Update: Giovanni Gonzalez *Father, Ernesto Gonzalez confesses to killing Giovanni*

     Ernesto and Giovannie Gonzalez

Ernesto Gonzalez confesses to killing Giovanni
Ernesto Gonzalez wants charges dismissed
Father of missing Lynn boy offers no clues
Lynn man confesses to killing son, 5
Police had hit a wall in search for boy


4 Responses

  1. omg, that hurts me. i knew deep down inside that giovanni’s breeder (no way am i going to refer to that savage as a “father”) had killed him, but i was clinging to the hope that giovanni might be found somewhere safe. i can only hope that giovanni’s mother may one day find comfort, and that that innocent little boy has been found so he can be given a proper burial, and rests in peace.

  2. ok, i just read that police are skeptical of ernesto’s story (of killing giovanni) because the blood they found at the apt. wasn’t giovanni’s. so i’m going to keep hoping that giovanni is out there somewhere, and can one day come home…

  3. I pray for Giovanni’s safe return if the story his father told was not true. How terrible and awful of him to tell a story to make his wife think that this man did that to their child.

  4. In this case I am not sure what to think. Is there any place to get better details on this case? I do not see why he would confess to such a thing if he did not do it.

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