• This Day in Crime History

    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Karen Tipton murder 3/12/1999 Decatur, AL *Daniel Wade Moore, convicted but overturned then had a mistrial, scheduled for retrial April 2009*

             Karen Tipton

Karen Tipton murder Excellent site
Victim is recalled as a devoted mother
DNA shows Moore likely at scene
Brutality of slaying indicates drug use: Pathologist also says crime clues suggest Tipton, killer didn’t have relationship
Chasing clues in Tipton killing: Bloody blanket, paving worker prove meaningless, investigator testifies at Moore trial
Uncle says Daniel Wade Moore admitted being in Karen Tipton’s home when she was murdered
Judge Declares Mistrial in Moore Murder Case (has alot of info)
Update: Karen Tipton murder *Daniel Wade Moore acquitted of her murder in his 3rd trial*
A Doctor’s Wife Is Murdered & A Young Man Is At The Center Of A Riveting Legal Battle – “48 HOURS MYSTERY”

   Daniel Wade Moore

48 Hours Mystery: Sex, Lies And The Doctor’s Wife
48 Hours Mystery: Truth On Trial
48 Hours Mystery: Lies and Whispers


47 Responses

  1. […] Karen Tipton murder 3/12/1999 Decatur, AL *Daniel Wade Moore, convicted but overturned then had a m…              Karen Tipton Karen Tipton murder Excellent site Victim is recalled as a devoted mother DNA […] […]

  2. Question? If the State is so sure that the husband did not kill his wife, then why did they not provide a strong aliby than someone word. If the Doctor saw a patient at 3:30 there should of been a sign in record of that patient, a record of recipt to that patient, or billing to that patients insurance company of that date and time. What did the doctor appointment book say, and was that patient questioned if they had an appointment that day and time.

  3. You must be related to Daniel Moore….aliby?? The word is alibi and he is guilty… much “Moore” can this crap be spun???

  4. Funny how everyone on these tipton murder sites are more concerned with spelling than the facts. I agree the police should have looked at the husband. He lied under oath about the alarm system, and in his reaccount of events never says he went to check on his children who should have been home. The police did NOT preform their duties at ALL!! I live in morgan county, and heaven forbid I should end up in a situation such as this. My family better hire a private investigator!

    note from blog owner

    Only one person commented on that, so don’t say that my blog is so concerned with that. That is a generalization. However, proper spelling and grammar is just plain courtesy. Sometimes a mispelling completely changes the meaning of the word, such as preform instead of perform.

    • Wow, how juvenile of you to respond to that post. It clearly states “everyone on these tipton murder sites”, not just yours. And even more juvenile for you to point out the mispelling.

  5. I don’t think for one second the Daniel Moore is guilty…I think the husband is just as capable of the crime as anyone working for that alarm system company. He would actually have more motive the just some joe-blow walkin around with nothin better to do. He’d be in receipt of insurance money, custody of his daughters, and maybe he was cheating on her too….It’s obvious that he like porno flicks…so who knows.

  6. I live in Devon England and have just watched 48 hours Mystery about Daniel WaAde Moore, and am curioaus as to the outcome.I have read that a mistrial was scheduled for April o9 but cant find out the result.
    Can anyone please help me?

    • Hi ,I just saw a question about Danial Moore , I know it was posted in 2009 but if you still have the same email address and this happens to get to you, here is some info, He is the guy who was accused of murder in USA and claims he did not do it. Your q was posted on – Bonnies Blog Of Crime . You can find out more info by looking up Danial Wade Moore Decatur alabama murder. He was acquitted in 2009 , and let go, no one else has been arrested for the murder. It was a very interesting case . FBI clues got him off death row. If you are still interested in this case , its worth looking up.You might be able to see the updated case on the show 48 Hours. HULU might have it. And updates from there are in the Decatur Daily, Decatur Alabama. He has now been arrested for DUI and theft and now sits in jail once more . Hope this helps ! Or you can email me !

  7. I to have just watched 48hours mystery about Daniel Moore .Watching that i don’t think it was him who did it ,I would look more at the husband something about him that makes me think he had something to do with it .Michael Kelly i to was wondering what as happened to hin he was acquitted in May 2009

  8. Is there any more news on the outcome of this subject?

  9. I just got done watching 48 hours about this case. Is it possible that the paths of the opposing suspects in this case actually crossed more intimately than has been discovered? Has anyone thought that perhaps the husband and the person acquitted had a relationship or that the husband and his friend who proposed a partner swap with the wife may have been having a relationship, thus making it possible that some or all were present at the time of the killing, and perhaps the person acquitted was telling the truth about he being upstairs while the crime took place downstairs, the wife than possibly being transferred upstairs, in his original confession to his uncle being as their was not much evidence found upstairs, and if the husband had relationships with any of the persons involved, he would have a vested interest in erasing evidence from the computer even if he didn’t directly kill his wife, or the alarm guy could have snuck back into the house to erase the computer being as he after all, was the alarm guy; and if some of the folks who appear to be opposing parties actually had intimate relationships with one another, and if some or all were present, than not one of them would be able to disclose such a relationship without implicating themselves. And perhaps the husband walked in on an encounter between the wife and the alarm guy, or the wife walked in on an encounter between the husband and a male buddy; or perhaps the alarm guy was the husband’s male buddy while simultaneously seeing the wife. Is it possible that the suspect who was released was actually on the scene as stated in his confession to his uncle, with possibly the husband’s friend and or the husband himself? Uncovering just how intimately some of the various persons related to the case were connected to each other might lead to the truth of what actually occurred on that fateful day.

  10. Mr. Tipton had an aliby, unlike Moore. Moore also left DNA at the scene without conflicting traces from the husband. Moore admited that he had been at the scene and had an inconsistant story…

  11. I would NOT trust the Decatur prosectutor’s office ESPICALLY after they lied about the FBI report. Does anyone know if the public can read this report? I would love to read it and see what IT has to say. I just don’t feel that Moore has the guts (or at least not at that time, he probably could NOW after spending 10 years in prison) to kill Ms.Tipton.

  12. And another thing, people who mispell on these blogs look so ignorant that many people reading the blogs don’t take them seriously. Learn how to spell or use a spell checker before you post so it doesn’t distract from your message.

  13. Suppose for a moment that Moore didn’t actually commit this crime and what he is saying is true, just for argument’s sake. This guy at least deserves some kind of honorary “Darwin” award for this (he can’t claim an official “Darwin” because he obviously wasn’t executed). How stupid do you have to be to claim you were at the crime scene if you weren’t really there? If he really is innocent, then I hope he enjoyed losing 10 years of his life to blatant stupidity!

  14. Just watched it today January 2011 and for those asking Moore was found “not guilty”. I believe he was a thief and drug user but only that. Everyone involved in this case seems to be liars. The husband did not shed a tear once! Recounting what he saw when he walked in the house and not even a shiver. Once you start living a “secret life” involving sexual adventures and drugs you tend to enter the under belly of society. I’m sure many of these people live normal lives and their sexual exploits provide them with something. However, I do believe some of these people also lead lives that will/could end in examples like the Karen Tipton murder. You just don’t know who you’re dealing with. Maybe Moore did it, although I don’t think he did. Unfortunately because that FBI report was not disclosed and showed the AG’s office lied, and then didn’t release the computer information until 72 hours prior to the final case – there was no choice for jurors than to let Moore go – if the people representing the victims lie to the point of absurdity what do or can we expect from anyone else? I hope those two girls can continue on with as good a life as possible. And I do honestly believe her husband had something to do with her murder.

  15. I too think the husband did it. What time was Karen killed? What time did the coroner rule her death? What time did Mr. Tipton call 911? Was he at his office the whole afternoon until 3:30pm? Who else saw him leave his office at 3:30 pm? did he see any patients that afternoon? Also in his interview he states that he called for Karen when he entered the home. Why didn’t he also call for his daughters that were to have been picked up by Karen by that time. He didn’t call for them because they weren’t there. He knew this. Also he blinks alot when he talks. Signs of a liar. also did Dr. Tipton take a polygragh test? The 48 hour interview left out a LOT Of information. His 911 call was so calm and unemotional. As if he was telling someone it was raining outside. NO hysteria, no terror in his voice, nothing. Dr. Tipton was able to return to his home after the murder, he erased computer information. Where is that computer information. He erased it, not Karen because she was dead. TOO many holes in Dr. Tipton’s alibi. He killed her because he didn’t want to have to pay her child support. He just didn’t want her around anymore. The police dept.and CSI unit didn’t do their job properly and that Police chief Collier didn’t have a clue as to what an investigation is.

  16. Well hair was found at the crime scene wth enough DNA to get a partial match to DMW. How could the defense possibly explain it away. Case closed. A slam dunk. I believe that DNA should be used only to confirm something, an not as evidence to convict. DMW told his uncle that he was present in the house at the time of the murder, It appears that DNA confirms that he was their, pubic hair with the vic’s blood on it. It would appear that DMW got away with murder…….

  17. What’s really sad is that the prosecution had to suppress evidence to get its initial guilty verdict. This is an age-old trick that usually backfires and too often results in a miss-trial and throws suspicion on the prosecution. It’s really too bad that “justice” and “ambition” can not be separated.

    It’s very clear to me that Dr. Tipton has something to hide. Why would the “incriminating” information from the hard drive disappear? Why would he create a website that declares he and his family are “afraid” of Mr. Moore?

    There are too many unanswered questions in this case, and I suspect Dr. Tipton might have some of those answers. He also has plenty to be afraid of, but Mr. Moore is the very least of his worries. When the “truth” finally comes out, Dr. Tipton will find himself in the hot seat.

  18. Well I think the major part of the computer coverup involved the gay porn that Dr. Tipton was looking at. He probably didnt want that gettin out so he took it off the cpu. Dont make him a murderer. Yeah he was calm and rehearsed during the interview, but his wife has been dead now for a good 13 years and he has probably relived that scenario over and over by the time he did the dateline interview. Dont make him a murderer. I understand the evidence supression and all of that, but I find it tough to explain Moore’s pubic hair on the victim unless he was there. He may have been havin sex with the victim from the day he set the alarm up in the house. She obviously wasnt the beyond cheatin on her hubby.
    With that said, however, I saw each presentation of this case on 48 hours, and from the moment the husband hit the screen and said i came home a little early, I had this feeling in me that he was the murderer. Idk why I felt that at first, but it just seem like a person going to rob a house wouldnt spend so much time stabbing a person and then cutting their throat. Also, the husband’s alibi was flimsy at best. He knew about her screwing his best friend (I believe they really had sex but didnt want to present her like that on the show and soil her memory.) I dont think he was trying to frame Moore, until moore came into the picture and thats when he found a scape goat!

  19. I think I know how Dr. Tipton commited the murder! He told his wife they were going to a play that morning before he left for work or whenever, maybe the evening before, and that he would pick up the kids from daycare so she can spend her time getting dressed without the kids being around to interrupt her. He leaves them at the daycare instead of picking them up because he has a plan; he goes home (he was seen at the house at 3PM, the wife at 3:30PM), then murders his wife, cleans up, then calls the police and uses the kids to throw them off the trail (when you listen to the 911 call he states that the kids are not there insinuating a possible kidnapping). When the kids are found at the daycare, they put that as the approximate time of death, because Dr. Tipton tells them she always picks them up at a certain time.
    I watched his interviews, there is a new thing called “micro facial expressions” that shows when people are lying. Dr. Tipton was lying through his teeth if you use this technique. Also, anyone who ‘walks’ upstairs after seeing blood on the foyer floor is either lying or stupid. If I saw blood and had gotten no response from my wife, I would have been sprinting up those stairs. And how did he know she had been tortured in the bedroom, escaped, and then the exact sequence in which she was killed? Police would NOT have told him that, that’s a keeper for police and the coroner only. And he smirked and raised his eyebrows while he was talking about these things that had been done to his wife. And the hairs? Moore was in his house months earlier to install an alarm system, Tipton could have found them then and held on to them as plants. Dr. Tipton is a smart man, and a shrink. During his interviews, he seemed to be trying to persuade people to come around to his way of thinking instead of just stating facts. He and his friend should have been made to take polygraphs, and he should have never been allowed back into that house! He was let into a crime scene and deleted who knows what from the computer and got rid of who knows what evidence he had hidden on the property? Stinks to high heaven and I am glad that an intelligent jury saw through all the bull and found Moore not guilty!

    • I agree with you, A mom who did no pick her kids up , Im sure he told her he was picking them up.and Im sure she was pissd as hell when he showed up without them !

  20. Wasn’t Karen having an affair? If so, then maybe one of her lovers had done it. That’s always a possibility. If Daniel Wade Moore isn’t guilty, then why did he confess the murder to his uncle and try to kill himself by stabbing himself 16 times? If these aren’t signs of guilt, then what do they mean?

    • Daniel didn’t confess to the murder, he said he was there when it happened. And he told his Uncle Sparky that so he would be left alone so he could do drugs. Addicts will say anything to get loved one’s off their backs. And after the guilt tripping by police, he was despondent and tried to kill himself, all the time in the grip of crack cocaine.

  21. Just saw this on 48 hours. What happened to the prosecutor. He should have lost his job. And the chief of police comes across as very incompetent. Dr. Tipton knows more than he’s telling. I don’t think he’s ever been investigated. Its rediculous that he was allowed to stay in the house that night.

  22. They should take a look at the Dr. Tipton. There is something about this guy that is very suspect to me. I think the evidence points directly to the good Dr. tipton.
    The computer being erased says a lot to me. Plus this man is very flamboyant. He appears gay to me. My gaydar is usually very good. There could have been a affair between him and another man and the wife confronted him.
    My gut tells me the couple got involved in a three or four way sexual affair. Often these affairs result in jealousy, especially within a marriage. She may have threatened to ruin his career and he killed her, left, and came back home.
    That is what seems the most probable to me.
    The evidence supports the Dr. being home earlier in the day. Why did he lie about it. Seems very suspect to me.
    I guess they are scared to go after a Dr. Tipton. He would have had the resources to give them the fight of their life.
    They need to investigate, investigate until they come up with a suspect. It certainly looked personal to me.

  23. Investigation wasnt conducted properly,lies told all round this is my therory The wife had lovers as docter takes men lovers The wife threatend to expose The Docters career, The docter has to araise her.—Dr came home early, moore had relations with wife at house. That explaines pubic hair in bed and on Karen ,Moore scarpered out window, That expains why he said he was in house to his uncle, It explaines why Karen was naked on the stairs Docter new kids werent there, there was no emotion for his dead wife he cleaned up house that night and computa knowing the police didnt do there job thoroughly What a clever man,I believe Moore knows who killed Karen ,I believe Dr Tiptop murdered his wife also Moore didnt admit having relations with Karen, Moore wasnt arested until a couple of weeks later, i believe he would have been threatened by Dr Tipton or one of the Dr boyfriends and that is why Moore didnt tell too much, He definately told his uncle the truth the first time he changed his statement when he was arested , Moore didnt do it, but lives in fear of the Dr…..Who did. Thats my therory.

    • That “hair” was never conclusively said to be Daniels. It came from one of her many lovers, or her husbands!

  24. Daniel Wade Moore IS a thief, a liar and a drug addict. I do not believe him to be a murderer. In the throes of addiction a person will say or do anything to have access to their drug of choice and the liberty to do it. I believe THAT is why he told his uncle he was there, to scare him. As far as his “confession”. He would have confessed to assassinating Abraham Lincoln at that point.
    Too many questions, inconsistencies and outright goof ups by the Police Department and Prosecutor’s office have given rise to all the suspicions of someone other than Daniel Moore as the murderer? Why didn’t they cease the home computer immediately? Why didn’t they introduce home and cellphone records into evidence? Why was the doctor not prosecuted for having a gym bag with plastic baggies of marijuna in his bedroom closet?

  25. The jury got it wrong here. Daniel is guilty. Read the court transcripts. He bought crack 3 times that day although his check kiting gig was up. Was it coincidence that he bought the same amount of crack dollar wise that was missing from the tipton home? Coincidence that he used a video camera to get more crack, and a video camera was missing from the tipton home? Coincidence that the owner of the alarm company lied to the papers about when he fired daniel? There are too many clues pointing to daniel. Add that to the fact that the paver saw daniel come to the house, his dna was found at the scene and he confessed not only to his uncle but to a couple cell mates and you have karen tipton dead with no one to answer to it.

    • Where are you getting this information from? Daniel’s DNA was NOT at the scene, the driveway pavers saw Mr. Tipton come home much earlier than he said in court. And “cell mates” will say anything to get their crime reduced: not to be trusted at all. Daniel is 100% innocent, and the jury so found, as well as the judge. My personal belief is that the husband did it, and will never be charged for the crime. I feel sorry for his kids. You ever watch him in an interview? His body language screams “liar”; and he said: “I know what really happened to Karen” when talking about Daniel, How did he know she was tortured, escaped, and then her throat was cut last? Just my humble opinion, but I would like to see what you are talking about if it is in a PDF file or something. And how did Daniel get to the Tipton house? His truck was totally wrecked! I would love to see this “proof” about what you said in your comment.

  26. Come on alabama!! Its bad enough stats say 80% death row are corrupt, fraud: innocent men, mostly minorities & lower class men and drug addicts. And the confession is fake and brief cuz moore didnt know facts, they told him wut happened. Also its not reliable tool of evidence cuz it aint close to convict. No tape of it? Cops used their own tools: threats, fear, coercion, deprivation. People confess alot for many reasons, improperly and no legal council? He was fiening for dope bad and complied. He wasnt aware or competent to give a confession. He lied to get away to get high. He was then framed as alabama’s ideal defendent…tied him to crime scene with the gay doctor’s help. Its simple. They are in cahoots all the way to the state/fed level. Tipton and the “sheriff” and the other criminals like valeska, etc. Wonder why initial case was moved to state atty from local courts? Valeska got new judge on 2nd, but he was allowed to be lead for all? Shady! They never seemed to seek the truth and justice for karen, didnt even pretend too. The state officials and affluent ones are on the same team…its called money. They probably are buds or more? The first judge committed political suicide & is the enemy but is the only real honest man. felt sorry for him cuz he went against the corruption. U dont do that there. Id bet the major players make money off these fraud death pen. Cases. All way up to the prison. They were covering up big time by wasting 3 trials & losing. But kept the real secret from exposure. tipton did it. And got lucky w moore. he has influence, power so they never closed off crime scene, forensic teams in there, seize items, records. And he stayed alone-no cops? Shady! And Fingerprints? They didnt bother to make it look like they did anything. It was so planned that way. The hair is not reliable science to convict. No dna. Tipton is on his narcissistic, poor me website, an insult to karen! Why is her family not seeking the truth? Creepy liar! He is gleeful talkin bout his wifes body, proud, boasting…

    • Agree with you 1000% on this matter! As I said above, Daniel is totally innocent and I believe the good doctor committed the crime. If Daniel hadn’t happen to say to his uncle what he said to get him off his back to do more drugs, they would have found some other poor soul and framed him! This case will never be solved unless the FBI or some different law organization takes over the investigation.

  27. i believe her husband was guilty as sin~~~ he was fixing to have to pay $30,000 a month to her …that is one big motive!!! also he already had a girlfriend and no telling how much insurance he had on her!I say guilty.

    • I wonder if they will ever get around investigating Dr. Tipton? Most likely not. This case has become so muddied up, like the Karen and Dyke Rhodes murders; they’ll never be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt without a confession, and the good doctor will NEVER do that. Being a shrink, he can read people and know exactly how to counter questions, or throw them into a different direction. He is a liar, and in my eyes (and millions of others), he is the murderer. Karen will never get justice in this life!

  28. This is just an idea, not based on any fact, just someone trtying to think what would cause Dr. Tipton to kill Karen. This may be hard to understand, but try to follow the line of thinking. I can’t see Dr. Tipton and Karen getting into a fight over pornography, even homosexual, especially with the life style they lived. And I really can’t see Dr, Tipton killing her over it. I just watched the show again, and a thought crossed my mind. The computer was gone over by the FBI, and files were found to have been deleted. What was deleted they did not say on the show. Now this is the tricky part to follow; What if Dr. Tipton actually changed hard drives, putting in one that he deleted files from to throw the FBI off? ? It’s not that hard, and he destroyed the original hard drive that caused the rift that ended up with Karen’s death. And I was thinking, what could be on a computer to set a wife off so that her husband killed her? The thought that came to mind was she found a different kind of pornography; child pornography. She found it, called him at work and told him she was filing for divorce and taking the kids. That kind of shame could have caused him to go home and kill her. Please feel free to reply to this idea, I would love to hear what others think of it.

  29. Bernie:
    You really brought up something I had never considered–child porn. I think that finding that on the computer would have been a game changer for Karen, and confronting Dr. Tipton about it would bring on a classic narcissistic rage & murder. Dr. Tipton strikes me as a very, very angry man; someone who demands control, and a man who is fundamentally dishonest. He attacks others for drug use, arguing that drug users are subhuman liars, yet *he* is a drug user. He betrays himself with his frightening website devoted to long, drawn-out diatribes of hatred directed at whoever dares to have a differing opinion on the case. He is disturbed, and he frightens me. He seems so tightly wound and capable of great rage.
    It’s also very suspicious that the afternoon of the murder he is home early due to “plans,” and the police “cleared” him, apparently buying the alibi story of leaving work at 3:30. I don’t believe him.

    • Hi Lara,
      Good point about that afternoon, and I think I know how he did it also. He told Karen he would pick up the kids; but instead he goes home, kills her, and then uses the kids as decoys (the 911 call “my kids aren’t here and my wife is dead), like the kids have been kidnapped. All to throw the cops off his scent. If you ever get a chance to learn just a little about body language and what to look for, then watch the t.v. show, he is screaming “I am a liar” in his body language. It’s amazing how smart this man is, and being a shrink he knows how to manipulate any person or system into seeing HIS viewpoint. And if they don’t see it his way, they ‘are crazy’ and don’t know what they are talking about. he is the only one who knows the ‘truth about him and Karen, (he says this on the show), and he somehow knows the exact sequence of how she was tortured, escaped, was caught and then her throat was cut lastly! I’ve yet to look at his ‘webpage’; the thought of him dishonoring Karen like that makes me sick. But hopefully the FBI will.take over he case and
      figure out the truth, he is her killer. Thanks for your response!

  30. If Daniel is so innocent then he should have told his uncle and the prosecution that either David or someone else had killed Karen. He didn’t. Both these guys have things to hide.

    • He is now back in jail for theft ,Vidio of crime is on net, You realy cant tell if it is him or not, He breaks in door , falls and bangs his head and goes dirrectly to a box on the floor and gets boxes of ciggs. For someone who was drunk he seemed to know what he was going in for and knew they were on the floor. Who keeps cigg boxes on the floor in customers reach ?

  31. I work for the Decatur Daily. I was in the newsroom when the initial scanner call came in, and I know every reporter who covered the case, personally. I also know Mr. Powell’s (defense attorney) secretary from childhood. Yes, DWM put himself at the scene. I don’t know the guy, but here’s why I don’t think he did it.
    1. Too many bumbles with the investigation. Everyone knew Moore had been in the house anyway, because he had worked for the alarm company that installed the alarms for the Tipton house. The hair? The investigator didn’t put it in a separate envelope. It was in the same envelope as another sample of Mrs. Tipton’s hair and blood. The sample was contaminated from the get-go.
    2. This was a bloody, bloody crime scene, over two floors of a big house. Investigators never found a single fingerprint, shoeprint, or any other physical evidence from DWM, except that one hair. He had been fired from the alarm company weeks before, so there’s no way he would know the Tiptons had been having trouble with their system, which is one theory the prosecution hammered over and over.
    3. Don Valeska was a “special prosecutor,” appointed by the state. He was not part of the Morgan County D.A.’s office. He’s had a lot of problems with cases before and since. The storied FBI report didn’t get Moore off, as some said. All it did was provide Judge Glenn Thompson with the evidence to overturn the first conviction. That’s it. However, Valeska was reprimanded for failing to produce the report. In fact, his office said it never existed.
    4. Yep, DWM was caught pawning a camcorder. But no one could say if it was the one missing from the gym bag in the Tipton home. The bag was on the third floor, BTW, where no other evidence was. The bag also contained 28 baggies of pot and a brick of hashish. It’s all in the trial records. Moore was a druggie. He takes the camcorder and leaves the drugs? I don’t care how stoned someone is. That’s not going to happen.
    5. Mrs. Tipton was wearing very expensive jewelry, including a gold choker and a diamond ring. But the only thing missing from her body was her wedding band — which was found clutched in her right hand. Dr. Tipton never mentioned his beloved wife’s wedding ring was missing. In fact, the only items missing from the house were the camcorder, Mrs. Tipton’s purse and a pair of diamond earrings from her jewelry box upstairs. Thieves go for the easy stuff. Purse, yes, but none of the stuff she had on? And why kill her?
    6. The kids were supposed to have been picked up from school. No one shows up, and NO ONE from the school calls Tipton? Not possible. Plus, many other drugs were found in the house, and they don’t remove the children? If this guy had been Joe Smith and worked at Wal-Mart, not a respected psychiatrist, I guarantee the cops would have removed those kids and children’s services would have taken them.

    My theory: Mrs. Tipton finds the gay porn on her husband’s computer and calls him, really PO’ed. He comes home early, figuring he’s going to have to “deal” with it and they get in a fight. He busts her nose. She starts up the stairs, pauses (all according to blood spatter evidence) and says something like, “I’m going to ruin you” or similar. He starts up the stairs with the fireplace poker — the nearest weapon to hand. She gets scared and starts running up the stairs, where the really bad stuff happens. Her last act, before she finally bleeds to death, is to take off her wedding ring. As a woman, I say she was going to throw it at him, but died before she could.

    The people who ran in their circle always thought Tipton did it, or knew who did. It’s all going to come out one of these days, I guarantee. It may come out that Moore is guilty as sin. It could happen. But I don’t think it will. But you can draw your own conclusions. These are mine. I have no connection to either family. I don’t know them. The only reason he was convicted in the first trial is because a couple of the jurors had tickets to the Alabama-Auburn game, the jury was deadlocked and they were afraid they would miss the game since the jury was sequestered. Yes, that happened. Even if Moore did it, I don’t think the prosecution ever overcame reasonable doubt. But as I said, these are my opinions, which count for precisely nothing. But it will all come out. I promise it will.

    • You work for the Decatur Daily…your paper has been on Moore’s side since the start…your so called paper is a Far Left biased rag…I knew Moore and I know he could have done it…he was an idiot, so a lot of the things you say he should have done would not have been done by an idiot…lord I hate your paper…

      • Someone needs to listen for the ‘pop’ sound as their head comes out of their butt. Her husband killed her plain and simple. As for the reason, who knows? Like he said: “only I know the truth about me and Karen”… and someday he’ll pay for it!

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