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  1. what i would like to know . did he kill his 2nd. wife

  2. Bryan didn’t or couldn’t call 911 while he was in the trunk… Who knows if he was carrying one, or if Dale searched him at gun point. Since 911 calls connect to satellites in space, they might have had the chance to track them. And if Dale did not search him, and if Bryan carried a gun in his coat, he could have had the chance to open fire the moment Dale opened the trunk. Or would he had rather wait and hope Dale wouldn’t kill him, that way nobody would have been killed. Even experienced police officers regret killing someone, even if the gunman fired first. The invesitgators were lucky that one investigator chose to steal a sample of the car paint without Dales permission during another investigation. I think the only reason Dale sold his car was to hope to get rid of any evidence the car contained.

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