Update: Liliana Beatrice Iboa and her daughter Karen Bianay Cervantes are returned home unharmed

  Liliana and her daughter Karen

It is not often that things end so positively. I am so thrilled for this family that they were returned safely. It is a miracle.

Missing Arizona Mom, 3-Year-Old Daughter Released Unharmed by Kidnappers
Avondale mom, girl found unharmed after kidnapping
Mom, Daughter OK After Alleged Kidnapping

12 Responses

  1. I’m glad they weren’t harmed but for some reason after reading it, it doesn’t make sense.
    Oh well, alls well that ends well 😀


  2. Thank you God. Of course the asshole husband/baby daddy has a hand in this. Anyone agree??


  3. Thank you Jesus! that’s great to hear.


  4. Yes, Shauncey, I agree with that. It was too convenient that she just barely moved back in with her husband after a lengthy separation. I do not have a good vibe on it.


  5. Or it could be that she set it up? Not sure why but that is what I first thought.


  6. mylifeofcrime,
    I’m am estatic that your feeling better. Sorry when I just lost it the other day. I felt you had pretty much reached your limit, I did sense that. I wanted to apologize to you for screaming at the bloggers that pissed me off, but I cannot deal with the fact of you maybe shutting this blog down, I love it and you too much. So remember that BEFORE you threaten our preciois blog again. (oh, I’m sure my girls will agree with me)

    note from me!
    I was not mad at you in the least! Your post actually made me feel better. I have alot of personal stress that is taking over my life and then to have people try to tell me how to run my blog, I blew it myself. But such is life! (Lavonna can tell you what is going on (OFF of here) and you will understand why enough was enough for me.)


  7. Hell yeah, I agree! We love you and the blog Bonnie 🙂


  8. “I’m am”!!! LOL!!!


  9. mylifeofcrime,
    Sorry your going thru it, but you know we’re not known as the “Beat Down Diva’s” for nothing!! Let me know if you need some assistance, a few knee caps broken, etc….

    note from me again!
    I will remember that!


  10. I’m in on that! don’t leave me out. I like breaking knee caps. that’s my favorite.


  11. Donna,
    I wouldn’t DREAM of leaving you out, ever.


  12. I wouldn’t leave you out either! I just get so excited when I hear about breaking knee caps…LOL


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