Alex Arellano Tirado murder 5/2/2009 Chicago, IL *Teen was shot and burned to death; 3 people have been arrested for his murder*

Alex Arellano Tirado
Alex Arellano Tirado

It is so sad that someone who tried so hard to stay away from gangs should be killed by gang members. And in such a horrible way. I hope that the State goes for the death penalty here. This family needs and deserves justice.

Alex Arellano Refused To “Throw Up The Crown” Great post!
15-Year-Old Found Burned In Gangway
Friends, Family Grieve After Teen Is Shot, Burned
“He Was Just A Kid”
Uncle: Nephew’s killers are ‘not human’
2 reputed gang members charged with slaying boy who was beaten, shot, burned
Bail denied for teen charged in student’s death
Did Alex Arellano’s killer act alone?
2 Teens Charged In Brutal Murder Of 15-Year-Old
Third Suspect Charged In Boy’s Brutal Murder

Tirado 3 suspects

Jovanny Martinez, 15, of the 3100 block of South Emerald Avenue
Edgar Silva, 18, of the 5100 block of South Albany
Alisa Campos, 22, of the 7800 block of Latrobe Avenue Burbank

15 Responses

  1. I know this story and I really haven’t read the follow up stories but all I can say is that it is unreal how EVIL the human soul can become when not raised properly, etc. All of our lives we will see so many innocent people be forced to give up their precious lives at the expense of the evil animals out there. Babies, children, young adults etc., they will continue to be killed because of these monsters. Why I don’t know but if others can make good because of this then I am happy. I really am saddened at how anyone could be so cruel.

  2. These crimes takes place due to lack of proper education and showing violence in movies.

    • pakistancrimes,

      I do not necessarily agree with you. I watch extremely violent movies and yet, I have never assaulted, raped or killed anyone. Nor have I ever even thought about it.

  3. Alisa was amoral and a sociopath in 6th grade. I am not at all surprised.

  4. I really hope all 3 get the Death Penalty,They deserve It.
    I am very relieved that that Monster is off the Streets.

    • that monster is my cousin and you wouldnt be calling him that if that was your family

      • Mobley,

        If the victim was YOUR family, wouldn’t you call the accused/convicted a monster???? I know I do. And since this victim was shot AND burned to death, I consider the accused all to be monsters. I still believe they all deserve the death penalty. Too bad it is no longer a punishment in Illinois.

      • I hope all 3 and anyone else involved to get what they deserve. And what was your cousins point? Does he think he is a bad ass with a bat? That’s a coward! I hope they get the death penalty. They have it coming !

  5. I hope they get the death penalty, too. And people think waterboarding is torture? What these three animals did to that kid WAS torture. They hunted him down like an animal. Evil does walk the face of the earth…

  6. 1st of all…in my opinion…its not lack of education…a child can be raised in da nicest neighborhood ever but if dat child preferse to chill with da wrong crew nd do stupid stuff den dats just da path dat child chose…parents can only do sooo much but its really up to the kid to decide how he wants his life to end up….wether it be in jail or successfull with a gud head oveer their sholdres….we cannot blame the parents, da neighborhood, or the education…because dey were not the ones doing this crime….but yes i believe that its really stupid that young teens are waisting precious time on gang a teen my self….but to do wat dey were capable of doing is krazy….but these crimes have been happening since the longest but only few have been recognized in the news

    • Cristina,

      I am not sure what you are meaning to say here. You used street slang rather than English. “da” “dat” “dey” – these are not proper English words. I do not allow slang terms as these as it is disresectful in many ways, especially to other readers. “krazy” “preferse” what are these? Yes, proper English and spelling are important if you want people to take your opinions seriously. Right now, I see you as a young 12 or 13 year old, who should not be on my blog as it is for adults.

  7. Does anyone know where and when the trial for this case starts?

  8. if i saw this death live going on
    i would risk my life to 2 help others
    because in this life we are all brothers and sis.
    and 2 see a bro getting beaten i cant handle the taught anger runs threw my mind and so i will try 2 punish those who have punished among others.
    Gangs need 2 be braken up cuz soon they will try 2 control us all but thank god for the power off firearms and government for protection. So i say this once ,here to punish those who have punished, making justice with my hands 2 make this land like it once was. =( 4death)=

  9. Jail I.D. # Inmate Full Name Date of Birth
    2009-0038708 CAMPOS, ALISA 09/11/1987
    Booked Date Housing Location Visiting Day / Time Bail Amount
    06/14/2009 04-Q-2-1-1 Saturday 9a – 8:30p *NO BOND*
    Next Court Date Court House Location
    05/20/2010 Criminal C
    2600 South California Avenue
    Chicago, Illinois 60608

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