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Missing: Adam Herrman since 1999, however, parents JUST NOW reported him missing ***What????***

adam-herrmanah-ap1Yeah, another Casey Anthony, only MUCH worse. Ten years, yes, I said TEN YEARS this boy has been missing and they only thought to report him missing now. The adoptive parents thought he ran away to his biological parents, but apparently did nothing. I am sorry, if I chose to adopt a child and he was missing, even if I thought he ran away, I would REPORT IT. He was only 11 or 12 when he disappeared. Did they even bother to check with the biological parents? No, that would require lifting a finger to dial the phone. An adoptive brother of Adam claims there was abuse, but of course the adoptive parents deny that. But she admitted to making him sleep in a bathtub and spanking him with a belt. But then again, she told relatives that she gave him back to the State. So far, the detectives are treating it as a death investigation. I know that they are searching the area around where the family lives. I hope that something is able to be found. The parents should be charged with child abuse or child neglect at the very least. After all, Casey Anthony did not report her daughter missing and was charged with neglect. And this is an even longer time period. There was NO excuse for those pathetic excuse of parents to not report this child missing. Even if they thought he ran away. He was only 11 or 12! C’mon! They obviously did not care if he lived or died (however, they just may know what his fate was and have not said yet, which is my opinion). There is a special place in hell for these people. And I wish them to be sent there quickly.

Boy’s 1999 disappearance raises questions, regrets
Sheriff: Parents didn’t report boy missing for a decade
Police to search home, river for Kansas boy missing since 1999
What happened to Adam?
Relatives: Boy Missing for 10 Years Was Abused
Missing Boy’s Brother Talks of Abuse
Missing Boy’s Uncle Blames Sister

7 Responses

  1. This is outrageous! I hope they string these animals up and hit them with baseball bats until the speak the truth. then hit them some more.

  2. Donna,
    Thats a hell yeah! Poor little guy. I’d like to do a few round-house kicks to the throat on these two. Pure animalistic mentality. God bless you Adam.

  3. Pure Trailer Trash…I guess anyone can adopt…although I’m quite supprised…most states are much more strict…besides that…his whole adoptive family is a mess…seems no one spoke up until they reported him or someone did…missing…I pray for you Adam…You are so much better they those that took you in

  4. I would beat the parents to death! God bless Adam

  5. I know the parents attorney is playing the game & denying any wrongdoing. Where I want answers, is what does the attorney say about the parents collecting state money to this day, 10 years after the child supposedly ran away? How will the attorney defend that action,l which in and of itself, is criminal? I find it sickening that these “parents” could collect a check on behalf of a child that they didn’t have in their custody – lock em up, take their property & sell it to pay back the state & be done with these people.

  6. there are a lot of adoptive parents and foster parents that abuse in all kind of ways those poor kids. They dont care about them. They just want the money. I have a coworker that is so mentally unbalanced that has 4 foster children just to pay for her new house. Horrible.May this child rest in heaven

  7. I´m from Norway, and just heard about this case on Dr. Phil. I guess this show is old, because they usually send the really old shows on TV here. But has anyone more facts now about the case? I really hope that Adam is alive out there somewhere, and that he is ok. What about the adoptive family, have they been caught? I hope they will burn in hell…children are innocent and can not speak for themselves, someone has to speak up FOR them, just like animals…

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