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    June 14: 2007: Jessie Marie Davis, 26, and 9 months pregnant with a girl (Chloe) was murdered by her boyfriend, Bobbie Cutts. He was sentenced to 57 years to life in prison.

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Parents Gone Wild! 4 month old Jeremiah Candler was starved to death

This poor baby was taken to the hospital and died Nov. 18, but it has just been ruled a homicide. The parents could face charges and the case has been turned over to prosecutors. How on earth could parents do this to their new infant? This had to be a slow, torturous death for this poor baby, who obviously did not have a chance to survive in this family. My outrage is overwhelming to say the least. I believe this shows indifference to human life and deserves the death penalty.

4-Month-Old Starves To Death In Kansas City
KC records three homicides in new year
Four-Month-Old is Kansas City’s First 2009 Homicide


19 Responses

  1. 4mths old. The time where all babies want is to be fed, clean diaper and lots of love.
    I hate stories like this. I hope the parents are starved in prison. They deserve nothing but piss water and stale bread.

  2. WTF- It seems like a lot of people are taking laws more as suggestions than a law. Tougher crime laws!!!! start using the DP one or two appeals (unless your on video) then start the killing. I think its crazy how many years you get to live on death row. Most likely because I don’t know anyone on DR. I’m glad for that.

    Rest in peace sweet baby. I’m so sorry for you.

  3. RIP Jeremiah. God bless you.
    Can you take me off moderated status when I post. I PROMISE I’ll be good. I see my sis Donna isn’t restricted and she just as, if not MORE, violent than I am. The woman practices round house kicks DAILY!!!! Cut me a little slack Bonnie!! LOL!!

  4. Shauncey
    Yes she is and so am I.
    We are all 3 on moderating LOL

    wait! It is EVERYONE who posts a comment! Not just you 3! I would not do that to you guys! So, thank Synthia for this. It is a headache to me as well! But she threatened to spam my blog, and I don’t want that to happen!!

  5. What!!! I’m always in moderation!!!!!! I hate it!!!! but, I love you bonnie. 🙂 I too promise to be good! or half way decent.

    All posts are always in moderation – not just you! Thank Synthia for that!!!!

  6. LMAO- more violent than YOU!!!!! I swear you always have me laughing. We should never be near each other with all of our VIOLENCE someone around us is bound to get hurt….LOL

  7. damn that synthia!!!!!!!!

  8. my comments are now just vanishing. where are they going? 😦

    I have no idea why but some go to the spam folder, and there is no reason for it. Lavonna’s sometimes go there too. It is a mystery to me, and it hurts my head! So, just let me know when I have not approved yours and I will check it!

  9. LOL Synthia, from the bottom of my big toe thank you!

    Bonnie, I don’t mind that we are being moderated and I will never make you a promise that I can’t keep so I am not going to promise you that I will be good but I will try to be good.. Sometimes with people like Syn it is hard. 🙂

  10. From the bottom of my big toe syn thank you!

    Bonnie, no big deal. I will not promise you that I will be good because when I make a promise I like to keep it and that one would not be kept 🙂 but I promise that I will try.

    Shauncey I too practice drop kicks (just kidding) Never know when I might run across that b*tch Casey

  11. Thank you Syn!

  12. I love you too Bonnie. I know it HAS to be a pain in the knickers for you, all because hater Sinthia got her thongs in a bunch!! I wish I knew her address. I’d send to her door a:
    Hot male stripper, a bottle of Patron Silver Tequila, a box of condoms, and a book telling her how to deal with people who don’t give a damn about her opinions…..a shame it’s come to this. Keep on rockin Bonnie.

  13. ps Bonnie,
    Due to violent tendancies, I HAVE been known to break a promise or two. But I will still TRY not to. I can’t say the same for my violent sisters above though!!! LOL!

    note from me!
    And I am taking the 5th…

  14. LOL when I wrote my comments they kept disappearing that is why I commented 3 times.
    Sorry but thanks again syn, we owe you

  15. Just want to share a little bit I found out on this case that I haven’t even seen in any of the articles but I heard this on TV. Well first let me start out by asking if any of you guys know of the Truthspeaker that has a Webblog also on Anyways I read a blog of hers that was about the International House of Prayer(IHOP) having tendancies of being a cult. One of the things that these people do is fast. Well I heard that the parents of the little boy were very religious and attended this church. Well its unfortunate that if you put two and two together you get the death of this innocent little boy. Its so mind boggling that people subject theirself to these mind manipulating services going on in this church. It makes me question are they really praising God or praising the Devil? Its sad that this has happened. Im just wondering how the parents are acting in all this. Or are they just saying “Well he is in a better place now” Someone need to put them in there place. Thank you for reading. I like to hear your input.

  16. Rachel,

    Where did find the connection to IHOP?

  17. Any sources?

  18. Hi Polycarp,
    I saw the story on the news. KCTV 5 and they mentioned it up there. I went to their website to read the story just to confirm what I heard and there was nothing mentioned about IHOP there. So I wrote an email to the channel and they wrote me back saying that the parents told reporters that they did attend IHOP. Also they tried to question some people that went to IHOP and noboby claims to know them. Of course they wouldn’t because that would give the church more of a bad rep.

  19. this is a horrible story where the death of Jeremiah there was no justice not for him or his siblings, he lies in a unmarked grave while his parents walk free. It will be three years november 18 and while most have forgotten some have not he had a older brother who deals with his loss every day and a younger brother who never got to know him. I feel I need to at least write this for him Jeremiah Candler
    6-25-08 to 11-18-08 you are missed every day and your brothers love you I will fight for you to have a headstone like you deserve

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