• This Day in Crime History

    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Belinda Tracie Lucas-Temple murder 1/11/1999 Katy, TX *Husband, David, convicted and sentenced to life in prison*


Belinda Tracie Lucas-Temple

Find-A-Grave: Belinda Tracie Lucas Temple
Shattered: The David Temple Case
Affair cited in arrest of coach for wife’s murder
Father Pleased With Indictment
Father Of Murder Victim Speaks Out
Husband Of Pregnant Murder Victim Charged In Case
Grand Jury Indicts H.S. Coach In Pregnant Wife’s Murder
Temple disparaged his in-laws, friends testify
Jurors hear Temple’s 911 call about wife’s slaying
Neighbor describes Temple as panicked
Temple’s 911 call brings witness to tears
Defense Touts Inmate’s Affidavit To Clear Man In Wife’s Killing
Lawyers spell out different scenarios
Lurid details emerge in Temple murder trial
Temple’s family, prosecutor argue during testimony
Temple’s former in-laws storm out after testimony
Wife of coach accused of murder expected to testify
Temple’s wife retakes stand amid courtroom fireworks
Scott says Temple never discussed wife’s death
Katy murder suspect Temple takes stand
Final witness in Temple trial denies involvement
Closing arguments get underway in ex-coach’s murder trial
Jury reaches verdict in David Temple murder trial
Temple found guilty in pregnant wife’s death
David Temple found guilty
Former coach David Temple sentenced to life for wife’s murder
Ex-Coach gets life for wife’s murder
No new trial for David Temple
Kathryn Casey (author of book on the case)
Unreasonable Doubt: Did Kelly Siegler Really Railroad an Innocent Man Eight Years Ago?
New trial granted in 1999 slaying of pregnant Katy teacher
Judge Says Ex-Prosecutor Kelly Siegler Withheld Evidence in David Temple Case
Katy man once convicted in pregnant wife’s killing about to go free while awaiting new trial
David Temple to be released on bond
David Temple returns to court as prosecutors consider whether to re-try him on murder charge

Shattered: The True Story of a Mother’s Love, a Husband’s Betrayal, and a Cold-Blooded Texas Murder

48 Hours: The Alternate Suspects
Scorned: Love Kills: Sneaking Suspicion
48 Hours Mysteries: The Guessing Game
Deadly Sins: The Millionairess & The Mortician


SID Number: 07421342
TDCJ Number: 01478735
Race: W
Gender: M
DOB: 1968-07-19
Maximum Sentence Date: LIFE SENTENCE
Current Facility: PACK I Projected
Parole Eligibility Date: 2037-11-13

Offense History
Offense Date: 1999-01-11
Offense: MURDER
Sentence Date: 2007-11-19
County: HARRIS
Case No.: 1008763
Sentence (YY-MM-DD): 9999-99-99


35 Responses

  1. […] Belinda Tracie Lucas-Temple murder 1/11/1999 Katy, TX *Husband, David, convicted and sentenced to l…  Belinda Tracie Lucas-Temple Find-A-Grave: Belinda Tracie Lucas Temple SHATTERED: THE DAVID TEMPLE CASE Husband Of […] […]

  2. Life?? This scumbag should’ve got DEATH for killing his PREGNANT wife. What a loser.

  3. Shauncey, you have no proof he even did it! I hate people like you. HE’S INNOCENT!

    • pissed off,

      If you are talking about David, Belinda’s husband, he was convicted of her murder. He is now considered guilty. Do YOU have proof of his innocence? If not, then who will believe you? Without evidence of his innocence now, I consider him guilty.

    • Your an idiot!

    • I agree; he is guilty. He had the opportunity, the means, and the motive. He killed his wife all the evidence point to his guilt. I am glad that the jurors saw the truth.

    • And you have no proof that he is not guilty that is why people like you should burn in hell as he should..Perhaps you are a damn cheater and close to killing some one who you say you love why you believe he is not guilty

    • @Pissed off,you are a jerk and you should call yourself Jerk off instead.

  4. Just saying if he did do it. why not just leave her and get a divorce not kill two innocent people !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i new him in high school just did not seem like he was that type of person until i read about his issues

  5. If he had divorced Belinda, he would have had to pay child support for two children, not just one, and he did not want the second child. He was such a scumbag he criticized his wife and told her she had a big behind when she was several months pregnant. He wouldn’t even help her put up sleves in what was going to be the new baby’s room, and he was off tom-catting around with another woman. But it was the dog that clinched it. The Temples owned a vicious Chow dog that would not allow anyone in the yard and had to be confined before even neighbors who knew the dog could visit. Yet, David expected people to believe someone got past the dog in the back yard, entered the house and killed his wife for no reason whatsoever. No one in the neighborhood heard the dog barking that afternoon. No one saw any strangers in the neighborhood and David had a tray full of gold “man” jewelry lying out in plain sight. If a thief had entered the home, he would certainly have taken jewelry in plain sight. At least the women Ted Bundy killed were strangers. David Temple murdered his own pregnant wife by blowing her head off with a shotgun. He is a cold-hearted SOB and life in prison is too good for him!

  6. I have read a lot about this case but cannot find out how old David’s son was at the time David killed Belinda. If he was in the home surely he would have known or heard something? This is the only part I don’t get. Anyone here who can point me in the direction of an explanation?
    BTW….thanks for a work you have put in here. Great site!

  7. @Elainr, Evan was 3 at the time. He was interviewed by psychologists afterwords and they found nothing to indicate that he had seen or heard anything. However, that does not mean that Temple didn’t do it. Belinda was shot in the closet and the sound could have and probably was muffled. Evan could have been outside or in the garage and wouldn’t have heard anything or if he did he might not know even what it was.

  8. And if anyone doubts that David did this, they need to read the appeal here:

    This outlines the case and the many inconsistencies in David’s story of where he was that day. He is absolutely guilty.

  9. not saying he did not do it but it seems the jury was sentencing him over an affair rather than the murder! A guilty murder verdict means there is ‘ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBT” that david killed his wife. im sorry but what i have seen is only circumstantial evidence and not nearly enough evidence to prove he did this! seen people get off with alot more convicting evidence than we see here. and what about the guy next door that failed a lie detector test, had access to guns and was involved in burglaries and did not like his wife. seems they had alot more evidence on him than david. Anyway just thought it was hard to put someone away for murder, obviously not!

    • John,

      Just a note here. The jury convicted him, but did not sentence him. That was for the Judge to do.

      • Actuallly the Jury does sentence criminal cases in Texas, the judge has the authority to uphold the jury’s sentence or reduce it.

    • shut the hell up @ John,make up your stupid mind its either he is guilty or not..which of course he is guilty as sin..Since they have the death penalty is Texas he should have gotten any case i hope he live a life of hell in prison and be tormented for ever..

    • No, they convicted him as guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, not beyond any doubt whatsoever. Surely you must have heard that many, many times, where on earth did you get the idea of No doubt whatsoever?

  10. Amazing no one (the book included) ever mentions the possibility of steroids with this guy..

    • The book (Shattered) discusses David’s potential use of steroids in high school or college. His coaches denied in the book that they saw any signs of use, but a couple of other players stated that he was using steroids.

      • Why are we as a society compelled to find something like steroid use, “abuse” or some otherlife event to excuse our behavior? Steroid use is a choice. Does this choice excuse murder or any destructive behavior?
        When will we stop excusing and accept the fact there is just plian EVIL among us and get on with eliminating it.

      • @ Kris,he look like a steroid using junky,his big neck and stupid face,did you see the look on his face when he was found guilty?..i am certain he was thinking he would be free..i hope he die in prison and be tormented for ever..

  11. Steroids? I am so happy it was not a issue either in the charges or the trial. Steroids is just another “legal” way of excusing bad behavior by sorry individuals.

  12. he was f*ckn the dumb blonde and it got so good he couldnt do with out her her giving him good brainz he didnt want that feeling to end so her killed his wife and unborn child …..PERIOD ….END OF STORY !!

  13. Totally agree with you @Margret,he is guilty as hell..he deserve every thing that he got and more,i hope no one in their right mind will over turn his sentence.I Hope he will be some one byatch behind bars.divorce might have been costly but it better than killing some one..he is just a dirty scum bag.she didn’t do any thing to deserve such..and for the dumb byatch he was cheating with i hope some one cap the byatch some where in time..what goes around comes around.

  14. It was all cirmstatial evidence in the Scot Peterson trial and he was convicted. Too many coincidences pointing to David Temple. If someone is not guilty immediately he will say I “didn’t do it” not “I did not do it”. The only people that pressured the detectives were the family of Belinda Temple. If this was my wife or husband I would spend day and night camped on the polices door step wanting to know what happened to my wife/husband. Woudn’t you? David Temple already knew the answer to that one he was the killer. His family and he also didn’t pursue it either in the hopes it would die down and somehow it would magically disappear.

  15. David Temple is SO ugly what woman in their right mind would want him!?

  16. All I can say is no other women is worth killing for and he apparently didn’t want the another child. All he wanted was that fantasy in his mind that made him feel like a GOD!, well, I hope he feels like a god now! Bastard! Killing a women who only wanted a husband and a family, I pray he has a conscience and it hunts him. And as for the whore Heather may she never know peace.

  17. Rot in prison and then in hell when you die you murderous monster.

  18. Another person for my “death row” list… Good thing he’s gotten really ugly…

  19. And he picked some sl*t over his own wife.

  20. Only an animal would do what David temple did to his wife. He thought he could get away with it. The fact that he never once asked the police how they were progressing with finding the killer proves his guilt. Hopefully he will never get out of jail.

  21. Cali
    Another aspect of this case that bothered me was…David said he didn’t kill Belinda and Erin, THEN why wouldn’t he give Belinda CPR to try and save his daughter’s life??? Because he’s a cold-blooded monster! RIP Belinda and baby Erin 😇

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