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  1. Its sad to see such a young childs life end…..
    So many of god’s babies are going home too soo…
    God bless the mother of this child and family members
    I hope the father and step mother did not kill this child!!!


  2. that girls father killed her i knew when i 1st read about it in the paper


  3. You are completely out of line with that statement. DO not pass judgment on this man.


  4. Wow i mean WOW this is so sad. I remember when i first saw her on the front cover on the newspaper in my living room i just had to read it and after reading it i was so devastated. I live around the area where her body was found and me and my friends couldn’t believe this happened to her little pretty self. How in the heck could someone do this to a beautiful innocent 9 year old girl like her??? They need to confess because this is just horrible but family don’t worry because God has something in store for the demon who did this and God also has something in store for her. God needed an angel and don’t worry because she is living a better life with the Angels. Mom Im very very very very sorry for your loss. No one i mean no one especially a mother should have to go through the pain you are going through. This killer will be found I hope they will be caught as soon as possible!!

    R.!.P *Mya Lyons* I know you are having a ball in heaven reserve us a front row seat!


  5. she was afraid to go to the back lot of the house they lived in because it was dark and full of bushes.police said somebody lured her back there.there was no forced entry to the back of the house and she wouldn’t go voluntarily unless she was with someone she trusted,so if it ain’t richard lyons,who could it be.you notice the cpd ain’t too quick to solve this case.


  6. From the moment this happened I thought it had to be the Father and look at this it is. What an animal he is to keep quiet for 2 years. He should be hanged by his balls, look how he pretended to mourn at the funeral, and all the community events in memory of Mya. It is so sad….


    • I will be updating this in the next day or so due to the arrest of Mya’s father. The only thing that concerns me about this arrest is that the DNA does not match her father. At this point, it give me reasonable doubt. I hope it can be explained.


  7. Richard has to be the murderer. I have live a block away from the family for over ten years and he NEVER drove that van; he has several vehicles. Its ironic he chose to use the vehicle to transport his dying daughter to the hospital and went from west all the way east to take her to the hospital? If you are trying to save your child, why did you not take her to the nearest hospital? There is a fire station on the next block? Also, he was just fake with his reactions. There were no children on Gilbert outside the night of the murder and I saw him drinving in the van and he did not ask me if I had seen his daughter or anything. He was driving back and forth in the alleys according to another neighbor. Mya knew or seen something for Richard to kill her. Someone else in that family knows somethings as well because I saw his girlfriend/wife or whatever cleaning blood from the trunk of HER car and when asked why, she said there were magets in there from some bloody meat she had put in the trunk….hmmm. If you look at that house, its impossible for Mya to sneak out without anyone knowing, and plus there was no one outside that evening-no children or anything. Richard stopped communicating with neighbors and everything. A police officer lives on the block, which is why he did not tell anyone. Why stop talking to your neighbors if you want to find out who murdered your child? If Richard did not do it, he has some involvement. Did he try to do a life insurance policy? Was the little girl aware of something they did not want her to speak about? We need to know. I live in that community and I do not want to loose another innocent child. I dont mean to point the finger before he is proven guilty, but was does it say if your family, friends and law enforcement no longer feel you are credible?


  8. I understand your theory @mylifeofcrime, but understand including myself and others which include neighbors, family members, friends and associates that Richard and his actions were abnormal and the evidence that law enforcement has is seeming to bring the pieces to the puzzle together. I too anticipate the outcome of this case.


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