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  1. I don’t have time to read all articles right now, am at work but I saw this on Prime news the night before and I was sicken by this monster.

    HE is NOT an preacher, he is Satan’s preacher but he is not God’s preacher.

  2. He is obviously a liar, a fake preacher & charaltan as he seems to have no fear of God’s wrath for his own earthly sins. You will get yours one day pervert.

  3. being controlled and manipulated by the idea of some one’s god and religion while they abused me in many ways turned me against any organized religion. it makes sense that even masters of enslavement control the people they enslaved and until I die I have great distrust for anyone who is “too” religious. I know there are good people who are religious, but being introduced to the wrong way makes it nearly impossible to know who is true and who is not.

  4. This is the type of man that stops people from having “FAITH” in almost anything. For crying out loud what did he wake up one morning and God said “GO TO MY HOUSE AND PREACH MY WORD THEN GO HOME AND SIN BY MOLESTING YOUR DAUGHTER AND MY SON IF YOU GET CAUGHT SIN SOME MORE AND KILL YOUR WIFE AND STUFF HER IN A FREEZER”. This is by far the worse thing I’ve ever seen/heard in my life. Makes me physically sick to my stomach. Sinch he likes traveling so much have a safe trip too HELL you DEMON SEED…

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