Breaking News: Serial Killer Arthur Shawcross has died in prison

Jack Owen Blake, 10 [May 1972] (top)
Karen Ann Hill, 8 [September 1972] (top)
Dorothy “Dotsie” Blackburn, 27 [3/15/1988] (top)
Anna Marie Steffen, 28 [7/8/1988] (top)
Dorothy Keeler, 59 [7/29/1989] (top)
Patricia “Patty” Ives, 25 [9/29/199] (top)
June Stotts, 30 [10/23/1989] (bottom)
Marie Welch, 22 [11/5/1989] (bottom)
Frances “Franny” Brown, 22 [11/11/1989] (bottom)
Kimberly Logan, 30 [11/5/1989] (no photo)
Elizabeth “Liz” Gibson, 29 [11/25/1989] (bottom)
Darlene Trippi, 32 [12/15/1989] (bottom)
June Cicero, 34 [12/17/1989] (bottom)
Felicia Stephens, 20 [12/28/1989] (no photo)

Serial KiIler: Arthur John Shawcross *The Genesee River Killer*
NY serial killer Arthur Shawcross dead at 63
Serial Killer Arthur Shawcross Dead
Arthur Shawcross Dead at 63
Serial Killer Arthur Shawcross Dead
Wikipedia: Arthur Shawcross
Shawcross Jail Interview

Misbegotten Son, A Serial Killer and His Victims: The True Story of Arthur J. Shawcross
Arthur Shawcross: The Genesee River Killer : The Grisly True Crime Account of the Rochester Prostitute Murders!
Guilty by Reason of Insanity: A Psychiatrist Explores the Minds of Killers

Serial Killer Arthur Shawcross

16 Responses

  1. Had he not gotten out on parole after serving 15 years he wouldn’t have had the chance to kill again. WTH is wrong with this system? Can we not understand that they will kill again?
    Good riddance!


  2. You know it Lavonna.
    To Arthur Shawcross: Good bye you sick piece of s**t. I only hope you suffered as much as your victims’ family did and still does to this day. What on this earth gave you the right to think you could murder all these wonderful people and pay? Well, now the One you’ll stand before to be judged is the only One that matters, GOD. And you will pay, you f**king scum, for what you’ve done. Burn in hell you murdering son-of-a-bitch.


  3. *****not pay*****


  4. um bye,bye….. one less freak to worry about. A billion more to go.


  5. Hello , has anyone ever heard of mental illness . It is obvious that this man had mental illness that was not treated !!! I am in no way condoning his behavior but mental illness is like hypertension , it can be undetected at times and when it is discovered , the person could have already started killing others . They hear and see things that noone else does . I would have loved the opportunity to treat this individual but after school I started my career in Louisiana . The mind is a complex rock but if the circuits get crossed then you have a potential for anything !!!
    Dr. Kaley Foresite


  6. Dr. Kaley Foresite,

    I have to disagree with you that it is “obvious” that he had a mental illness. Maybe, and that is a big maybe, a trained professional can see someone and know they have a mental illness. I was not taught that in school (and I went to school for Psychology myself). Not every killer (including serial killers) are mentally ill. Personally, from remembering what I have read about him, he mostly hated women. I don’t recall (but could be wrong) that he had a mental illness, other than being a sociopathy.

    You say you would have loved to have treated him? If you really are a PhD in psychology, then you know that sociopaths cannot be rehabilitated or “cured”. I believe Arthur fits into that category.

    (I do not know if you are a PhD, but I suspect you are not in practice or are using a fake name, as I could not find you listed as a Psychologist anywhere)


  7. Bonnie,

    Don’t you think if you are capable of murdering so many people that automatically makes you mentally ill?


    • No, I don’t. It is NOT automatic. It may make you a sociopath, but that does not mean you are mentally ill. A sociopath knows what he did is wrong, but does not care. Does not have a conscience. There are many who choose to kill because they just plain want to.


  8. That’s exactly what I’m saying…if you WANT to kill people there is something mentally wrong with you.


    • But that is NOT mental illness. That is just a generalization, a way for people to justify why people kill. It does not mean that they are mentally ill. He probably had an Anti-Social Personality Disorder, but that does not make him legally mentally ill.


  9. GOOD I HOPE HE ROTS IN HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a sick and twisted individual he was. He murdered Elizabeth Ann Gibson the mother of my husband! My husband has had a tough life growing up with out his mother and he is emotionally scared for the rest of his life. His poor grandchildren will never even know their grandmother, and she also left behind a daughter and a husband as well. Why was this emotionless parasite let out after what he did to those poor children in the first place?!?!? Show’s how backwards our law is!!!! My father worked on Elizabeth’s crime scene and the details are gruesome. I’m just glad he is gone. Her family will never be able to forget her on either side and Thanksgiving is not even enjoyable.


  10. Bonnie’s right Melissa. Some people LIKE killing other people. Not knowing the difference between right and wrong is one thing. But KNOWING the difference between right and wrong and not giving a damn is a whole different ballgame. Ted Bundy wasn’t mentally ill, and he killed ALOT of women. He did it because he enjoyed it. I can see your point though Melissa. You’d think that a person WOULD have to be mentally ill to even think of doing something like this. Unfornately, thats not the case. Alot of these killers come with smiles on their faces, seeming almost as competient as we are. Don’t be fooled. And please be careful.


  11. The thought that they released this sick man out into the public again after he killed two children it makes me sick to my stomach i blame who ver decided that he was saine enought to get out they should be brought to justice they have there hand in all the killing as well. If he can murder children what makes you think he wont and can not murder any one else. My daughter grandmother was a victim and when she google her grandma name she has to see things i wouold never want to see.


  12. Does anyone know any family members of Elizabeth Gibson? I had an experience with Elizabeth just hours before Shawcross murdered her and would love to reach out to her family members. I think of Elizabeth often, she left an imprint in my life and was bright, inquisitive and funny! Please let me know if you have any contacts to her family in Rochester, NY. Thanks very much,



  13. I dont get it,,why keep killers alive in prison?.why spend the money and time.Need mental help,compassion? Sorry,Compassion is out of the question,where was the campassion when there victims were begging for there lives>? Or a child was screaming for there Mommy’s or Daddy’s while the Rapist were hurting them,,whats wrong with people..If a dog bites more than once kill it. Tell me someone..why let a Rapist Or killer go on eating,and haveing showers,clean clothes,Wake up every morning ? Smokes.letters ,Tv’s. The Goverment is crying were broke .We owe china,heck why spend money on Re-peat offenders? There are to many people starving in our country and no work that are hard working and Loyal to the law. abiding citizens are going threw .Sorry.I think as soon as they know for sure there guilty of Rapeing & Killing they should be turned over and dealt with right there.No time for potty or lawyers.Just do it..Save money Sorry do I seem Harsh. I believe In God and compassion,But I dont believe Killers and Rapist should be shown mercy,Dont Judge them..let god do it after there sent back where they came from.Let him Judge and do what he feels need done to them,They have DN A there is no excuses why they dont do the blood work and cut the bull and get enough proff that this or that paticualr person is guilty and Get rid of them like you do a Dog that Bites more than once,as we all know sick dogs dont get second chances. Bet it cost a grand to bury this killer after he died.


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