Dunce’s Corner: Richard Bolling, Chicago police officer, charged with DUI hit and run*

dunceRichard BollingdunceThis is the kind of DUI case that angers me the most. First, Richard Bolling is a POLICE OFFICER. That in itself shows extreme disrespect for the law. He was a sworn member of law enforcement, and he went and drank, and then got into his truck and drove. He KNEW it was wrong and illegal. He cannot say otherwise. Then he was speeding when he hit and killed Trenton Booker, who was on his bike. And like the good law enforcement officer and citizen that he is, he just left the scene of the accident. Kept on speeding down the road. And then it was 4 hours later before he got a breathalyzer test, which showed him just barely below the legal limit. Obviously he was over the limit when he hit and killed Trenton Booker. Plus, he had an open beer bottle in the truck with him! To top it off, the relatives of Trenton Booker were told that his first court appearance would be at noon, but low and behold, it was held an hour earlier and they were not notified. Hmmm, that sounds like Trenton Bookerpreferential treatment to me, as well as to Trenton’s loved ones. Trenton’s family should know exactly what is going on thru all steps of this. After all, it was THEIR loved one that was KILLED by this drunk police officer. I bet Richard Bolling’s family and friends were told the correct time of his hearing and were able to attend on time. That is not the beginning of justice. He has been charged with reckless homicide, aggravated DUI and leaving the scene of an accident involving death or injury.

Now please understand, I do not hold the rest of law enforcement responsible for Richard Bolling’s behavior. Not at all. I believe most police officers are honorable people, but in this case, I wonder about a few. The ones who waited 4 hours after Bolling’s arrest to give him a breathalyzer (I bet if the roles were reversed, the breathalyzer test would have been given on scene immediately) and the court time incident is fishy to me as well. One good thing is that the Judge set bail at $2 million dollars. At least he is taking this seriously. I hope that the road to justice, which is often rocky at best, starts to be a better journey. The court and law enforcement, Richard Bolling, etc. need to think of the victim, Trenton Booker, now.

Cop’s Bond $2M In Boy’s Hit-And-Run Death
Bail set for cop charged with killing boy on bike
Chicago cop in fatal hit-and-run case: Bail set at $2 million
About 4 hours before cop in crash got Breathalyzer
Hours Lapsed Before Cop In Crash Got Breathalyzer

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