Rachel Hoffman murder 5/7/2008 Tallahassee, FL *Police Informant killed by potential buyers: Deneilo Bradshaw and Andrea Green*

          Rachel Hoffman

I am watching this on 20/20 and it is appalling. The police keep calling her a criminal but there isn’t really any evidence of this. They keep saying that she was facing multiple drug charges, but when she was murdered, there were NO charges against her. She was a young woman, scared, and the police took advantageof that. They did nothing to protect her, including giving her any kind of direction or walk her through it in advance. But of course, they think they did everything fine. I hope someone owns up to some responsibility here.
Rachel Hoffman Found Dead
Fla. Cops Under Fire After Informant’s Murder
Rachel Hoffman’s parents request clarification of order about pretrial evidence
Rachel Hoffman facing multiple felony charges when agreed to help police (however, she was never convicted, nor were there charges against her when she was murdered)
Botched Sting: Killed With Gun She Was Supposed to Buy
Tallahassee PD’s Pathetic Response to Rachel Hoffman’s Death
Are Pot Users Criminals? The Tragic Case of Rachel Hoffman
Grand jury is set to meet in Hoffman case

       Andrea Green          Deneilo Bradshaw

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  1. I watched 20/20 or Dateline last night, could not believe my ears. What a preventable tragedy. I don’t believe in marijuana, pills or anything like that. But, I do not think because she had a tiny amount, “a baggy” I quote, that she should have been a pawn dealing with thugs. The cops new these types of individuals usually have no regard to human life. What fools to bribe a young naive, carefree girl to do their dirty work. Her blood is on their shoulders, and hopefully in their very souls. There was no excuse for such ignorance, and poor judgement from this pitiful group of people, called Law Inforcement. My sadness is for this talented young girl, and her family who feels this open wound in their heart every single minute, of every day.


  2. Oh yeah, and to hear the police chief defend them, only makes them look more heartless, and sound more ignorant. Hopefully they are being sued. Quit making excuses for yourself. It makes you look and sound as guilty as the lawyers who tried to defend their Cane Corso Mastiffs that killed the Lacrosse coach in her own apt bldg. HEARTLESS, SOULESS, and IGNORANT


  3. that chief should be charged with murder. Badge or no badge, we need to send a message. The war on drugs needs to end especially with the USA being the home of the highest perscription drug usage in the world. Um, hello, Merck & co. …. how many have they KNOWINGLY poisened … this year alone!!!!!! Then and only then can we deal with the real criminals, regardless of what clothes they wear, how much dough they have or what neighborhood they come from. People who behave BAD, need to be kept away from society and nothing should protect them.


  4. This is just a sad, scary and predictable tragedy. Come on now, a beautiful young woman meeting drug dealers????
    You do not have to have a degree to know it’s the wrong thing to do. The police said the amount she was buying was between $12,000 and $15,000. She had no protection. She was a pawn to do there dirty work. Those two heartless cowards saw they could get rid of her, keep the drugs and the money she brought. (thanks to police)


  5. Criminal, crime ? Rachel Hoffman…….. off the streets ?

    There are an infinite number of rational intelligent people regardless of if they use marijuana or not – that believe it should be legal. At the very least such a fact should help society understand ………. Marijuana or weed is certainly not a hard core drug. More destroyed lives and more violent crimes are related to crack, powder cocaine, or heroin intra-venous users and yes even alcohol………. then plain old mellow weed.

    Unfortunately, Rachel Hoffman broke the law – she got caught up in the nonchalant attitude of her peer group. It may very well be a dumb law but it’s still the law. Maybe the senseless death of Rachel will help educate people to the reality of what a dumb law this really is.

    Let’s face it – without some kind of law and order we’d all be in big trouble but this law that bans marijuana needs to change. So until we actually change a law that many say is wrong, even ridiculous – our police must enforce such law. Police got a rough job. However, sometimes within their own peer group – they get carried away with the task at hand

    Hindsight is always easy after the fact; but it’s truly bizarre beyond belief that this even happened. It’s tragic that more precautions were not taken beforehand. For cops to pit a little girl against two thugs in a drug sting operation that involved a gun is sickening.

    What crime did Rachel really commit to deserve this? Rachel Hoffman, caught twice with a “baggie” of marijuana. A drug that many feel should be legal; and certainly not punishable with even one day in prison…… let alone 4 years. Ironic, isn’t it ? …. That it cost Rachel her life. Rachel a criminal involved in a crime ? That would be laughable if this wasn’t so tragic. Now, Rachel is off the streets forever and that’s a long time; and for what ?

    Many people realize there are bad hard core harmful drugs out there – but weed ain’t one of them. Weed has a make love not war effect. Medical marijuana relieves pain and suffering. Even the late night comedy shows goof around with pot jokes – explain the worse crime of taking a few tokes is raiding the cookie jar afterward. Celebrity guests on the shows readily admit to use of cannabis and many of the audience likewise. It’s a given that most of the musicians do inhale. It’s abundant everywhere including college campuses and in social settings virtually anywhere there’s a party. Good people, productive citizens literally millions of them – roll a joint, light up, toke, pass it around, relax and enjoy life. They hurt no one. Socially weed is more acceptable then ever before. Weed has a relaxing aura of “Peace on earth.” Rachel Hoffman was one of those peace loving people.

    Rachel Hoffman a beautiful human being, a young college graduate with plans for even more education and tangible career goals is gone. The world lost a fine young lady.

    Society needs to re-evaluate marijuana. American people should be outraged over the absurdity of these marijuana laws and methods to enforce them.


  6. Floresville TX Police and The Killing of a 16 year old informant. The police began using this child when he was Fourteen years old. Fact: Floresville, TX 78114

    No. 04-04-00248-CR
    From the 81st Judicial District Court, Wilson County, Texas
    Trial Court No. 04-03-0127-CVW

    Honorable Donna Rayes, Judge Presiding
    Opinion by: Paul W. Green, Justice
    Sitting: Paul W. Green, Justice
    Sarah B. Duncan, Justice
    Sandee Bryan Marion, Justice
    Delivered and filed: August 18, 2004

    AFFIRMED: Anthony Ramirez has been arrested and charged with murder. He filed an application for writ of habeas corpus seeking a reduction in his pretrial bail from the original amount of $250,000.00 to $25,000.00. After a hearing, the trial court denied the reduction, and Anthony appealed. We affirm the trial court’s order.

    Opinion by: Paul W. Green, Justice
    Sitting: Paul W. Green, Justice
    Sarah B. Duncan, Justice
    Sandee Bryan Marion, Justice
    Delivered and filed: August 18, 2004:

    *Officer Ullevig testified that Paul had provided information that Anthony was dealing drugs. Based on the officer’s observation of Anthony’s movements at the school after he quit attending, she was inclined to believe this information, but she had not been able to corroborate it.

    *“ 16 year old student, Paul Guajardo’s role as an informant began more than a year before his death”, said René Peña, district attorney for the 81st Judicial District.
    ( that means 14 year old student on FISD campus)
    (Ref. Wilson County News Bill O’Connell 23.FEB.05 FLORESVILLE)

    *At F.I.S.D. Students have no claim to the right not to incriminate themselves. They will be punished to the fullest extent of Texas Law and Federal Law.
    (Ref. Pg. 3 of the Floresville Independent School District Student Code of Conduct and 2005-2006 Edition)

    *“ students role as an informant within the F.I.S.D. caused and preceded his violent death”. (Ref. Wilson County News Bill O’Connell 23.FEB.05 FLORESVILLE, said Carrie Moy assistant district attorney for the 81st Judicial District Ramirez sentenced to 28 years)

    *“ Bud Box, Alternative Education Principal, said, he and the personnel committee were impressed with Ullevig’s successful experience with students”

    (Ref Wilson County News, Curtis E. Burton 02.NOV.05, FISD

    *After blatantly placing a child in mortal danger the School district rewards the Police Officer with a job.
    (Ref Wilson County News, Curtis E. Burton 02.NOV.05, FISD Employs New Assistant Officer)

    *Being awfully aware of the new assistant Police Officer’s past questionable conduct that they have had to defend in Federal Court 2005, Western District Five.

    *While at the same time in Federal district court. Officer B. Ullevig testifies to a Federal Judge, regarding civil rights violations against another student in a situation identical to the dead student Paul Guajardo, ( Cpl. Ullevigs “Non-Traditional Snitch”) Cpl. Ullevig was being charged with removing a male 15 year old student from his freshman classroom and not allowing the 15 year old male student access to an attorney after accusing him of a crime (car vandalism/criminal mischief) and shoving the student into a chair and not calling the students parents and without a school administrator present. While in the Hostile environment, Cpl. Ullevig uses the language “ I can Help you, if you help me”? I have several witness that saw you do it? During her trial. No such witness’s were ever materialized. Cpl. B. Ullevig stated to Federal Judge Xavier Rodriguez, that “all her contact with all students is average and ordinary? But in a different court, she say’s :

    *I use students as non-traditional Confidential informants for tip offs about crimes, I do not keep records, and I do keep school administrators out of the loop”.
    (Ref. Wilson County News Bill O’Connell 23.FEB.05 FLORESVILLE, Floresville police Cpl. Brenda Ullevig said during her testimony. Ramirez sentenced to 28 years)

    *I don’t have to tell them [ F.I.S.D. administrators] who gave me information”.
    (Ref. Wilson County News Bill O’Connell 23.FEB.05 FLORESVILLE, Floresville police Cpl. Brenda

    *Guajardo decided he wanted his life to take a new direction, I manipulated, He failed and was “shot dead”. (Ref. Wilson County News Bill O’Connell 23.FEB.05 FLORESVILLE, Floresville police Cpl. Brenda Ullevig said during testimony. Ramirez sentenced to 28 years)

    *“Student, Guajardo’s role as an informant began more than a year before his death”. (14 yrs. Old) , said René Peña, district attorney for the 81st Judicial District.

    (Ref. Wilson County News Bill O’Connell 23.FEB.05 FLORESVILLE)

    *“ students role as an informant within the F.I.S.D. preceded his violent death”. (Ref. Wilson County News Bill O’Connell 23.FEB.05 FLORESVILLE, Carrie Moy assistant district attorney for the 81st Judicial District Ramirez sentenced to 28 years)

    *“He failed” (16 yr. old Paul Guajardo) and then he was “shot dead”, said Carrie Moy assistant district attorney for the 81st Judicial District,
    (Ref. Wilson County News Bill O’Connell 23.FEB.05 FLORESVILLE, TX)

    *Cpl. Brenda Ullevig of the Floresville Police Department initiated an investigation May 12, 2005, after being “told” a student at Floresville Middle School had some marijuana. (Ref. Wilson County News, Brian K. Murphy May 30th 2005)

    *Charges—-both class-A misdemeanors–were Bumped Up in Severity since the offense occurred On Campus, which is a “Drug Free” zone.
    Ref. Wilson County News, Brian K. Murphy May 30th 2005)

    *Floresville Middle School May 2005: Police Cpl. Brenda Ullevig arrested two middle school students on drug charges. Informants used.

    (Ref. Wilson County News, Brian K. Murphy May 30th 2005)

    *Cpl. Ullevig was promoted to Floresville I.S.D. Campus Police Chief, and is presently employed as such. God save the children?

    Feel free to contact the Wilson County News
    regarding content or any other questions/concerns.
    E-mail reader@wcn-online.com,
    P.O. Box 115, Floresville, Texas 78114
    830-216-4519, fax 830-393-3219

    Floresville ISD, 908 10th Street, Floresville, TX 78114, 830-393-5300.


  7. Teacher from the same school district pleads guilty to sexual assault. I wonder why there was not an undercover snitch working this crime?

    This particular case took over fiver years to resolve. After Floresville independent school district attacked the credibility of the victim. One must understand that this is a small Texas town.

    The teacher convicted of the crime,belongs to an influential family.So when this is the case “Down Here” resolutions to real crime tend to be ignored. I.e. Sexual assault of a child and murder by cop.

    Bill O’Connell
    FLORESVILLE — A former Floresville High School teacher admitted to having an improper relationship with a female student while working as an educator and coach.

    Stephanie Gauthier Burleson, 36, of Converse, pleaded guilty on Monday to sexual assault, which is a second-degree felony that carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison.

    As part of the plea deal, 81st Judicial District Judge Donna Rayes sentenced Burleson to 10 years’ probation.

    A former student of Burleson’s accused the educator of assaulting her in 1998 and 1999. The assaults began in 1998, when the girl was a sophomore at Floresville High School.

    Burleson helped the girl sneak out of the victim’s house at night, according to a Texas Ranger’s report. On one occasion, Burleson assaulted the girl while they were in a vehicle that was parked in the Cimarron subdivision. On another occasion, an assault occurred on the night of a Super Bowl party in which Burleson served alcohol to minors, according to the Ranger’s report.

    Burleson had left Floresville High School and was working as a teacher and coach at East Central High School when she was indicted last year. Her status at East Central could not be determined at press time Monday.

    Terms of Burleson’s plea agreement included a requirement that she register as a sex offender and participate in a Specialized Sexual Offender Program conducted by the 81st and 218th Judicial Districts, according to court records. Burleson’s guilty plea effectively ends her career as a teacher, said René Peña, district attorney for the 81st Judicial District.

    “We required that she give up her teaching certification for life,” Peña said.

    Additional stipulations of the plea deal require Burleson to pay a $2,000 fine, as well as any counseling services that the victim would incur in the future. The victim has been participating in psychiatric counseling and takes anti-depressant medication as a result of the assaults, according to court records.

    Burleson is prohibited from consuming alcoholic beverages — including beer — and the plea deal requires her to “stay away from liquor stores, honky-tonks, beer taverns, and all other places where liquor is served,” according to court documents. The former Floresville teacher was ordered to perform 600 hours of community service, and observe a curfew from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. Burleson may not leave her home between those hours.

    Additional court-mandated conditions of her community supervision prohibit her from going within 1,000 feet of places where children are known to gather. She may not supervise or participate in any program that includes persons who are 17 or younger, such as athletic, civic, or cultural activities.

    Burleson also agreed to submit to DNA testing, and to refrain from dating or socializing with anyone who has children under the age of 18 without prior written permission from a community-supervision officer or a judge.


    Feel free to contact the Wilson County News
    regarding content or any other questions/concerns.
    E-mail reader@wcn-online.com,
    P.O. Box 115, Floresville, Texas 78114
    830-216-4519, fax 830-393-3219
    Wilson County News
    In Texas schools. Police, Teachers, and all other officials enjoy what is known as “Qualified Immunity”. Which basically means that they can and will do what they choose to do. In Floresville Texas a student does not enjoy the right to not incriminate themselves in a court of law and anything they say and do can and will be used against them in a court of law. The adminstrators and police on the other hand, enjoy, “Qualified Immunity”.


  8. I was arrested for underage drinking in Tallahassee when I was 18 years old and was left no choice but to work as an informant. My job was to go to gas stations, bars and liquor stores (in dangerous parts of town) with the goal of getting others arrested for selling alcohol to a minor. My case was obviously different from Rachel’s, drugs and weapons were not involved however I was not given any information on how to act or react in case of a dangerous situation. At one point, we were at a gas station where there was suspicious activity, I was asked to lay down on the car seat as the cops surrounded a suspicious vehicle. It turned out that it wasn’t anything serious but it could have been. Police officers choose to put their lives on the line, but I didn’t and Rachel didn’t. It is unfortunate that police departments are willing to put our untrained lives at risk.


  9. i think thy shoul let deneilo do time than killin him cause he didt kill the girl. and he grow up as a church boy and just so happen he followin bad company.


  10. The truth is this girl should not have been used by the Tallahassee Police Department as a confidential informant. Yes she broke the law with her repeated drug use, but two wrongs don’t make a right. The chief of police knows they are responsible, you can see it in his eyes but what is he going to say.


  11. thank you very much angela woods i am a personal friend of deneilo i grew up with him went to church with him even had sleep overs at my house and it pains me to see this yes he is just a young man the followed the wrong crowed and it is sad but true i think he should do time but not the rest of his life i say not life because he didnt actually kill her and probably didnt know what to do in the event that led to it. I pray for him every day i know it is late to write this but he feels pain about this and leaves the thought if i could turn back the hands of time…… dont we all wish we could at one point or another


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