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    June 14: 2007: Jessie Marie Davis, 26, and 9 months pregnant with a girl (Chloe) was murdered by her boyfriend, Bobbie Cutts. He was sentenced to 57 years to life in prison.

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Joanne Witt murder 6/11/2009 El Dorado Hills, CA *Daughter Tylar Witt and boyfriend Steven Colver arrested for Joanne Witt’s murder*

Joanne Witt
Joanne Witt

Tylar Witt And Steven Colver Are On The Run (a GREAT post on this, with stuff from Tylar’s MySpace)
Mother Found Dead in
El Dorado Hills Home

Murdered Mother May Have Tried To Press Charges Against Boyfriend
Calif. girl and boyfriend arrested in mom’s murder
California Teen Fugitives Arrested in Mother’s Murder
El Dorado Teen Murder Suspects Arrested
Update: Joanne Witt murder *Daughter’s boyfriend, Steven Colver, convicted, sentenced to LWOP; Daughter, Tylar Witt, pled guilty, sentenced to 15 years to life in prison*

Steven Colver         Tylar Witt


19 Responses

  1. Once again, this happened right in my backyard. I can’t stomach that she helped kill her own mother.
    RIP Joanna Witt. My heart goes out to your family.
    Tylar: You have ruined your life. There are MILLIONS of boys and men on this earth. You only had ONE mother. What a stupid, heartless bitch. My heart aches for Joanne.

  2. i was one of tylars best friends. her and her mom have always had issues, but joanne loved tylar as much as a mother could love a duaghter. they always had a rocky relationship….. i never imagined this would happen though. tylar got cuoght up with all she was experiencing in EH. when she lived in rocklin, she didnt have many friends. and after she moved, she hung out with the first croud that excepted her. i tried to keep her on the right path but couldnt. she always seemed unstable….. her mom was like a second mom to me and i think of her everyday. i will always miss and love you joanne. and tylar, i dont know how you could have done this….. but i hope you change…. im still here for you, but i cant forgive you.

  3. I know that girl! She goes to my school. She sat in back of me in Japanese class. She was always a bit strange.

  4. Reminds me of the Caffey murders in Texas. These kids apparently didn’t think past the first few days of fun together without Mom making it hard for them. Astoundingly shortsighted and stupid. Tylar apparently only cared about getting her way.

  5. lunchlady,
    The FIRST

  6. thing I thougt about was the Caffey family.

  7. I honestly can’t believe that this could happen in my town… But it is believeable… I’m 22 with a 12 year old brother that’s into the social part of school & not the academic part it self. I wll admit growning up in this town it was hard to fitt in. With all the racial bastards & superficial crouds. I honestly think this would have been avoided if parents paid closer attention to the positive things their children do RATHER then hounding them over stuipid in-significant things – like boy friends!!! PRAIS YOU F’N KIDS WHEN THEY DO GOOD THINGS & AWARD THEM!!!! Don’t just hand things to them thinking – “well if I give them everything they want they’ll do good….” No I’m sorry it doesn’t work that way. Kids need positive attention not just when their doing bad. It sends a RED FLAG – ‘Oh hey I can get attention this way” Her daughter probably felt neglected of her mothers ‘nuturing love’ and found a love in her boyfriend that she needed from her mom. Moms try their best – but sometimes you need to stop and look at yourself from a childs eyes in a world full of social & material pressures. I feel so bad for that girl. What she did WAS NOT RIGHT! But at the same time I feel for her cause I know what it’s like to feel so angry & alone. I had pre-meditated thoughts of hurtting my family. Having dealt with molestation, mental & physical abuse. I had my own way of solving my problems thankfully I recognized hurtting someone else would only hurt me.

    **For the students in EDH & OUR COUNTY – Your all freakin retards for creating a social standered thats next to impossible, half this damn town knows me in my peer group from partying & social activities – I REGRET IT! The majority of you will be come drug addicts or abusers – alcoholics or just bums – only a few hundred out of you in our county will accually go out to purse & make something bigger of your lives – outside your little “T.V. reality lives” Look at the bigger picture – not just the here and now*****

  8. I can’t believe that kids can commit this kind of crime, no matter what the reason. It doesn’t suprise me that drugs are involved & from reviewing the documents, clearly Ms. Witt was trying to protect her daughter from a sexual relationship with a boy far too old for her. As a mother, I would do the same thing. There is NO reason that children should grow up as fast – it seems that kids are always trying to be much older instead of enjoying the benefits of being young and playful.
    This girl will one day regret her actions & won’t be able to live with herself.

  9. Whenever I read comments from the Oak Ridge High School classmates of Tylar’s, I cringe. This school REALLY needs to revisit its English/grammar curriculum. This is an upscale community we live in – there is no excuse for these kids to be writing so poorly. Ugh.

  10. “**For the students in EDH & OUR COUNTY – Your all freakin retards for creating a social standered thats next to impossible, half this damn town knows me in my peer group from partying & social activities – I REGRET IT! The majority of you will be come drug addicts or abusers – alcoholics or just bums”…

    Amen, sister! I live up here with my fiance and every single friend of his who lives here is almost 30, doing drugs of varying degrees, and still living with their parents while jobless. Most EDH kids are spoiled little turds who turn into complete losers because they’re never held accountable for anything.

  11. I knew tyler since 7th grade i had gone over to her house many time. Her and her mom didnt always see eye to eye. They had alot of fight, but i never thought tyler would kill her mother. Even though me and tyler were on and off friends i still loved her like a sister. I wish it wasnt true that she killed her mother. I think she was put under alot of presures in life with boys, drugs, and family. She let her anger take over her that day. She lost alot of respect from me when i heard what had happened. At first when i saw the news i thought ” no” it couldnt be real. it shocked me but then i knew it happened. I am very sad that she did this but in the end her true colors were known I love you TYLER WITT i wish you coould hear that

  12. I just learned about this tragedy today. I knew Joanne and Tylar. Joanne and I first became friends when she worked in Milpitas and I called on the company where she worked. Joanne and Tylar came to visit us in suburban Portland, OR in 2003 and during the visit Tylar allegedly entered several neighbors houses and stole jewelry, so we realized there were issues with Tylar, but this is beyond shocking. I had dinner with Joanne and Tylar a few years later, and I thought things were resolved and going well.

  13. This is absolutely horrible that such a crime happened! I teach school in El Dorado Hills, but not at Oak Ridge. My daughter attended OR and she is doing fine in life and her job and her family. She isn’t a drug abuser or an alcoholic. She picked the “good” crowd at Oak Ridge. I have had most students who had good families, but kids in that community are given everything they want. I think there are mostly two parents working and they feel guilty so try and make up for it by giving their kids material things. I agree with Spelling Police about the horrible grammar and writing that has been posted here! For heaven’s sake, learn basic spelling and English grammar. I do teach that and grade very hard on English usage and spelling. Maybe Tylar and Joanne didn’t get along well, but I am guessing that Tylar was high on drugs when she killed her mother. Either that or she had extreme mental and emotional problems which were not treated. I hope she stays in prison for the rest of her life, even though she’s a juvenile.

  14. Joanne and Tylar were very close to me and my daughter. Tylar was a student of mine for 3 1/2 years at an after school program. My daughter and Tylar had become best friends and Joanne and I were very close friends also. We always had dinner at here place, birthday parties, went to concerts together and let me tell you things were pretty normal between Joanne and Tylar, they had their moments like most children do with their parents these days but for the most part their was a lot of love between the two of them. Everyone seems to think that Joanne spoiled Tylar and didn’t nurture her or give her the love or attention she needed but that is far from the truth. Joanne did not let Tylar get away with things and didn’t give her whatever she wanted to make her love her or keep her under wraps. Tylar had to earn whatever she got from her mom just like every other child does with their parents. The only thing that Joanne spoiled Tylar with, was love. Tylar was her world and did whatever she could to let her know that. Joanne was mother and father to her, Tylar didn’t have her father around and I know that had to hurt but it was no excuse to act out the way she did. Tylar did have a few issues with constant lying and stealing but I never thought in a million years that she would ever kill her own mother. My daughter and I were devastated when we found out about what happened, we couldn’t believe that Tylar would do such a terrible, unspeakable act, we loved them both. Tylar was like a sister to my daughter and a daughter to me. I will never understand why she did what she did and I think she should spend the rest of her days in prison. She took a life, her mothers life and her own life now deserves to be behind bars, not living her life among society. She can’t take back what she did, her mom is not coming back, she has no life to live, so it’s only fitting that Tylar loses her life on the outside and spends it on the inside of a prison cell. I lost a friend and it hurts like hell, I can’t call her just to talk and just say hi, no more get together’s, those days are gone now and Tylar took them away. Someday Tylar will hopefully regret what she did, it will eat her up inside and their will be nothing she can do about it. Whats done is done. R.I.P Joanne I will miss you. ❤

    • hi Dee Dee, I saw the episode on TLC and was wondering if Joann Witt lived in San Jose. I went to school with a Joann Witt, and she looks just like her. I know they say we all have a twin out there but not with the same name. I have a feeling it is but I hadnt seen her for about 20 years. She was still the same, happy, smiley person I always knew. She had a great personality. If you can please let me know. Thank you DeeDee

  15. I was pleased to see that people are still posting about Joanne and Tylar. I’m still think about Joanne frequently. We were just casual friends, but kindred spirits in some ways, even though Joanne once said we could never be more then casual friends because I was a liberal. On my playlist at my radio stations are the songs, “Jo-ann” by the Playmates, “Her Name Was Joanne” by Michael Nesmith, and “Joanne” by Status Quo… they play together about twice a month as a tribute to a lost fiend. I know Tylar’s father beat up Joanne when she told him she was pregnant… Maybe genetically that’s how Tylar came to be a murderer.

  16. I would like to find out if Joann ever lived in San Jose as a child. She looks just like my childhood friend. It would be sad if it was her. She was always so happy, well liked, always smiling. She moved out of San Jose. Can anyone please let me know if this is the same girl. Thank you

    • Oh my God! I cant believe what I am reading. That is craziness, the police guy, the teacher, I cannot believe that you would actually put your thoughts out there for all to see. I had never seen the episode and it is the first time im learning of her death. Joann Witt is not to be judged by the likes of you but by God and God alone. And if your community is so bad and if the kids arent learning, if they are addicted to drugs help them. They are gonna be running your town. Save them, do SOMETHING! dont just sit back and point fingers and judge people. Shame on you!

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