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Update: Sandra Cantu murder *Melissa Huckaby arrested and charged with her kidnapping and murder*

Sandra Cantu

I am watching the news conference right now. They do not have a motive. And like me, they said that they are still shocked that the suspect is a woman. Statistics show that women are less likely to be involved in a crime such as this, although it does happen. And sadly enough for the family, it was someone they knew and trusted. I am so saddened for the family and hope that justice will occur for Sandra’s murder. There is no justification for the killing of a child. And they just said that the workers who found Sandra’s body have refused to accept the reward. Melissa is tentatively scheduled for arraignment on Tuesday at 1:30pm. Also, it appears that Melissa was already on probation for petty theft.

Sunday School Teacher Arrested in Murder of 8-Year-Old Sandra Cantu
Sunday-school teacher arrested in killing of California girl
Arrest In Murder Of 8-Year-Old Calif. Girl
Sunday School Teacher Booked in Sandra Cantu’s Murder
Sunday school teacher arrested in Cantu case
Sunday School Teacher Booked In Tracy Girl’s Death
Sunday School Teacher Arrested in Sandra Cantu Murder
Girl’s Murder Shakes Calif. Town
Archive: Sandra Cantu murder

Melissa Huckaby

51 Responses

  1. The following is speculation only, but you should read this thread:

    this murder has sex crime written all over it.

    first, melissa huxtaby has had a record for drugging a minor.

    second, the “sunday school teacher” is a cover for her illegal activity.

    third, tracy is a magnet for sex offenders.

    also ms. huxtaby has been involved in illegal drugs. she also has been involved in theft and a B&E.

    however, it is debateble if Tracy Police will connect the dots for us.

    but consider this: melissa huxtaby lied to the Tracy Press about being arrested before when her address and mobile number confirmed that arrest.

    IMHO nothing would be heard about Sandra Cantu being a victim of the underground sex cult operating out of that church in Tracy, the one with only 20 members in it.

    note from blog owner

    Do you have any kind of proof that the church is bad, just because there are only 20 members? To me, while the rest may be good points, the church having only 20 members is not necessarily a red flag. I have seen a lot of churches with few members and they are legit. So please state your proof on that.

  2. i too sense a sex crime but i am wondering how and why,

    it seems Melissa had some inner hell she was struggling with for at least some years,

    my guess is that her grandfather — the man who was the suspect for killing Sandra at first — molester Melissa when she was around Sandra’s age, and it was this trauma that lead Sandra to seek out young girls and drug them — and i guess hurt them — what the hurt was before the murder seems unclear, but it looks like she is reenacting something that was done to her.

    what do we know about her grandfather? why was her first statement — “my grandfather had nothing to do with this”? i know there were circumstantial reasons — but i suspect that was the crux of everything. denying what her grandfather did to her as a child — has turned her into this monster she is today.

    did the grandfather KISS Sandra in a pool some time back? or was that a different man.

    and i guess the biggest question — that could have a real answer — is –what did Melissa do to the other girl she drugged, the one who was not killed?

  3. There is such a thing as satanic child abuse rituals and most of them are conducted in churches. Of course, the child is usually sacrificed. Pedophiles and those involved in satanic rituals never appear to be evil and most are horrified when they are exposed. I suggest the reading of ‘Betrayal of Trust:Clergy abuse of children’ which is the documented evidence of hundreds of clergy pedophile and even satanic ritual abuse of children. You can find this book online by doing a google search. It is free to all and should be read by all. These monsters go where they have unlimited access to children and the trust of parents and communities. You will find these offenders as teachers, scout leaders, church officials of every rank, doctors, and the worst offending profession of the last five years has been documented as the christian clergy!!!! Stupid people prefer to disbelief this could be so and keep teaching innocent children to trust these devils and parents keep handing them over to the lowest forms of life to be abused and many times killed.

    I am not making any judgment on this church but it is highly suspicious that the murder would take place in a church where anyone with a key could have walked in without warning. No killer in their right mind would want to chance being caught, especially in a church! I just hope the police do their job and leave no stone unturned.

    Also, do a google search on satanic ritual child abuse and see how bad this epidemic is becoming worldwide. Anyone who could harm a child is the absolute scum of the earth and the worst of that lot are the ones who peddle themselves as ‘religious’. But then, the OT monster god condones the rape of innocent women and little girls, as long as they are virgins. The practice goes a long long way back in time.

  4. I would like to know if the Sunday school material Melissa kept in the suitcase was later found in Melissa’s home or vehicle. If so, it would indicate she removed the material, which was valuable to her, as she planned the crime. However, if a stranger really had taken the suitcase, as Melissa claims, the stranger would have discarded the Sunday school material because it would have had no value to him. Has the Sunday school material been found in a dumpster or in the home or vehicle of another person? If so, this would indicate the killer is not Melissa Huckaby.

  5. I don’t know who needs a beating more, her or Casey Anthony. Thats a hard one.

  6. Anyone who harms an innocent (all children) deserve to have exactly the same thing done to them by the relatives of that family. I know this sounds brutal, but think of the child.
    Why should we house and feed them for the rest of their lives! They need to suffer too.

  7. Shauncey…………. I believe they should be beat equally!
    how the hell have you been. Its been a while.

  8. […] Update: Sandra Cantu murder *Melissa Huckaby arrested and charged with her kidnapping and murder*                         Sandra […] […]

  9. gas chamber for both her and casey anthony.nothing else to say!

  10. Listen carefully! I know all about this church. I attended a sister church of this church and congregated/worshipped God with these people for most of my years growing up and as a young adult. No child predators there that I knew and knew of none in any of the sister churchs. There isn’t any satanic child preditor cult or evil doers in this church other than the possibility of Ms. Huckaby. The reason the church is small is due to the members are of a dying breed of people who refuse to “update” thier worship program to appeal to the “masses”. As I said, I attended a sister church of this church most of my youth……they have a strict and rigid theology. That is why they are small in number. The masses of People just can’t live it! Especially young people. They exclude (ex communicate) people for non attendance….if you miss one Sunday a month over a period of 8 or more months, you are excluded. O.K.? Now does that give you a clue as to why their membership is small? No evil doers there, except Ms. Huckaby, and only IF SHE IS GUILTY! We only have the police’s word for this. Do you remember when the F.B.I. and Modesto Police locked three men up in Modesto and one of the three even supposedly confessed during the Carol Sund Yosemite Park Murders? The authorities and the public were POSITIVE they did it. Well guess what? Along came Joey Armstrong who fought, with the courage of a lion, for her life against Stephen Stayner and low and behold…..he confessed when they picked him up! And not only to Joey’s murder but the Sund murders! To get back to this church….most of the members give a lot of money to their church to keep it in “business” because they enjoy the fellowship of one another AS FELLOW CHRISTIANS, with like beliefs and opinions, and life styles. I cannot be accept their rigid theology for my own worship but I still know they love good and not evil. I do not want their church life for myself, but these people are spiritual and loving of Jesus Christ. They do Not worship Satan and not any cult. Additionally, I knew Connie Lawless, her siblings and her parents most of my youth and into my early adult life. She, her sisters and her parents were precious and loving CHRISTIAN individuals. I don’t believe theologically as she does, but never the less, she is a good and kind woman who loves JESUS! Please do not be cruel to these people because they gave their love to someone who may have betrayed and deceived them. They were just being good people and good Christians by doing so. Let us pray for the family of this lost little child, Sandra, and let us also pray for the family of Ms. Huckaby. They, too, may have been betrayed. Of course the Cantu family’s loss is so much greater but there exist loss for the Lawless family as well. Let us pray for all of them. Please stop spreading lies about this small church.

  11. Melissa moved to the mobile park since quite some time. She is single mom, struggling. She is good looking and young. There must be a few men in the area interested in her. The area has a bunch of pedofiles. Possibly she dated one. The guy could be linked to child sex ring. She may have got into a trap. The guy asks her to bring sandra to the church area. Perhaps offers her money or threatens her about her own daughter’s safety. She is forced to participate and keep her mouth shut. Sandra weighed 45 pounds. Can Melissa put her in a suitcase, drive to the irrigation area and dump the suitcase of her own without even been noticed? Doesn’t sound possible. The way she claims her grandfather was not involved makes me think she is indicating someone else was. No phone call records are published yet. Who did she speak on that day and in the following days? A folding bed was captured from the church. Clearly sounds like a well set plan. I don’t go to church but don’t believe christ needs a folding bed too. Her parents have clearly said she is not the kind of person who will do this. Clearly, she is forced to perform this act. Either due to circumstances or threat to her own daughter. Police are disclosing information just enough for the media to be convinced that they are doing their job and about things that media discover anyways. They are saying Melissa is the only suspect just to make sure the real person behind this is not too alerted.

    note from blog owner
    “clearly” she was forced? Please provide proof of this. You obviously believe she did not do this. Please provide clear and REAL details on this. I have not seen anything to suggest otherwise. And I do not mean add some conspiracy theories. Provide FACTS. And as for the folding bed, wow! If everything in a church is only for God or Jesus or whatever, then the place would be empty. God or Jesus do not need chairs, food from a fridge, electricity, benches, a pulpit, etc. Gee, maybe someone felt ill at church and needed to lay down. A bed such as you described would be perfect. Is there any PROOF that it was used for anything other than a legitimate use? If so, please explain.

  12. How do you know she drugged children before, proof please.

  13. ok ok ok…..so I’m really bummed that the police in this city, where this all took place are not releasing a motive.:( It’s terrible to know that someone took another’s life…and now that the sexuality of it all has come into play……it just adds more wood to fuel an already questionable fire. I have followed this case somewhat closely and I know all the FACTS that have been released and have heard all the “Obviouslys” I can hear about it. This girl Melissa Huckaby obviously…A. WAS in contact with Sandra the day she dissapeared……B. The young gals body was found in HER suitcase……C. She knew her previously and her own daughter played with the lil girl Sandra!….I mean it all adds up even in the wierdest of minds. I can see it, can’t you? The lil girl goes over to play w her daughter….Melissa invites her in and decieves her ect….goes on to do the ultimate wrongdoing….kills the lil angel….whatta creepo for sure….I mean I have two sons and I swear to walk them to every house they ever wanna play in after all this drama. It’s like can’t people jus keep to themselves when they wanna hurt someone….you would have to be pretty strung out on some major crackage to be doing shit like this to kiddos. PLUS…today when I jumped online and read that they have included sexual molestation with an object???? WIERDO SHOT right thurrr. hahah. I know that I know this women acted ALONE and she was on a rampage that day and decided to kill that lil prescious angel and then stuuf her lifeless body in her very own suitcase assuming that she would never be even missed I bet. That was ALL SPECULATION on my part….however call it what you wanna call it…..if it looks like a DUCK….acts lika DUCK….and swims like a DUCK….it must be a what? DUCK….thats right. and hey Bon Bons LOVE the blogs here…..I read em avidly on a daily basis and shit. lah yah Bonnie lou Dawgg.

  14. Some of these posters are total imbeciles!!! No church will advertise they are into child abuse and most churches who have been into this sort of thing and convicted kept their congregations to a small number. Some participated while others were completely ignorant to what was going on.

    That woman was not forced to do one damn thing and any decent person wouldn’t kill an innocent child no matter who was trying to “force” them.

    Religion is the main cause of insanity and from some of these absurd posts I would recommend some much needed professional help….now!

    The only victims in this sick act is the child and the family that loved her, yet some of you damn fools are putting your misplaced sympathy with the demented bitch that killed her! JUNE and INNIRV didn’t have one word of compassion for the child or the family. What is wrong with that picture?! Both of you should be ashamed and neither are qualified to investigate this case. In my opinion you both are as dumb as a wet sack of doorknobs.

  15. Comment from user who apparently hasn’t been on this planet long.
    “Her parents have clearly said she is not the kind of person who will do this. Clearly, she is forced to perform this act.”

    If that is all it takes to clear someone, there would be no convictions you idiot. Look how the Anderson’s are standing behind their murdering child even though she killed or had her own child killed. Pull your head from your arse.

  16. Correction: In my last post I meant to use Anthony instead of Anderson.

    A radio station has reported from an inside source that Huckaby has stated the death of Sanda was accidental. I guess the rape of the child was just for fun since she was dead. What a lying bitch. Since she lives with her grandparents, I find it hard to believe they are innocent. The child was killed and raped either in their home or their church.

  17. innirv,
    Please listen carefully. If she knew, thought she knew, heard, plotted, came across, eavesdropped, ANY knowledge AT ALL regarding Sandra’s kidnap AND MURDER, she is just as, or MORE guilty than the actual murderer. Please spare me the “poor her” bulls**t.
    What’s up sis??

  18. Thank you Jake. I mean, hello…………………
    No one can force me to kill a child. Thats some sick shit that you have to be CAPABLE of, and obviously she is.

  19. I believe they’ll find this melissa was sexually assaulted as a child, maybe at around the same age as Sandra. I thin she was filled with unexpressed rage but was a suppressed personality (everyone describes her as being self effacing) Then for some reason she was triggered to act out her violation on another child. Of course not everyone does this, passes on what happened to them but most of us do in one way or another…such as the guy-who’s-nice-at-the-office-but-takes-it-out-on-his-family-when-he- gets-home sort of thing. Choosing a church for such a crime has to be deliberate so I expect she was abused by her grandfather (or someone else at church) as they say the church is a crime scene.

  20. Shauncey, if we all decided to repay an innocent child for some wrong done to us this world wouldn’t be fit for even animals. I get damn sick and tired of the bleeding heart PolyAnna’s who would rather speak as arm chair idiots than see justice done. It matters not why at this moment but what is to be done. She can get a shrink once she is in the clink! I have a suspicion grandpappy is involved and if he did molest Melissa what the hell was she doing living in the same house and subjecting her child to possible molestation? Good to see another poster with common sense. Jake

  21. Jake states: “It matters not why at this moment but what is to be done”. Couldn’t of said it any better. Now comes the sickening part where she’ll get some scum-bag lawyer who’ll say how she was molested as a child and how horrible her childhood was. Guess what, I don’t give a shit about that. Why did Sandra have to pay the price for her crummy life? This sucks, this is the bad time.
    THATS “good looking” to you? She looks like a freaking serial killer. If SHE’S good looking, you’ll be seeing ME on America’s Next Top Model next cycle.

  22. I am just a spectator and happened upon this blog, and I think it’s great by the way. I have been reading throught the post about Melissa Huckaby and see so many different theories. I have a theory myself that I bet the police never even thought about. What if this woman killed this little girl and “staged” the whole rape thing just to mislead the police. By that I mean, she did it- not for joy or pleasure like most rapist and child molestors-but to lead police down a different path so that they would look for a man and would never suspect her. It’s just a thought. Had police not found any evidence to the contrary they probably would have never suspected her at all.

  23. To Jake: I so agree with your comment. We have all had bad things happen to us, no one has a lead a blip free life . I was molested as a child myself and there is no way in the world I would ever do that to a child. In fact, just the thought that this woman may have done this sickens me to the very core. I am so tired of seeing this type of thing happen to children. Mothers killing their children, children being beaten and abused, murdered and raped!! I have five children ranging from 13 to 3 in age. I worry all the time that there’s some psycho out there that’s going to come along hurt one of them. I see these stories and I talk to my kids about staying from strangers and teach them ways to protect themselves. The sad thing is, this woman was no stranger to this little girl. Can we not trust anyone?

  24. No Christina, we can’t. Not when it comes to our children. So keep your 5 babies close. God bless you.

  25. Shauncey and Christina, thanks for the kudos and thinking clearly.
    Christina, if this woman was trying to trick the authorities she would have never used her own suitcase and surely would have killed the child somewhere other than her home or church…..unless…………..

    I may be way out in left field but something is just not right here. If the preacher/grandfather is some sort of molestor, perhaps she went off the edge with him and planned to pin it on him for past sins and things didn’t go the way she planned. It is very strange that the first thing she said to the police is ‘my grandfather had nothing to do with it’!!!! Why would she say that? We don’t have the whole story or picture yet and may never.

    BTW, hell no you can’t trust anyone, so don’t. Any expert will tell you that pedophiles go where the children are an easy target and they are charming wolves in sheeps clothing. Many get away with this sick crime for many years. People used to warn kids about strangers but that needs to change to ANYONE, friends, family, teachers, preachers etc.

  26. This is the link to the online book I spoke of in an earlier post. It is all about clergy pedophiles, including all manner of ‘religious’ workers who have been convicted of molesting children in their own churches. I highly advise anyone with children to read this priceless expose’. It is entitled Betrayal of Trust and this link will take you to the page where the book begins. It will sicken the reader but knowledge is power and you can’t avoid evil if you don’t know where it can be found.


  27. You know Jake, your theory really isn’t so far fetched either. She may have been trying to set up her grandfather. Has there been any new developments to this story yet? I have been reading other comments on articles about this and a few people have said that she has confessed. I don’t know where they are getting their info from. Every story I have read so far has not mentioned any kind of confessions. I have also heard that she may have been invovled, or she was questioned, about another child a few years back being sexually molested. This whole story really bothers me. I hate to think that maybe this woman is innocent and that the real perp is out there still prowling for more innocent children. I hope that the police and the media give the public some kind of reassurance that they have the right person. I also hope that this woman isn’t covering up for her grandfather. I hope and I pray that they get to the bottom of this. I watch that video of that sweet little baby skipping along not knowing what was about to happen to her. It makes me so angry every time I think about. I don’t like to hate, but I think I really hate this Melissa Huckaby!! I try to keep in mind that everyone is innocent until proven guilty but it’s so obvious that she knows something that I can’t bring myself to give her that benefit of doubt.

  28. Thanks Jake. I’m gonna check it out.

  29. First of all I do not believe this woman did anything to that child. Women do kill children but it is usually their own or they are helping a man. There is always a man involved in these types if sexual crimes. I think she is a depressed woman with mental issues. Do we really know that the suitcase was actually hers? Did anyone ever see her with the suitcase? Does anyone know if Sandra came to her door that day? We have only her word for it and she is clearly not mentally stable. I think she just got caught up in the story and wanted to be a part of the investigation. People who are innocent and mentally unstable do confess to crimes and murders. It’s hard for us to understand this but it happens all the time. Remember David Carr confessing to killing JonBennet Ramsey? The media and the public were ready to close the case and declare him the killer and it turned out he was just a nut. Innocent people go to jail all the time. There was a case of a man who confessed to raping and murdering a woman who worked at a Pizza Hut. He even pointed the finger at a fellow co-worker (he was from Mexico). The police harassed the guy into confessing. Guess what it turns out he was innocent and the real killer was a serial rape killer. So he and his friend sat in jail for years and when the truth was found out he was released and tragically the friend could not be released because he had been killed in jail. So people who are mentally sound also confess to things they didn’t do. I don’t think the police should have arrested Melissa Huckaby until they had better proof than just her inconsistant story. And another thing sexual predators don’t want to be caught and seldom confess. Once again the media and the public rush to judgement. Now added to this mess is the possiblity that the pervert is still out there and I’m sure happy that someone else is taking the rap for HIS crime.

  30. I agree with Christina. I think the rape was “staged”. I think she used her own suitcase because the murder was impulsive, whether accidental or not, and she panicked and had to get rid of the body as quickly as possible. That is why she claimed that the suitcase was stolen. First priority was to dump the body, then she had to come up with ha cover up for if/when the body was found. I doubt that she thought the body would be found as soon as it was, and she probably thought she had covered her tracks by reporting the suitcase missing.

    She seemed too emotional and connected at the arraignment to have been capable of “rape by instrument”. Someone who is capable of that kind of crime would likely not have been that affected emotionally. If you watch Huckaby as the judge is reading the charges, she becomes more and more emotional as the charges worsen including the rape.

    I think that Christina is on to something. That the “rape by instrument” was after the fact, and an attempted “staging” to divert the police.

  31. yes maybe this monster woman had a abusive childhood
    but their are many people that had a hard childhood and
    they dont do horrible things like this..that is no excuse
    for these innocent children to pay for these evil peoples
    crime..the sad thing is i wouldn’t be surprised if some
    ignorant jury /judge lets her off the hook for some mental
    disorder which would be sickening..it does not really
    surprise me that she did this.. just because she is a woman
    they can do just as evil things as men child killers..what
    surprised me is that she was a sunday school teacher
    with a kid of her own..someone that others thought they
    could trust..and for those that think she maybe innocent
    nine times out of ten i believe if they have a person in
    custody for something their is something wrong there..
    they proubly know more things about her that they
    just are not releasing yet.

  32. no offense Judy but you sound kind of nieve to think
    that..i dont know how anyone could defend people
    that are accused of hurting a poor child the only people
    that i always thought defends them are maybe people
    that see theirselves in the same position maybe they
    have hurt their children in someway or they have that
    holier than thou above attitude like they have to
    prove they are way better then others..cant say one
    negative comment about anyone or thing..i think its
    people like you that always make it to jury duty..

  33. Judy, thank you for your ‘opinion’ but I suggest you take a trip to reality and stop trying to be Perry Mason. There have been child molesters/killers from the beginning of time and there have been as many reasons and methods as there have been victims. For someone like you to gather the sparse evidence that has so far been given to the public, I find it insanely silly you think you have all the answers…you actually have none.

    I still find it odd that this case seems to be more on the hush hush at the moment and that is why I believe the officials may believe someone else was involved. As I stated before why would Melissa volunteer such a statement at the time of arrest “my grandfather had nothing to do with this”?????

    Sexual perverts/pedophiles do not think like sane people so those who think they can evaluate this case using hocus pocus theories need to take up another hobby.

  34. Hazelgirl…great comment but I am sure you are wasting your time trying to reason with someone who obviously has problems of their own. The subject of this blog is the child who was murdered by sexual monsters and in cold blood. If there is mercy or forgiveness in cases like this then leave that to the perpetrator and their creator. These bleeding heart nutjobs need a good kick in the ass as far as I am concerned. Sympathy for a child raping killer is a little to sick for my stomach. Judy needs professional help!

  35. Lacybrownafunky….good deductions….but I was told that Melissa’s grandmother was also home that evening. She phoned Melissa from the trailer to tell her she had found her keys…….I believe Channel 3 news reported that she couldn’t put the suitcase( supposedly stolen) into the car because she didn’t have her keys, she went back into the trailer and looked for keys and also cell phone, grandma phoned her at church and told her she had found them. I heard from a friend of grandparents that she went in and told her grandmother that someone took her suitcase right out of the driveway. I could have that wrong but I thought it was reported that she or her grandmother told someone this. I hope they have the right person. This little girl’s murderer needs to be fried!

  36. It is obvious that “Jake” read carefully and had comprehension of everything he read so very well, that he so kindly wrote, “The only victims in this sick act is the child and the family that loved her, yet some of you damn fools are putting your misplaced sympathy with the demented bitch that killed her! JUNE and INNIRV didn’t have one word of compassion for the child or the family. What is wrong with that picture?! Both of you should be ashamed and neither are qualified to investigate this case. In my opinion you both are as dumb as a wet sack of doorknobs.”
    O.K. readers, I am being facetious! I am sure for Jake I need to translate…. I am being a wise ass! I will add the following to this script…it is part of what I previously wrote on April 14 that he/she must not have read: ” Let us pray for the family of this lost little child, Sandra, and let us also pray for the family of Ms. Huckaby. They, too, may have been betrayed. Of course the Cantu family’s loss is so much greater but there exist loss for the Lawless family as well. Let us pray for all of them.” That is what I wrote. I contend to the readers of this blog that if you had experienced many years of having been treated with kindness by Connie Lawless that you, too, may have compassion for the emotions of remorse and betrayal she may be experiencing and would pray for her to find peace. This compassion for Connie in no way diminishes the compassion I feel for this little girl”s family. I feel outrage for the person who committed this crime. I do not believe the pain of loss to be as severe for each of the two families. To lose your child is the most horrific pain anyone could ever experience. It is my belief that little Sandra’s family is in such pain and you have to have lost a child to fathom what they feel. Jake, you shouldn’t judge people that you don’t even take the time to read their blog correctly! I am a retired therapist and you are wrong about religion being the #1 cause of insanity. Reading your post I sense the anger reflected in your many post, and your need to quickly resolve conflict by your lack of wanting to wait and see all the facts and evidence in this case prior to making a conclusion, and all the time you so obviously have on your hands. Are you retired? I am. If you are retired then blogging is a good pass time for you. As long as it isn’t interfering with your daily responsibilities or becoming a substitute for real human interaction. However, I would recommend you are the one who suffers from some type of psychosis or mental anxiety or illness. I write all of this because if you are going to write what you wrote previously about me, I may as well give you a legitimate reason to trash me. Also, I am not “investigating” this case. I just hoped to enlighten the readers about the church Melissa Huckaby attended. And yes, pedophiles do try to place themselves in a position of trust and working with children or teens. Church is a major instrument of deception the pedophile uses. However, this is not the church doing wrong. The church does have a responsibility to screen a person prior to letting them assume such a position in the church. The sad fact is, many churchs do not have the resources, or access to records or the funds to do so.

  37. I think the police have more evidence against Melissa Huckaby than just a suit case. Just because the police aren’t telling us what other evidence they have doesn’t mean that there isn’t any. I think society as a whole is having trouble trying to wrap our minds around it because it’s not the “norm”. Can any of you honestly say that when they found this little girl that the would be charging a woman with this heinous crime? Not to mention the fact that she was a mother and a Sunday school teacher to boot! That’s scarey. I am not being sexist, but I do find it difficult to believe that “if” she did this that she acted alone. There are so many different theories as to what, why, and how. I know that women are capable of murder (usually their own kids, husbands, enemies, etc.) but their is almost always a motive. I have heard of women molesting children as well, but there is always a man involved somewhere. Once again, I agree with Jake, the police are keeping a tight leash on this because they do believe there is going to be more coming out, maybe even more accused. I also understand where you are coming from June. The family of the accused are hurting too. They have lost someone that they love but in a different way. No, their pain can never be compared to the pain that little Sandra Cantu’s family are experiencing but I understand that they too are feeling pain. You have to understand ,though, that society doesn’t really give two shits about them. We all feel sorry for the victims and that’s to be expected. We see a beautiful little baby who’s life was cut short by some sick monster. We don’t care about how her family feels. They watched her grow up, graduate high school, get married, have her first child. Sandra’s family will never get that. So you have to know that if you publicly state your sorrow for the accused or even the accused family that people are going to be pissed. It’s just human nature. My heart breaks for the Cantu family. I don’t think I could handle it if it was one of my precious babies. Every day they will miss her and never get the chance to kiss her goodnight, hug her, or tell her they love her and hear it back. Melissa Huckaby’s family can visit her and talk to her everyday. I’m sure she does have allot of good people in her family that you have sympathy for so you pray for them but don’t ask that we all should. I will pray for the Cantu family. I hope and pray that they find the strength to get through their pain.

  38. June you are a total imbecile. It is a little too late to ‘pray for a child that has been murdered’. Thanks for your misguided and idiotic psychoanylist evaluation but I think most people here reading your lunatic ravings have you pegged for the attention seeking nutjob you are.

    I do have anger and perhaps some rage when dealing with morons, such as yourself. People like you who live in imaginary worlds that tend to place sympathies with the culprit instead of the victim are a great part of why this country is in the sad condition it is it. You seem to be here far more than I or anyone else so maybe you are the one who needs to get a life. Also, I don’t give a great goddamn what you claim to be. Anyone can go online and make all types of claims that are flat out fabrications. Most people who feel the need to disclose what they want others to believe are generally liars. Beyond that I personally think you are one arrogant B#*@H on wheels and your efforts to ‘impress’ fall quite short.

    Oh, but then I forget the post where you tried to set us all straight since you know all about the church and the people. Why, the authorities are not talking to the right folks! You need to also set them straight since you know it all. Woman, you don’t know anymore than the rest of us. You are just a sad sack attention seeker.

  39. Hello- This church is an Independent Baptist church. These churches are a part of a larger network of churches around the US known as Independent Fundamental Baptists. I was born and raised in this group. Many people/survivors are doing their dead-level best to spread the word about the pedophilia and rampant child abuse within the walls of these churches. Anything in this Huckaby case is possible.

    Could it be that Melissa makes a great scapegoat for some sick religious pedophile? She “fits the bill” with her criminal background.

    If you want to know more about this religious sect you can visit: http://www.freedomfromabuse.net

  40. I also just read through all the posts by “June.” She is most likely a part of another church across town within the Independent Fudamental Baptist sect (There are several of these churches in Tracy, CA). June knows all the details about how the church doesn’t “update” their worship services, do things “geared towards the masses, etc.” THis is typcial language for the fundamental baptists within this group. THey defend the pastors/pastors wives at all cost. That’s not to say that the Lawless’ had anything to do with the murder- but supposedly all their children are in ministries within this group.

    So let’s say Melissa DID do this– what kind of home life did Melissa have? Was she horrifically beaten (very likely– since this sect endorses/embraces severe corporal punishment of children) or molested? If she is the murderer than I have no doubt there will be more to her story.

    It doesn’t exempt her from responsibility– but the psychology/motive for it does matter in order to understand it and try to prevent this kind of stuff from happening in the future.

  41. My sympathies lie with the family and friends of Sandra Cantu. Melissa’s family hasn’t lost anything, except the chance to see her walk the streets. She can still eat, talk, sleep and write to family members and friends. Sandra is DEAD. Her family will never see her get married, have babies or graduate from high school. Do I feel any sympathy for Melissa or her family? Hell NO. She chose to be a part and/or be responsible for Sandra’s brutal RAPE AND MURDER. Her knowledge and involvement means she is where she belongs, in jail. If she didn’t kill Sandra herself, she is JUST AS GUILTY, and anyone who says she isn’t can go to hell right along with her.

  42. Shauncey, I am with you 100%! These goofballs who give a damn why she did it need to pull their heads from their dumb asses and start demanding justice be done.

    Leave the ‘why’ thing to the professionals after her sorry butt is locked up so she can’t harm another child. Any demented revolting pedophile deserves death as these creatures cannot be rehabilitated.

  43. Let me say this, if the accused were male this conversation would not take place. We wouldn’t’ ask why. We wouldn’t wonder if he were abused as a child and we wouldn’t care what was in her past. We would ask few questions if any. So why treat a female accused offender differently? Let the evidence do it’s proving on an equal gender basis.

    If the accused offender were male we would not even consider the phrase “temporary insanity.” Temporary insanity does not explain the long time it took to kidnap, rape, kill then dispose of a body. There is nothing temporary about that.

    She may be a woman but what we are not looking at is that women offend in horrible ways only we are given sympathy and excuses when we do it. No matter the crime we are given sympathy and excuses. We are asked questions, males are simply considered another bad man.

    Gender equality is a must in the news as well as in the court room this is the best way to offer real justice and real protection for our children.

    F. Magdalene Austin

  44. i feel so bad for melissa even though she might not have done this and she looks like a very sweet loving girl

  45. My heart gos out to little sandras family. This case and the Anthony case brings me to tears. I also have 5 children and cant handle the thought that someone out there might hurt them or take them from me, but the awful truth is too many of us will experience this tragedy. I pray that they give this family the only kind of justice that they can by making sure any person involved in this is locked away and never able to hurt a child again. Though i understand thats not really justice. The one thing that keeps on my mind is the story that this Melissa had lured another little girl and drugged her awhile back and nothing was really done?? I read that the police said that ” we didnt have enough to arrest her”. If she did such a thing THEN, maybe if she had been held responsible~ she wouldnt have been able to act again.. It really is just a sad sad thing and whoever did it.. Melissa or by the slight chance someone else did or was involved~ may they pay for it.. I myself dont attend church regularly nor would i say im a very religious person but i do believe in God and no matter what happens here on earth ALL of these people who do TERRIBLE things to children or hurt another person period will one day have to answer for their actions. Unfortunatley no matter how much we debate over what happened and who did it, or hate those who do these things.. its not ever gonna bring those poor babies back or take back the hurt and terror they suffered , there are no easy answers.

  46. Austin, I don’t know about you, but anytime I hear about a child being murdered I ask “WHY?” I don’t care who did it, I just want to know why? When Andrea Yates killed her five children I was outraged!! I don’t believe anyone deserves a “temporary insanity” plea. Everyone in the world has had something bad happen to them in their life, so I don’t believe murderers should get to use their past abuse or childhood trauma’s as an excuse either. Lot’s of men use the “temporary insanity” plea as well. My thought is, anyone who is willing to take another persons life is mentally unstable on some level. The only way I would ever consider harming someone is if they were trying to kill me and even then I would try my best not to kill them. I’ve worked with lots of people diagnosed with mental illness and even they know that it is wrong to kill someone. I have no sympathy at all for anyone that murders, molests, rapes, or abuses a child! I will say this, I am even more enraged when I hear that a woman has been accused of murdering a child!! Especially her own. I am a mother and I know how I feel about my children. I would die for them! Parents are supposed to have unconditional love for their children. Every woman out there knows what it was like to hold your baby in your arms for the very first time. That overwhelming love you have for this tiny stranger you just met! I know I am one of millions of mothers who understand this bond and love that we women have for our kids. I have NO sympathy for any woman who kills a child. I don’t have any sympathy for men either but women really, really, really piss me off! If Melissa Huckaby is guilty of this crime then she should be punished! Screw a “temporary insanity” plea! The only prayer I will have for Melissa Huckaby is that the jury see’s through any insanity crap and that she is punished to the fullest extent!

  47. alyssa,
    Get a clue. Melissa is a grown woman who had a chance to make her OWN decisions, Sandra was a CHILD. And where does she look sweet and loving?

  48. I feel so bad for Sandra’s family. That sweet beautiful girl did nothing to deserve what was done to her. I feel that Melissa Huckaby should experience the same torment that she gave Sandra. I could really care less if Melissa was raped when she younger and if she had money problems, etc. She had absolutely no right to harm Sandra Cantu. I can’t help but cry a little each day for that sweet child who was last seen skipping like a young child should. If by some chance Melissa did act for someone else she should still pay because to know you are harming an innocent little girl like Sandra is wrong. I hope that it all comes out but in a way that Sandra’s dignity and respect for her family is kept. I personally , would like to believe that Sandra did not suffer and that it was quick. I don’t think I want my mind to know that she suffered some horrific sexual act and was in pain. I hope the media keeps that quiet out of respect for her.
    I kind of feel bad that I automatically thought it was a man, because that is usually the case, I do not feel sorry for Melissa Huckaby and she needs to feel the fullest extent of punishment possible. I have no sympathy for her, she didn’t care about Sandra. Sandra didn’t cause her pain so why did she hurt her??? Sandra will live in my heart forever and I pray for Sandra’s family. The only happiness I can manage about this is that I know in my heart Sandra is in heaven and free of any pain or sadness. As far as the church goes it is possible that the congregation is horrified by Melissa’s actions, but I have a gut feeling her grandfather and grandmother are knowledgable as to what happened or tied in someway, although I wouldn’t know that for sure it just seems that they aren’t very compassionate to the true crime and that is Sandra’s murder. They didn’t seem to be upset about it. I am a complete stranger and have cried for this little girl daily. It just isn’t right.

  49. Did anyone read in their local paper about the various women who have disappeared in the past 3 years, never to be found dead or alive, all from various locations, but their abandoned automobiles were all found in the same location? I believe it was up by Carson City, NV? Danner Lake? Danner Lake may be in CA and not NV because the article appeared in a San Joaquin County local paper. I wish I had saved that article. I am so senile that I can’t remember the location of where they have found approximately 4 abandoned cars of people from all over Western U.S. who are now missing. If you know anything would you please post? Thank You.

  50. JOCELYN, thank you for the NEW INFO. As much as I have always thought so very much of Connie Lawless, in my youth (I have not seen her since I was 24 and am now 61), if this article is accurate and has not, deliberately, left out other topics of conversation that may have took place during the course of the interview, then I don’t understand Connie. It just seems that she would and should be burdened with concern for the Cantu family. This little girl’s family is living in hell right now from this horrible and irreplacable loss. Yet, this article only defends Melissa and Connie’s family without reflecting that Connies feels any remorse for the loss of a child. I pray that she expressed her deep sympathy for the Cantu family during this interview but the writer left it out because it didn’t fit with the theme of her article. Thank you for submitting that article. I don’t know if Melissa is guilty or not. It looks that way. I just don’t make judgements until all the facts are presented in a court of law. However, I feel so much more sympathy for the Cantu family. If Melissa did do all that she has been charged with, then she needs to be convicted and punished using the maximum extent of the law. Again, thank you for the article. It has left me with an empty feeling. I don’t understand Connie’s concerns being only for the church and her family. I also don’t understand Dewayne Harris’ sermon, whom I also knew as a child and young adult. The small quote from his sermon makes it appear that he only is concerned for what the church is going through, but I shouldn’t judge since I didn’t hear the entire sermon.

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