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Monsters Among Us: Jerome Barrett has been charged with the murders of Sarah Des Prez and Marcia Trimble

Sarah Des Prez and Marcia Trimble

Sarah “Sally” Des Prez [2/2/1975]
Marcia Trimble [2/25/1975]

Police Release: Man Charged in 1975 Murder Case of Sarah Des Prez
Wikipedia: Marcia Trimble
Police To Make Arrest In Marcia Trimble Case
Marcia Trimble’s Murder…Solved
Timeline: Marcia Trimble case
Jerome Barrett Indicted for 1975 Murder of Marcia Trimble
Barrett will be tried for cold case murder
Out-of-town jury to hear 1975 murder case
Arrest in Girl Scout’s 33-Year-Old Murder Jolts City
News Archive: Sarah “Sally” Des Prez and Marcia Trimble murders

Jerome Barett
Jerome Sydney Barrett – 1975 and 2007


11 Responses

  1. i dont think the black man could kill these ladies.


  2. Aren’t you ignorant. Is this because he’s black? Are you the police, the investigators. The evidence against him is astounding. What those poor girls must have gone through.


  3. mayb alot of blacks dont kill, but this one does. i say hang him like a pedophile he is and let him twist in the wind like he strangled the poor little girl. good job dna.


  4. “i dont think the black man could kill these ladies.”

    Rest assured, the DNA evidence showed that your pet animal did it. Hopefully some upstanding inmate will deliver some well pointed justice to ole Jerome.


  5. We have DNA testing now. DNA doesn’t lie. These photos don’t even look like the same person. The one on the left is very dark compared to the one on the right. Are these the same man? Or was it two men involved in this murder?


  6. Howcome Marcias mom wasnt paying attention to where her little girl was?.. my kid is 17yrs old and i still monitor her where abouts!! There is still too many unanswered questions… I dont trust all the evidence, Its just been too long ago


    • Tudy,

      Please remember that it was a different time and people were much more trusting. As a child, I could play outside til dark and did not have to check in. It was not the way things are now.


  7. I guess your right, but i grew up in the 70’s and my mom called my name all the time when i was outside playing in my neighborhood, and my parents knew everyone years before i was even born.. iguess i was lucky!


  8. Apparently he did it


  9. let this be lesson to all. Watch your children closely!!!

    Also just because someone may look harmless doesnt mean he/she is…
    Look at Ted Bundy…As far as looks, education and class. he had it all!!!The Woman sunday school teacher who killed that little girl…You cant be too careful!!!


  10. This animal should have never been out of jail in the first place. When will these judges ever learn that sex offenders DO NOT CHANGE. They like what they do and they get off on it….they don’t want to change.


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