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    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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The Dunce’s Corner: Sean Patrick Mayhew – drunk driver who killed 2


Trench has the news here about this Dunce!

Ceferino Esguerra Regalo
Fe Dimaculangan Palabrica

UPDATE 8/28/2011

Sean Patrick Mayhew, whose BAC was 1.1 while driving on 11/19/2006 going 68mph in a 30mph zone and hit another car, killing 2 passengers, pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 18 months in prison and 3 years supervised probation on 7/23/2008.

North Potomac man sentenced for vehicular manslaughter
Sean Patrick Mayhew obituary


18 Responses

  1. A CONVICTED FELON FOREVER!!! Hope they never let him drive again.

  2. seriously? you have nothing better to do than laugh at a mistake I am sure you have made in the past?

    he may be a convicted felon, but he WILL drive again. and he’ll go on to have a life that consists of things better than taking joy out of others’ mistakes.

    get a fucking life.

    note from blog owner
    A mistake???? He KILLED 2 people. That is more than a mistake. Maybe it is ok with you for people to just drive drunk and kill people, but most people would not agree. What if you were the one he killed? Would you want no one to care? If you really think killing people is just a mistake, then you are also a sociopath.

  3. Fuck Sean Mayhew,

    I went to high school with this arrogant little prick and I am furious that he only got 18 months. What a useless piece of shit he was and remains.” Annoyed” I’m sorry if Sean is your big brother or something, but I am pretty sure you are the only one who feels that way about what happened that night, the fact of the matter is Sean Mayhew is a vacuous thunder-cunt of a human being who deserves to have asbestos rubbed over all of his open wounds that were created by dull spoons.

    Oh, and no, annoyed I doubt killing two people while driving drunk is a “mistake” most people make, Douche.

  4. I came across this website and found the comments to be disturbing. I have made a lot of mistakes in my life. I am certain that in my youth I consumed alcohol and drove a car many times. I have been blessed in that no one was hurt, but there is no difference between Sean Mayhew and I accept his mistake had tragic consequences. I also know that despite the poor judgement calls that I have made that I have also made a great impact on many peoples lives. I do more good than harm and try really hard to make the right choices today. I can’t imagine that anyone on this website has lived a life of perfection and I imagine that those sitting in judgement have in one way or another done things that could have had tragic consequences. Ever been in a hurry and sped down the road. well arent you lucky that you didn’t hit a kid on their bike. You too were breaking the law in a way that could have ended in tragic consequences. I bet no one knows what this young man is living with or how this has changed his life. I wonder if any of you know if he is trying to do as much as possible to create a lesson for others, or help other people learn from his mistakes so they don’t have to. It just always makes me sad when people sit in judgement rather than looking within at the mistakes they have made and realizing that humanity is a rough thing as often we do not know the impact of what we are doing until we too get a wake up call. It is my hope that none of those who sit in judgement make any mistakes that they are judged for in the same way, or that your children or loved ones make mistakes of any kind. Best of luck in living a life free of mistaken choices.

    • Imperfect,

      I, like most, am not perfect either. However, I know that when I get behind the wheel of a car that it is a dangerous weapon. I have NEVER been dumb enough to drink and drive, nor would I get in the car with a drunk driver or let a drunk driver use my car. Nor do I speed. I am especially careful to drive defensively in neighborhoods just in case someone runs out. However, that would be an accident, as is speeding or running a red light can cause an accident. HOWEVER, drinking alcohol or doing any kind of drugs and then driving, that is just as bad as taking out a gun and shooting someone or stabbing someone. At the very least, it is negligent to do, besides being very stupid. It is not just a mistake, but a CHOICE. Do you accidentally get behind the wheel and drive after drinking? No. Sorry, I don’t accept that. Drinking and driving is not a mistake but criminal behavior. Maybe you do condone it, and maybe you condone other criminal behavior. I do not. But I also do not drink and drive myself. Or do impaired driving. It is a choice. Like doing double the speed limit while driving drunk.

      And I hope he has changed his life and his decision making. What has he done for the victims of his bad decisions and criminal behavior? His behavior killed 2 human beings. They are the most important thing to remember here. Not him. I am glad that your thoughts are with them. Oh whoops, they weren’t. He should be getting out of prison now if he hasn’t already (yeah, 18 months in prison for killing 2 people, that is really justice, huh?). What is he going to do now? I sure hope he never drinks again and has to work with the victims of similar crimes, so he can only imagine a bit of what his victim’s loved ones are dealing with. But since he is young, I bet he is just happy to be home and spending it doing whatever he wants. I truly hope that he has sincerely learned a valuable lesson. And I hope he has remorse. And remembers the victims.

  5. I miss my Aunt Fe every day. My mother and I are still devastated by her loss. Aunt Fe left behind three young children, a loving husband, and countless other relatives in the US and the Philippines.

    I do not know Mr. Mayhew and I chose not to attend the hearings. I hope he has learned from this and that others may learn from this.

  6. The little jerk did not learn shit. He is now awaiting trial for driving w/o a license, hit & run and poss cds among other things. check out info @ MD Judiciary Case Search.

  7. Accidents do happen, its not like Sean went out that night planning on ending two human beings lives. Even though he was only given 18 months, this has scared his life for ever. He isn’t a saint, but you cant just immediately portray him as the scum of the earth. Put yourself in his position. All of you should be ashamed of trying to further tarnish someone’s name and reputation which has taken enough damage already. What else would you like the court to do, hang him? Well if this was 100 years earlier, they probably would have taken his life away for what he did. I bet none of you would actually say any of that to Sean Mayhew’s face, so why do it on some gay blog?

    Go bury a hole.


    • Once he was drinking and then got behind the wheel of the car, it was premeditation. Have you even bothered to think of how the victims loved ones feel? All your comment was about Sean, the one who killed two human beings. Not once did you mention the victims. He killed 2 people. That should not be taken lightly. He got his life back. Do they? Do the victim’s loved ones get their lives back? No is the correct answer. Their lives are forever changed. He can go back to drinking and driving again. I sure hope he has changed his life and is on a better course.

      As for this being a “gay” blog, what on earth do you mean? Is it “gay” to remember the victims of violent crimes? Just because you don’t approve of ONE post on the blog, does that mean anything? Do you condone murder? Crimes against children? Enjoy missing persons not being found? Apparently you find it funny and gay. But most people don’t. Most people are serious about the crime in our Country. Try having a loved one murdered or missing. See how funny or gay it is then.

      Oh, and YES, I would say my opinion to his face. Why wouldn’t I? The bigger question is: would you say what you said to the loved ones of the victims? And of course, just the way you said them, not even mentioning their loved one?

  8. When I lost my mom to a DUI related accident, my heart became hard. I deeply feel for the people impacted by this, especially the author.
    It saddens me to hear myself in the authors posts. I know that when my heart became full of hate, I began to hurt people The way I was hurt. It was all I knew how to do. It was not helpful or comforting to anyone but me when I lashed out and lost the capacity to seek understanding and forgiveness. How it was not until I became so lonely and realized I had become some one I did not feel okay about, that I was perpetuating hate, something my mom would be so sad about. My younger sister lead me to understand the frailty of being human. That is when I met the girl that hurt my mom and helped her find a life of sobriety, one that she was too ashamed to be able to maintain herself. She is now an addictions counselor and has a family of her own. Best of all, she has children that know her as a strong, wise, sober mom, just like my mom was. I wish you forgiveness in your heart, peace and a life of freedom from the energy draining bondage of hate. There is no solution there.

    • There is no solution in unresolved hate, but there is a lesson to learn and by focusing on forgiveness you are missing out on the fact that the tragedy could have been easily prevented. The vast majority of your comments are personal and bear no relation to this case or the greater interest that society has in preventing another case like this. People on this blog were expressing rage at the justice system that gives out a sentence of 18 months for a senseless and easily avoidable killing of 2 innocent people. No one was commenting on the need for vengance but for punitive punishment which would prevent another occurerence. Please keep irrelevant comments in your own head.

  9. I actually taught Sean in high school. It does not surprise me one bit that he killed two people. He was a self-centered spoiled brat who lived with no consequences. The type of kid whose parents would buy him a brand new Jeep for getting a 1.0 on his report card. He never experienced any repercussions for his actions then and I guess that lead him to the type of behavior that took the lives of 2 innocent people.

    The one OBVIOUS thing that those who posted asking for compassion for Sean have missed is the facts of the case. He was driving with a BAC of 1.1 according to the Gazette. (0.08 is the legal limit) He was driving 68 MPH in a 30 MPH zone. So I would have to disagree with those who responded that anyone could make the same mistake, God I hope no one else out there is as dumb as this moron.

    • Do not know where ur info came from but his blood alcohol level was .11 not 1.1 . This is how things get blown out of proportion.
      I don’t think anyone has forgotten about the 2 lives that were lost.
      As for forgiveness if this young man can be forgiven by the husband of the woman who died in this horrible accident. Who r any of u to judge.
      As for the teacher comment how inappropriate and unprofessional.
      You should be fired! Were you possibly jealous this kid drove a better car than u? This is a sad and horrific situation for all involved.
      Mr. Wonks u sound like a reall ass! How come u don’t use ur real name? Afraid someone would see the real u. You can’t tell us u or someone u know hasnt driven after drinking. Statistics prove
      otherwise u jerk.

      • P. Duncan,

        I can tell you that neither I nor anyone I know, including family, has driven after drinking that I am aware of. We all make it a practice to be safe drivers. I have seen the aftermath of drinking and driving. Just because you may condone drinking and driving and don’t stop someone from driving after drinking does not mean that others condone it. Remember, the victims are the important ones here. Not the one who killed them because he decided to play God.

  10. please be kidding that a teacher, a professional thought it would be ethical/ professional/ moral to talk about a student that way. I imagine you would not name yourself and stand behind your comments, or would your administration take exception? I hope your teaching more accurate info in the classroom, 1.1 impossible. I think you mean .1 and i take it back i do not hope you are in a classroom at am sorry for what happened here.

    • John,

      I guess you did not read anything on this situation, or you would know that Sean’s BAC WAS 1.1 and he was driving 68mph in a 30mph zone. So, his name does not matter, as it was accurate. Maybe you need to have your eyes checked?

  11. Sean Patrick Mayhew died 1 day ago while in prison paying for his crime – leave him in peace.

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