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    June 14: 2007: Jessie Marie Davis, 26, and 9 months pregnant with a girl (Chloe) was murdered by her boyfriend, Bobbie Cutts. He was sentenced to 57 years to life in prison.

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Keddie Murders: pictures from a former resident


Cabin 31 – we moved here after living in 28 because we needed more room; all on one floor; Railroad Vicki lived next door and the train tracks are right behind the house.

feather river
Feather River from the railroad bridge above Keddie

Feather River2
Feather River viewed from behind Keddie Pond area; I remember this day as being very cold and dreary

Johnny Boehme, my son, Glen Haley Boehme, and my daughter Dawne in the living room of cabin 28; I babysat them for a long time; their mom Kathy lived in Twain; note snow outside the window

front yard
Me in front yard of cabin 28 (about 4 months pg) man in back is David Wayne Clemmons – nephew of Pops and brunette Clemmons (I am 3 ft from walking in front door)

My daughter and son in living room of cabin 28

My daughter Dawne and neighbor Paige at her 2nd birthday party in cabin 28 kitchen

My daughter Dawne and son Glen in the living room of cabin 28

My ex-husband and my newborn son Jamey in the living room of cabin 28

My father walking from living room to kitchen in cabin 28 at birthday party

My kids, little sister and nephew dancing at the birthday part in living room of cabin 28

My little brother in the kitchen; note bungee cord on stove, also check wallpaper and linoleum that you can see this kitchen on other websites; appr. 1988 or 1989

My little brother Paul, nephew Kevin, Danielle & Abigail Clemmons, my daughter Dawn, my little sister Dana and my oldest son Glen in the living room of cabin 28; it is my oldest son’s 4th birthday

My mother and numberous kids at the birthday part in kitchen of cabin 28

My mother in cabin 28 living room

My oldest son Glen playing with his birthday present in the living room of cabin 28

My only daughter Dawne, my oldest son Glen and my cockatiel Tasha in the living room of cabin 28; there is no blood on the walls and this is the room that the murders occurred in approx. 5-6 years earlier

My son in the bac bedroom of cabin 28 – this is the room that the kids who all slept thru the crime were sleeping in; this is also the room where my oldest saw someone looking at him thru the 2nd floor window

My youngest son Jamey in the living room of cabin 28; he is probably less than 2 weeks old

My youngest son’s birth certificate – I thought it had our address on it, but it does not; we lived at 28 Keddie Resort Rd.

The back driveway of cabin 28 from the top of the stairwell behind the kitchen

The only ghosts I saw living in that cabin; Halloween 1989, my youngest is 1 yr old

The writing on the back of the picture of all of the kids at the birthday party included as it has date written on it.


21 Responses

  1. […] Keddie Murders: pictures from a former resident […]

  2. Thank you for sharing these photographs with all of us.I would like to speak to you if possible through email,there are some questions that I have about the inside of the cabin when you moved

  3. I was just curious of what these innocent people looked like before they were so viciously killed. You have done wonderful journalism and photography.

  4. Thanks for the pics. My boyfriend and I were there the night of the murders. I was celebrating my birthday so from Quincy we drove down to the keddie restaurant with the bar in back and danced to a live band. I worked for the Forest Service and the police came and interviewed me at work. Of course, I didn’t hear anything or see anything unusual, except for 2 men and a lady who were dressed differently then you’d find there and they wore their sunglasses in the dark bar. Nothing ever came of that. I pray it gets solved. Who is your mom in the picture? she looks so familiar but I haven’t lived in Plumas County for 15 years.

  5. 3/2010
    My sister now lives at Keddie, down the road from the mostly abandoned cabins. The owner said that cabin 28 was completely boarded up after the crime and never occupied again. What gives?

    • It was, but it was also occupied for a while, and that person has posted here and the pictures have been posted as well. However, it has since been torn down.

  6. Dana Wingate was my cousin, his mother Karla was my mom’s youngest sister. We were living in Wisconsin when this horrble tragedy occured and did not hear about it for quite some time. Dana and I were very close as children. any information that you can provide would be greatly appreciated. All I heard when I did finally find out was that everyone there was bludgeoned to death, and I also heard that drugs were possibly involved. I am 50 now and this has haunted me for years. I believe I was about 20 or 21 when I heard about it and Dana was a couple years younger than me. I am currently trying to find his dad and sisters, so Gary, Lisa, Renee, or Cynthia or poo as I called you as a baby please contact me at the email listed.
    Thank you for any help that anyone can be
    Deb Seals

  7. Sorry it did not give my email, it is:

    Thank you,again
    Deb Seals

  8. Thanks for posting the photos of the cabin in happier times. The story was one that escaped me as I was out of State when it happened and surprisingly only stumbled across it this week.

    I came across one theory that didn’t make sense at all and that was the little girl Tina was killed yet taken from the scene. Common sense doesn’t say she was taken away after being killed. I’d say she was alive for some time after the abduction.

    Also, and this is just a hunch, the holes in the walls inflicted by the weapons seem out of place also. It sounds like the killers were making a point, an emphasis, to obtain maybe information?

    Anyway, I hope that the killers are identified and captured. There are crimes in the news all the time now where DNA has been identified and the culprit captured even after 20 years. In fact, its said that you can’t enter a room without leaving your DNA….. so it really makes me wonder about the low energy of the cops involved.

    • Its on internet, possibly party in town on April 11, 1981, maybe dope supplier comin around, two boys john and dana mayve stole some dope being youth, lil boy @ home see sue sharp asleep on couch, yet two suspect subjects in living room waitin for two boys walk in, confrontation, dana hit with hammer, john cut, sue rush to john side but killed, then tina wake up walk in and two suspects subjects kidnap her out back door, lil boy hide back in bed and not noticed. Neighbors say heard muffled screams outside between 10pm 2am… Then phillip guy saw all thru window. My take is john and dana typical boys, fight break out over dope and sue in wrong place. Tina not be a witness so kidnapped. Head found in campground near magalia in feather falls. Fast forward 2013, Donald Clark 40 yr old in 1981, in 2013 was 72, now 73, arrested in Butte County, previously lived in Chico and Quincy, shot and killed woman and two teen boys on his land then took bodies in their car to burn them in magalia, near where tina sharp located… Same M.O. Seems to fit composite sketch in Keddie Resort homicides. May pass on to law enforcement @ butte county sheriffs office that Donald Clark may be responsible for Tina Sharp kidnapping. Google Donald Clark, triple murder suspect, butte creek canyon home, june 12, 2013, killed colleen lowe 46, roland lowe 15 mother and son, and family friend richard jones 17… Centerville Courthouse arraigned… Bodies found in burned car near magalia campground, close to camp18 campground where tina sharp found. My opinion is he may know where Tina Sharp torso buried. Donald Clark reported to volunteer to clean up canyon areas… He was also a handyman, laid foundations etc in Quincy, Ca. God bless. GTR. Hollywood, Fl. Or check out two sex offenders in Susanville, Ca named Bruce Evans born 8-24-1957 and Dennis Ulyssus Dearmon from Susanville, Ca born 7-29-1960, one had sex with child, one had many photos of sex with unknown child… Both Bruce and Dennis also fit Keddie Resort homicide suspects… Also Bruce lived also near the Santa Ana bridge where torso of jane doe found but also lives in Susanville since. GTR Hollywood, Fl.

  9. What beautiful land there! I can see why you have great memories with such a gorgeous family and cool country landscape. Over the years since the creation of earth there have no doubt been murders, wars, and deaths at some point on every square inch of this world. What if we all were to know where every person to EVER live throughout history died? Would we be able to seek out an inch of land that carried no remnants of death in its history? No…that would not be possible. We live on this same ground that humankind have always dwelled on and consequently died on. Its not the land that carries violence….its people…people who choose to lead their lives with the evil inside them instead of the goodness and light. So everyone who judges another for residing on a plot of land that death or suffering has taken place, well those very people have no idea what has occurred in centuries past on the spot they are standing. God Bless your beautiful family!

  10. I lived in Keddie at the time of the murder. I was attending Feather River College. The community was devastated by the murders, but, as mountain people do, we came together to support each other. I recall me and my neighbors began locking our doors afterward, a practice poor, trusting folks usually found little need for. We suffered from suspicion and distrust of each other for a while but slowly recovered. I recall the house being boarded up for a while. I lived in a cabin on the right hand side of the road right after you crossed the bridge. I had classmates who lived closer to the house. I recall the police questioning one young man from the house and eventually hypnotizing him.

  11. […] Keddie Murders: pictures from a former resident В« Bonnie's Blog of … Apr 5, 2009 … The back driveway of cabin 28 from the top of the stairwell behind the kitchen … […]

  12. Patchouli, whose photos are posted– you are a sick person. First, why would a mother let her kids stay in the house, while they had nightmares and terrors, knowing what happened in that house and that it is unsolved and murderers could be on the loose and close? Surely, your kids somehow knew (from being told perhaps, or, overhearing things) what happened in that house, and you allowed them to be tormented by nightmares. The child’s mind is more fragile than adult’s. You’re truly sick, callous person. And you DARE to tell here how you “made 2 babies” there? Who gives a **** about you and your babies? You come here and brag about cabin, along with some other sick people on here, expressing your morbidity and disregard for victims. Really, it’s better if people like you were in that cabin back in 1981. Nobody cares about your boring little live and you popping out kids (big gift to the world, I’m sure). You’re a disgusting person.

    • Who asked for your two cents? Man, take that crap elsewhere. People here actually want to hear this woman’s experiences in that cabin. Go suck on a lemon, you crotchety old battleaxe. and leave that woman alone!

    • Congratulations, that was quite a mouth full. However, I’m sure you’re pretty use to that kind of thing!

  13. how you can live in a place where had a horrible murder? is not an experience is sick!

    • Stop putting her down..1rst of all..she sent the pictures to post to prove to people calling her a lier that she really did live there. 2nd..She posted the pic of the birthceritifcate because she thought it had Cabin 28 and the rest of the address on it. 3rd she’s not a sick person,she just lived in a cabin were murders happend a year/years before. There’s a motel where I live that still rents the room a prositute was murdered in…People who owned the Cabins, cleaned it well enough to where they could rent cabin 28 again..

      • Anyone know Donald Clark from Quincy, Chico, Taylorville, Greenville? He kiled a woman and her two kids in 2013 in Butte County, Ca, then burned them after he shot them dead on his property. Then dumped them in their car and set fire to them in Magalia, Ca near campground, similar to Tina Sharp found same area nearby. Appears same M.O. and he wouldve been 40 in 1981. Look him up, looks like composite sketch from Keddie Resort homicides/kidnapping. Pass this onto law enforcement. GTR Hollywood, Fl. Im also trying to track down those responsible. God Bless.

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