Gurjeet Singh murder 6/14/2009 Gary, IN *Customers continued shopping after clerk shot dead; no one called 911 even*

1500 grantI have lost all of my composure on this one. It appears that there are some cold-hearted evil people in the world. And not all of them pulled the trigger or helped with the robbery in this incident. People were in the store when the clerk, Gurjeet Singh was shot and lay on the floor dying. NO ONE called the police or 911. They kept shopping. What in the hell is wrong here? What if it was your loved one who was lying there in his blood dying? Would you just keep on shopping? Would you want other people to? People have become so inhumane that it has come to this. I am so angry I could just spit (but I was taught manners and don’t spit). Apparently these people were not taught manners or even common decency. Every single person in that store should be charged with not reporting a crime. And since the man lay dying, it should be a felony. Give me their names. I will post every last one of them. If they have no shame of just letting a man lay there in his own blood and die so that they can have their beer and chips, well, I can post their names and any other information I get, including pictures. And yes, I will. I have no respect for ANY of them. And yes, this includes those 4 people who came in and shot Gurjeet and let him die. For what? Money? He would have given it. The video shows no resisitance. GIVE THEM THE DEATH PENALTY. And for those of you that continued shopping while Gurjeet lay dying, I want you, each of you, to face his family and friends and tell them exactly why you lost all human decency and did not even bother to call for help, even if you could not personally have helped him. And don’t tell me that no one had a cell phone. I don’t believe that.

Store Clerk Murdered; Customers Keep Shopping
Gas station worker slain
Police hope video helps nab killers

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  1. There are few terms strong enough to explain how strongly i agree with you. The problem is: the obscenities i would use are not something i would use before anyone of a civilized nature. The people in that store… they are animals who do not have the right to call themselves part of the human race.


  2. God, Bonnie. Unbelievable. I gave up on mankind a long time ago, but I still found this shocking.

    Love to you,



  3. I don’t understand how they shopped while a man is laying there dying.
    I agree Bonnie, those who did not report it or tried to help him should be charged with something!!!


  4. yes please find all info you can on these ..they don’t even have a black heart they have NO heart. and publish everything you can…how can people look themselves in the mirror everyday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


  5. I am sick to my stomach. God bless you Gurjeet Singh. You are an angel. And karma will come to those who did not help you. Damn, you couldn’t pick up a cell phone and call the cops?? Or if thats asking too much, how about a medic? Unbelieveable.


  6. It happened near my school. I saw videos. Gurjeet didnt even attack those people. He still got shot. I dont understand why they shot him. It was senseless. I feel bad for his mom and dad back home.


  7. Why does everyone, who describes this incident, say
    “They kept shopping.” That’s not the right word. They left without paying. That’s not shopping; that’s SHOPLIFTING!

    note from blog owner

    You are right! I was so angry I never thought of that.


  8. Nimadan
    I’m sorry I was too focused on no one trying to help that I wasn’t thinking of it that way..
    I hope they prosecute each one of them who were stealing and not reporting.


  9. lavonna,
    I wasn’t criticizing anyone. Obviously, murder is an infinitely more serious offense than shoplifting. What struck me was the fact that the “shoppers” not only didn’t help Singh but profited from his death. If was one of the investigators, I would consider the possibility that one or more of them knew what was about to happen.


  10. We live down the street from the area referenced. These animals are despicable. The theives that kept shopping and did not report the crime should be charged as accessories to murder. Gary IN police are corrupt – they have pictures of the suspects and “shoppers” yet they have not tried to even find these savages. This is the norm and that is why Gary is proud to be the murder capital as they have bragged for many years. The local business owners are outraged. We are all waiting with our hollow points for these idiots to try and rob our businesses. These guys just might find their justice.


  11. What is this world coming to?I believe there is a law against just standing there and doing nothing as in watching a child fall into a pool and doing nothing.Surely the same applies here?


  12. Nimadan
    I never took it as your were criticizing me or anyone else 🙂 but I didn’t pay attention to the fact that they were stealing.. I hope they all serve time for stealing and not calling 911!


  13. Ok not trying to criticize..but after watching the surveillance tape over and over again. I disagree with the fact that people just stood and watched this man get murdered. I saw a child and perhaps his sister or mother exit the store when these four entered and then one man watched the door while the others pretended to shop. Every person in the store at this time looked to be involved in this crime. Perhaps i am missing something that others are seeing and hope that I am not..because I would like to think that perhaps our faith in the humanity of others, what is left can remain in tact..


    • Jennifer,

      Even the police said that the people continued to shop (or shoplift as the case appears to be). Not everyone in the store was involved. I will be updating later, as there was an arrest.


  14. Being that this occurred in Gary, Indiana, I am not entirely suprised. Blue collar town most likely hit hard by plant closings and tough economy. However, that does not justify the actions taken by the perps nor those shopping in the store at the time. The fact that a man is shot & people remain in the store & not a single person calls 911 is unfathomable. I am going to bet this occurred in a very poor neighborhood, where everybody is out for themselves. I know that comment may rub some people the wrong way, but it is the truth. How do we as a society condone this type of behavior? Why don’t we as a society impose sanctions against not only the perps but those who continued shopping after the shooting occurred? Last, if nothing else, those who continued shopping clearly didn’t pay for their items, so why haven’t they been prosecuted for theft?

    I am tired of reading about this type of behavior. As a society we MUST stand up & ignore political correctness to bring justice and set standards. Why is it acceptable to continue to be zoo keepers for a bunch of animals? No – we cannot afford this mentality anymore in America. If they are animals, then cage them like the animals they are.


  15. That was my best friends cousin….it is so sad! Those people just make sick! Rest in peace gurjeet you’re life was too short!


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