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  1. OMG…………….I’m speechless.
    My prayers go out to the family and friends of little Miss Janiya Rivas. Beautiful baby girl murdered by her OWN trashy uncle. I cannot comprehend what her mother is going thru. God bless you lady. RIP Miss Janiya, you little angel.

  2. Juan: your not worthy of sharing the same post space with Janiya. I hope they string you up by the balls. Some brother/uncle. Stop running you freaking COWARD and own up to what you’ve done.

  3. Somebody please murder this piece of scum, and make it slow and painful. I am so sad right now. What a world :(

  4. what’s even more sickening is all the love this fool is getting over facebook and myspace from mutual friends. I’m sorry, but this man killed his 3yearold neice, RIP my a$$. Passaic you guys are disappointing me, no wonder our city is a piece of crap, the citizens have no morals, common sense, empathy, etcetc when it comes to life. my prayers and thoughts, and unease reach out to the family and poor little Janiyah. God bless

  5. im so sorry to hear about little janiya i just want to let u no ur a great little child and we have the same name r.i.p janiya

  6. oh my god! we have the same surname.. I’m AMIELYN RIVAS from philippines.. im so sad reading this news.. she’s so little to get murder.. the suspect should be in jail forever!!!.. such a horrible dog he is..

  7. yo man i miss you…its weird knowin that ur here one minute and then the next ur just gone RIP

  8. OMG THAT IS CRAZY and she has the same name as me. My name is Janiya

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