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    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Gangs: Brenda Paz murder 7/13/2003 *Killed by gang members after she turned informant*

Brenda Paz

Ismael Juarez Cisneros – convicted; LWOP
Denis Rivera [acquitted–however, convicted of a different murder; life in prison for that murder]
Oscar Garcia-Orellana [acquitted]
Oscar Antonio Grande – convicted; LWOP

Wikipedia: Brenda Paz
Lawyer Admits Client’s Guilt in MS-13 Killing of Pregnant Teen
Jury begins deliberations in murder of teenage federal witness
Mixed Verdicts in Gang Murder
USDOJ Press Release
Two convicted, two acquitted in suburban Virginia street gang trial
The Fight Against MS-13
Life in Prison
Convicted Gang Members Urged to Help Teens
Hillbangers; MS-13 – The Gang With Ties To El Salvador Moves to The Suburbs

This Is for the Mara Salvatrucha: Inside the MS-13, America’s Most Violent Gang
No Boundaries: Transnational Latino Gangs and American Law Enforcement
The Fight Against MS-13


Name Register Number Age Race Sex Release Date Actual / Projected Location


ISMAEL CISNEROS 14061-424 32 White M 03-18-2004 RELEASED (he was sentenced to LWOP, so I do not know how he was released OR if he is just in a protection situation, since he testified)


28 Responses

  1. I think Ms13 is a group of cowardly Latino boys that banded together to keep from getting their buts kick. The way they did this girl proves that they don’t even care about people of their own nationality.They are cowardly and have a yellow streak running down their their backs the size of a freeway.I wish for one they would try and kill this white boy.I would show them what it really means to be a man becuse most of them have to be sissies.

  2. Why else in this world would they kill a woman.Not very manly like if you asked me.I guess it makes them feel big to know that they were able to kill a woman.

    • They killed her because she was an ex MS13 member turned informant who got many of then locked up. I read the book and trust me, she was not so nice and innocent. She turned rat to avoid jail

  3. As far as I am concerned Mara Salvatrucha stands for many Latino male sissies.

  4. I think ms13 should be considered a terrosist by all mean .They need to be taken down hard and fast to let them know we are not going to put up with this crap.Many people are scared of standing up to them.This hillblly is not one of them .In fact I challenge them to find me and let us fight it out.Williamson,WestVirginia. or maybe your cowards

  5. All of you are smoking hard crap

  6. You must be smoking to get on here and write your ‘thoughts’ in caps in spainish. We can’t press one to read so you need to post in English and stop screaming.
    But you don’t need to listen to me, Bonnie will take them off more than likely.

    note from me!

    You are right! Those comments are gone and the commentor banned. Don’t mess with me today!

  7. 😀

  8. estupida mal nacida

  9. LOL and what is that supposed to scare me? OOOOOOOH I am shaking LOL

  10. Bonnie, was she talking to me or you? LOL

    note from me!
    Who knows? That person probably doesn’t either, since “she’ has multiple personalities!

  11. Jazmine,
    Please don’t get the shit beat outta you right before Christmas. It would be a shame bitch.

  12. LOL oh Shauncey she is in a gang! She is a tough girl *eye roll*

  13. Back off or WHAT?? You gonna kill us too? Is that a threat, because I take threats aganist my life very seriously. Screw MS13. I know people that make you guys look like girl scouts. You assholes should find something better to do than kill and threaten people. I live by the “wish creed”. I wish one of you son-of-a-bitches WOULD approach me with any kinda of felonious intent. You’ll see a 187 different reasons why you won’t approach any else ever again. Losers.

    note from blog owner

    Jazmine, Jasmine paz de la cruz and Ronald are all the same person. Some big tough person, making threats on a blog, which is really stupid. I have the IP Address and will turn it over to law enforcement, as usual. But defending gang crap makes someone such a good person, huh? I am so impressed!

  14. Oh yeah, and killing a woman, informant or not, means you have NO balls. And Jaszmine, don’t be so damn stupid. One slip, and your ass could end up just like Brenda.
    RIP Brenda.

  15. Thank you Bonnie. “Jaszime has overstepped her bounds.

  16. she was a smart woman. she wanted to get out of the gang life to make things better for her and her soon to be son. i think she did the right thing by sharing information with the police, but i strongly disagree on the her stupid decisions to run back to the gang she ratted on because she felt lonely. she obviously messed up everything by trusting the gang even after all the bad things she said about them. she knew what was coming, she just didnt care. she wanted to party it up and to have friends. this is tipical for a seventeen year old girl. when your young with no family the only thing you have is friends. she did the right thing, but than decided to fuck up. it was no shock when i found out she died. but rest in peace brenda. you diserved better.

  17. If you want to learn more about this case, check out the book “this is for the mara salvatrucha”
    I became interested in this case after seeing the movie “sin Nombre” which shows alot of gang stuff from the MS 13 and I found this book. Read it in three days, its pretty damn interesting and very imformative.

  18. i watch alot of gangland and i saw this episode a few months ago and i was very disturbed i cried a lil cuz i felt so bad for her. I hv never been n a gang but she was just like every other person out there who felt alone and u want to get away but there are times when u just return to what u knw. That was a fall and it cost her life which is terrible but things happen for a reason and the reason i feel was to brg the attention of how dangerous MS-13 are. Ive seen episodes from MS-13, to GD’s in chicago and so on even down to Miami. I feel there are not even close to enuff law enforcement to put a true control on gangs. At wk we have this saying “it is what it is” and this is just another part of life we have to accept.

  19. Being from Chicago I can tell you that cops are a BIG source of the gang problems. Most cops know gangbangers by their first names, know their crimes, and don’t do jack about it. The cops would lose too much money if they took gangs off the street. And that is a fact!

  20. Can you add 2-3 Pics with Oscar Grande?

  21. I just viewed a fascinating documentary by Lisa Ling for NGC Explorer Channel on MS 13;everyone should watch it, particularly if you are parenting a child;reside in a major city;reside on the outskirts of a major city;if you and/or anyone that you love or care about plan to travel, at some point in your lifetime, to said destination. If you are an educator or in a capacity to interact with children, thought to be ‘at-risk’ or not;think yourself a patriotic citizen of the U.S.A. or have any interest or intent to travel to El Salvador or anywhere in Central America;if you are a ‘Christian’, or consider yourself a humanist– WATCH IT. Seek to understand so that you can protect yourself and others from the danger of such “gangs”. The problem is so much bigger than any one of us and with violence in our country and others so pervasive, it will take generations to overcome. Awareness; understanding; compassion; outreach; reform, I think, are all steps in a helpful direction. Thanks…Robin

  22. RIP BRENDA PAZ you were a tough girl!!! Being in a gang and wanting to get out and do something with your life is hard, but you did it and got out something alot of people are scared to do, but why did you go back? you and your son could of had a good life….. May you both rest in peace.

  23. Danngggg………your cute, and kinda brash Lavonna. ;)~~~

  24. hi guyz just wanted to say i was gang related n got pregnant n had to leave the state i left 12yrs ago I realized i wanted better but whatt iz so sad iz that tIm tired hey get u when ur young n u have noone to turn to its sad but i truely believe that gangs are cowards I see all the crazy things they do and I cant believe I was part something so hateful i see alot of peolple leaving the comments on here and I agree with most of it but some people are making it about race all races have gangs not just latinos im tired of all the racism in all forms we need to work together to make this world safe for our children

    • I was with surx3 for years but i had kids cut my ties and left everything behind me but in 2000 me and my friend got shot in a park she died and i survived a gunshot to the neck i feel god left me here because he has a purpose for me in life i try to counsil young kids now to not go to that lifestyle.

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