Breaking News: John Thomas, Jr. arrested for 2 murders; DNA links him to 6 so far; suspect in possibly over 30 sex murders over several decades*

Ethel Sololoff and Elizabeth McKeown

Ethel Sokoloff, 68 [11/1972]
Elizabeth McKeown, 67 [2/1976]

DNA leads to suspect in 1970s Los Angeles serial killings
Police call man LA’s `largest ever’ serial killer
DNA ties reputed Los Angeles serial killer to sixth case
Police Arrest Man Suspected in 30 Sex Slayings
Police Call Man LA’s “Most Prolific Serial Killer
Police: City’s most prolific killer caught
Southland Strangler series map
Aura of Dread Lingers in Wake of West Side Rapist
Serial Killer: John Floyd Thomas, Jr. ‘The Westside Rapist’ *Pled guilty to 7 murders, sentenced to 7 consecutive terms of LWOP*

John Thomas Jr.
aka The Westside Rapist and the Southland Slayer

2 Responses

  1. I wonder if the death sentence would be sufficient?


  2. Please kill this jerk as soon as possible.


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