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  1. That is sad..She didn’t deserve that. God bless her

  2. Although Elizabeth choose to live that lifestyle she did not deserve to die the way she did. I pray that who ever is responsible for her murder would get the maximum penalty. Inspite of her difficult life there was a side of her that everyone loved. She was a caring & friendly, idividual. She may have been the way she was but she still touched the heart to those that were around her.I know that she is now in a better place May she rest in peace

  3. @ a relative-

    as the child of a drug-addict mother, i know exactly what you mean. your loved one had problems just like all the rest of humankind, but you are right. she DIDN’T deserve to die like that. may she rest in peace and may you find comfort knowing that she is now free from earthly torment and in a better place.

  4. […] as “A Relative.” In some ways it’s also ambivalent about her life, but it’s a more humane eulogy than anything the media seems willing to grant her: Although Elizabeth choose to live that […]

  5. Christopher, I care about prostitutes.. They are still human beings who had a hard life brought on mostly by drugs.. Not all of them but most of them. That is what is wrong with this world not a lot of caring about others who are less fortunate than some..
    God rest her soul and bless her family.

  6. Lavonna,
    Couldn’t of been said better. She was someone’s sister, mother, friend. Only someone sick could attack a person as defenseless as she. RIP Elizabeth, and God bless you.

  7. It is sick and heartless for any person to hurt someone that is obviously defenseless. Just because she was a prostitute does not mean that she is any less human than anyone else.

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