Larry McNabney murder 9/10/2001 (approximately) San Joaquin County, CA *His wife, Laren Renee Sims killed him, with help from Sarah Elizabeth Dutra*

 Larry McNabney

Sarah Dutra trial (great site, has a lot of information)
Tramp with a Tranquilizer (great post)
The Sarah Dutra Case
Authorities Search For Missing Attorney
Body Found In Shallow Grave
Vineyard Body Identified As Missing Attorney
The Chameleon Comes Home
Lawyer allegedly killed by wife who hid criminal past
Wife of slain attorney wanted him dead, former employee testifies
Federal Warrant Issued For Murdered Lawyer’s Wife
Murder suspect hangs herself in Florida jail
Dutra found guilty of manslaughter, accessory to murder
Lawyer’s body likely refrigerated for months
Dutra Sentenced In McNabney Murder
Dutra Could Get Reduced Sentence
Wikipedia: Murder of Larry McNabney
Wikipedia: Lies My Mother Told Me
Convicted murderer Sarah Dutra released from prison
Murderpedia: Sarah Elizabeth Dutra

Cold Blooded
Marked for Death

The Investigators: Trail of Deceit
Lies My Mother Told Me
Deadly Wives: Marlboro Man Murder
Snapped: Elisa McNabney
Evil Stepmothers: She Can Run But Can’t Hide

Laren Renee Sims (aka Elisa McNabney) – hung herself in jail while awaiting extradition, wrote confession
Sarah Elizabeth Dutra – sentenced to 11 years 8 months in prison, released 8/26/2001

9 Responses

  1. I believe the murder of attorney Larry McNabney by his sociopathic wife is extremely reflective of the 1990s, which was the decade of fast money combined with little or no concern for the long term consequences of such revolting behavior. I have a family that behaves in exactly the manner. I saw the movie ‘Lies My Mother Told Me’. I felt I was watching my own family, and what they have disintegrated to.
    Larry McNabney and this woman had a very toxic relationship that was definitely headed down the path of destruction. He was taken in by her charm, and he enabled her at his own peril. I guess pathetic people are very good at extracting sympathy that moves the fashionable set to merely let their crimes just slide.


  2. Nice book, woudnt recommend to a wife who is having problems with her husband/boyfriend!


  3. I don’t believe Sarah killed Larry. I believe Laren acted alone then forced Sarah to help dispose of the body, only to end up doing it herself. Glad she’s out of prison finally


    • Sorry but Sarah was the one that started the thoughts of killing Larry. If you had ever met these two women you would know that Sarah controlled Laren. Laren controlled Larry. and Larry hated Sarah.


  4. COWARD,brave 4 somethings n then when she gets a lil time hung herself or it could be someone did it 4 her anyway f–k her,Idont waste my time lamenting 4 a piece of —-,poor xcuse of human being,blieve me Im not gonna lose sleep or being hungry…;-)


  5. […] murder until one morning she wrote a confession about killing her husband, and also implicated Sarah Dutra with injecting Larry with horse tranquilizers. When the two women brought Larry to a grave site in […]


  6. Powerful. I agree.


  7. I get the best friend angle but sleeping in the sameness bed in the hotel I know they had sexual relationship. This plot is no different than a male female love triangle that planned the murder of the wife or husband…

    Two hot woman yes!


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