• This Day in Crime History

    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Update: Taylor Bradford murder *4 now charged in his murder*

  Taylor Bradford

Victor Trezevant, Daeshawn Tate, Courtney Washington, Devin Jefferson

DaeShawn Tate, 21
Victor Trezevant, 21
Courtney Washington, 22
Devin Jefferson, 21

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Who is Devin Jefferson
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Bradford murder detailed in TV series
Father relives son’s death with airing of `The First 48′
Parents turn to ‘First 48’ for answers


37 Responses

  1. Devon got beat down by Taylor and couldn’t take the embarrassment. He was the mastermind behind Taylor’s murder. He is just as, or even MORE, guilty than the other three idiots. When police were questioning him about the murder, he said, “I don’t wanna sound heartless, but I don’t really care what happened to Taylor. He put me thru alot of bs”. I feel if your heartless enough to arrange someone’s murder, be man enough to own up to your own handi-work. The guy that said Devin set up the murder cried. I honestly think he regrets what he did. That aside, murder can never be “undone”. They all need to pay for killing Taylor.
    Once again, RIP Taylor Bradford.

  2. I just seen this story no the First 48. It was very interesting so I decided to speak my peace about these self centered heartless YOUNG boys. My first thing is ….they were jealous…who kills a man because ” you stole his HS sweetheart”. Devin Jefferson got his ass beat and his PRIDE was killed… now he is going to jail…….for a longtime.

  3. Like Keara just said, I am currently watching this story on the First 48. Devon is truly heartless, how can one say something like that about a person they helped kill??? What is the world coming to? My PEOPLE wake-up and stop killing each other over STUPID stuff!! As a matter of fact PLEASE JUST STOP THE KILLING PERIOD!!!

  4. Same here…i just seen it myself and i couldnt believe this story. Devon is an idiot and i hope he get life, for the other three, they should give them enough time to where they know what they did was wrong. 25yr is enough. SAD SAD STORY

  5. I Can’t believe someone will kill over 3k, you can work and get that in a month on a middleclass jobs this is so terrible what was these guys thinking?? well i know that Devon has a life time to think about it, as far as the other guys its scarey that there logical thinking mind will cause them to kill and split 3,000 3 ways which is 1k a piece which is nothing sad day for the young black youth.

  6. Jarell,

    The majority of American’s do not make 3k a month. But 3k is not worth taking a life. Actually, no amount of money is.

  7. I am truly sorry for what happened to Taylor. I do not know him but saw the special on First 48. R.I.P. Taylor

  8. i just saw this case of the First 48 and it was just heart breaking. its crazy how someone could be so jealous that they’ll set you up to get killed. whats even more crazy is that it happens every day. i just wonder how the female who all this was behind feels??? five lives lost over a female. wow, how stupid that sounds.

  9. Taylor was a good dude. He worked as an intern at one of the companies that I managed in Lavergne TN. He was a good dude with a bright future. Me and him clicked right off the back when I first met him in 2006. I hope the boys that did that to him never see day light again. I dont believe they should get a second chance, as Taylor will not have another chance. RIP my boy!

  10. Taylor look like he had hid head on straight and devin envey that so much untill he had to take his life. Devin was headed right where he is, no where even thou taylor is dead taylor still came out on top, I just hate he life was taken from him over jealously. My hear goes out to taylor family.

  11. Taylor look like he had his head on straight and he was headed to the NBA. Devin envey taylor so much untill he had to take his lifefrom him at a very early age. Devin was headed right where he is, no where, even thou taylor is dead taylor still came out on top, I just hate his life was taken from him over jealously. My heart goes out to taylor family.

  12. dumb asses they thought they would get away with 3000 dollars. sad!!

  13. I just miss my friend and no amount of time from the ones reponsible can bring him back but at least it puts everyone elses mind at rest knowing that the ones responsible have been put to justice.

  14. I just saw this episode aired in South Africa for the first time. I feel so sad for Taylor no one deserves to have their life cut short for no reason. It is so stupid that someone would go to University in an attempt to build a better life and some how just lack the common sense to respect LIFE…how did Devin figure out that he can do this and get away with it for a varsity student he is too intelligent for his own good as for the comment he made about not giving a damn…nothing says life sentence/death penalty like that. Jealousy is such an evil vice. What’s even more scary for me is that i’ve just read on another site that this guy was once charged with second-degree murder in June 2007 of an 18-yr old girl and walked away on self defense! Makes me wonder??? I never wish ill on anyone but for his sake and for the sake of humanity I trust that this Jefferson boy will retire to life behind bars early enough to spare everyone else a potential tragedy from him, i don’t want him to get death i want him to live and deal with his actions every day. I think being in jail for life might be his only salvation and I hope he uses the time well and get right with his creator! On the other hand Taylor’s reputation and memory lives on with great pride for those who knew him while Devin goes in to obscurity so his jealousy still left Taylor at the top even after he has passed on…that must really suck for Devin. May Taylor’s spirit live on.

  15. This is a very sad situation….in any case no one deserves to lose their life. But it’s even worse when that person has such a bright future and was in general staying out of trouble and doing the right thing. Sad!!! As far as Devin goes he’s heartless and evil.

  16. Agree with all comments, sad and pointles. I was trying to figure out what sentences the people charged with the crime recieved. Does anyone know?

  17. This story bothers me on so many levels…………..1st and foremost, if I masterminded a murder, I would hope to have common sense enuff, not to say I don’t care the victim is dead…………………..2nd of all, If someone is trying to get me to robb someone and says to me “I don’t want any of the money”……..bells and whisltes should be going off…….now I have met people along the way that I don’t particular care for, but no Man nor woman is so good I would take another person’s life…………..I worry about the youth of today, especially our young black males…………..Taylor’s life was taken tooo damn soon, and if he didn’t make it to the NFL, he was another “educated” role model that was taken from us………..and we can’t afford to lose them no matter what race, creed or color.

  18. can anyone tell me the verdict of this trial………according to what I saw on the first 48, this occurred in ’07 (I’m almost sure)………………….so these 4 should have gone to trial by now.

  19. I too saw this on First 48. I have tried looking up sentences for these guys but it looks like they are STILL going through the process and the site says Devin Jefferson is trying to say he had nothing to do with it.. DEATH PENALTY !!!!

  20. I did read where the driver took a plea deal and was given 2 yrs.

  21. i just saw this story on First 48 and all i can do is pray for this confused young man. I feel we need to start raising our young black men to be leaders not followers. I agree with a lot of you all, $3,000.00 is not a lot of money, but the choices you make are the choices you have to deal with. As for Devin, all I can say is, may God have mercy on his soul. My prayers go out to all the families involved in this. Nothing is going to bring Taylor back and watching his parents tonight just broke my heart. I guess no matter how hard you try to teach and keep your kids from trouble, trouble will some how seem to find them. We should not be mad @ Devin. Just know that Devin is going to have to fight for the rest of his life and Taylor will never have to fight again.

  22. I would like to say this was such a stupid thing to do. What is wrong with people today if Devin had truly been at school to learn maybe this would not have happened. Devin you are such a small person . Nothing you can do will ever bring this young man back in about 10yrs, reflect back on things you have done. you will hopefully see all the damage you caused lives you ruined, and dreams you smashed . R.I.P Taylor

  23. I hate murder just as much as the next guy however it appeared to me that Devin just wanted the young man robbed and maybe just hoped something bad would happen. Actually in the interview the police will probably use as a confession he says he told the other alleged accomplices the guy had about $3,000 and where he could be found and that he himself didnt want any money. Thats not necessarily “masterminding” a robbery, and its definately not commiting murder. Rememer people this wasnt a planned homicide it was a robbery gone bad no conspiracy only bad judment and worse luck for all involved.

  24. Bigred,
    Your post confused me.
    You stated, “Actually in the interview the police will probably use as a confession he says he told the other alleged accomplices the guy had about $3,000 and where he could be found and that he himself didnt want any money. Thats not necessarily “masterminding” a robbery, and its definately not commiting murder. Rememer people this wasnt a planned homicide it was a robbery gone bad no conspiracy only bad judment and worse luck for all involved”.
    So, he planned a robbery that went WAY wrong, and Taylor ended up DEAD, gone FOREVER. If you KNOW of a crime being/about to be committed OR you are present during a MURDER/and or crime and did not effectively try to halt this crime, the law states you are guilty OR JUST AS guilty as the perpertraitors. Go get some knowledge on this. I mean, YOU could be the next victim to a robbery gone wrong and get killed. But, I mean, as long as they didn’t MEAN to kill you right?????????????? Give me a break!

  25. Oh yeah, and I hope all these assholes never get out of jail. RIP Taylor

  26. blu,
    We “shouldn’t be mad at Devon”.
    Tell that to Taylor’s family and friends. Tell that to Taylor’s mother and father.

  27. as much as i agree with 99% of the comments written, I also wonder if the confessions were true implicating devon as the set up man or if they used his name in hopes of a reduced sentance.They did have pleanty of time to think up a story(I doubt it , but i wonder). Devon was also in college, and he still HAD the girl. In any case what a sad story. we should pray for the families of all involved and affected.

  28. Good Afternoon,
    I know I’m a couple years late but oh well. I just watched the episode on first 48 about Taylor Bradford and it gave me the chills. This young man life was taken from him because someone couldn’t get that chip off their shoulders. Yes, Devin was heartless for what he said and you can look and see that; he has NO SOUL. Yes, he should be considered the mastermind of this murder because he came up with everything besides pulling the trigger. I feel no sympathy towards him because all of this could have been avoided. His parents are left to pictures, videos and memories but wishing they can trade it all in to have him back on Earth. This episode touched close to home because my brother is local highschool football star and their jealous ones all around us. That’s why I pray constantly for his wellbeing because individuals wear green (Envy) on a daily bases. Taylor is touching so many people lives from the Clouds Above. He’s memories will live on. As for the young black men in todays society fills majority of our prisons, should be enough motivation to do better for oneself. We need to remember We’re NOT the product of our ENVIRONMENT! God bless his family and friends. Rest In Paradise Taylor

  29. I agree with many of the comments here, and Yes this story is a sad tale of all the evils rolled into one. So sad that three individuals would all split $3000 and would commit murder for that little. The pro’s won’t do it for less than 10k and these fools do it for maybe $1000?? They would have done better robbing an ATM machine, what a poor sign of the times. I fear for this younger generation, killing so easily. Inner city life IS hard to imagine if you haven’t been there, where people may not leave a small area like a few blocks for years on end. If you don’t see that there is more out there $1000 may have looked like a lot of money – enough to get a car or go somewhere. I just wonder what their plans were, did they think they really could get away with this?
    They have NO honor, ratting on one another. They are the lowest of the low. According to video shown on the First 48 episode they are fast to implicate each other and Victor Trezevant is either struggling with guilt or wanted to get caught. I know he just comes apart and confesses and brings everybody down. So sad, So so sad!

  30. Just watched the update show to First 48 for the case of the murder of Taylor Bradford. I’m so glad justice was served. I cried like I knew Taylor. This was a mindless act and I pray mercy on the souls of the men who did this. I also pray the strength for the Bradford family especially Taylors father. Earth has no sorrow, Heaven cannot heal. Amen!

  31. I just saw this story on the First 48. Sad as hell. Sad how much Taylor Bradford’s parents were hurt behind this senseless crime. The father could barely talk. And as it turns out, this man really had nothing to do with anything and was doing no wrong when he was murdered. Just sad that this is what happens when envy and jealousy are mixed together!!! Those men would never have crossed paths with Taylor if Devin, had never shown them the way. He definitely deserves life in prison. The driver may not have pulled the trigger, but he brought them to the victim. The shooter, of course, got what he deserved. He had know reason to shoot Taylor, and the other guy, the same. Just a waste of life. People fail to realized that just because you didn’t actually kill the person, doesn’t mean that frees you from having to serve time as well. You are just as guilty at the end of the day. If they truly had no intent on killing Taylor, then why even bring a gun. Even when Devin was being interviewed, he showed no remorse, what so ever for Taylor’s death. I personally think it was set up to look like a robbery, but I think the main purpose, was really to kill Taylor. Sad. RIP Taylor Bradford!!!!

  32. Watching the story of Taylor Bradford on The First 48 Hours. It seem like we have to fight for the soul of our young men. A young man that is productive in society has his life taken by others who are void of empathy and has lost their way.

  33. This was a senseless crime! I can’t believe that Devin ( a college educated man I might add) would be so dumb as to get three thugs to rob this innocent guy! DUH! Did he not think that something terrible like MURDER could happen?? This is ridiculous! I hope he gets it in Prison! Seriously! Bradford was a good black man that had his whole future ahead of him. These low life thugs took his life b/c they were too lazy to work for their own money. If I was the detective in that interrogation room, I would have asked them “WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING???” Geez

  34. BIG RED you are pathetic. None of the other boys knew who he was and had no reason to harm him. Devon led them to him, so HE was the mastermind. HE DIDNT WANT ANY MONEY BECAUSE he wanted to see Taylor get HURT. He was jealous of him. During his interview he even proceeded to say that he could care less what happened to Taylor and you are going to try to defend him? It was a robbery gone worse BUT at the end of the day when something like this happens and you are there you are an ACCOMPLICE and when you planned it you are the MASTERMIND. He should have thought of all the possible outcomes before opening his mouth. Even if they would have just robbed him if the other guys would have named him he would have been tried for conspiracy. FOOL RIP TAYLOR

  35. All 4 boys deserve life in prision. Period. Don’t rob and steal and this would never happen

  36. I am also late commenting. I watch First 48 (even reruns) and this is one of MANY sad, sad cases. What’s really killing blacks is ignorance and hatred toward each other. Killers have no conscious. They see nothing wrong with killing anyone. Ignorant blacks are the blame for black on black crime. It’s not the gov’t, the white man, or even the police. Since ignorant black males insist on killing other blacks then going to jail/prison should be their punishment. The low life losers who killed Taylor Bradford ought to get a death sentence.

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