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    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Conrad-Doan Family murders 9/30/2005 Pampa, TX *Levi King charged with their murders; State seeking the death penalty*

Conrad Doan family

Brian Conrad            
Michell Conrad          
Zach Doan

Brian’s obituary
Michell’s obituary
Zach’s obituary
No suspects in triple homicide
New Information in Pampa Quadruple Homicide: Extended Web Coverage
The Conrad Family of Pampa, TX
Murder suspect in Missouri is suspected of murders in Texas
News Archive: Spree Killer Levi King

The Killer Speaks: Ice Cold: Levi King

            Levi King


25 Responses

  1. that is just sad because i am related to brion conrad and it did not fell good when i heard about it and it is also sad to what this world is coming to and i hope that guy who killed him gets locked up for forever

  2. I think that Levi should be killed by leathal injection becuase of what he did to the family in Pampa i consider him to be a worthless piece of SHIT!!!!

    • Leathal injection is too kind! He will be with satan soon where his torment will soon begin. My heart goes out to Robin Do an and all she has endured. God smiles down on you.

  3. Ice21 I am sorry about your family and I agree with both of you. He should die!!!!!!

  4. i would like to know why he did it and why because people can not go around shooting people for no reason

  5. I think that we should bring back public hanging for that piece of shit king. We need to have it in downtown Pampa so everybody can watch him die because of what he did. It upsets me real bad too that the trial keeps getting put on hold. Also, I am really pissed off because of what I just read about how he wants to plead guilty for exchange of the death penalty. He feels like it will cause stress on the family of the Conrad’s if he sits on death row for 10 or 15 years; what the hell, he caused the stress and pain by committing the crime. King is a coward and doesn’t deserve to get to live another day.

  6. “Love is stronger than death, even though it can’t keep death from happening. But no matter how hard it tries, death can’t separate people from love. Death can’t take away our memories. In the end…love is stronger than death.”

  7. ok for one thing…robin…the daughter…is one of my bestfriends…we used to attend school together until this wednesday i moved:(
    and zach and michell and brian were VERYY dear to me:(
    me and robin are still bestfriends and i want levi king to die in the longest most agonisingly painful death possible to man kind…
    and second think that ice21 says she is related to brian but that smart ass spelt his effin name wrongg! woww!
    me and robin still talk about that night..sometimes…it sickens me…that is why i want Levi King to die so horribly:)

    • I offered a nice plan for Levis method of death……I think it should be administered…..Any convict in jail with him that may have the opportunity to read this should implement it…..

  8. and something else….no one talks about how michell was pregnant with baby mikel.
    we have a grave here in pampa for zach brian baby mikel and michell..i loved them all so terribly much..i hate that robin had to go through all this…and robin after i call you to read this:P i want you to know i love you very much..and we are bestfriends no matter what…no matter how far or how close i am…always and forever girl…and hey high five wait you missed [[insider]] ahah i love you:)

  9. where were they killed at and how were they kill some please tell me

  10. I know it may not mean much but my brother is remorseful of what he did.

    • how is some one smilen on the news remorsful? bullshit…

    • Stop lying!!!….. I just watched the A&E special “The Killer Speaks” & this coward just said he felt NO remorse or guilt during the trial or now.

  11. It dose not matter how your rasied that is a cop out to me. He should have got the put to death for what he has done.

  12. they were murdered in there home while they were sleeping and my aunt was pregnet . they even shot there dogs.

  13. I went to school with Levi King. He was always a troubled person. So it was no surprise when I heard what happened. My heart goes out to all the families!!

  14. So I was sitting in my living room today…. and for some reason I thought of Robin. I can’t imagine the pain she’s gone through, and how she can even stand and hold her head up so strong. I’ve prayed for her even though I don’t know her well. All I know, is my prayers are with her. Bethany, you are sweet for posting that stuff for her…You’re a good friend. Just thought I’d leave a comment also. God bless!

  15. I am good friends with robin too and I swore to myself that i will be there for her no matter what. if i ever catch levi king out of prison i will kill him myself idc wat happens to me he deserves do die no matter what robin if u read this i will be there for you no matter what u need even if u just need to talk. i loved all of yall i am so proud of u that u have been so strong and kept going on they will always be with u in ur heart

  16. Hello Robin and Bethany, This is Christine. I just saw the Documentary on A&E. It is the most terrible horror. I am so touched by it I cannot sleep. I do not do blog or tweet but if you tell me how to get in touch, I would like to communicate a bit. I am from New York, now New Jersey. I appreciate your friendship….wonderful. Christine

  17. It doesn’t matter what Levi King has done or what he is, you are commanded by Jesus to forgive him. And not just forgive him, but pray that the Lord will bless him. That is what I did for my brother’s killers. And also, Jesus said anybody that calls somebody raca( sorry) is in danger of hell fire.

    • that is ridiculous…..forgiveness or not…That same Bible you quote says “an eye for an eye”….in this case it’s called justice……retribution….as is the way of natural law and must exist or there are no boundaries……forgiveness is not for a man who murders every member of your family…….death is for that man

  18. Levi King needs to be sodomized for five years 3x a day and beaten…..after that he should have his sexual organs amputated and his fingers , one a day for the next 10 days…then his toes for the following ten days…one a day…….then his toungue……and then a stake pounded through his heart with a sedation ever….Levi you piece of filth

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