• This Day in Crime History

    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Travis Alexander murder 6/9/2008 Mesa, AZ *Girlfriend Jodi Arias charged with his stabbing death*

 Travis Alexander

*Update*Jodi’s trial is scheduled to begin Feb. 1, but she is having a chance of attorney, so it will probably be delayed until 2013. *Update* Jodi’s trial starts Jan.2, 2013

News Archive: Travis Alexander murder
PD: Ex-girlfriend arrested for murder of Mesa man
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Travis’ MySpace
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MyDeathSpace: Jodi Ann Arias shot and stabbed her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander to death
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Jodi Arias


116 Responses

  1. Jodi was my all time favourite. Also one of the best mate i would count.

  2. I believe that Jodi Ann Arias is innocent!

  3. Guilty! But incredibly sexy! I would give it a go even knowing what I know now.

  4. Thanks.. Very good..

  5. […] Travis Alexander murder 6/9/2008 Mesa, AZ *Girlfriend Jodi Arias charged with his stabbing death*                       Travis Alexander                       Travis & […] […]

  6. are the pictures she took after the crime posted somewhere to view?

  7. Definitely guilty.

  8. i doubt she is guilty. Why would a first degree murderer take pictures of his or her own crime. Also its a bit confusing that the whole story focusses only on Jodi arias as a possible murderer of Travis Alexander.
    I doubt she did it. I also read Travis was a well doing bussines men who was about to go to a certain very importment conference. I dont know what bussiness he was in but couln’t it be that someone actualy would benefit from it if he was gone he. Judi explains there were 2 masked people in the house killing him this could be a possibility. without a murder weapon or any DNA evidence of the murder its self and of the one who used it on the murder weapon there is lack of evidence and actualy just reason to convict her for first degree murder. Sure she might was at the crime scene at the time it happend. but being near the person who is just being murderd dousn’t make you the murderer dous it!? Anyway the most importment question i would ask my self is would she benefit from murdering him? and taking pictures of him? i doubt it. I beleve in innocence until she is proven guilty.
    alot of insane stuff happends in the united states these days and there could have been a ton of insane people who could actualy murdered him other than jodi. such horrible things seem to happen to much in the united states. some people seem to murder people without any reason just invading there house then killing them while they dont even know the person who lived there. I dont know what is the truth here. i only read a few articles. but i dont think Travis was a bad guy at all and i dont think jodi is a bad person. they might just happend to be in the wrong place at the wrong time maybe.

    • Its obvious you are yet another idiot who voted for Obama she just admitted it on the stand and everyone who knew it said it but you defend the indefensible like a moron!

    • i wonder what she would say, if they told her we found the gun, and it is your grandfather’s would you explain that. i am sure she would come up with an amazing story.

    • Would be interesting to know if you feel the same way now?

      • I see lots of fucking idiots supporting this OBSESSED PSYCHOPATH. Americans are the dumbest mothefuckers on earth.

  9. Anyone know her DOC# to write her???

  10. I know this girl. I have memories of her as a young child–compelling evidence–definitely. I know in my heart she could not have done this–remember, there is a system and she is innocent until proven guilty.

  11. I guess it’s good to know if your suspected of murdering someone and your attractive you’ve got, at the very least, a few hot guys on your side. The sad part about it is any one of her supporters could end up the same way Travis did. I think she’s guilty. One thing that disgusts me is to come on this blog and talk about what a “great” person Jodi was. Give me a freaking break. So what she’s pretty. She’ll be sitting her pretty ass in jail along with the rest of the scum of the earth.
    God bless you Travis. RIP. Here’s a little justice for you my friend.

  12. Flashback,
    Write her about what?? Why not write a letter of condolence to Travis’s family instead. It amazes me what affect a piece of ass has on a man. No class.

  13. This is insane, she did it. Coming from a hurt woman.. I have wanted to hurt someone for leaving me.. but would never act on it.. This psycho girl changed to morman religion to be with him.. did nobody see that as crazy?! She did it.. and deserves the same thing done to her.. I have deep sadness for Travis’s family. May he rest in peace and his family be at ease when is hangs for her crime.

  14. All you numb skulls saying she’s innocent, make me laugh at your stupidity. HER camera and HER SD card were found IN the washing machine at HIS home. Tell me you’re going to FORGET an expensive camera that you ARE NOT going to miss being in the washer. Computer forensics PROVED the pictures of the crime were on that card that ONLY SHE could have erased. Why take pictures of the crime? Good question, but, mine is why put your professional camera in the washer? Unless you have something to hide. That to me proves she’s trying to hide something. HER palm print IN BLOOD is mixed with both his AND her blood. ITS IN BLOOD…she was there. I hope she gets the death penalty. RIP Travis.

  15. I wouldn’t say I KNOW Jodi, but I have met her, and witnessed her “handy – work” first hand. I used to talk with and ended up visiting a boy she was interested in (1997 -1998) …she broke in his house and cut the phone lines, one time while I was at his house we were in his room and she was peeping through the window watching us….She always seemed sweet and such, but you could tell something was seriously wrong just below the surface.

  16. I knew Travis Alexander she is totally guilty she didnt call the police and she left him there
    if u r stabbe a lot of times its totally personal
    she shot him in the face took nude photos with him some of them dead and stabbed him 27 times she deserves to rought in prison becuz if she goes to heaven she will come in touch with him and i dont want that to happen

  17. Wow. What a shame if she really did kill him. She seems like such a sweet girl; not to mention kind of hot. Actually, really hot. I hope she didn’t kill him. However if she did, then I guess she should go to jail. Maybe for a shorter time period though. But if he killed her, I bet more people would hate his guts and wouldn’t want to stick up for him.

  18. I knew Travis about 7 yrs ago from Church. Travis was an incredibly good guy and such a great friend. I am disgusted of all the comments on here about how hot his girfriend was. If you are going to make any more ignorant comments.. consider not commenting at all-this is NOT funny nor a place for jokes. A good friend of mine is dead, and attractive or not-she deserves to be thoroughly investigated and punished severely if found guilty for taking the life of such a wonderful person. My heart and prayers go out to all of Travis’ family and friends.

  19. Yeah John. Sounds pretty STUPID to me. Why don’t we just let all the “hot chicks” (murderers) out of jail early!! Let’s do it so John can get his rocks off!!
    Can I throw up now?

  20. JadeLeigh – Sounds like you should be a witness for the prosecution. Cute or not, she did it and at the very least never see the outside world again.

  21. I watched the 48 hours presentation of his story and was just shocked and appalled by what happened to this amazing young man. It is chilling to think she could be at his home with this horrific event happening and just walk away from it and not tell a soul…not anyone! I dont know if she’s guilty of murder , but i think she must be a sorry excuse for a human being if she could just turn her back on someone like that. Her behavior screams, “I’m guilty”. Whether or not investigators have forensic evidence of it, i’m not sure. Watching her interview on the show, she seemed quite emotinally detached from this young man and the event. I would not be surprised if she’s a sociopath. Something is definately amiss with this woman. I think the detectives are on the right track….

  22. wow…very sad for both partys. i’m stunned.

  23. yaknow alot of you make good points , i am not here to defend anyone but this is the Uinited States and she is innocent until proven guilty , i watched the program last night and i have alot of questions . I know some people are not cracked up to be what they seem and I am almost certain that the people who knew this were fooled he’s so great but yet behind closed doors taking nude photos of her having sexual realations i am not saying everyone is perfect but if the lifestyle of morman ment that much he wouldnt have done thatsort of stuff , His friends and family seem a little to perfect for me , they drug her name and reputation through the dirt , The camera that was in the washer that had been washed if she done this why would she leave it behind ? why wouldnt his friends after 2 days instead of a week go check on him ?they lived what 30 minutes away ? why was his roomate not home for a week ? she stated that she pushed passed the woman or man who was weilding a knife she might have cut her hand and on her way out touched the wall . as far as just driving alot of cases of something like this is proven in the U.S. every year of people blacking out due to trauma of this nature . Why are the police only looking at her ? because she was the last one to see him ? thats tax dollars at work for you folks with the economey being what it is i am sure that the dept did cutbacks on manpower and this isnt being handled properly . My thought is it does not matter weather she is guilty or not because people will see only what one wants to see and belive and in turn she will be convicted of the crime , again i am not here to defend anyone if she did it then god will have his punishment for her and if she didnt god to will have his punishment on those who convicted her and sent her to her death .

  24. That girl is freaking insane. No one goes to kill someone with just one round in the chamber, and no supposed killer is just going to let a witness run free. Look at how long it took for her to come up with that ridiculous story.
    She is right, God is going to judge the living hell out of her and she gets the satisfaction of being in outer darkness for all time and eternity.

  25. ortrolla and others…

    You assume you is “normal” and doesn’t have any issues. You try to ask questions about why would a rational person do things…but people are seldom rational in murder. You questions are invalid.

  26. JadeLeigh, I would like to talk to you about your comment. I am Travis’s brother, Please reply to this and I will give you my e-mail address. Thank you

    • Do you feel sorry for Jodi’s family?? Her sister got a phone call from one of your supporters, threatening her and her daughter.

      • Ricky,

        My blog is to remember the victim, who is Travis Alexander and his loved ones. Yes, Jodi’s family are also victims, but victims of her. And they still get to talk to her, write to her, see her, etc. Your comment has a negative tone to it. If you have suspicions or evidence of a crime, you need to talk to the police. But this is NOT the place to argue with the victim’s loved ones. They have enough to deal with.

        If you cannot talk about Travis’ life and memories of him, then this is not the place for you.

  27. Did it ever occur to you, geniuses, that the both blood palmprint, as evidenced by forensics, completely, exonerates, Jodi, from all your, rush to judgement, venom…??? Where’s the gunpowder residue, that, would be also, in the palmprint…or do the cops plant a little evidence here and there, to, cover their criminal, antics, at law… guess they forgot to scam that little detail… So much for reasonable doubt… Edgrrr… Stalag Skew, Kali Fornia…

  28. Why are all my responses to this soap opera, “AWAITING MODERATION? Especially, considering thet no gun powder residue in the combined palmprint, proves, Jodi didn’t fire a gun… Reasonable Doubt…???

    note from blog owner


    All comments on every post in my blog are on moderation, and they have to wait for me to approve them. I have a job and cannot get to them as quick as you post them. I am sorry. It has NOTHING to do with what you write. Even those who have been posting since I started this blog have to have their comments approved. It is not personal to anyone.

  29. Too bad, you missed the long, comprehensive, recap, of the unconcealed evidence, that’s “AWAITING MODERATION,” that may take years before the facts have any real meaning… but, resonable doubt, about no gunpowder residue in a palm print, guaranteed to be hers, will just have to do… Edgrrr….

  30. Sorry for not correcting the mispelled words, I know better, but, let’s all chip in and, put “our” evidence out there, to be refuted or proven, shall we; considering all you privileged characters, “know,what the cops have on her?This is the least, anybody can do; prove or disprove; you can’t expect a jury of aiders and abettors of “The System,” to do that… Edgrrr…

  31. Furthermore, who’s to say that some zealot at law, cop, didn’t fabricate the palmprint, dna scam…??? Do real firemen every find out that one of their guys got so bored that he started a few fires, just for something to do…? And, does not the law, state: “Because police officers can lie with impunity, they, therefore, do not make, credible, witnesses;” Their very appearance gives rise to reasonable doubt… Edgrrr…

  32. The killer took photos of the murder?? Ugg, I’m nauseas. That reveals a very sick mind. This is way past a crime of passion, this was pure rage and revenge. I can’t be sure that Jodi is guilty, but my gut instinct and the compelling evidence tells me she is. Jealously seems to be a very powerful motive here. I hope Travis’s family and friends can find some sense of peace when the murderer is brought to justice.

  33. Thanks for the explanation, as to “awaiting moderation”… the term denotes several definitions… too much information for zealots at law, to, lie their way out of, is one that comes to mind…. thank you… Edgar… Stalag Skew Slave Plantation; Ahnolds’ Kali Fornia….

  34. A Sociopath…. is that something like a Psychophant; Paranoid brownnoser, to, big brother; a good little Communist…??? Why haven’t we heard from the shrinkwrap sector…, those who claim to know all the facts… and, a few hotshot forensics geniuses, to, straighten it all out; or, is what they have to say, not important enough to tell us…???…

  35. And…. If she ran out, because of the break in, why would you think she’d be invited to witness the evil deed…??? Is it not likely that she never knew what happened, until, the Gestapo arrested her…??? And, wouldn’t that explain, just as much as the rush to judgement, by all of you with crystal balls, who just know, she did it…??? And, why, would she honeymoon for days, with Travis, and, then, flip out, unexpectedbly, when, she had his combination memorized, and, was having a great old time… as evidenced by the pictures…??? And, if, she hadn’t fleed for her life, but, had planned it all, then, why leave the camera, to, allegedly “prove,” that, she did it, because the pictures, {taken after she left…???}… prove, what; that, the camera took more pictures… by itself; or by whoever broke in…??? And, if nobody broke in, and, she actually took pictures of what; a stab here; pause; a picture; a pause there; another picture, etcetera… and, if she took the pictures, past the blissful scenes, then, with camera in hand, no break in, to cause her to flee with her life… then pray tell, why, would she leave the camera…??? Isn’t it just as likely, to suppose that someone else, got livid over the honeymoon pictures, and, decided to put icing on the cake, to set her up and, get even…??? Or, isn’t it very likely that the Gestapo, interstate kidnapping under color of law, aided and abetted by two judges, two governors, some cops; a fraudulent/punitive, two million dollar bail, has all been scammed, as an extortion to sweat, the name of who dunnit, from her; another unfounded assumption by these Keystone Kops…??? And, if she’s telling the truth as the first pictures prove, then what kind of Unconstitutional, punishment, before a trial, is this…??? Edgrrr….

  36. What’s the matter with all of you Nobel Prize Laureates… the cat got your tongues…??? And, what about the next guy, who got shot in the face, uh… we going to blame the Gestapo for letting Jodi out long enough to do that one, too…, or, wasn’t she neatly tucked away, in an Arizona Dungeon…??? And, why, the onetime report of that shooting, then, news blackout; if not to conceal the light, shed, on the truthfulness of Jodis’ words; as if, she owes any of you an explanation; and, as if this Travis, tragedy, was not more of a loss to her, than to all of your crocodile tears…. whom, if you really gave a damned for Travis, just might have warned him to, cut out slandering the LDS Church, by his philandering, and, using all those “good little Mormon Girls…”… because, who knows which, person is going to put an end to it…? Not likely, Jodi; who was only getting bliss, out of it, but, just as likely, an antifornication, zealot, who has made death threats, to me, for, thinking that the real killer, for whatever, religious, altruistic excuses, is out there, free as a bird… and, the guy, arrested , here, with a trunk full of military armament, a bomb strapped to his leg, night vision , assault rifles, bombs, in his trunk and his statement: “I’m on a mission [LDS term] to kill someone, and commit suicide…”… Has the FBI, or, Homeland Security, taken over that case, or, has this LDS, D.A. laundered that terrorist threat…, and, is the Charles Manson Swastika on the forehead, a clue, as to more facts, these cops are afraid to deal with…??? Has the FBI, arrested Steven Alexander for making death threats, over the net…??? Sure, and, I have a bridge to sell you, in Brooklyn; but, you’ve only got thirty days to get it out of there… Reasonable Doubt; a trial, by a jury of your peers, due process, honest cops, pubic pretenders [yes, I spelled it right; those who refuse the reasonable doubt input, from concerned people], and try to make a client, look at autopsy photographs, of someone her camera, proves she was happy with…a lie-yer judge who’s not brain dead, an honest lie-yer D.A…., and, a multimillion dollar civil law suit, against all the Arizona, criminality, at law, for this soap opers, and a year in jail… as if, they won’t stack the jury, andn conceal, all, the reasonable doubt, from the authority of the stacked deck jury….to get off the hook… in Arizona… right; I’d rather try to steal the Brooklyn Bridge…. So, what are youse guys; men or mice; squeek up… how are your prejudicial arguments, holding up, now…???… Edgrrr… Stalag Skew, Ahnolds’ Gulag, Kali Fornia, at, Y-RICO…

  37. You’ve said it all, Edgrrrrrrrr! I like it. What do the polls
    say, about her guilt? Where’s the beef? Bruno.

  38. Edgarlongneck,
    I think she’s guilty. Stop trying to convince people to see it your way. (that the whore is innocent) Everyone has their own opinion, and if I want to say the bitch is guilty BEFORE a court of law determines that she is, thats MY right.

  39. AAAAAYYYY… Bwana Bruno…. long time…. no hear…. glad you’re still around…. I guess the lynch mob has wimped on the epithets; easy to kick someone when the Gestapo, has them down; justice, Storm trooper, style…. and, refuses to divulge all the concealed facts, they claimed to be privy to at the last [KPHO.wasn’t it?] website… blog stream… Has anyone published the alleged facts that excused the two governors, and, two judges, from their responsibility, to the real world, to justify the interstate legal kidnap of another States’ Citizen… and, how have those concealed [from the publics’ right to know] facts, changed, over the year of conspiratorial, imprisonment…??? Wasn’t the gun, allegedly carried, for protection, of a different caliber, than, the one actually used…??? What else are these govern mentals, concealing, that, proves, reasonable doubt… and, invalidates the original, complaint, that, “justified,” a termination of her rights; as well as our own; being subjected to this Alice in Wonderland, Mad Hatter, soap opera…??? Why, hasn’t this imprisonment, and, two million dollar punishment, been recalled by these wimpy, crooked, judges, and, governors… if, the Gestapo has failed, growing, manufactured evidence, over the year, and, found issues, which, if known, then, would not have permitted these scofflaw governors from their antics at law…??? All, in secret, wouldn’t you say…??? Where’s the parole board for kidnapped victims, who haven’t even had one of those stacked deck, lynch mob, trials…??? And, what chance for, a jury of her peers, while these crooks, slither to launder their unlawful, acts at law… to, head off a lawsuit, for this fraud; and, if it’s not a fraud, then, why the secrecy, in disclosing the facts…??? Surely, the excuse is simpleminded that it might taint the jury pool, when all these acts at law, have been orchestrated to taint the jury pool… and, let’s not forget, that, she was put on two million dollar bail, because she was charged with a crime, or, was she put on two million dollar bail, to make it look like she was guilty of a crime…???… Thanks for thinking… Edgrrr…

  40. …. Nobody suggested that Shauncey, couldn’t be a bootlicker, aider and abettor of organized crime at law, but, you might think that such blind obedience to the Gestapo, would include some reasoning, beyond the lie, that, “I think,” because, without any incontrovertible, evidence, to support his unfounded position, it’s obvious, he doesn’t think, at all. Prove it by trying to print something that might lead anyone to think that, you do, in fact, think; while you’re pandering to Organized Crime At Law… you’ve got a lot of boots to lick… enjoy… Edgrrr…. And, yes, I got it that you can’t even read, well enough, to spell my name as it is; not, as you want it to be… Hurry, and finish the third grade, will you…!!!

  41. Well, the lynch mobsters, are quiet, today; no doubt, struggling, with their delusions that facts are meaningless; “she’s a whore”… whatever that means; for, stigma, aside; what’s a whore; I thought that meant: Lie-yer; Govern Mental; and, others who accept bribes, but, give nothing for what thay take… seems to me that Lizards at law, are the ones who’ve given the word “whore,” a stigma… Personally, I suppose that giving up something desired is just as reasonable as buying something of value; a fair exchange is no robbery… But, slander, without facts is no different than the reality, that, Jodi was punished unjustly with two million dollars bail, “because she was arrested…” wow man… that’s heavy… Maybe we need some Egyptologists to decipher those heiroglyphics… Edgrrr… Stalag Skew, Ahnolds’ Gulag, Kali Fornia… and, Ahnold thinks we should set the Constitution aside, so that he can be the Fuhrer…??? Why, when he’s already aborted the Constitution, with his secret mini trial, with/by concealed and alleged facts, in this non case… to, aid and abet, this interstate kidnapping. Pig Heil… SS Gestapo, SNOT Team Fascists, rule… and, where is the proof of any allegations about anybody; if, we can believe there is a “Rule Of Law…?”

  42. Shauncey; if she is a whore, so is travis. are you and him in love? Blaspheming someone you don’t know is some one who has adecomposing brain. she may be guilty, if so she had a chance to ask ofor forgiveness , travis died and went to hell. After all he was rinning off with someone else to do the samething he was doing with jodi.
    I’m susre the gestapo Fascists won’t let this get tyo U.

  43. I appreciate the go ahead.Dynamite won’t change some minds. Don’t be churlish.conceled evidence will come out. you, Shauncey, are tring to jeopradize the game.why don’t you mannafest some real evidevce,you pro. bootlicker.

  44. Don’t tell me that I have singlehandedly deprogrammed all the lynch mobsters, rush to judgement, and, only Shauncey, showed his simplemindedness; that he has a right, but that, I shouldn’t have… Well, goodnight, all… and, just be thankful that the lizards at law, have not chosen your rights to trample upon… and, where are all those Morman Shysters, who should be defending, Jodi; or at least naming names as to other likely suspects… Edgar…

  45. Stywalt… Ten Four, to your observations…. It’s time that, Alexander the great, was brought down to what his brothers, allowed him to be; exactly, as you noted… It’s time that Mormon men, were held accountable, for their complicities; to shed the quasireligious delusion that when they dictate, they’ve done the thinking for their Stepford Wives… What’s in it for their women to play such a silly game, but, salivating/agonizing over the other women, ensnared, by such a charade….. not one of which will come forward, to defend Jodi… This, surely, denotes their piety, doesn’t it….??? Hang in there, Jodi; you have supporters, out here, in lala land…. and, it would have been peanuts for the Church, to, take up a collection, for your bail; instead of letting you do their time; for their patriarchal, nonsense… I wonder how Spencer. W. Kimble, and the other good guys would have handled their indolence…??? Probably, the same way all your “believers,” played with their wives, while Joseph Smith was getting lynched… So, what’s changed, all the potentates, have their temples, rituals, and, secrets… which no doubt won’t stand the light of day, or, they wouldn’t be secret…. Edgrrr… Ahnolds’ Gulag…

    • Edgar,

      This is not the place to bash any religion. I will not allow any more comments like this. It has nothing to do with the murder of Travis Alexander. Please remember that is supposed to be a place to remember the victim, you know, Travis Alexander and I do not see that your comments are about him at all. Bashing Mormons may be your past time, but don’t do it here. And believe me, I am not sticking up for them. I live in the land of Mormons and I am NOT a Mormon. But, it would not matter what religion you were bashing, take it elsewhere. Please make a kind comment about the VICTIM of this murder. Have you no compassion?

  46. …. I’m questioning pseudoreligious policy; not, because Mormons have it, but, because, these policies, have them… I think any socalled doctrines, or laws, can be explained, by those who create them, and, they should have an opportunity to speak for themselves… Eleven million members, surely, has one person who can explain why all the religious lie-yers, have none, who will represent, Jodi… I have no intention of vilifying any specific religion; policies speak for themselves… no matter what they’re called… as for this Travis Travesty, I’d have tons more compassion for the family, were it not for the facts of the case, and, the lifestyle choices made by all… and, overlooked by those who should have cared enough about him to correct his behavior. Couldn’t Church policy have done that? Vilification of a person; innocent, until proven guilty, is not a prerequisite to caring about Tavis; these are for now, lawfully, two separate issues… yours gets to be, what’s important to you, and, what you deem important to others. Look at it this way, what would Travis say, today, about, Jodi; she did it, she didn’t do it… I’m sure that a successful guy like Travis, knew what he should or should not be doing… I’m defending the law, from all the Arizona lynch mobsters, whom, without all the facts have decided someones’ guilt. Would Travis. condone it; I doubt that; so, speak for him, not an eleven million member church; what help do they need…??? And, I notice that you only defend a chuch; and, express no such compassion for the other victim of this Travis Travesty, with none because of Arias Bias…. Isn’t everybody, guilty here…???Edgrrr….

    • No, I am not defending a church specifically, just not letting any church bashing going on. And no, I am not going to show Jodi any compassion as I believe she is guilty and is right where she deserves to be. I have compassion for Travis and his loved ones. If you read my blog regularly, you would know that my emphasis is on the victim of the murder and their loved ones.

    • Way too much time on your hands, buddy!

  47. Longneckedgar,
    You did a bunch of talking, but didn’t say shit. (as usual) Anywho, tell me why I should give 10 damns about what you think of ME. Your a joke, hardly worth mentioning.

  48. Good to hear you say what you feel… but, until, Jodi is afforded the fundamental right of competent and effective, legal representation, by a pubic pretender, [ sure, and, I’ll sell you the Brooklyn Bridge]…and, a fat chance, trial, by a jury of her peers, in an enclave of lynch mobsters, salivating over whose rope to use to hang the accused, and not one of an eleven million member country club, with a slew of lie-yers; who will help, the injured person on the side of the road, while, on their way to the temple… I think that, I’ll reserve my opinion of guilt or innocense,; to what degree, of justification, if, any; or, guilt; if any… until a lawful verdict, shows up…who are we to judge; we weren’t there…??? I can guess how Joseph Smith, must have felt, during his, lynch mobster, soap opera… Were any of those criminals at law, arrested…??? Sure they were; wannabuy my bridge,,,??? What “motivational safeguards,” would, Travis, teach, today, and, what would all of these “close friends,” tell him, if, this, had all been anticipated… months, or, years, ago…??? Tell me that Steven has no thoughts about fornication, and, read his blogs about that word concept… Anyone herein, commenting, as, Shauncey, noted, is their right, and, is just the messenger, whose ideas, and, opinions should be able to be subject to the program; “Come, let us reason, together…” Seems that, I read that somewhere… didn’t you…???….. Reasonable doubt works for the real laws of this land; I guess I can live with that…. Concealment of reasonable doubt, is not excusable, just because a friend was brutally murdered, as bad as that was; as we have National Cemeteries of Veterans who gave their lives for Liberty, Justice, and substantive rights, as, delineated in Federal, and, State Constitutions; They, had friends and families, too… Edgar…

  49. Well, Shauncey has blathered some more irrelevancies, as if to confess that he’s actually said nothing, and, that, an idiot with nothing real to say, should be pandered to; to convince… What’s your argument, stupid…??? Where are your facts? What, is the law ? Where have you held your prejudicial tribunal at law; the local bar… and, in what way has the accused been confronted by the witnesses against her… and, been convicted by something, other than by the likes of you? what’s your scam…??? And, as if, arguing with a kindergartner, makes any sense… do tell us all, all about the facts you must be concealing, to have already convicted someone without a trial… and, spare yourself the ignorance of your pretenses under color of law… don’t talk all day and say nothing… What are you, a man or a mouse; squeek up…. Edgrrr….

    • You are ignorant & have no class what-so-ever, not even low! You also have misguided impressions of people. Did ya think Casey Anthony was hot, too? I see where your taste is. A whore is a perfect partner for you, along with STD’s.

  50. Yawwwwwwnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  51. Do you all think this back and forth, written banter will do
    any more good than attacking the government with
    nothing more, than the jawbone, off an ass? I think
    she’s entitled to a speedier trial, with all the evidence to
    date, that they have, or don’t have, and god help her,
    to have the right lawyer, can make all the difference. Let’s
    get it done! Personally, I don’t know her, but I know
    Edgar, and he’s for the right thing, good, bad, or ugly.
    I can’t stand bureaucracy, and the sheepole that are
    paid to think, but can’t find their ass with both hands.

  52. “SHEEPLE” Sorry for the mississippi misspell.

  53. speaking of lawyers, Jodi only gets crapy sandwiches. Oh yes, she must be a mormon who hates Jodi. the illegal alliens get better. iguess thats why youare mormons not chrisrians.

    • This makes no sense. What do you mean?

      And btw, Mormons ARE Christians. They do believe in Jesus Christ. And I am NOT a Mormon. Not by a long shot. I dislike their religion with a passion. Try living here with them and the holier-than-thou attitude. You would dislike them too. However, that does not mean they need to be disrespected.

      Maybe some of you have not realized this yet, but this blog is about CRIME, not religions.

      • Hi mylifeofcrime,

        I think no one would blame you if you deleted all Edgar and co.’s posts and blocked them from the site. You have amazing patience! Les

        • LOL I really don’t have patience! You should see the ones who have been blocked – they were far worse! Edgar has not been back in a while. If he gets worse, then I will block him.

          • Edgar Longenecker is a twisted, conspiracy-theory moron. His name comes up over and over again as the author of long, rambling, disjointed rants on the jodiarias— and caseyanthonyisinnocent websites. His writing suggests extreme disordered and impaired thinking—all of it directed against the Establishment. He really is a wackko who seems to have little else in his life except delusions of intellectual superiority. I think he may have had some personal run-in’s with the judicial system that have stuck in his craw and taking these ridiculous stands are his only relief from abject powerlessness.

          • Unfortunately, he is not alone in this world. There is another who follows some of my posts and drives me crazy! James McIntyre. The FBI even told me he was crazy. So I now ignore him. I will also add Edgar to my list to watch. Thanks!

  54. I don’t know why people don’t feel bad for Jodi’s family. Can you imagine?

    I feel bad for Travis’s family, but man he’s not a saint. I feel for Travis’s grandma, really. But everyone else in his family/friends, seem so…fake.

    I am pretty sure she did it…but lets give her a chance to a fair trial. We give people fair trials when they ADMIT their guilt, why not here? Its the old blood thirsty people coming out. True “christians” forgive forgive forgive…the worst, most horrific things…they forgive and pray. So I’m not sure all these people are so christian.

    And Tricia-the camera was NOT hers…it was TRAVIS’S…but I’m sure he didn’t take his own pics after he died.

    I do think that the poilce should thoroughly investigate “OTHER” people…I mean even if in conjunction to Jodi…it just seems like there may have been an accomplice.

  55. Just for the record:

    You are not ontologically innocent until proven guilty in court.

    At a trial, the accused is presumed innocent by the jury and judge until deliberations.

    There is nothing illegal or unethical about drawing whatever conclusions we choose to about the guilt of some one outside a jury room.

    In a very real sense, Ms. Arias opened a door to the discussion herself by making herself available for contradictory statements.

  56. Nor is it unethical, to suppose that due process, dictates, innocense, uhtil proven guilty… period…. try pretending to be rational while imagining being faced with a salivating mob who wants you dead… and a crooked system, run by lie-yers…. then, trying to make sense under the pressure…. to be subject to armchair quarterbacks who find fault with inconsistancies in her statements, while calling her crazy; then, expecting a crazy person to be rational…. Edgrrr…

  57. Please consider, not an accomplice,but someone else that she incountered,etc.. you know the rest of the story.

  58. “Due process, dictates, innocense [sic]” ?

    As I noted, there is no such dictation outside a courtroom. You yourself prove it by your scattershot condemnation of an entire array of crudely drawn monsters.

    The contradictions in Jodi’s stories aren’t simply minor inconsistencies. By her latest account, she fled a murder scene taking her purse and phone, drove away and didn’t alert the police, or tell anyone that anything had happened for weeks until after she was incarcerated for the murder.

  59. When are all the other usees of the sainted one, going to come forward, and, speak their piece; how many others were there… and, how much violence, since in his own words, he said about Jodi: “I wonder which one of us is the axe murderer”… or, something similar… check the old blogs…. remember that it takes two to tango; and, it looks like there were lots of dances, and, no doubt, lots who didn’t appreciate the attitude, after giving what the sainted one wanted to take; free, without obligation. That’s called a user…

  60. Innuendo without substance doesn’t take the discussion anywhere.

  61. The substantive laws of this land, are dictation enough to suit those of us who’ve completed the third grade… innuendo, sure seems good enough to conclude her guilt; why bother with a trial… now that a year of starvation diet, and, predominately, a peanut butter scare, diet, while the whole country was innuendoed in multi poisonings… seems cruel and unusual punishment enough; having been convicted and punished without a real trial; except of course the innuendo charade, and, her words… A bogus arrest, requires that evidence, by innuendo gets grown and manufactured, while being punished under color of law. Who needs enemy combatants or Gitmo, when Arizona, lynch mobsters, slither at law…??? This is America, not Arizona…Due process, dictates, innocent until proven guilty; must I spell it out; so you nitpickers, cannot, slither around, the facts, which so far, none of you Nobel Laureates seem up to… Edgrrr…

  62. Rambles without grammar or reason won’t convince anyone. The clear fact, for reasonable people is that unless you’re sitting on a jury with the power to condemn a person to a prison term, you can make up your mind about anything. Which apparently is a right you reserve only for yourself.

  63. An entire twentyfour hour relapse, by the lynch mobsters, having slithered back under their rocks… that’s encouraging, but, we all miss the irrelevancies, and evasions, I, imagine, as there hasn’t been one sensible counter to their Arias Bias, that instigated a continuation of facts, easily refutable, by those of us with a discernable I.Q…. condensed to one simple observation, for the moment… Why was there no gunpowder residue, in the allegedly found; not planted, combined blood, hand print…??? Squeek up, geniuses…. Edgrrr…

  64. …. sorry… did I forget to mention that the accused is accused of firing a gun…, minor, detail….???

  65. How much of these for and against, concerns, found their way into the secret pseudoprocess… and, have not been concealed by, officers of the court collusion and conspiracy…? Sure, superintendency by a brain dead judge always protects the law from these scofflaw, lizards, at law… Edgrrr….

    • The gunpowder may have been washed off with the excessive blood and struggle during, and, or before dragging the body back to the shower to be wased off (with yet more ‘clean’ blood accumulated on her hands after the fact, and before the print was left) Or perhaps the bloody hand print is from the left hand ( or opposite hand to the
      hand holding the gun).

  66. [The earlier version required slight correction; feel free to delete it. Thanks.]

    The ramble continues; prose so diffuse, paranoid, and unconnected, one fears for its perpetrator.

    There is no dispute that Jodi was at the murder scene; witness her palm print and her taped admission.

    There is no dispute that she left that scene with her friend presumably dying on his hands and knees with two supposed murderers and she did, by her own taped admission, pick up her purse and left, drove off, and did not call for help either immediately or thereafter. She did, however, again by her own admission, call his voicemail, presumably to establish an alibi.

    An alibi that she continued to reinforce until she was not only interrogated, arrested, interrogated again, and made an initial statement to the media. Only when she was apprised of some of the evidence against her did her story change.

    Gun residue tests on blood stains are not standard; two instructional texts I consulted didn’t even mention such analysis.

    And I am pleased that you have completed the third grade. I do suggest, however, that you speak with at least a first-year law student who might instruct you on the exact meaning of “presumption of innocence.”

  67. I feel that Jodi is probably guilty…I can’t imagine going through something like that and not being so rattled that you run and tell the cops or someone. How could you keep that to yourself? Not to mention the fact that if you got away, why wouldn’t you call the cops the second you got in your car? Anyways, I wanted to comment on something INTRIGUED said on August 13th…that ALL OF TRAVIS’S FRIENDS AND FAMILY SEEMED FAKE!!!!! THANK YOU!!! I thought that while I was watching 48 Hours Mystery. I mean, the one friend was like “Jodi announced herself as his girlfriend which was a shock to me because I thought she had interest in some other girls” (and he said it so smugly) SHE DIDN’T KNOW HE WAS CHEATING ON HER, GEEZ! And they kept acting like Travis wasn’t into Jodi that much…bull! The cops even said they have THOUSANDS of e-mails, texts, and cell phone calls between the two. How come he wanted to go on road trips with her? How come on his my space he wrote that Jodi moving back to Yreka raised the hotness factor of the town (and he wrote this in the April or May before his tragic death). If he was so sick of her, why did he write this? I feel really bad for Travis, but I think his friends and family were deeply jealous of Jodi and the attention he gave her. I’m not saying that he wanted to marry her or anything, but he was into her way more than his friends and family act like he was.

  68. she’s innocent.your innocent until proven guilty here in the united states.why are you people so dumb?

    • You may want to learn what your rights are exactly. You are “presumed” innocent in court proceedings until you are proven guilty. That does not mean you are FACTUALLY innocent. If I run you over with my car until you are dead, am I truly innocent, even if I state I did it and would do it again, if I have not been convicted? So, is a person not really murdered until someone is convicted? It is just symantics.

      So, please show us the evidence you have that proves she is innocent. And stop treating the readers here like they are children. If you are going to tell everyone how to think and believe, then please, learn proper English. Why are YOU so dumb???

  69. If you think jodi innocent answer this. Why wouldnt she call 911 after she ran from travis house? Do you really believe 2 intruders would let her just run away? The man intruder could easily of ran after her and caught her, and if he happened to rip he could of just fired the gun again. no way do I beleive her story. She loved this guy but doesnt call 911 for help? She then calls her other man and goes out with him the next day? And she isn’t even a good liar. She will pay the ultimate price for her jealosy. God will be the judge.

  70. For those of you who think Jodi couldn’t do this horrible crime you got another thing coming. I knew Jodi for years and Travis too and I can tell you for a fact she could have done this. After the murder she came and hung out with me and my friends and even though it was hot as hell she had a long sleeve shirt on and cuts on her hand. She was acting very fishy and psycho as ever. The facts are so overwhelming it’s staggering. She first denied even being in the State but as the evidence has come out she has admitted just enough to include the latest details. Why didn’t she just give this latest story the first time? She absolutely did it and she will be convicted for sure and all you Jodi lovers can then cry conspiracy theory as she rots in Jail. Or better yet gets the chair and frys

  71. Sure is quiet out here in lala land… How many of these blogs, pro and con, have made their way into the process…? What Arias Bias caused the original defender to quit/be fired ? What, in these nearly two years of quasilegal injustice, has added to, or, taken away from this soap opera ? How has reasonable doubt, supplanted this rush to judgement ? Why, is it all, still secret…? And, now, another delay; 13 more months/3 years in jail, without a trial, and conviction…? Green to black bologna sandwiches; 42 cents a day… and you Nobel Laureates, expect Jodi, to be rational…? Imagine yourself in her position, facing the pressure… if, you can… As for my excessive use of punctuation, so what; is that also a federal offense in your twilight zone…? Keep the faith, Jodi; you have more support than you know… Edgrrr…

  72. Okay, “motivational speaker”? Let’s be honest with ourselves. This gentleman worked as a recruiter/sales guy for Pre Paid Legal Services. Google that one and see how many court proceedings you find with regard to pyramid schemes. Second, why won’t this guys friends or family be even remotely honest with themselves or the media? I have no doubt that Travis was a person seeking to be the best he could, but he was living a very double life. A devout mormon in the midst of a clearly very physical and sexual relationship? Not so devout. FYI, his religious garments were in the washing machine too. I wonder if the alleged killer was trying to send a message with that too. I’m surprised his garments didn’t burst into flames. Do his friends and family think she raped him? Who would have taken the nude photo of her in the house if not Travis? Let’s at least be real here. Travis wanted the best of all worlds and it came back to haunt him in the most horrifying way possible. Of course, no one deserves to lose their life because they were stringing someone along, but hopefully this will be a lesson to any person who is taking full advantage the way he clearly was in this relationship. you truly don’t know who you might be dealing with. This guy was a little mormon casanova and she just might have been nutty enough to decide that if she wasn’t going to have him to herself, no body would. Very sad.

  73. Edgar, it’s quiet because she finally got a lawyer who convinced her it’s a good idea to keep her mouth shut. If you had been keeping up with her case, you’d know that she’s since admitted to killing Travis, but now claims it was in self-defense. Her previous televised statements are now strong evidence for the prosecution.

  74. There’s no way that this woman, Jodi Ann Arias, is guilty of this. There are far too many elements of this case that have not been investigated and accusing the nearest person to the victim is the sloppiest and most dangerous tact for reaching a verdict. Having DNA present and personal photos does not make anyone guilty and solve a case. Turning this into a lazy investigation and convicting the innocent will rebound on those responsible for the verdict. This is not the kind of case this should become. There’s a real perpetrator or perpetrators out there that need to get arrested and convicted and that’s what we need to focus our resources on doing right now before the unforgivable is allowed to happen and the retaliatory measures begin.

  75. There are several elements of this case that have been made public that substantiates the innocence of this woman. Beginning with the lack of gunshot residue in the blood sample.

    To kill a man with so many stabs, slicing the throat in the manner it was done AND administering a bullet shot to the skull would have taken at least one individual capable and experienced in such an assault. Someone who has spent a large part of their life thinking and training to kill in this manner. Even if this was a sloppy and hasty job of assassination, to kill in this way with slightest success would take at least one individual with experience in both thought and physical deed to commit this. This woman has no such experience or skill to carry this out.

    As well, it is being implied that she posed the victim for photographs, and after all this planning that would have been required, including the murder, lost the camera memory card in a single blanket that she placed into a washing machine in the same building the murder is believed to have been committed in.

    Fool me once.

    Until this point she could be saying, remembering and forgetting anything, either on her own or through her lawyer, because she’s scared and has had the most traumatic explosion in her life collapse on her and collapse her own life with it.

    Her owning her own gun at some point in her life is as common as a woman owning mace or a taser or a stick impact weapon or a knife.

    The victim had quite a self-building ego and reputation that he nurtured with the help of very similar minded friends. His friends apparently removed several pictures from the victims MySpace social network site account in a very hasty rush after the victims murder became public knowledge. Why are his apparent friends so hasty to incriminate someone they were not previously worried about protecting him against? What single friend or friends or relations can this question be focused upon? What would be their real business with the victim to cause them to do this, and what was the victims real business concerning them?

    Fool me twice.

    When these questions, and the others that must be investigated, are thoroughly and plausibly answered then a credible and substantial legal case can be made.

    • Wow Reginald, if you truly are a psychologist (which I seriously doubt – this is your real name or profession), why isn’t every defense lawyer in the country hiring you to substantiate an insanity plea? You are that easily bamboozled, and/or turn a blind eye to evidence, circumstantial and forensic? Your comments must either be feigned to instigate arguments, you’re just plain dumb (my top pick), or you hope Jodi’s team will consult you so you can meet your obsessive crush. But you’ll have to fight Edgar Numskullnecker as he’s first in line. Unfortunately, they would soon see that you, like Ed, are just a poor lovesick fool.

      Fool you once, twice? LOL Mission accomplished.

  76. Wow… A person with measurable stratospheric intelligence, is now heard from; it’s about time; the vigil candle was beginning to burn my hands… And, still, Jodi, is living on 42 cents a day subsistance; wouldn’t that be cruel and unusual punishment? So, let’s, recap, some: Jodi; 130 pounds, in a rage; against a body builder, fighting for his life, doing all this damage; bullet to the head, 27/8 stab wounds, ear to ear, paramilitary, cut, while holding a camera in one hand, a knife in another hand, a gun in the third hand, and an empty rinsed off hand to obliterate the gun powder residue, but not to rinse off the combined blood hand print, to autograph her presense, then, to wash the sheets to prove she wasn’t there, but leaving the bloody hand print and camera to prove she was… Where’s the mad hatter, and Alice, when we need them to sort it all out…. subdued Travis, the body builder, at least 50 pounds heavier, with a gun in one hand, a knife in another hand, a camera in her third hand, and still had a hand, left over, with which, to put a pawprint on the wall, after rinsing the body off, without rinsing off her hands, then, decides to do the laundry, knowing that the housemates could come home at any time. Then, she throws the camera with the memento photos in it, into the washing machine, [and, leaves, before the carnage actually took place]. Who knew that she was coming to see Travis, while the Cancun trip, coworkers, and another squeeze were twiddling their thumbs, while waiting for this relapse to subside, so, Travis could repent and pray about his shame; isn’t that, how he explained all this, as Steven would say: “fornication?” Why, also, the news blackout, about the Steven Alexander death threat, because he didn’t think I was funny, for defending the real laws of this land, from lynch mobsters; news blackout, for, subsequent home invasion, wherein, another person got shot in the head; as this home invasion, did? Can’t very well blame that one on Jodi; whatwith being locked up…. and, the news blackout very soon after the Steven, internet death threat, with no arrest [?], and the news blackout about the Manson clone, sent, on a mission…. Have the police admitted that the bullets were or were not the very same? Now, with three years in jail, solely because of lazy police work; pandering to all the coworkers, who “just knew she did it,” is it to be supposed that three years of peanut butter, and green to black bologna sandwiches, no doubt no supplemental vitamins, [how would you act?] but, with a confession, after three years of torture, under threat of execution? It wouldn’t take waterboarding to induce, that; now, would it ? As for her “explanation,” trying to make sense of it all, after the fact, isn’t it just as likely that, she never actually knew what happened, after she left, until such “exemplary police work,” found her at her job? That would of course explain why she never called the cops, while on her way to Salt Lake City. I, personally sat with her, at her job, before the trip, and, after the trip, and, can report with certainty, that she wasn’t on a mission when she left, and, hadn’t an iota of demeanor change, when she got back, as she also sat and talked with me , after the trip. As to the multiple stab wounds, effeminate enough, to indicate a sexual crime, by man or woman; that, flies in the face of, a twoday honeymoon, military throat slashing, and, a precision bullet to the head; where’re Crime Scene Investigators, and the forensic shrinks, for this, contradiction, and the forensics’ trajectory similarity to the subsequent invasion, bullet to the head? And, why the news blackout, on the Charles Manson clone, with the swastika tattoo on his forehead, arrested here, confessing that he was “on a mission to kill someone and commit suicide;” caught with explosives and night vision, rifles…? Is it unreasonable doubt to realize that all of this points to an irrational plight to burn an innocent person; respective concealment of all these peripheral issues? What, other reasonable doubt is being concealed, by “growing evidence,” in these three years of torture ? Does this do the memory of Travis any service, letting all these privileged charactors, each conceal their bragged about facts, that only they, and the police know.” that prove her guilt,” while depriving someone of a Constitutional Right; to prepare a valid defense, refute the innuendos, and, to be confronted by the witnesses against you ? Is it any less criminal for Arizona to put their best prosecutor on this non case, while putting novice pubic [yeah] pretenders in her defense; whatwith, such an open and shut case; that’s dragged on for nearly three years? Why, with one home invasion robbery after another, hasn’t the media, noted the similarities ? Lots of questions; they’re called: Reasonable Doubt….and, now for a word from the Nobel Laureates, with their irrefutable, concealed, facts… just as soon as they wake up from their complacency based comas… and, does the concealment of these relevant blogs of support for Jodi, by the kind of competent and effective legal representation, one, gets, in the Arizona, twilight zone [youse guys are getting as crooked as Schizofornia]… help her exercise her right to aid in her own defense, when her pubic pretender has refused to let her read all these website pro and con blogs…??? Grounds for a mistrial, or to fire another pubic pretender for continuation of this; dare I use the word: Traves-ty…??? Edgrrr…

  77. And, if Jodi took those pictures,she had all she needed to tumble his house of cards, and, wipe him out at church, if, she had any nefarious intent. The mere possession of those pictures, proves that she had no such intent, otherwise, she’d just take the camera and go. So what better plan, with no risk to her, could she have hoped for; screwing up his pseudo religious moral con game, pissing off the Tiara, in waiting; as in five days, while they’re all packed for a Cancun business trip; without one visit, from either the current squeeze, or the other idol worshippers at work, to see what was keeping his lordship, from his appointed rounds… ? The rest of her “story,” is completely reasonable, that she heard a loud bang; try firing a point blank shot past someones’ ear, while they’re rapt up, looking through the camera lens, wrapping up the photo shoot, with Travis’ smile, and a shower… that was the grand finale, to their “movie;” anything else, would be non conducive, to the “movie,” unless this all happened at the Psycho Bates Hotel….or, in Schizofornia….and tell us if the trauma of a gunshot by an ear, sets them on the ground… Which disgruntled ex-non-girlfriend usee of the sainted one, walked in, with help, from someone equally peeved, and did exactly as described ? The socalled combined blood handprint, which “proved she was there,” but proved she didn’t fire a gun, is surely a demerit for the Gestapo, as is the rinsed off body, but not, rinsed off hand… The convolutions herein, are more flaky, than whether or not a person so traumatized, would have inconsistencies in her statements; if, of course her words condemn her, surely the Gestapo soap opera, condemns them. The contradiction is called reasonable doubt. As to her being at the murder scene, that, is meant to infer that she was there “at the murder scene,” during the murder, doesn’t it, otherwise, when she was there, it was no murder scene… in being so traumatized by the explosion. As to “prose so rambling,” that’s a blueblood, notation which is simply another evasion of the socalled facts, which satisfies all those wanting this matter closed; over with, and not necessary to point out their own guilt, in letting it happen, to, begin with; which of course, does not explain the inconsistancies of the facts and motives, as to why, according to the pictures she would be so inclined; so, who did the deed, if not, a woman and a man, just as Jodi said? And, who would have been likely to add the murder scene pictures, if not those who sneaked up on them while Travis was happily posing in the shower, and, Jodi was taking pictures, and, for what reason, to put the camera in the wash with the sheets, where, surely, the cops are going to go right to the washing machine to look for clues ? And why would Jodi do all of this, and leave the camera with the blissful scenes, which could be printed out to show the nature of the visit, and the demeanor of Travis and herself, as an alibi, that he was fine when she left, if, she actually was guilty; then, to prove her guilt, filmed the death scene…??? And, you don’t think she’s been set up…??? Why then would someone hire a Manson clone; after she was neatly wrapped up by the Keystone Kops; swastika tattoo, prison ink; on his forehead, to come here with a trunk full of explosives, get caught, and confess that he “Was on a Mission to kill someone, and, commit suicide?” And, so soon after Steven Alexanders’ death threat againt my attempt to free Jodi…unless, the real killers want this “perfect murder,” to be concealed; as in past tense…which is pretty simpleminded, and, surely proves to be a tacit confession that the donut eaters have locked up the wrong person? And, jodi said that Travis was on his hands and knees, when she got up from being knocked down [by the explosion at her ear], obviously, with hands touching the floor, putting her nicked bartender hands into his blood, since what knocked him to the floor was a bullet to his head; which accounts at least within reasonable doubt, for the combined blood. Being marched out of the room, and having not been the one who rinsed the body, it clearly accounts for why, she, at that point had combined blood on her hand, and was not there to rinse off either her hands or the the body. In addition, all-egedly still holding, a camera, in one hand, a knife in the second hand, a gun in thi third hand, and still had a bloody hand with which to prove she was there, while washing the sheets to prove she wasn’t; yet, leaving the camera to prove she eas… This is one for the books; you’ve gotta hand it [four of them] to the Gestapo, and the crooked system, creating a conviction out of this twilight zone, soap opera. Why haven’t we heard from other PHDs; those with quantifiable intelligence, and the Shrink Wrap contingent, as well as Forensics brains… it couldn’t be because, the blogsites are only pushing partyline propaganda, could it…. And why would the Gestapo, conceal two years of denial, despite these flies in their ointment, if not the collossal damage award for kidmapping another States’ Citizen, under color of law, then not being man enough to as\dmit their mistake; while all the while incubating green balogna sandwiches, and pubic pretenders into, an innocent persons’ prison sentence, to get their sleazy butts out of the sling, salivating, over being twitterpated by the office groupies; all with Idol worship delusions, glowing at them… What a soap opera…. Do you think, Travis would approve of such displaced loyalty, and incompetense…??? Edgrrr… Gulag Schizofornia…

  78. Make that incompetence, which, brings up another point: The Gestapo, is concealing, reasonable doubt, from the discovery, phase of this soap opera; and, consistent with Jodis’ account, that Travis was on his hands and knees, and, it seems unsaid, by the autopsy report, other than, that, the torso, and, upper back, is where the stab wounds were, and, none from the front [???]… That is totally, corroborating, her account, and easily facillitates, the intruder,s’ hysteria in multiple stabbings, while Travis was already incapacitated and unable to defend himself. Why, would the hotshot prosecutor, have the gall, to withhold evidence from the defense, unless, he’s trying to embezzle reasonable doubt from the authority, of a jury, and deny the Constitutional Rights of an accused? And, now, probably when ordered to give up the reasonable doubt, who’s to say that he still won’t conceal, whatever he wants to; and, his “want to,” has already been established by so far refusing to provide it so that it can refute his zealously staged soap opera,while he is in in violation of controlling law ? And, all of this sleight of mind, still, is no more than a pretense, at a D.A.s responsibility to protect the innocent, while he conceals evidence, and, tries to get a judge to go along with it; despite being a hotshot prosecutor, up against the Arizona charade novice defense, by pubic pretenders. This nonmatter, against an innocent person, unable to defend herself, with no motive, to do this crime, as evidenced by the blissful photos, should be thrown out, and the Gestapo, ordered to do their job, lest they get away with, being frightened about what they know about who likely did it; that could force the Manson clone, to come to this county, with a trunk full of explosives, night vision sniper rifle, and other kill paraphernalia, get himself arrested, before he could do what he was ordered to do: “I’m on a mission to kill someone, and, commit suicide.” What could force him to set out to do that, and what could get a news blackout, about, him, and, Steven Alexanders’ internet death threat, against myself, plus, as one writer said: Two Death Threats… with no FBI/Homeland Secrecy, in sight; as if, both these guys are not guilty of making, and almost carrying out terrorists acts…? There’s far more than meets the light of day, in this frightened Gestapo, soap opera, and, Jodi, is their excuse to get away with such cowardice… I can think of many reasonable doubts, and so can the hotshot prosecutor; that’s why he’s trying to embezzle them. Why he doesn’t confess that the do nothing Feds, and or the D.A. has ordered him to conceal, evidence, surely forfeits any legitimacy to this noncase against Jodi; facing three years of green bologna forty two cents a day subsistance, while these persecutors and lackies of the system, conceal their criminality, AT law… when, in all probability, the male paramilitary intruder shot Travis, cut his throat from ear to ear, military/gangland, style, then picked Jodi up off the floor, to march her, staggering away to teeter a handprint on the wall, from the blood on the floor, next to where Travis was on his hands and knees, while the woman exercised her venom, no doubt over what Travis did to her… Reasonable doubt gallops in this soap opera. All the blogsites, concealed evidence, that only the bluebloods, and lackies at law, share , “Awaiting Moderation,” concealments, and feeble pubic pretender, antics at law, should be laid out for the publics’ right to know, so we can all see just how perverse these obstructors of justice, really are…. considering, the frenzy this noncase has stirred up… Why isn’t the hotshot prosecutor already under arrest for obstruction of justice, in refusing to share his toys with the other lieyers? Is he really, above the law ? And, by what lawful right do successful defense law firms get a pass from a competent judge, to order, competent and effective defense for such a serious charge, while putting their hotshot prosecutor, who thinks nothing of concealment of reasonable doubt, on a non case, under the pretext that the lizards at law, have the right victim? What the hell; another innocent con, in prison, is no big deal… When Citizens are no longer punished for the crimes of lizards at law, and, lizards at law are given a dose of their own hohum criminality, this society might be worth living in…. We should not have to chase down long ago sensible blogs, that require, pedigrees to access, and, reasonable refutations, to lodge, that won’t be; lets just put them all together; pro and con, and make them all, part of the so far evasive antics of the system, as these hucksters tapdance around all these non issues, while concealing reasonable doubt. What guarantees that, a jury, impaneled in good faith, will not be subject to a non case full of obstructions, and, concealments…??? Edgrrr… Gulag, Schizofornia…

  79. And, in addition to this prosecutorial misconduct; a damage control term, used to ameliorate the criminality of commiting a felonious assault on all the principles we claim to live by, and for which these zealots at law, voluntarily took an oath to defend against all enemies; domestic [themselves], and foreign [themselves], since this prosecutor, has “come forward” to seek a court order to suppress reasonable doubt, now that he has been caught, concealing, reasonable doubt, Jodi, should be given about ten million dollars, and a pardon, for the governors’ guilt in aiding and abetting this rush to judgement; interstate kidnapping of another States’ citizen, and, all these complicitors, should forfeit their pensions to her. Also, every case that this hotshot prosecutor,and his D.A. boss, sleazed into a conviction, and those that got away from such obstruction of justice; microscoped, for iotas of reasonable doubt, that did or did not result in a plea “bargain,” or a conviction. Why, hasn’t hotshot, been arrested; surely, somebody dropped a dime on him; I doubt that he, ratted out, himself… Does this mean that there is actually one govern mental, in Arizona, who’s concerned with, justice ? If I were Sheriff, I’d review every person, kidnapped under color of law, and, I’d be feeding them all, steak and egg breakfasts, as well as, prison trained gourmet trained chefs, for dinner, just to cover the hundreds, who are actually, innocent… and, I’d damned sure, send the green bologna sandwiches to the legislative parasites, and, brain dead judges, as a reminder that they are just one whistleblower away from reaping what they sow… And, as a real Sheriff, for, Real People, I’d create a reward fund for whistleblowers who bust, any govern mental, who catches criminals at law; so as to make these criminals at law, self policing… All the facts in this noncase, should be made public, to get the brain dead judiciary control, into daylight, so as to begin a trend of honesty, and less govern mental criminal justice criminals, at law, conniving, at law. It’s ironic to realize that all repealed laws have been expelled by a criminal who had the guts to stand up to this parasitic at law, lieyer scammed system, and it’s no less than a criminal conspiracy, to kick the Gestapos’ asses, on their own turf, despite their perjuries, and aider and abettor brain dead judges, to no longer “Have Standing,” to take the win, to the case law, publishing phase, allowing the Gestapo, to, go repeat, the same scam, all over again, with another victim… “Free Jodi”… would be a good beginning… Then maybe these lazy cops can go solve this crime. Would Travis, want any less than that; note that all his relatives and buddies; you know, the ones with the cat who ate the canary smirks, are not concerned with the truth; only, this rush to judgement… and do note that the third grade Nobel Laureates have crawled back under their rocks… not a peep from those buzzards… Any lesser person than this victim, with principles, would have been extorted, and, plea “bargained,” into a perjured confession, and long since, be snivelling in a cell, about their innocense by now. Isn’t it wonderful to know that in the entire criminally sleazed system that there’s at least one who has principles, even if it’s only an accused…??? And, a big ten four, old buddy, for whoever ratted out the hotshot prosecutor… Let’s see, the judge he asks to rubberstamp his obstruction of justice, throw his sleazy ass into Joes’ Tent City, for his green balogna sandwich, reward… Edgrrr… Stalag Skew, Ahnolds’ Gulag, Schizofornia….

  80. I can see that these last submissions were done over a year ago, so I thought those who think that Jodi is so innocent would like to know that now she is admitting to his murder, she has fired her lawyers and is going to represent herself in this case. She did it, and now she will be found guilty, and the family and friends of Travis will rest knowing that a small piece of justice has been served

  81. Whose bright idea was it to attribute the “Disgusts me,” comment to me ? I believe I’ve made my opinion clear enough that I don’t believe she did it, and I do believe that the pecking away with the knife wounds, after a gunshot and paramilitary ear to ear throat slash, was a simpleminded attempt to make it look like a hysterical person, did it; a bias against women,or, gay men, don’t you think ? I notice that nobody has added to my $10,000 reward for the arrest and conviction of anybody but the States’ current victim; a safe bet you say; then why hasn’t an 11 million member country club, contribution, in addition to this amount, been forthcoming? What has anybody got tol lose, if this is such a slam dunk non case, that has kept Jodi, in jail for four years, deprived of internet evidence of reasonable doubt being concealed, in such mistreatment, of an unconvicted citizen; especially considering the States’ refutation of its’ own evidence, that whatwith no gunpowder residue, in the combined blood claim, she could not possibly have fired a gun, so as to gain the upper hand necessary for a 130 pound girl, overcoming a 185 pound body builder, fighting for his life… but, don’t let me bore you with this flaky non cases’, details. “A” reasonable doubt, as I see it, means one reasonable doubt. I have presented nearly ninety such doubts, which are somewhere in lalaland, concealed by the Arias Bias, of those whose censorship runs a particular website; continuing the Arias Bias, while, concealing the galloping reasonable doubts, which have kept an unconvicted person in jail for four years, while, organized crime at law, is trying to extort, subservience to the law gods of such Alice in Wonderland, process, under color of law. Regardless, it’s a fact that the DA, and cronies et al know of all these reasonable doubts, yet, continue this four year quasilegal kidnap and their Arias Biased two million dollar ransom demand, as if, adding a two million dollar ransom demand, makes the unfounded charge, legitimate, for which these lizards at law, are demanding the death penalty, also, to feign more quasilegal legitimacy to their claim, while concealing from the publics’ right to know what their lizards at law are up to; all, to Dazzle with Dialogue, or, failing that, Baffle with Bullshit; at law, of course. What we have here is a role reversal, wherein the DA belongs in jail, and, Jodi would be a better DA,, whatwith, standing on principle, something these lizards at law, are devoid of, while, due process remains long overdue. What principles are the at law cabal, claiming, while they scam a two million dollar kidnap ransom ? What have the pubic pretenders, you can define that for yourself, or the police, accomplished in four years, besides concealing exculpatory evidence, including, knowing of others with a motive, surpassing Jodis non motive ? As I’ve pointed out, Jodis’ photography would have brought his philandering/guilt vascillations to a screeching halt, if, Jodi was so calculating. What could have been more diabolical than to shut down the goody two shoes, “King Alexander,” complex,and to shut off his supply of “good little Mormon girls ?” Many thanks to this website to continue my defense of the law, and the rights of an unconvicted person, kidnapped under color of law, while toadies of the system, ply their extortionary blackmail schemes, at law; in violation in law… Edgrrr…

    • Edgar, with all due respect, you show signs of needing some serious couseling to deal with delusional thoughts, obssesion & compulsions. I couldn’t agree more with Celina.

  82. And… of course, anybody can dip their hand in blood, or any other liquid, to autograph the wall… without leaving fingerprints, to prove who did it. Is it likely that anybody who did the things she’s accused of would do the laundry, unconcerned that the gunshot could have summoned the cops, or, that the room mates could have come home any minute, or, that while cleaning the bedding to prove she wasn’t there, while leaving a handprint to prove she was, and losing the camera, in the process, makes sense ? Isn’t the concealment of evidence, yet to be laundered by the at law mob, concealed from the publics’ right to know, done, so the criminals on the right side of the law, can counterfeit evidence from it ? Someone should consolidate all the blogsites, including, those whose lame allegations, have long since shut down, so that I don’t have to overwhelm, any particular site with nearly 100 reasonable doubts, wherein, beyond, one [a] reasonable doubt is required; as I have done, on one site…. Edgrrr…

  83. Wow Edgar Longenecker – speaking of Norman Bates…hmmm lots of comparisons, specifically clearly both deranged & psychopathic. Very bizarre diabolical obsession with Jodi. I bet she would love you long time if you were only smart enough to convince anyone who matters of her ..ahem, innoncence! Then she could do an Eileen Wornoss on you to thank you : ) Or…a Casey Anthony, Jodi Aria I should say. Are you in love/obsessed with Casey too? She’s a better bet for a girlfriend for a desperate lonely man because although both narcissistic sociopathic pathological liars, Casey’s free to kill again. : )) I hope you’re able to make a connection with her!

  84. Ed, you certainly must uphold the conspiracy of the aliens to take over the planet?. Maybe you’re lofty opinions of yourself and your pseudo lawyer wannabe theories would be better spent on that, rather than your delusional witch hunt. You’re clearly schizophrenic with zealot theories. I know! I bet Martians did it – and FRAMED Jodi! I really think you should share that theory with her since she’s a much better lawyer than anyone educated with a REAL law degree (i.e. unlike you) ..but, I guess you need something to do with all your days in your mother’s basement right Norman, er, Edgar? LOL!

  85. does anyone have this jodi arias address in jail to write I would love to do a story on this

  86. I would also like to get her doc# to write her. If anyone has it.

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