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20 Responses

  1. Please Lord, let the jury have enough sense to convict this woman.


  2. So far it is still going thru jury selection. So no real updates yet.


  3. And please, Lord, let this poor (as in “not rich”), African-American woman receive a fair trial. (I realize that it would be a rarity in the United States, but can you please make an exception just this once?)



  4. Everyone gets a fair trial. They just might not turn out the way you like sometimes.


  5. It has nothing to do with being rich or that she is an African American.. It has to do with the fact that this ‘woman’ stuck her child in the microwave and cooked the little baby.

    Heavenly Father,
    I ask that you give poor (as in not in his right mind) Ivan some common sense and a heart for China, let him know that you do not condone the sins of this mother and what she did to the precious child. In Jesus name I ask Amen.


  6. Everyone does NOT get a fair trial. That’s life and ur naive if you think otherwise. I really think the kid did it


  7. She admitted to putting the baby in there. ‘It fit right in’ were her words.. She is gulity and she will pay.


  8. When did she say that?If you know for a fact she did it how is it that a whole jury of people that have heard the whole case dont know?Dont be so quick to judge her based on what you dont have known fact.Im not sure who did it but point is there was a life taken and for that someone in the end will pay.I pray for her young children.And I say a special prayer for her as well.


  9. Lelee, What do you mean don’t be so quick to judge her? She admitted to the cops that she is the one who did it… Why don’t you read the links before you tell me that I don’t know for a fact? That is why Ms. Blogger puts the links in here..


  10. She SAID she did it. And if she’s covering for someone else that’s her business. Bottom line is her baby is dead, murdered. Someone needs to pay for that. I have followed this case since the beginning, and my opinion is she guilty. Am I the only person here besides Lavonna who realizes what a heinous crime this is??

    note from me!

    Yup, my whole family and friends at work are disgusted by this crime and the sad attempt to blame it on another child. This mother was supposed to protect her child, not kill her. I am disgusted. I hope she gets the death penalty.


  11. No friend you are not.. Bonnie realizes it 🙂


  12. Hmmm,

    The testimony from the child who said he saw the other child put Paris in the microwave was not believeable. Or maybe you did not hear that part. He did not have the facts straight at all, and it was not scientific or adult facts. Stuff he should have known. In fact, he said that it happened during the day when the sun was shining in the sky. However, that is false. It happened between 1am – 3am and if they were in Alaska, that might be plausible. But not in Ohio.

    So, exactly why do you believe the kid did it? What evidence do you have for that?


  13. GET’EM GIRL!!


  14. Bonnie is always so nice to everyone isn’t she?
    Bonnie You rock


  15. girl byee.When did you hear China Arnold admit the she killed her baby.Yall get on here trying to be smart asses when i know a family member of hers and she never said she did it publicy,so did she tell you that Lavonna?And as far as people thinking that she has 4 kids,shes young,and didnt live in the best of places—and black that shes uneducated.Nor does it mean she killed her baby.Was it smart for her to get drunk with a young child? No.But she aint the first and damn sure wont be the last.What about these 2 woman in 2 differant states who left there babies in the hot ass car and after 9 hours they say they forgot they were in the car and get the hell off.It was fact they did it.But no actual proof that China did this.What?Its ok for them to burn there babies cause they forgot they were in the backseat?Its the same crime.Only China got convicted of what somebody else may have done.WOW


  16. Anyway the person who said she told them that the baby fit right in there is a CRACKHEAD so her word is about as good as yours.


  17. Lelee, You are a dumbazz. Uh, no she did not admit it to me, had she came face to face with me, one of us would have been packing an azz whipping.
    You have a lot of nerve (well, stupidity) to even compare other women to her. She admitted to sticking her baby in the microwave, which in my opinion more cruel than forgetting your child (which is also inexcusable) in the car.

    You said “Anyway the person who said she told them that the baby fit right in there is a CRACKHEAD so her word is about as good as yours.”
    This is what the prosecutor said, not anyone who was on here, we read it and I believe it, she is just like the whore mom Casey Anthony, shows no emotion.
    What are you smoking that is so strong that it hinders you from reading?


  18. man yall don’t even know the half of anything. my cousin is innocent and i know yall thinkn im just sayin this because she is a relative but im not. she has 3 boys and China was super happy when she had a girl. Idk but at first i was kind of on the verdict of thinking she did do it but young kids are testifying against this. It makes me sick to see the media calling her all these names and they dont even know the half of it. I see “Monster” killer, “creature”,…etc. and only a few understand what facts are. Don’t believe the media man im telling. Her family is hurting deeply. she was given an unfair trial and no one cares. Im amazed to see my aunties and my cousins and my whole family still fighting for her case. That shows how much faith we have. My cousin is sitting in jail with no ones blood on her hands while that little boy gets to be free. it seems like society does’nt care who they put in jail and wether or not its going to occur again to someone elses poor child. The message is to just not get the story from the media man and that China is not a murderer. When me and my fam see this stuff right here it’s like a dart to the heart. China use to have so much energy and personality and now when i see her i don’t eben know who im looking at because she is so lst and hurt and lonely. I wish yall could feel what my family is going through,specially my little cousins (her sons) then yall would understand. It’s crazy that I’m 16 but im more opened minded than all of you.


  19. Even dogs protect their young. She deserves all that’s coming her way except the death penalty, that’s the easy way out, she need to live with what she did day in day out.


  20. Her lawyer used the “She was drunk” excuse? That’s the biggest cop-out in the world!!
    Screw the trial. Burn the bitch at the stake.


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