Dennis and Donna Smith murder 11/08/2008 Evergreen, AL *Couple shot to death after argument over Alabama-LSU football game; Michael Williams arrested*


And people think that I am fanatical about my teams! Hmmm, the Utah-BYU is coming…

2 Dead in Argument Over College Football Game
‘Bama-LSU aftermath turns deadly
LSU-Bama Game Leads to Trash Talk, Homicide
2 dead in argument over Ala.-LSU football game

New Developments In Alabama/LSU murder case

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  1. […] Dennis and Donna Smith murder 11/08/2008 Evergreen, AL *Couple shot to death after argument over Ala…   […]


  2. I hear you Bonnie. I mean, I LOVE football, but damn. Not enough t to die over it. This was taken to a whole different level, and its obvious these people were not thinking clearly. My deepest sympathies to the Smith family. You are in my prayers.


  3. This was over a family dispute also, not only the ballgame.The news stated today that it was an ongoing feud between the families.
    It is really a sad situation.


  4. seems that the whole story needs to be right before posting hear say it had nothing to do with any football game at all…
    the shooter was on his own property an the other two came to his home uninvited and armed…what would u do…..protect your self on your own ground or be in a grave for being where you are suppose to


  5. Having read some of the newspaper articles I wanted to set a few things straight.

    First Dennis Smith was a die hard Alabama fan not an Lsu fan. Also there was a lot more to the shooting than the ball game. I knew Dennis for about 20 to 25 years. I attended the Alabama themed double funeral. One of the witness at the house , a co-worker and suppose to be friend, invited him to come over while they were trash talking each other on the phone.


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