Carrie Nelson murder 5/20/2001 Blue Mounds State Park, MN*Randy Swaney convicted of her murder and sentenced to life in prison without parole*

                Carrie Nelson

Spotlight on Crime: Carrie Nelson murder
S.D. Man Charged In 2001 Park Murder, DNA On Watch
Park Killing Suspect Makes 1st Court Appearance
Randy Swaney trial begins Wednesday
Expert: Swaney’s prints were at slaying scene
DNA, fingerprints cited in SW Minn. murder trial
Autopsy results released in murder
Swaney takes witness stand in murder trial
Swaney defense calls inmates to discredit previous testimony
Killer gets life without parole in 2001 state park murder

                    Randy Swaney

4 Responses

  1. Rest in Peace, sweet Carrie. I am so sorry for your loss. Your life continues here on earth in all of us, and until we meet again, may your soul find absolute and eternal comfort.

  2. Such a tragedy! Just saw this crime case on TV.
    When will this country learn to keep repeat criminals locked up forever!?
    If there’s a heaven we know Carrie you’re there !! And if there’s a burning hell we know Swaney will be there eventually!
    Swaney is a lying scum bag! Desite huge evidence… DNA, cigarettes, watch, palm prints, past history of larceny crime, large white vehicle, no alibi, and south Dakota address he continues his lying story.
    I hope he lives a long miserable life in prison!!

  3. I don’t understand why he didn’t get death, its not right to let him live. After such a terrible crime.

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