Breaking News: 4 year old child starved to death by Aunt and Grandmother

People just piss me off when they hurt little children. Especially when they are family! I don’t understand how they can do this. And this is a very sad story.

What is wrong with these people? 4 year old child starved to death – Aunt and Grandmother arrested and charged with his murder

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  1. but these 2 bitches don’t look like they forgot to feed themselves!

    pos, both of them.


  2. That makes me so angry. I fallow the casey anthony story very closely hoping they will find that poor bay girl. Things like this rack my nerves, i dont undertstand how anyone could hurt any poor innocent child, no matter if it is family or not they are kids and baby’s if you dont want them dont lay down and spread your legs and if it happens they have adoption agency’s all over. You are not alone on this i simply dont understand at all.


  3. Grandma looks like she is full of anger and hate. How can anyone not love their grandchild?
    RIP Austin. You are being took care of now. It breaks my heart to know this child went through senselss crap.
    I hope those two monsters only get pisswater and staled bread and never get out of jail.


  4. God bless you Austin.
    I hope these b**ches rot at the bottom of the jail.


  5. I can’t take this shit…. starve these whores until their dead! Then cut um up in little pieces and feed them to wild animals. I don’t want them in any cemetary’s near good people.


  6. Austin, rest in peace little angel. Your in Gods hands now.


  7. I can’t get this little angel off my mind ever since I heard the story. Can not imagine what torture these two evil animals put him through. I know they will pay in hell, but I hope they get theirs in prison too, but no amount of torture of a big fat piece of crap like they are could make up for what they did to that poor little child. I have to think that God led the two of them to starve him for the last two weeks so He could take his little soul out of the torture. Imagine what they did to him besides starving him. That’s the only solace I can find…… that he’s in God’s hands now. I’m just so furious at the two that caused it, though, I can’t sleep. Remember that there are other little innocent children out there that are being abused. Pray every day for God to protect them. Please!


  8. It is sad that DHS does little to protect our most vulnerable individuals. I wonder how many times they had been to this residence?


  9. lilisgam I have to disagree with you when you said * I have to think that God led the two of them to starve him for the last two weeks so He could take his little soul out of the torture*. God is love and would not led anyone to do that. Satan would and God would allow it to happen but how can you say that God led them to it? If the good Lord wanted him out of the torture so bad I believe that he would have took him in his sleep and not let him suffer so.


  10. Stories of children suffering at the hands of monsters such as these makes me sick to my soul. It is almost unbearable and I can’t get it out of my mind. I am not violent, but I would love to punch these b***** until their faces turn to mush. That would only be a fraction of the evil they inflicted on this poor little child. I wish we didn’t give criminals such leniency in this country. Put them in a room with me and I guarantee they will be brain dead in only a couple of minutes.


  11. Will I dont understand why people have kids when they will be mean. Where was the mother? Why No condoms or the pill? Where was the father? You see people like thies and then you have people who want kids and would be the wonderfull mother or father not togather or togather and can not have any. Or you have people out thier still trying for a angel sent from GOD to take care of and love with all thier heart. I want a child and this makes me sick. My mom tryed and tryed and olny got me but the docter said she was lucky to have one. She misscarried my twin. Life is so unfair. A baby eats first,baths frist, everything first. I hate thoughs people. They should have a Island to put thoughs crul people on and have it where they can not have sex and have it where they can not have kids and the perverts should be thier to. I did not read what happen but now it is true and like to know more about it. I wish all pigs like that should die. A baby is a loving gift that people are soo lucky to have so why treat them like nothing. Pople may think thier is no good out come but thier is only two. One the baby is in Gods hands. Two some day on judgement day with God. It is said in the bible not to harm on hair on a childs head and God means what he say’s. He said I shall not kill. This is murder and feel the same about abortion. I know that has nothing to do with it but thier is so meny sick people in the world.


  12. My grand daughter (she was 2 years old at the time) was hit by her mothers boyfriend. She suffered a brain hemorrhage and thank God was saved by the hospital/ What did our wonderful state do? They only gave “him” a few months in jail – and took the kids away from their mother! The baby got a life sentence – this guy only got a few months! My daughter had to jump thru alot of hoops (she complied with every single one) before they would return the baby (boy) to her and so far she has not gotten her daughter returned (she was placed with the father). I am in a dilemma – it sickens me that they basically just slapped the perpetrators hand and said “no, no, don’t do it again)! My daughter lost her home, her children, and her relationship. I am grateful that this guy is out of their lives – but am totally confused! My grand daughter is healing – and consequently has trust issues! But she loves her mother and loves when she gets to come and stay with her.


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