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    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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This Day in History: Michele “Missy” Avila murder 10/01/1985 Arleta, CA *Killed by her best friends, Karen Severson and Laura Doyle*

Michelle “Missy” Avila

It is true. Karen Severson was granted parole. She was released from prison 12/9/2011. Missy’s family is not happy about it at all, which they should not be happy. Karen should have remained in prison for life. However, Laura Doyle is still in prison. I am amazed that they released Karen, when she refused to take any responsibility for the murder (last I read). This is very wrong. *Update 12/18/2012* Laura Ann Doyle was granted parole also. She was released on 12/10/2012. Update 11/7/2014 Apparently Karen Severson is writing a book on the murder of Michele Avila. She said “I pushed her,” she said. “I was tired. I was frustrated. All this stuff, everything we were accusing her of, she knew she did it, but not one time did she say sorry.” I do not know how she got parole when she is still not taking responsibility for her actions. She is blaming the victim. It is horrifying, to say the least.

Missy Avila
A Killer Among Friends (great site – has updated pictures)
Missy Avila Timeline of Events
Two sentenced in drowning death
Karen Severson Swore She’d Find Her Best Friend’s Murderer—Now She Stands Accused of the Crime
Karen Severson Swore She’d Find Her Best Friend’s Murderer—Now She Stands Accused of the Crime
Find-a-Grave: Michelle Yvette Avila
Killer’s impending release painful for slain girl’s family
Victim’s family: Release of teen’s killer `slap in face’
Last woman convicted in Missy Avila murder released from prison on Monday
Wikipedia: Michele Avila
Mother wants to stop convicted killer from profiting off 1985 murder
killer will not profit from selling story of 17-year-old girl’s murder
This Day in History: Michele “Missy” Avila murder 10/01/1985 Arleta, CA

Missy’s Murder

A Killer Among Friends
Unusual Suspects: Deadly Forest
Deadly Women: Deadly Delinquents



has since been released

CDCR #: W35829
Age: 43
Admission Date: 04/12/1990
Current Location: Women’s Institution



has since been released

CDCR#: W35830
Age: 43
Admission Date: 04/12/1990
Current Location: Valley State Prison


23 Responses

  1. It’s clear why her friends were jealous of her, she was so beautiful. May those ugly bitches die a horrible death!

  2. all i can say that was really evril that her friends
    would do that to her

  3. I watched the movie and I have read the book as well. I couldn’t believe for the life of me what I was reading nor what I was watching. Now being a mom of four myself I’m so very scared and cautious of who my daughters are friends with. I can’t be with them every second BUT I do tell my daughters to PLEASE becareful of who you pick as friends. I watch my kids friends like hawks. I can’t help it. As for these GIRLS? I hope they got or get EVERYTHING they deserve from other prison ladies. Jealousy is such and UGLY thing. And it’s amazing what it can force people to do. My heart goes out to the family of Missy.

  4. Hey whats the name of the book?

  5. she is my brothers love his one and only he christopher spradlin has never had any kids nore any wifes or girl friends his misses her every day he had her pix tattoo on him to keep her close at all times here i am 34 years old and crying as i wright this couse i know and see how much she is loved and deeply missed. we love u and miss u so much missy

  6. we love and miss u missy.

  7. I’m deeply sorry for your loss as for your brother and for missy’s family as well. Sitting here right now I’m truly in a loss of words because I don’t want to say the wrongs things. I hope you understand. BUT I do remember something as a teen after seeing the movie with patty duke. These girls I hung around with “only” when my counsin came around, showed up at my house and asked me to come hang out, I thought it was odd, but I went. They brought me to this place where you stood on this rock and the rock was shaped and as high as a building and when you looked over all you saw was sharper rocks and of water. And they kept saying “My name, come look closer” I got a real creeping feeling” and I said nah I’m good, and I said when are we leaving and I went back to the car” Ever since I saw that movie I was real cautious, I went home and I was telling my mom and she said told she didn’t care for them girls and she found it odd they had showed up here without, my cousin and she didn’t want me hanging around them anymore. Enough about me, I’m hoping the girls that did what they did to missy, got everything they deserved in prision. I get there names confused, Especially the one with that smart ass smurk on her face. My deepest sympathy to you and your family and of course missy’s family too. Take Care.

  8. tky brandy that is very nice of u so think of our familys thank god u went back to the car you take also.

  9. Your most welcome. I could NEVER imagine losing one of my children at all and never in that way either. I watch Disorder in the court and I watch the parents or loved ones lash out on the person who took there loved ones away, and the judge don’t stand for that in his/her court room, and THAT person goes to jail for it. BUT let that be judges loved one and see how he/she handles it, right? your suppose to keep your composer, haha, I don’t think I could to honest. What I”m getting at is, If I was in court the day those two ladies were sentenced? I WOULD HAVE HAD TO HIT ONE OF THEM! Expecially the one who moved in and pretended she knew NOTHING, grrrrr, JUST THINKING OF THAT PISSES ME OFF. Of coarse I think of your family, My heart breaks for your family all the time. I have the book , I’ve the movie a million times. It’s so creepy. I want to be a homicide detective BUT I’m not sure that’s my calling anymore, I know I’m going to find children, babies, and I would want to HURT the parent or person who did this once I find them, and OF COARSE I CAN’T DO THAT. I”m a mom of four and I’m not sure if I can do it. I’ve wanted to do that for sooo long and now I don’t think I can and it kills me. But anyways, Yes my heart and prayers go out to you and your family EVERYDAY, Shes gone but NEVER FORGOTTEN, that’s for sure. Bless you and your family and missy.

  10. If Eva Chirumbola had not come forward to tell the truth and to testify to what Karen had done, I would not be here today. After Missy’s death, my father, Randy, finally left Karen to be with my mother Michelle. during the first year of their relationship, Karen repeatedly stalked and harrassed my mother. She showed up at her house screaming in the lawn, threatening to kill her with the gun she had brought along, and eventually forced her way into my moms house. She slashed my moms tires, and bashed out the windows in her car, and told her to watch her back, that she was going to die. Thank God that Karen was convicted, and before any more crimes of “passion” could be committed! I now have three beautiful children- 2 girls 7 and 6, and 1 boy-4. If Karen had killed my mom Michelle too, Me-my 19 yr old sister, my 11 yr old brother, and my 3 kids would not be here today…

  11. I know one day GOD will give all of those who were harmed in anyway justice. I pray that GOD guides and helps the family.

  12. Evil little Bitches! They should have gotten the death penalty or at the very least, life in prison without parole. They’re as ugly on the inside as they are on the outside apparently. Look at the fat one in particular. I’d like to wipe that smirk off her ugly, fat face!

  13. I agree. Lucky the mom goes to the parole hearings. I hope the 2 of them rot in prison. What goes around comes around. My motto is Karma is a bitch and now its on them. My condolenses to missys fmly, especially her birthday just passed. I hope her mom just remebers the good times. My hubby, Max just passed 4 mos ago & sometimes its hard to get out of bed but I do it for him and i remeber our short happy timx we had. So Avila just hang in.

  14. The smirk on Ms. Severson’s face is very telling. She has a callous look in her eyes. Both of these women are self-serving sociopaths. They should rot in prison for life. I am quite sure that neither of them feels any remorse for their crime.

  15. I read this book in high school and saw the movie my first year of college and the story has haunted me throughout the years. The thought that any person could be so cold and calculating sends chills through me. Missy was a beautiful girl whose life was cut short by petty and vindictive monsters. These two should never see the light of day let alone be up for parole. I have 3 children of my own and I make sure I know every one of their friends and the parents of the friends, on more than one occassion I have denied a request for them to go to someones house because something felt “off”. Sometimes when I get this feeling I have considered shrugging it off but for some reason Missy’s story comes to mind and I listen to my gut and say no. The Avila family can take some small comfort in knowing that Missy has impacted me and the way I safeguard my children, she is like a guardian angel to all that have heard, read or watched her story and have taken extra precautions with their children because of it. God Blesss her family and loved ones.

  16. These girls obviously have enough hate for themselves that us hating them would make no difference… This self hate is why they did what they did!!! I could never understand how one person could carry so much hatred for themselves… Everyone is beautiful in their own way & everyone deserves better so what made them not think so!!! Its a question I constantly ask myself because im raising a lil girl who just turned 14 & im scared for her to be on either side of this situation!!! Shes 92 pds, long blonde hair, green eyes & her personality is like Missys, but what if for whatever reason she starts hating herself & bcomes vengeful towards someone or viseversa?
    I v recently married someone iv been with for five yrs & his ex isnt all there… She left him for someone else & is now harrassing me & my kids, gets into our phone accts, emails & everything else you could imagine, she follows me around and sits in front of my house, shes even called the police saying I was harrassing her, luckily the cops saw that was impossible & to make it worse shes the mother of his two kids but wait it gets better… She very pretty!!! So what do you do when the cops tell you sorry how do we know your not doin it to yourself!?!

    Im so sad that missy was not even able to live life yet & having to continue with out a major piece if your world is something I could never imagine. So why is it that we cant seem to prevent this from happening!?! How do we teach our kids to love themselves enough & to not make anyone feel they shouldnt love themselves also!?!

  17. […] This Day in History: Michelle “Missy” Avila murder 10/01/1985Posted in crime, high profile, murder, murder in the 20th Century | Tags: 1985, California, homicide, Karen Severson, Laura Doyle, Michelle "Missy" Avila, missing teen, Movies Based on True Crimes, teen killers… […]

  18. I first saw the movie regarding Missy Avila when I was in junior high. The story moved me beyond words. I couldn’t believe that “two” so called friends could do that to someone they cared about. This story has taught me that really it’s hard to trust anyone. My heart and prayers go out to the Avila family for the loss of a daughter, sister and friend. Last year, I saw the movie again on Lifetime and starting surfing for the stories regarding Missy. Today, I woke up and it was on again. I started surfing the web again for updates on the low lifes that took Missy’s life. Couldn’t believe that Karen Severson has been paroled. WHY??????? This person should rot in prison for the rest of her life. What a slap in the face to the Avila family!

  19. I remember watching the movie Murder Among Friends on tv , what bullcrap !! One of those murdering bitches gets out of prison , & people wonder why I have no faith in the legal system .

  20. I can’t watch this movie, I tried and cried, and to find out that bitch got out for killing my cousin…just makes it worse!!

  21. i just saw this story on ID and they say karen steverson was released in 2011 but laura is still in jail how did that happen

  22. I just saw this movie and it brakes my heart, my prayers and heart go out to the family that lost missy. I can relate to this because 6mths ago my step brother was killed by one of his so called “best friends”. i went though alot trying to find out who n it turned out to be the one guy my family trusted!! im terrribly sorry about missy. May god help her mother and give her strengh each and every day my heart acnes by just imaginig what she went though and the hardace that she went by wanting missy back, as i write this i cry because losing someone so much to you can break you. Missy didnt deserve this, i hope those two women who killed her rot in prison because knowning their out together they could do it again.R.I.P MISSY !!

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