode.

    • there sueing the first 48 hours so he can get money to get out of jail when death is involved there shouldnt be any a bail that was my dad and if it was yours you would feel the same way gary is a liar and always had the intension to kill my dad it was a set up

  15. I live in the neighborhood and grew up with Gary. We all have black friends and treat them like any other person. RACE WAS NOT INVOLVED!! The First48 did in fact change the story. Mr Waggner was breaking in the house of Gary Lindsey while Gary was home. Im not saying that Gary was right for shooting Mr. Waggner, but i would do anything to protect me and my family. However, Gary should not have shot him while he was running away. Gary’s trial is pushed over until November.

  16. does anyone know the result of the trial?

    • They gave this guy only 3-years for cold blooded murder. The sentence was “Reckless Homicide.” I will have to remember that one in case I ACCIDENTALLY shoot some one in the back of the head running away from me…..

  17. Hes been to court like 9 times and its all been leyed over. I talk to him and he said hes 100 percent not guilty.

  18. If in fact Gary shot this man dead while he was running away, off of his property without evidence showing an attempt at breaking into his house, then Gary is guilty and Justice needs to be served. Gary has no right to kill a man that is running away from him with the “assumption” that William was breaking into ..(whatever it was he was doing). Send Gary to jail!!! Justice!!

    • billy is my dad and gary will be brought to justice if not in court well then possibly in gods hand

    • They gave this guy only 3-years for cold blooded murder. The sentence was “Reckless Homicide.” I will have to remember that one in case I ACCIDENTALLY shoot some one in the back of the head running away from me…..

  19. they spelled his name wrong its waggener

  20. please ask me about the case its my father so io know more then anyone and how can you sit there and lie gary i know your here listening to these comments you little bitch!!!!!!!…. saying my dad tried to still your air conditioner you must not be smart im 16 and i know if its 10 degrees out side with 3 feet of snow why would you go break into someone house itll be to loud first you have to cut off the heat the unscrew it the have a companion hold the other side to pull the plug i check it and theres no way to do it with out being inside plus itll be to loud so fuck you pussy asshole you couldnt have done that with out a gun if you didnt have one you’d be in that snow and i hope you stay in jail and even if you get out god works in mysterious ways and god didnt bring men on earth for you to just a life im done i cant talk about this anymore

  21. Gary Lindsey is a know drug dealer in the west end. He is a racist and calls black people niggers. He ran down the street yelling nigger when he shot an unarmed black man in the back of the head!!! He has no remorse and his family has stated ‘It’s just another dead nigger!”

  22. gary is not and never has been or will be a racist… its sooooooooo hilarious how people make false allegations against people… all my brother was doing was protecting his and his belongings… its sad yes that a man had to lose his life but also sad that my brother had to put in that situation .. i love you big bro and ill be by your side threw thick and thin…

    • Your “Bro” has been in trouble before and is in other trouble besides this shooting correct? It’s so hilarious how iliterate every one of Gary’s friends are on here! Wow! It’s so sad how you believe your brother was protecting “his and his belongings.” LOL Your Bro killed a man for nothing except he was black…..

    • Gary is a racist Stefony….You just don’t want to believe it. His crimes have been/are against black people. You just think it’s sad that your brother took a man’s life? It’s unfathomable! Your brothers Wal-Mart items are not worth someones life. Use a phone call 911 or detain the person till the police arrive. But, to chase someone down two blocks and shoot them in the back of the head because they are black is a racist act girl! Besides, it was proven and investigated that William was not breaking in.

      • Garys not a racist ; & he was protecting his life ; if you dont talk to gary the dont try to say things because you dont even know ! if waggner was breaking into his house when he was home then he had a right ; yeah its sad that another mans life got tooken but it was to protect him ; just get off of him k thanks !

        • How do you know I don’t know him? Is it because I don’t misspell words and sound like I have somewhat of an education that you think I don’t know of him?

  23. ummm everyone who is calling Gary racist is wrong ! ive grownn uup around him & he has many black friends ! hes like my big brother ; hes known me since i was a liddle baby & i know him better than alot of people ! so i would like you all to please* quit callin him a racist ! thanks !

    • I would like for you to go back to school and become literate, but that is not going to happen either is it?

      • umm excuse me i am in school ! & i would like it if you wouldnt call someone ive known for a long time racist !

        • Well, I hope you pay more attention in school than your friend and you don’t shoot unarmed people in the back. Since your in school….Look up the word racist and see if the definition doesn’t fit. Here let me help you out with Gary’s use of the N-word repeatedly chasing William before he shot the unarmed man in the back of the head.

          1.racist – based on racial intolerance; “racist remarks”
          racial – of or characteristic of race or races or arising from differences among groups; “racial differences”; “racial discrimination”
          2. racistracist – discriminatory especially on the basis of race or religion anti-Semite, anti black discriminatory, prejudiced – being biased or having a belief or attitude formed beforehand; “a prejudiced judge”

          By Gary screaming out the N-word repeatedly earns him the title of “RACIST.” He didn’t yell stop thief and he shot the man in back of the head like a coward. Sorry if the truth offends you, but you should pick your friends wiser because he could shoot you next.

        • Well look up racist young man while you are in school and see if it doesn’t lock right in with Gary’s use of the N-Word.

          • ima girl ? & umm thanks but i already know what it means & it REALLY* doesnt fit Gary ! you need to just stop commenting because for one you dont know me & your just mad because you didnt get to see Gary get what you want ! but gary wasnt using the n worrd ; thats a lie ; & even if he did ; i know hes not racist ; so yeah ! hop off this & yeah leave Gary alone !

          • It doesn’t matter what Gary got in the court system. He will have to live with this for the rest of his life. He is not that strong of a person and will not survive in prison. He cried like a little girl when his sentence was read. He can act bad all he wants but the truth is already out. All the homies in prison saw this or will know of it. Prisoners don’t respect weakness….He is fresh meat right now they are just waiting for Gary to get there.

  24. It’s funny how every time a BLACK person has something done to them people wanna play the RACISM card but if william shot Gary it wouldn’t BE RACISM it would be self defense !

    • excatly but since gary shot him he gets called racist & how he deserves all these years in prison ; but to be honest ive grown uup with him & dont care what anyone has to say i know alot about him & appently other people dont so they need to just stop !

    • Seriously, you believe chasing down and shooting an unarmed man in the back of the head who is running two blocks away from your home as self defense?

      • umm ^ you dont know the story now do you ; no idont think so ! people change things around so you really need to know the real story !

        • I have kept up with this story since it started. I know the facts of this case and I know your Gary is no angel by any stretch of the imagination…..It’s funny how when a thug gets into trouble he suddenly becomes an angel and never did anything wrong. I hope you choose a wiser path in life son.

          • i never said Gary was a angel ; im just sayin ive grown up around him & hes like my big brother & i know the story ! people have been changing the story ; but yet i really do know the story & ima stick by his side ; through thick & thin ; kthanksbye !

          • & ima girl !

          • Sorry I didn’t know you were a girl…

          • You’re right Cleveless he is not an angel by any stretch. I believe he has several other charges against him for other crimes pending right now. The story you know is the one he has told you and others to cover his butt. There was some of the truth that came out in court and others just lied for him, or out of fear of reprisal from him. If the total truth came out Gary would have been convicted of murder. I am willing to bet you any amount that Gary will lose his case against the 48 hours because they reported the truth and it always come out in the end..

    • Shooting an unarmed man running away is not self defense…..

    • I just saw the update on this story and if William had of shot Gary,it wouldn’t be self defense it would be considered murder with life and no parole. Gary got off easy with the time he received.

  25. I’m tired of allt he racist shit , So what he shot some one OKay murder is murder he should do time weather he was protectin him self or not that man’s son has to grow up with out a father but i am soo tired of hearin how black people have it so bad they have it no worser then white people , Fuck the race if people period get off there ass and get a job no one would complain , Further more gary isnt racist he has pics with green & morris etc! last time i checked racist people carried / hung confederate flags! Instead of playin the racist card why dnt yu jus point blank say murder is murder! god damn !

    • You’re right murder is murder….A hate crime is a hate crime….Guys like this punk “FRONT” that they like blacks, etc. You know how else are they going to do “business.” They love blacks when they need “something” or have something to “sell,” but hate them otherwise…..

      • Gary grew up around black people ; so i know hes not fronting ! so you really neeed to shuddup ; your talking about my fam ! & you dont know emm the way i do !

        • Okay Cleaveless, when Gary’s father was asked about William Waggener being shot I heard he said: “It’s just another dead nigger.” That doesn’t sound like a non-racial statement to me. He didn’t say it’s just another dead man, black man, black person, black anything. He said plainly dead nigger. You can live in your world of make believe that they are not racist, but you can’t expect others to live there with you. Gary is not what you think he is and someday you will know better.

          • js ; i know his dad & i know for a fact that he most deff didnt say that ; im really close w/ them so yeah …. was you there noo ; his dad was told not to speak to them !

          • Grover you “heard he said…..”???? I can’t imagine anyone whose son is on trial saying anything like that to the news or anywhere that it could be used against his son so I think the person you “heard” that from told you a big ol’fat lie. Everyone seems to be bring up race in this but what you all seem to forget is that YOU ARE INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY!!!! There is another person who could help but since he’s a thief he won’t come forward and say what really happened. You might just find out that the other individual DID have a gun and WAS pointing at Gary. If you all want him in prison for life then you just may end up there someday yourselves. If the state didn’t have to PROVE a case then ANY of us could be in prison for things we didn’t do.

          • Tommyknockerz in was on the 48 hours program with the witness saying it. So, I “heard” it on the show from the trial and the show before the trial. The “other” person everyone keeps talking about may not even exist. This could be part of the “story.” In the west end if someone has a gun and points it at you…they don’t play and will shoot. Get the facts and if you want a reply don’t put in the old messages…geez….

  26. This piece of garbage shot an unarmed man in the back of the head while he was running away. The piece of garbage know as Gary Lindsey chased the man down the street yelling n-word, n-word, n-word all the way firing shots. Yet, they did not try or find him guilty for a hate crime or murder. Reckless Homicide…..What a joke! Kill an unarmed man with no proof of anything being stolen or broken into and get Reckless Homicide….He claimed William was breaking in his house and then later his car. The police investigated and found this to be false. It was during the deadliest ice storm of 2009 in Kentucky history. If I was breaking into someones home that would be the day I would pick! Right….Temperatures well below zero and wind chills -20 with freezing rain with ice over and inch thick….Gotta be a complete idiot to believe this man was out trying to break into a home occupied with 3 people no less. William was a black man walking down the street going home and Gary was white with a gun..Possibly Gary was high if you saw the 48 hours show Cold as Ice.… season 9 episode 3. His girlfriend I believe was arrested for obstruction of justice. Watch the show online it pretty much defines the case but wasn’t used in court? Also, how does he afford such a high priced lawyer and bonds? Gary lives in Portland and has no job or a means of support. I know some of you will say he has a flea market booth….right….I’m gonna open one if I can make that kind of money….LOL.

    • um you need to shut your mouth ! yoou dont know anything about Gary like i do ; & he does have a flea market booth ! & he does have support ! & hes forsure not a piece of trash ! & the first 48 twisted things around about his case ; so can you stop saying the things you say about him if you dont know him the way i do ! thanks !

      • No need to be rude cleaveless…. You called him trash…I called him garbage. We both have the same idea. I know all about Gary and his flea market booth. Son if he is making that much bank with that little flea market booth…..What is he selling right?
        You know it’s not CD’S……

        • i didnt* call him trash , i said you needa stop calling him that !

          • Cleveless what do you think your friend would call you? He is just trying to save his own backside right now. He couldn’t care less about anyone or anything else. He has proven he has no regard for human life by shooting this man in cold blood and leaving him for dead. By supporting him you are supporting the killing of innocent, unarmed, and non-threatening people. You can’t just shoot someone because you are high on drugs and they happened to be walking down the street. You can’t just shoot someone for being black, Mexican, Indian, etc. That is a hate crime and should have been charged as one. No one would break into a house with people inside during an ice storm of epic proportions. Use your head for thought Cleveless before Gary uses it for target practice the next time he gets high.

      • There is an old saying, ” Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are “.

  27. Isn’t it funny how when people are confronted with the truth they stop talking….Not everybody is as uninformed as others would like to believe…

  28. My prediction is that Gary won’t go to jail for this crime before he will be convicted of his other crimes. His luck will eventually run out and he will get his due with additional prison time added when he is finally convicted. If he survives prison the first time he will become “in the cycle.” It’s a revolving door after this.

  29. I don’t think justice was served for the victim and his family. But with a few people thinking that he was justified in shooting at the “other” man, whom he said was holding his arm in a shooting position. I think that at least the family got a little justice. The jury had to go back and forth because a few didn’t agree with how the rules were written to decide his fate. Blame the State for how they decide to prosecute. I know someone that was on the jury pool and the prosection didn’t do a great job of presenting the case. I think that Gary will be involved in something else that will shine the light on who he realy is. My heart goes out to the son because he will won’t have a father around regardless of the type of man they presented in court.

  30. JusticeNotServed you are 100% correct. The prosecution dropped the ball big time on this one. I’ve seen people get more time for abusing dogs! Look at Michael Vick! This punk shot an unarmed man in the back of the head running away from him while he was high on dope. He gets 3 years? What the hell is that?

    • guy took his families sense of security and if he wasnt breaking in keep in mind it never would of happened its not like gary went looking for trouble

      • Sitting in your house high on drugs is secure? Chasing unarmed people down and shooting them in the back of the head makes them secure now. If anything it would make them less. Why do you think they were moving the next day?

  31. I just found out the other day about Wagner and still cant believe it. I live in northern ky and havent seen him in years. At one time we were the best of friends and by the way I am white. It doesnt mean shit to me nor did it mean anything to Wagner. But I have read the racist word already. I never called him Wagner or William so it seems strange calling him by that name but he had a nickname that I called him by. Just hard to believe that he is breaking into a house during a ice storm. I’m gald to read that Wagner has friends fighting for him and I would be glad to stand right beside you. The last time I saw Stephen he was still a little boy and I’m sure he doesnt remember me. But I did know his dad very well. Sorry for your loss he was one of a kind.

  32. You know it Brad….Why would William be out trying to break into a house at night with an ice storm of epic proportions going on… doesn’t add up!

  33. Friday the 6th of January 2012 is the sentencing date for Gary Lindsey. With the other case he has against him he may serve more time than the three years….Maybe some small consolation to the family….

  34. Grease it up Gary the boys are waiting for you!

  35. Grover – whoever you are, your ignorant! you don’t know anything about Gary or what is going on with the case. Who gets on the internet to talk shit about people but probably doesn’t even know the person? You talk like you do know him but i bet your one of those people who sit online all day with nothing better to do than run their mouth about someone they dont even know. Get out and do something with your life you’ve been commenting on here for how long? and still keep writing… No one else is reading what you have to say because apparently no one else wants to hear what you have to say!! And you want to get on here and call him racist, do you even know Gary? Apparently not because everyone who KNOWS him KNOWS hes far from racist. Your stories or whatever you’ve came up with in your little brain is wrong! Learn the REAL FACTS so next time you come on here and comment you wont look so stupid.

      From your email address, it appears you are related to Gary Lindsey, so you are not so open minded either. Just because you don’t like what Grover has to say does not mean his opinions are not valid. He has a right to his opinions, as do you. Other people have commented (on news stories and such) that Gary was indeed racist. And just for the record, most people who read news stories or crime blogs do not know the victims or perpetrators. However, they are allowed to have opinions and can voice them. After all, this is America and we have freedom of speech. We are allowed to do so. And people DO read his comments, whether you like it or not. You do not see the stats but I do. And I have to read the comments before they are approved. So, am I not a person? Take your own advice and get the facts before commenting. Sorry, Grover does not appear stupid. After all, he was the first one to update us on Gary’s prison sentence. But of course, you NEVER mention that. Of course, it is an injustice as he should have had a lot more time since he did take a life. And I do NOT believe for a minute he was protecting his property. If that was the case, he would not have run all the way down the street. He would have stopped at the end of the property. And in a snowstorm? Get real. That was some anger and hate there. He shot William in the BACK OF THE HEAD. That is NOT self defense. He should be locked up for life.

  36. Thank you mylifeofcrime for your support of my freedom of speech! Cookie Monster doesn’t appear to appreciate when the real truth comes out. She can check for herself about Gary’s next court case (502.574.8477).
    Louisville Metro Correction services as it is a matter of public record updated every 15 minutes. This information is available for any inmates incarcerated in Louisville Metro. I have heard (not yet confirmed) his next case was against black people as well. I will confirm that once I have details. That court date is January 19th, 2012 700 W. Jefferson Street Louisville, Kentucky 40202 Court Room#703 Phone is 502.595.4660. I get information from reliable sources perhaps Cookie Monster should too….Also, I got interested in this case because it is just wrong to chase down a unarmed man and kill him without provocation, proof, no remorse, or suffer the penalties associated with the crime just for the color of his skin.

  37. Gary’s court date is now March 20th, 2012

  38. Gary is not racist!! He is like my big brother and he has a lot of black friends. My older brother is best friends with Gary and I have been around Gary for a long time so I know he is NOT racist. If Waggener wasn’t trying to brake into his house he never would of shot him. It is sad that a life was taken, but this had nothing to do with race!! I’m pretty sure I would know considering I’m around him all the time!

    • He shot Gary in the back, at least a block from his home. That is NOT self-defense. So maybe it has nothing to do with race, but it has everything to do with him probably being a sociopath. The Make-My-Day laws would not even cover this. If he had not chased him down (in a snowstorm at that), but shot him on his property, it would be a different story.

      • You may be right but if you want to go with the “if he had not….” stuff, if he had not tried stealing something from a car the THE CAR itself, he wouldn’t have had a reason to do anything to him. Also, NOBODY is bringing up the fact that there WAS another person with Bill Wagner and if he would come forward he could give another side to the story but he very well could have had a gun and he could have very well have pulled it. Personally, I HATE THIEVES and I have no problem with someone killing a thief. That is just my opinion and NOT the law. I just know, if it were me, I would at least think that these guys didn’t walk here so I’d think they had a vehicle near by. Maybe that’s what Gary was thinking. I would run after them too in hopes of getting a license plate number and if that is what he was doing and the second person did pull a gun, THAT is where the self defense would come in. I will give you the fact that he was probably wrong, legally at least, when he left the original crime scene to follow them but like I said, if he was trying to see what they were driving, then that could very well diminish his culpability. I believe the key to this could have been the other thief if he was man enough to step up and give his side of the story, which would probably be a lie anyway, but they could give him a lie detector test. The point is that there just wasn’t enough evidence to get a guilty verdict on murder. Be glad they didn’t because if our cops and prosecutors only had to find the easiest person to convict, there would be even more innocent people in prison.

  39. I can definately see right thru this jerk!!
    He shot at a man who was running away
    KEY WORD away from him there is no
    excuse for this cold hearted act! What is
    wrong with the jury? They have to be
    absolutely senseless to think for one
    second that it was by “mistake” or that
    he over-reacted! Point blank period they
    gave him 3 years for something he is
    100% guilty of and he should be sitting
    in jail for another 30-40 years but nope
    he is eligible for parole this month May
    2012 soon there will be another murderer
    free to rome about and possible accidentally
    do it again! I feel for Billy’s family and hope
    justice truely gets served from Gary!

  40. Wow, you all seem to pick and choose what parts of the story you want to focus on. Let’s take each point.
    1. State has to PROVE guilt
    If they didn’t have to prove guilt then any of us could end up in prison. People put down defense attorney’s but they are heroes. They do a job that most of us wouldn’t want but it’s necessary. They make the police, the prosecutors and the judges actually do their job and PROVE cases. If it weren’t for them there would be A LOT of innocent people in prison because cops and prosecutors would take the easy way out. Also, everyone seems to be forgetting that there was another person who VERY WELL could have been pointing a gun but since he’s a coward and quite possibly a thief, he won’t come forward and help clear things up.
    2. He was shot in the BACK of the head but was he aiming at him or was he aiming at the person with the gun? Personally, I’d like to know what the distance was between the Gary and Bill because that would tell a lot. If there was a distance over 30 yards, there is no way he’d get a head shot with a pistol on purpose especially after running 100 yards.
    Again, the ‘friend’ won’t come forward to clear things up and help his ‘friend’ so the state can only use what evidence they have.
    3. If he truly wanted to kill someone, it seems that he had a lot better shot when he first came out of the house and they were breaking into that car, which is another point everyone seems to be leaving out. Personally, I think you should be able to protect property just like you can your life and maybe we wouldn’t have so many damn thieves out there.That’s just my opinion though.
    4. If the other man were to come forward he could clear a lot up BUT he could also be put on trial for murder. If, in the commission of a felony, someone is killed, all parties involved in the original crime are eligible to be prosecuted for murder as well as the individual who actually pulled the trigger. THAT is why the coward won’t come forward. If they were stealing that car, grand theft is a felony. Murder charges all around!!!
    5. He actually chased a person AFTER they were trying to flee.
    Now THIS is where I think he f’d up and I think this is also where the state f’d up. I think if they had focused on the fact that he left the original crime scene to pursue the thieves then at that point is where he no longer was just trying to stop a crime because the original crime had already ended. I think if they had pointed that out and the fact that once he decided to ‘play police’ he took his life into his own hands. That being said, I just think the state could have done better bringing that up but I still don’t think Gary belongs in prison for more than what he got but that’s just because of my opinion, I HATE THIEVES. By the law though, I think that’s where he became culpable.
    6. The final point is that the state did not prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. The second thief, who refuses to come forward, very well could have been wielding a gun. Gary DID pursue them which could be why they jury did at least, find him guilty of reckless homicide. I believe if he had shot him immediately after finding him breaking into that car, assuming the other man did have a gun or pretended to have one, he would have been found NOT GUILTY on all counts. Personally, I believe the jury did the best they could with the evidence they had. The person who could have made this a whole different story is the man who was with Bill.
    Well, this is just something to think about OTHER than race. I would like to know what the racial make-up of the jury was. I would really like to know if there were any blacks on the jury.

  41. I watched this last night on A&E’s 48 Hours follow up with the trial of Gary. In the show they said the other person with Billy was never found. Billy’s son Stephen above says it was “Curt.” What the heck???

  42. I find it sad that race always has to be an issue. If a white person says or does something that involves race, it’s racist. If a black person says or does something that involves race, nobody says a thing about race. Whites can be racist while blacks are NEVER called racist but MANY of them are. “Black Pride” is being proud while “White Pride” is being racist. If blacks truly want to help put an end to racism, hold yourselves to the same standards you hold white people to. Personally, I don’t think most of you want to end racism because it gives you an excuse to fail, to drop out of school, to sell drugs, to have children you don’t take responsibility for, to allow your girlfriends and kids to go on welfare rather than giving them child support. In this case it was a white man shooting a black man but I GUARANTEE you there are a hell of a lot more blacks killing blacks on a daily basis than whites killing blacks and you don’t say a thing about that. In fact, you won’t even help the cops when a black kills another black because you know that the gangs will make you pay for ‘snitching’.

    You all need to just look at the number of blacks killed by whites compared to blacks killed by blacks in the year previous to this murder. Black on black crime is MUCH higher than white on black crime so you keep on bringing race into these things but it’s YOUR race that’s really bringing you down. I’ve even seen what you do to blacks who actually succeed. You call them “sell outs”, “Uncle Tom’s” and other crap like that. Why, in God’s name, would you bring each other down? If a black man doesn’t speak Ebonics, he’s a “sell out”. It’s just sad. If you truly want to heal this racism, like I said, hold yourselves to the same standard you hold whites to and bring each other UP rather than bringing each other DOWN.

  43. Wow, I leave for a while and look what happens. Gary Lindsey claimed that his friends car was being burglarized. It was not proven to be accurate and was stated as such by the police in the first 48 hours program. There was no proof that Gary’s house, car, of anyone’s car was being broke into per the police.Remember this happen in a record Ice storm with freezing cold temperatures and snow. This also helped Gary due to the police not being able to collect evidence. Stories can be fabricated to cover ones arse and Gary has the friends to swear to it. Just look at the girl that was with him that night. She went to jail for lying and hindering justice. Most of Gary’s friends are illiterate and have been in trouble themselves. They would not want anyone to talk to the police about them either. Just look at the posts on here and the spelling by his “Posse.” He chased an unarmed man down the length of a football field and fired 6 shots total before shooting him. He emptied the gun! I personally believe he wanted and intended to kill William. If you are trying to scare someone one or two rounds would do it don’t you think? Gary emptied the gun running him down. There are posts congratulating Gary on his good shooting skills. If there was another person with William that night and his name was Kurt don’t you think the police would have found him by now? Unfortunately, for Williams son he is too close to this with his heart. Personally, I believe Williams son should file a wrongful death suit immediately against Gary Lindsey. If Gary has the money to hire such an expensive lawyer then he has the money to pay for his crime. Also, William was mixed race. His mother was white and his father Black. I don’t know what that has to do with anything but, there are a lot of comments about it posted. The fact that Gary yelled I’m going kill you N*gg*r as reported by the witness at the trial may be the reason. This was on the 48 hours show as well. The only reason he got off was because his lawyer had experience and the DA didn’t. It was her first murder trial and she did her best with what she had.

  44. If this was self defense why didn’t Gary call 911 instead of having his girlfriend do it and then she pretend like she didn’t know what happened to the guy laying in the street? Why did Gary run to a relatives home? If a person really believe a situation is self defense why run away instead of dealing with it in those very critical first minutes? 9 times out of 10 its not self defense and the people claiming this knows it.

  45. Exactly Missy May! Gary chased this man down the length of a football field and shot this man in the back of the head. He meant to kill William from the beginning. Gary fled because he killed a man. His family moved the next day. Innocent but acting guilty……..

  46. Personally I think that Kristie girl should have been charged with more than hindering prosecution. This Gary kid seems like a smug little punk-ass rich kid. I also believe that Waggner ‘s family should file a wrongful death suit. Whether this is really about race or not doesn’t take away the fact that Gary is a cold -blooded murderer. His family should also have been charged with accessory after the fact if anything was fair in this. I am truely sorry for you and your family Steven. I also lost my father and the only thing you can do is remember the good times and not all the bad drama. Your father I’m sure would not have wanted this to ruin your life. You can live for him and be a great man and not a two -bit loser like that Gary kid.

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