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    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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All New Developments Emerge in the Case of Dr. Timothy Stryker — A “48 Hours Mystery” Exclusive on Saturday, June 13


stryker-goudey dr-timothy-stryker
Dr. Timothy Stryker with former girlfriend Dr. Linda Goudey (L); Dr. Stryker during an interview with 48 HOURS MYSTERY (R)



In his first exclusive network interview with 48 HOURS MYSTERY, Dr. Timothy Stryker addressed the accusations of murder that have dogged him for 15 years. Now, dramatic new details have emerged in the death of his former girlfriend, Dr. Linda Goudey.

In 1993, Goudey’s body was found in the back seat of her car in the parking lot of the Boston-area hospital where she worked. The beloved OB/GYN had been strangled in an attack so brutal it left injuries at 24 separate places on her body. Immediately, authorities turned to her then boyfriend, Dr. Stryker, whose attempts to help their investigation further fueled their suspicions of his involvement. But with only circumstantial evidence, the case went cold.

While authorities did not have enough for a criminal case, Goudey’s family pressed on and filed a civil suit against Stryker, who was now married with a successful practice. With his wife Micael standing by him throughout the trial, Stryker was found responsible of Goudey’s death and her family was awarded $15 million.

Soon after the civil case verdict, a new witness emerged. This was just the break Stryker needed, but to some this new development seemed a little too convenient. The criminal case would take a turn that no one could’ve imagined. Is Dr. Timothy Stryker a calculating murderer or is he an innocent man fighting to clear his name?

Correspondent Richard Schlesinger reports the stunning new developments on 48 HOURS MYSTERY: “Did The Doctor Kill The Doctor?” Saturday, June 13 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. This broadcast is produced by Deborah Grau. Sarah Prior is the field producer. Nancy Kramer is the senior producer and Al Briganti is the executive editor. Susan Zirinsky is the executive producer.

Editors’ Note: Click here to watch a preview of the broadcast. CBS News 48 HOURS MYSTERY broadcasts are now available on iTunes.


96 Responses

  1. I missed the last 30 minutes of 48 Hours. Did the prosecutor taking the case to trial? If so, what happened? Also did he ever pay the family the $15M from the civil judgment? Could someone please reply if they know?

  2. I was visiting at the hospital late one night very dark out, I noticed a man in a long trench coat walking through the parking lot, to no car – into the woods??. I thought it was odd. Looking at a map there could be a trail from the parking lot to Ravine Rd. It could have been killer I saw. It was same time Doctor was killed. He could have parked his car on Ravine Rd when he fled scene.

  3. The last 30 minutes: Strycker allegedly found a witness to the crime, but it was found that Strycker had paid this man to lie for him. So Strycker was charged with perjury; updates on Internet say he was given four years in prison. He lost his medical license. Wife Micael filed for divorce (probably to preserve whatever estate she could for her family).

  4. I’m completely convinced he murdered her. This man was my doctor while he was being tried in the civil suit. He was completely negligent. He put my life in GREAT danger…and he lied to me, in the same way he lied here. The same soft spoken manner. I could go into more detail but it would take a much larger space. He’s a complete psycho path. I’m so happy he can’t practice and harm more people. My life will never be the same because of this man. I hope he rots.

  5. What a scumbag! Any fool can see he is as guilty as sin,and they will have alot of fun with him in prison,a scrawny little creature like that! He deserves everything he gets

  6. I was just wondering if Timothy Stryker is related to Homer Stryker, founder of Stryker orthopaedics?

  7. He said,”She was throwing cans at my paint!”
    His Paint?
    Wouldn’t one say, “My Wall?”

    G U I L T Y ! !

  8. He didn’t say, “at my paint”, he said “at my painting(s).” He is a fairly good artist and is well known for his art work.

  9. I knew he was lying when I first saw him. I’m watching today, May 2010. I didn’t get to see the punishment for hiring the man to lie. Someone said four years? I wish it were more. Those soft spoken men in authority make me sick. I was molested by a doctor.

  10. I’m so sorry! This psychopath was my doctor during his civil suit and allowed cancer to spread throughout my neck… He then tried to blame ME! He did this in that calm voice…even called me “Sweety”! I hope, while he’s in jail, that they find what they need to convict him of murder.

  11. Has anyone anymore information as to the divorce and how his wife and family are doing? You can’t help but feel they are victims of this sociopath, too. And the wife was a psychiatrist!! If she couldn’t find it in him, it proves so much more what a true sociopath, he really was. They have no feelings of any self guilt and only think of themselves. The world survives for only himself and how he wants others to think of him, and he was willing to pay thousands, risking his future and his family’s to do just that. He deserves life in prison. But his life will be hell when he is released, too. He reputation, medical license, friends, colleges will have vanished. His wife will eventually have to realize, if she hasn’t already, that he is a liar and a danger to her and her family, especially when he will be under a great deal of stress upon his release.

  12. I only had to watch the first 15 minutes of the 2008 ’48 Hours Mystery’ episode to know this loser did it. I just saw it on the Investigation Discovery Channel tonight and I’m angry this guy got away with murder and the fact they couldn’t put him away with the jacket, bag and the briefcase found at his apartment. Even with the fake witnesses they still can’t convict him? He obviously killed her, hid her body so 1.) it wouldn’t be visible while he was driving back to the hospital and 2.) so he would have plenty of time to leave the scene and prepare for the investigation. I’m no expert but even I could tell this coward is a classic narcissist sociopath. You could see it every time they put the camera on him. I really wish he had trouble sleeping at night but he doesn’t because he won…17 years ago. I feel so bad for the family of Dr. Linda Goudey.

  13. Does anyone know where he graduated high school. A Timothy Stryker graduated with me in 1970. Wondering if itis the same one. Looks like him!

  14. Francie,
    If you graduated high school in Paducah KY, yes this is the same Tim Stryker. His parents were Winfield and Linda. I was totally shocked at this–I just found out over the weekend. Such a lovely family–except his dad scared me to death. His mother had black eyes which she tried to hide behind sunglasses. Sounds like Tim grew up to be just like dad.

  15. Thanks, Marge. I am surprised that it hasn’t been in the news in Paducah or maybe it has and I missed it. When I saw him on a rerun of 48 Hours I immediatly thought of the Tim Stryker I graduated with. Still looked the same to me. You are right, his Dad was very scary. I worked in Pediatrics in the ’70s. Winfield was a Peds doc. I would have never used him for my kids.

  16. Stryker is a sociopath and a murder. He is to be feared in this society. My hope is the police will not “cold case” this murder and keep digging until they find what they need to convict this man. There are no perfect crimes, something has to give. AND IT WILL!!

  17. to JASON.. you said you only had to watch the first 15 min to tell he was guilty. that scares the hell out of me. i pray you are never called for jury duty!

  18. Seminole Girl – I was wondering about that too. I hadn’t heard that his wife was divorcing him, but figured she would be; she couldn’t be that naive and trusting. She was duped by him too – and being a psychiatrist did prove how much of a “smooth talker” this Timothy guy is/was!!

  19. I don’t know if he did it or not, watching the 48 hours episode certainly makes it seem he did…. but wanted to put out one positive experience with this doctor. He was my doctor for over 10 years. I did always find him a little strange but most of my doctors are. I was already being treated by him for another health issue and he found my thyroid cancer. I was told by my surgeon that it was a good catch. I’m thankful that in my case he was a thorough doctor. I certainly feel for Linda Goudey’s family but I also feel for Dr. Stryker’s children and hope they are doing well.

  20. After perusing the comments above, I’ve come the the conclusion you guys are completely clueless. Conjecture and one-sided opinions are what you offer for proof of guilt.

  21. I just saw this case tonight on ID 48 Hours. What is the latest information on Dr Stryker. Is he still in jail? Has he had to begin paying on the Civil suit judgement. Has he been interviewed lately? Is there any recent information??

  22. RIP Dr. Stryker……you were my favorite doctor for 14 years! All of you who have convicted him of a crime the police never could, shame on you. Only God, Tim and Linda know the truth, none of us do. He was a great doctor to me and helped me to bring a healthy baby boy into the world when all my other doctors told me I shouldn’t take the risk because of the 30 years I had been a diabetic. He helped me to bring my beautiful son into the world and I thank him everyday when I look at my son. He got my diabetes under control like nobody else could. I will miss you.

  23. Really Shannon, well I had the opposite experience. He let my thyroid cancer spread throughout my neck, into my parathyroids. I cancer that, most times, is very curable, turned into a complete nightmare….I still have it. He lied to me consistently, and when I caught him lying, his reply was (after lying to me for over two years about the medication I was on and not giving me a MUCH needed ultrasound and fine needle biopsy, common procedure for thyroid nodules), “You’re right, I lied to you…your neck looks bigger today, and if you don’t have cancer, I’ll take you off the meds.” This is after swearing up and down that I did not have cancer for over two years as well…I had cancer. When I first went to him, it was .5 cm…when he finally gave me an ultrasound, it was 3 cm and there were 7 more tumors that were not there before. He then tried to blame it on me by stating that I refused treatment (NEVER did I refuse treatment! I told him to do what he had to do!! That is when he swore that I did not have cancer) and stated it was because I missed appointments (all appointments were made up, or I would not have been able to get my medicine. The last year I saw him every month). BTW, he lied to me in the very same manner he lied in the show….he was a very evil man, may he rot in Hell for what he has done to people…pure evil…

  24. Oh and Robert, I unfortunately know first hand how this man lies. He lied to me in the VERY same manner he lied in this interview. They were actually making a lot of ground in the murder investigation. He is an evil, EVIL man…KARMA!!

  25. wow…he was my doctor too…..I cant believe he died of panreatic cancer at only 59…yes his wife did divorce him but
    i was told it was because he was having an affair and she found out and was bummed because she stood by him all those years,,,she filed a fewdays before he went into prison for the perjury….he was always good to me and even found my mom’s lung cancer…i guess only he and God know the truth……I hope he was innocent…I cannot judge!!

  26. Shannon – I agree with you. I’m fed up with peoples opinions of Dr. Stryker. But you can’t blame them for being swayed by the media. With any luck these folks will never be picked to sit on a jury. The man was a brilliant doctor and I was a patient of his for 10 years. He was my Moms for 20 years. We were totally shocked and saddened by the news of his death. He actually took me in at a time when he was not accepting new patients and I thank God for that. He helped me find the best specialists to diagnose my problem and continued under his care to the very end of his practice. I pray and hope that his children and wife find the strength, yet again, to cope with their loss and he is at peace. RIP Dr. Stryker!

    • Wait a minute. Just because someone does well in their chosen profession does not mean that they cannot have a dark side and do evil things. There have been many killers that people have said what a wonderful person they were, but yet, that person committed heinous acts.

      Everyone has a right to their own opinion, as you do.

  27. May you Rest in Peace Dr. Stryker.

    He was my and my family’s doctor for 25 years – and he took very good care of us all. ALWAYS.

    For those of you who NEVER knew him, hush.

    We miss you Tim.

    • Chap,

      Just as you are entitled to your opinion, so are others, even if they do not know the people involved. I bet in your life you have expressed an opinion on what someone you did not know did. You know, like OJ Simpson, Bret Favre, Tom Cruise, etc. So maybe you should hush.

  28. For all who doubt his guilt do you realize his college girlfriend disappeared and was never found he is the prime suspect in that case

  29. I just saw the 48 Hours on ID story again. Nothing like opportunity to bring in viewers. For those who say they “knew” Stryker was guilty after seeing him on TV… No human being can claim to know what is in the heart of another. Our system requires evidence which is why he could only be sued in civil court which only requires a preponderance as opposed to beyond a reasonable doubt which was the standard facing the police and prosecutors.

    Just for one moment reflect on the possibility, no matter how remote, that he did not commit this terrible murder. How it must be to live under the shadow of suspicion all of these years if not guilty.

    Even having said that, I felt he was most likely the one who did this thing. Strangling is a very personal, almost intimate act. There was evidence that Lin died elsewhere and the body was moved. We all know that statistics make it very likely that her lover, and not a stranger, committed this awful crime.

    My sentiments go out to Lin’s loved ones, her family and friends. This is not the end that they hoped for. Perhaps now someone might finally come forward and close the book on this case. Lin was greatly loved and respected and she will never be forgotten.

    Beyond that, as to Stryker’s family; they didn’t ask to be part of this and are victims just like the Rafuse family. His kids must be feeling immense sadness. No one deserves to die of cancer; his was not an easy passing. Perhaps Stryker’s survivors can begin a healing process now.

  30. I DID know him! I EXPERIENCED his evilness AND STILL have cancer! As far as him dying a terrible death due to cancer…he allowed my cancer, something that is usually very curable, TO SPREAD!! He did not do the STANDARD tests when I was in his care. After knowing what I know now, I think he did this purposely because I challenged things he said. I wish I knew what a monster he was. I would have NEVER gone there. I still have cancer…

  31. @mylifeofcrime…. Exactly! There are many killers who don a “mask” of normalcy. Even Bundy led a “normal” life which included a long term lover and her child. (The child was not Bundy’s but apparently he presented himself as a very good father figure). Bundy, a law student, was active in Republican politics. Some of his political friends raised money for his defense fund. Later, they suffered tremendous guilt wondering if the money they sent to him was used to fuel his murder spree in FL.

    Eveb Ann Rule, who worked beside him on a suicide hotline, never suspected him until he was arrested.

    We cannot know the darkness that exists in another unless he or she reveals it to us. Even attorneys whose job it is to represent people in trouble often do not know one way or the other. It is no surprise that people who were his patients spoke well of him. Loves ones who say they were unaware of their dark side are often telling the truth.

    Stryker may even have convinced himself that he did not kill Lin Goudey.

  32. He was my doctor for 5 years. Starting a year before the murder. My sister-in-law was his patient and recommended him to me. She to this day still felt he was innocent. She loved him as her doctor. (she sees everyone through rose colored glasses) I never liked him as my doctor. I found him very creepy from day one. I chose not to use him as a doctor anymore not because of the whole murder investigation but I just could not stand how creepy he was anymore. I feel as if I am a good judge of character and I always felt very uneasy at my appointments. My opinion of him was that he was creepy, cold and plastic.

    • lin put herself out there for others, She was not a good Judge of character.. law enforcement could not prove Tim did it and I believe it was because of Lin’s lifestyle.. a good soul who only saw goodness in others.

  33. Dr. Stryker was recommended to me when I was pregnant by my primary care doctor.. I remember how scared and confused I was that my baby could be ill because I was a diabetic..The first visit to his office he was very reassuring and was kind and caring…He even called me on the weekends at home to see what my sugars were so he could adjust my insulin..What doctor today would do this..NO ONE…I never saw him in any angry or unpleasant mood when I would go for my visits..I kept him as my primary care after my son was born…He even came to see me when my son was born at the Melrose Wakefield hospital to check on me…My primary care at that time didn’t even do that…Whether he is or isn’t guilty I don’t know..Only he and Ms. Goudy know the truth and of course our one and only judge…Jesus Christ…Michal all I can say is I am sorry for your pain and your children..He always carried pictures of you and the kids in his doctors coat always ready to share them with his if anything take comfort that he did love his kids and you..and he was dedicated to his patience and their well being..Bringing babies into this world to mothers with diabetes doesnt sound like a cold hearted person to me…We will all miss him…

    • kathy,

      I actually ran an answering service for a while and I knew of several doctors who called and checked on their patients at night. And in fact, just two years ago, MY doctor called me in the evenings to check on me when I was having some issues. So it is not unheard of at all.

  34. Dr. Timothy Stryker was my kindest and caring friend and my physician, I knew Tim for over fifteen years. He was our family doctor; this includes many other relatives. His caring and gentle, soothing bedside manner have been wonderfully helpful and healing.
    When I went to Tim’s office, the very first thing he would do is to take his newest collection of family pictures and show them to me. I have been fortunate enough to be invited to the Stryker home on many an occasion. Without exception, every time I stepped into their home, I immediately felt loved and very welcomed. Tim would always invite me to stay for a meal. His soft, gentle caring demeanor was present in his home as well as in his practice. I often thought to myself that I wished I could emulate his parenting skills with my own daughter. Every time I left their home, the feeling of being loved by the Strykers lingered; I would often joke with Tim that going to his home was more beneficial than therapy! Whenever I would leave, he would give me a hug; it was SO healing.
    I could always count on Tim to support me as a doctor and a caring friend through my numerous family tragedies. Even though we were friends for a decade and a half, I never heard Tim complain. He was among the kindest and gentlest men I have had the pleasure to know and will miss him beyond measure.

  35. Dr. Tim Stryker taught many of the classes I took at a free Alternative Medicine clinic. Dr. Stryker brought deep compassion and thought to his patients and students. He was steadfastly kind and professional. I’ve never been in his presence when his cell phone wasn’t ringing incessantly with the demands of patients in need. I’ve watched him consistently address their needs, as well as those of his students, with warmth, caring, and grace, taking everything in his stride. He was exactly what you want in a doctor–someone with a solid and deep base of knowledge and someone who had the heart to work with you until he found a solution. He was a healer of the highest caliber.

    I know I was not alone in relying on Dr. Stryker’s consistently clear insight and calm voice to remind us of what is important. To that end, Dr. Stryker embraced whatever was worthy, whether that be a new idea, the latest research, or his own personal growth.

    This man consistently showed courage, kindness, wisdom, and deep thought. He will be greatly missed by the countless patients and students whom he served with such deep dedication and compassion.

  36. Yes, he could act very nice, he was a social path, that’s what they do, until they feel like harming someone. He harmed many. I just heard from a high school classmate who had a horrific experience with him as well.

  37. Wow, it sure is amazing to me how many people come out of the woodwork to defend this doctor! I have to assume he has family and friends that were duped as well.
    My insurance company chose him to be my endocrinologist when I was in my 40’s. I never liked him or his weird manner. In a word he was creepy. He was extremely quiet and low key and did not answer my medical questions very well; he always left me feeling like I should not have asked him. I moved to FL right after this horrific thing happened to Dr. Goudy and continued to follow up on this case. Nothing was done for years and then finally justice!
    Sociopaths are well known for their ability to intermingle with society at all levels, including his “bedside manner’ and devotion to his career, family and friends. This does not make him any less capable of cold blooded murder! His time on earth is done, God will take care of him and his sins now. Amen.

    • Thank God you didn’t challenge him on anything (or did you?). He was an evil, evil man. He was unfortunately my doctor too. Long story short, he let cancer spread, tried to blame it in my (with that ANNOYING calmness), I still have cancer. I’m not one for wishing misfortune in someone but Karma won this one!

  38. To all of you who are defending the doctor: Very few of you have even taken a moment to even mention the VICTIM, Dr. Linda Goudy. Can you not have any compassion for her and her loved ones? If not, then you are just as cold and insensitive as the person who murdered her. Everyone has a right to make their own opinions on the case, the convicted, etc. But please, be a decent human being and speak a kind word for the victim. After all, she did not deserve what happened to her. Why should people only care for the convicted killer? That amazes me.

  39. I graduated from Paducah Tilghman High School in Paducah, Kentucky in 1970. Tim Stryker was in my graduating class. He was a bright, smart, good looking young man. I am saddened to think that someone from my graduating class could have turned out to do such a horrific thing…if he did. There does still remain the fact of the the lying in the trial. Why was there a need for that if he didn’t commit the crime. I am interested in what happened to his sister, Suzy Stryker. She graduated a couple of years after we did. The Stryker family must have left Paducah after the father, Dr. Winfield Stryker passed. He was certainly a strange character, as well. I was a Pediatric nurse in the early ’70. I would not have had him as a Dr. for my children. As they say, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. None of this means he couldn’t have been a good Dr. (if he was). Some of the smartest and best Drs. are strange people. Also, doesn’t mean he couldn’t have been a killer (if he was).

  40. He wasn’t a good Dr. He ACTED nice, but then did very horrific things to people. If you read my posts above, I talk about what he did to me…and who knows if I will ever be rid of the aftermath. He also did horrible things to a classmate of mine. She was smart, she went somewhere else…I wish I did. All these people coming to his defense crack me up! People, HE WAS IN JAIL FOR PERJURY! He was trying to get an alibi! He was nice because he was a SOCIAL-PATH the ACT nice Yes, he was VERY nice when he was trying to blame me for the cancer that spread under his “care”. That didn’t have to happen and a simple test early on would have showed the cancer…had he done what he was supposed to do, A BASIC, STANDARD TEST, I would be cancer free….I’m not…it’s his doing…completely his doing…

  41. Artist Girl, it is unfortunate what happened to you. The human body is very complicated and unfortunately doctors can’t always tell what is wrong with a person. You’ve repeated your sad story over & over, so no need to repeat again and again, please. It would be nice if you gave other people the respect of their own experience. I went to this doctor and he saved my life. He was excellent and very gentle and kind.

  42. URGENT!! Someone left a comment here that they saw someone in the parking lot the night Linda Goudey was killed. Could the moderator of this site please contact that person and email me? If that person could please describe any details he/she remembers, what the person looked like and what they were wearing:,approximate height, weight, color of hair and skin, length of hair, hat, glasses, gloves… And what time of night it was. I’m trying to solve this unsolved mystery and need clues. I knew Dr. Stryker, he was a good man and I believe that the killer is still running around loose.

  43. This REMAINS an unsolved murder. Dr. Stryker was never convicted in a criminal court for the murder of poor Dr. Goudy. Can you at least stick to the facts please?

  44. To mylifeofcrime:
    Thank you for responding. The person that I need to followup with is the one with the name “WHATISAW” who wrote:
    By: WHATISAW on June 15, 2009
    I was visiting at the hospital late one night very dark out, I noticed a man in a long trench coat walking through the parking lot, to no car – into the woods??. I thought it was odd. Looking at a map there could be a trail from the parking lot to Ravine Rd. It could have been killer I saw. It was same time Doctor was killed. He could have parked his car on Ravine Rd when he fled scene.

    • Like I asked before, please send this to me as an email (click on the link on the right hand side near the top) so I can respond. By responding here, it would give everyone who reads this the information. I won’t do that.

  45. He was NOT in prison for the murder. He was in prison for perjury. He was never criminally charged for the murder. Dr. Goudey’s family sued him in Civil Court and won a large judgement against him which I believe they never collected.

  46. THIS IS AN UNSOLVED CRIME. I’ve researched this thoroughly. There never was any evidence that Stryker committed the crime and that is why there was never a criminal trial for murder.

    The Goudey’s family sued Stryker and he lost the lawsuit – he lost the civil trial. Civil trials are much easier to win than a criminal trial. In a criminal trial you need to prove the person is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. With a civil trial, you just need to prove that’s it’s more likely that he committed the offense than didn’t commit it.

    Stryker lost the civil trial by one vote – 5 to 4. He had the wrong type of lawyer – a criminal lawyer in a civil trial – big mistake. This is a classic case of losing because the lawyer. There was no evidence. If you check the records, what they used as evidence was lame – Stryker gave the police a few things that Goudey had left at his place,. He wanted to help with their investigation. I think what he gave the police was a bag with spare keys to her apartment, which she normally left there. They didn’t have a search warrant, he voluntarily gave the things. At the trial, they made it sound like the police found these things – not true – and that was the “evidence”.

    He wasn’t in prison for murder, he was in prison for perjury – lying under oath. You can google and find that the witness, Pizanno, got arrested for his 3rd drunk while driving which in Mass. should mean that he goes to prison. It appears that he made a deal with the D.A . so that he would not have to go to prison. When Stryker’s friend was also indicted and held in prison for months, he finally turned against Stryker to save his own neck from prison. Unlike other countries, this is a flaw in the U.S. legal system, that “snitches” can be rewarded for testifying against someone else.

    With the various perjury charges, Stryker was faces with spending the rest of his life in prison or pleading guilty.

    False confessions do happen: 25 percent of the people who have been exonerated with DNA evidence had confessed to crimes they did not do. Check out and you will find lots of stories of innocent men imprisoned for crimes they didn’t do.

    • Listen, Loony. If he didn’t commit the crime, why did he PAY for a fake alibi? Even his wife has figured out that he committed the crime. I’m so happy that he died relatively young, so he can start burning in help that much sooner. You idiots defending him probably think OJ was innocent too. And shame on all of you pathetic defenders, without even a kind thought about the poor victim. You deserve to lose a family member at the hands of a sociopath like Stryker. Shame!

      • Week, I wouldn’t say that. They’re just blinded by his BS…he was very good with it, very convincing, even called me “Sweetie” as he blamed me for the cancer spreading. My PC doctor apologized for sending me to him…believe me, enough people were hurt by this psycho. Let them believe what they want. To be honest, I didnt want to believe that he did what he did to me (I didn’t even know about the murder at the time).

  47. Sally, sorry to say, this was not a very complicated cancer to find OR cure and Stryker knew this. If you do not like what I have written, I suggest you don’t read it. Stick your head in the sand and ignore the fact that THE MAN WAS IN JAIL FOR PERJURY BECAUSE HE LIED AND PAID SOMEONE WITH DRUGS TO GIVE HIM AN ALIBI…he lied to the reporter on the above interview, don’t look at the fact that not only did he kill this woman, lie to me and allow me to get VERY ill, and stuck 8 NEEDLES in a classmate of mine’s neck (her husband passed out)…If you do research you will find that if a doctor cannot get a biopsy in the office easily, then the patient is then sent for an ultrasound guided biopsy at a hospital. The man is a social path period, under the guise of a “nice guy, caring doctor”, he did atrocious things to people. And Sally, he was VERY nice to me as he tried to blame me for the spreading cancer…as he made things up right after I was told I had cancer…so the human body isn’t as complicated as you may think…not it this case. Dig your head out of the sand…look at the facts…

  48. Winchester, MA —

    The following is the full text of Middlesex District Attorney Gerry Leone’s statement:

    Today’s news of Timothy Stryker’s death is both sad and disappointing. Sad, in that he leaves behind a wife and three daughters. Disappointing, in that we had an active investigation into his suspected killing of Dr. Linda Goudey, and were encouraged by the progress we were making, and confident that we would be able to provide some measure of closure and justice in the criminal courts for Lin’s family. With his death today, we will be forced to close the book on our criminal investigation, as Stryker was, and remains, our only suspect. On behalf of the brother and mother of Lin Goudey, we do ask members of the public to please come forward with any information they might have in this matter, now that Stryker is dead and fear of retribution is not warranted.


    For those who are defending him, I’ll re-quote from above:

    “Disappointing, in that we had an active investigation into his suspected killing of Dr. Linda Goudey, and were encouraged by the progress we were making, and confident that we would be able to provide some measure of closure and justice in the criminal courts for Lin’s family. With his death today, we will be forced to close the book on our criminal investigation, as Stryker was, and remains, our only suspect.”

  49. Artistgirl…. thanks for confirming our argument. Middlesex D.A.’s statment is one of pure conjecture. A person is not guilty based on suppostion – yours or anyone else’s.

  50. The District Attorney’s office had 18 years as Goudey was killed in 1993 and they never brought anyone to a criminal trial for murder because there was no evidence. For the law suit by Goudey’s family, the judge ordered the D.A. to turn over their evidence, which is rare, but the logic was that it had been so long. In that civil trial, it was revealed that the D.A. did not ever check Goudey’s phone records or beeper records so it sounds like they dropped the ball or were too busy with other cases. There was no evidence, if you care to research it, then go ahead. Statements made by the D.A. has no substance.

  51. I read in the paper they received letters from hundreds of Stryker’s patients offering their support.
    ” many people perceived him to be a very caring and gentle doctor,” Mahoney said.

  52. Artist girl please stop arguing with everyone that liked Dr. Stryker. You have your opinion and we have ours, so please stop attacking us, it’s just not right!

  53. Mathew 7:1 “Judge not lest ye be judged”…..
    Timothy Stryker is dead. Let the man rest in peace.

  54. This is not a memorial site. I suggest that if you want a memorial site for this “man” you make one. For all those whom he “touched” in a positive manner are those whom he has harmed. He is the text book example of a socialpath

  55. Oh Please, it is obvious you are Artist Girl. The only one who calls a Sociopath a Socialpath, duh!

  56. Go set up your memorial site…have fun

  57. I grew up with Tim Stryker, and went to high school and college with him. He was brilliant, caring and good, and found Transcendental Meditation to be very important in his life. This is a terrible tragedy and I can’t imagine what the Goudey and Stryker families have suffered. The worst thing is that the world lost two fine doctors that would have comforted and healed so many.

  58. RIP Dr. Stryker…we’ll never know
    RIP Dr. Goudy 😦
    and Artist girl…leave it alone already, you made your point way to many times on here*

    • I agree with u about ArtistGirl. Multiple messages left over years on this article show something is wrong there. And the first message says “I won’t go into the details here about my cancer…..” and yet, she does, many many times, with lots of capital letters. Go find a psychologist!

  59. Evidently, the psycho did die in prison on 01/12/11. I hope it was painful.

    To the patients whose cancers he ignored, lied about or misdiagnosed: why did you not file charges w/the state medical board or criminal charges for malpractice? If you did, I missed it. There is a lot to read here.

    My immediately impressions are from watching 49 Hours is that I am watching a psycho fag. (Before anyone goes berserk, I am a fag so keep your PC BS to yourselves.) His voice, his wrist positions in the photos of him dancing w/Linda Goudey, his jogging, his “paintings” and his painting style, every single thing about him reads psycho fag.

    As of his ex-wife, the shrink, it’s like I always say: shrinks are more fucked up than just about anyone — deluded and unaware. And I wonder if she is a shrink w/a medical degree or some self-help fool who merely calls herself a therapist.

    However, his family doesn’t deserve any more pain, but I am sure his legacy will leave his kids fucked-up as it will, from what I’ve read here, most of the people and patients who sadly interacted w/him.

    • I agree about the fag comment. My Gaydar was blaring as soon as he appeared on screen. Maybe if he were less of a coward, he could have led an uncloseted life instead of taking his frustrations out on innocent women.

      • I never filed charges because I was too busy fighting cancer, finishing college, and raising my son. In hindsight I wish I did…but Karma paid him a visit. I do feel very badly for his family, they were also innocent victims…especially his children.

  60. Wow…..fockinmeen is right, you are! His family doesn’t deserve any more pain and you call his ex-wife fucked up, deluded, and unware? Yeah….that’s not hurtful! I can’t believe you could be so mean to his ex, who did absolutely nothing. You seriously need a shrink yourself!!!!!! By the way…..who cares if your a fag, he wasn’t! I and many others (not all) of his patients are happy that we had him in our lives, we are not sad for having interacted with him and we miss him.

    • You are one sick biatch. Just because it sounds like you were having an affair with him doesn’t give you the right to inflict your misinformed opinion on those of us who know he was guilty. Hope he’s enjoying his time in HELL.

      • Why is everyone so mean here, and yet you accuse someone else of horrible things just because of the media. Wake up, if it smells it sells

  61. My personal experience with Dr. Stryker was that he helped me with a horrible disease that no other doctors were able to. He wasn’t just an excellent physician, he also studied alternative medicine so that he could offer to his patients other options to western medicine, alternatives that didn’t have the awful side effects that some drugs have. he told me that he studies alternative medicine in his spare time. I found it helped some and he did not charge me for several consultations.

    Our kids went to the same school and I saw him interact on numerous occasions with his kids and other parents. He was kind and thoughtful. People often asked him about medical concerns they had and he was compassionate and helpful.

  62. Wow. Unlike so many of the posters here, I didn’t know any of the parties involved – I’ve only seen the 48 Hours episode a couple of times, and then did some internet research.

    I can say this; there wasn’t enough evidence to indict Dr. Stryker on criminal charges for Dr. Goudy’s murder. And had I been on the civil case jury, I don’t think I could have voted to hold him legally responsible for his death. As for the perjury case – yes, he WAS guilty of that. He admitted his guilt to the court and was rightfully sentenced to prison for it. I can’t help but wonder if he was just too desperate to save his family from the financial ruin of the 15 million dollar civil judgement. There are WAY too many unanswered questions surrounding Dr. Goudy’s death for any rational, evidence-driven person to conclude that Tim Stryker HAD to have done it. The first one I can think of off the top of my head: was there any DNA evidence? (They certainly should have retained a lot of physical property from the crime scene.

  63. I have watched the episode of 48 hours and have read every comment posted on this forum. fockinmeen, I agree with everything you said. You are a very perceptive person – unlike many of the naive former patients posting here about how nice the guy was. Sorry but he was a psycho and psychos don’t send their mind on vacation when they are at work. All the while when he was being a “caring” doctor to his patients he was most likely imagining strangling you all – all with a smile on his face. If you aren’t creeped out by a guy who appears to be so nice, yet was obviously a sociopath (not socialpath – there is no such word) and a very clever murderer then you are very gullible. People who have posted kind thoughts on this thread – do you even know what a sociopath is? They don’t go around looking and acting like mental patients or murderers, they cleverly conceal their evil personalities, easily tricking those around them.
    I am glad Stryker is dead because your local town is much safer since that day.

  64. 11/29/11; Just finished watching what must have been umpteenth airing of 48 Hours. True, there was no physical evidence connnecting Stryker to the murder, but just think about what you felt as you watched it. What did your gut tell you? Think back a few years in the Scott Peterson case, and most recently, the Casey Anthony case. Same sense, same feelings, right? The suspect’s behavior wasn’t right, the testimony was full of holes; none of it stood up to reason, did it? in Stryker’s case, too slick, too smooth, too pat, like the cat that ate the canary. If you said he was guilty, you were right.

  65. Wow reading through these comments makes me wonder how stupid many of you defending this man are! The guy hired a druggie to LIE to give himself an alibi. That is evidence. They would have used that against him in the trial of her murder had he not died in prison. Pancreatic cancer btw is one of the most painful types of cancer to have, so don’t you think karma was at work here? He failed the lie detector test, then refused to cooperate, then went on holiday and swam around with fish and then came back and lied some more. Abused women don’t always come forward, and his wife who btw also divorced him, could have also been physically abused and made it look like he was normal as can be. Don’t you think he manipulated everyone in his life? I sure do. And who cares if he was a “good doctor”, that doesn’t mean he was a BAD PERSON.

  66. I saw this story on tv.I think it might have been some1 she helped deliver their baby.She was strangled & maybe this happened to some1’s baby she delivered getting back at her.I think they should look into those of whom she helped deliver babies.

  67. His college girlfriend disappeared after a fight with him! See a pattern???

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