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  1. I live near Roanoke Rapids and go to this Applebee’s a lot and I cannot understand why someone would do this! I remeber seeing the murder suspect working in Applebee’s but never thought of him to actually kill someone! I guess I need to keep my eyes open for people like this!

  2. wow i miss her already, she was great ;/ god rest her soul we worked at ruby tuesday’s together we opened the store that I currently still work at that was in 2004, I LOVE YOU SANDY! :(

  3. I worked with sandy at applebees right up till this whole tragedy happened.I miss her so much she wasen’t only my boss but she was like my best friend i could always talk to her about anything and she was there to help when ever she could she was caring and loved everyone i will miss her dearly R.I.P I LOVE YOU SANDY

  4. she babysitted me. was my dads best friend. i miss her dearly and so will my dad.

  5. I went to high school with her and hadn’t seen or spoken to her in years, but I’ll always remember her as the sweet person she always was.

  6. Was her mother’s name Sandra Beatty?

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