Update: Murder in Logan Canyon, UT *Victim identified as Tiffany Britt Jarmon*

       Tiffany Britt Jarmon

Police identify woman found dead in Logan Canyon
Deputies identify woman’s body found in Logan Canyon
Body Found In Logan Canyon Identified
Woman’s body found in Logan Canyon Identified
Man tells how he found woman’s body near Logan River

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  1. RIP Tiffany.


  2. I found Tiffany in Logan Canyon last Saturday. Many emotions flowed when it became apparent what had happened. Making my way toward her body, perhaps 6 feet from her, I sat with Tiffany for a few minutes. I then chanted a chant that is dear to me, several times. I wished Tiffany passage to the other side. I didn’t want to leave her. She had been terribly abandoned. After some tears and some time, I moved away to tell others and begin the work of identification and respectful handling of the body. Tiffany needed to be found and I found her. For this I am grateful. For her loss I am deeply saddened.


  3. I’m so sad by your loss and unfortunate cards you have been dealt with in life. I tried to do what I could to raise you when you were 13-15 and you were not in a position to live with your parents. I have always felt you had a tough life a head of you and unfortunately hearing this tragic news sums up the bad luck you have had. I pray they find whoever did this to you and I have peace knowing your safe now with your grandparents who loved (love) you very much and away from this sometimes cruel world we live in. God bless you Tiff. Woody (Scott)


  4. I am so glad my sister found this site:

    Jim: The horror you must have felt! I believe you were meant to find her for us. Thank for sitting with her, and hopefully helping her pass over to her grandparents, uncle and great-grandparents.

    Scott: You may find this hard to believe but I think of you often. I wish you could have been part of our family. I know you left for good reasons. If Mike and I did not show it we always appreciated you taking time for Tiffany. Yesterday I found a picture of you with us at Christmas a long long time ago. May God bless you always, you hold a special place in my heart. I pray your life has turned out better than the girls


  5. Hello to all. I want to thank the person who used the name step-monster for expressing gratitude to me. I am also happy that you found this site. It seems a good place to work through some feelings.
    But there was no horror when I found Tiffany. There was sadness in considering the events leading to her day of loss. I didn’t know any of the circumstances so I just gave love to another human as best I could.
    I feel a strong connection to Tiffany though I don’t know her. I have compassion for all who are experiencing this time of loss. And I am happy to share my experience of finding Tiffany to anyone who wishes. Mostly, I wish all of Tiffany’s family and friends love and healing.


  6. RIP Tiffany and God bless you.


  7. Jim, this is step-monster. Actually step mom I may find a time when I can tell you more than you want to know. Today though it is important to her dad and I that you know your prayer, chant whatever is so greatly appreciated. Sincerely the Jarmon’s


  8. Dear Step Mom: That is fine. Thank you for the kind response. I wish you well and I offer my love to Tiffany’s Father and to you and all who are close to Tiffany. Please contact me if you wish. I only want you and all those who love Tiffany to be with what you need to be with now and heal. I am grateful that you shared what you have with me. I am grateful for your response. This is a time of sorrow and grieving and love and I wish you strength. You are obviously a caring person. I understand that my offerings are appreciated. Thank you for telling me. You guys do what you need to do and you will be in my prayers constantly.
    With love and gratitude and wishes of healing,


  9. RIP Tiffany. A lot of memories from when we were younger.
    To the Jarman family, I am so sorry for your loss. I have wondered often where Tricia and Tiffany were and how they were doing. I am so sorry to hear that Tiffany had to leave this way.

    I have not seen an obituary. Will there be a funeral?


  10. Who are you people?


  11. Tiffany and Tricia grew up in the house behind us. Seems like every other weekend we slept over at the others house.Were you a friend of Tiffs? If so sorry for your loss.


  12. My condolances to Mike & Maxine, Becky & Tricia. My heart goes out to hear the tragic way Tiff left the earth. I was Tiff’s best pal for many years of my childhood. My mom called me from Wyoming this morning to tell me what happened. I am so sorry and my heart breaks for Tiffany and the hard years she went through to get to this point. I am so glad they found the monster who did this. Please feel free to contact me as I would love to share some fun memories I have of her growing up in west bountiful. Becky Vodopich.


  13. RIP Tiffany I am sorry for wwhat happened. But to you and your family Justic will be done. Rob and I were like bothers but when he told me of this I turrned him in and its been really hard dealing with this but I won’t see him get away with it. And again I am truily sorry for what he did to you and your family.


  14. Tiffany- I just found out what happened to you yesterday, I am very sorry for what you had gone through in life. You always deserved much more than what life gave you, I have never forgoten you even though we lost contact in life many years ago. I know you are with God in Heaven because that is where angles belong, to your family and children I would like to say how sorry I am for your loss, I can only imagine how hard this is for you. Tiffany may your light continue to shine, you will always live on in our hearts and in our memories and I will never forget you.


  15. I was a friend of Tiffanys.i miss her very much.I was one of the last person to see her befor her murder.I wish I would have know what was going to happen to her,mabe I could have stoped it.Just know that you are loved and missed.

    love your friend



    • Patrick,

      I am Tiffanys mother. I am writing a book in honor of my daughter, if there is any information you can give me about tiff it would greatly be appreciated. It has taken me this long just to pull myself together and realize my baby is no longer here, now I want to do a tribute to her


  16. Quite sad to read this.From what i can see she was my Uncle Leo’s & aunt carols grandchild,my uncle syanly had some picture of her & her sister when she was small.never expected to see this pokin around on the internet so sorry to you all


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