• Destiny Ann Norton

  • This Day in Crime History

    July 16, 2006: 5-year-old Destiny Norton was lured from her home to the home of Craig Roger Gregerson, where he raped and killed her, then put her in a plastic tub until law enforcement found her. He pled guilty to avoid the death penalty and was sentenced to LWOP.

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Patricia and Kevin Whitaker murders 12/10/2003 Sugar Land, TX *3 convicted, including Bart Whitaker, son & brother of victims*

Patricia and Kevin Whitaker

Family Of 4 Shot By Intruder; 2 Killed
Sugar Land Father, Son Bury Mother, Brother
Son Missing Months After Family’s Double Murder
Police Want To Question Missing Man In Family’s Murder
Suspect Arrested In Sugar Land Family Murders
Second Arrest Made In Sugar Land Family Homicide
Murder Suspect ‘Bart’ Whitaker Arrested
Victim confronts killer who shot his wife and son
Convicted murderer sentenced to death
Bart Whitaker Murder Case Sugarland Texas
Sugar Land man’s death row blog draws criticism
Minutes Before Six – Thomas Bartlett Whitaker’s Blog
Inmate Information: Thomas Bartlett Whitaker (Death Row profile)
A most unusual suspect
Murder in the Family: ‘I Wanted Them Dead’
Bart Whitaker talks about killing family, death row complaints (While he acknowledges he has made “some mistakes”, he does not take any real responsibility for his crimes, including the murder of his mother and his brother)
Parole board recommends clemency for Bart Whitaker
Texas grants clemency to Thomas Whitaker minutes before execution
Man who plotted his family’s murder will not be executed, governor say
Death Row Inmate Who Murdered his Mom and Brother Spared Just Minutes Before Execution

Savage Son (great book)
Murder By Family: The Incredible True Story of a Son’s Treachery and a Father’s Forgiveness

48 Hours: The Sugar Land Conspiracy
Forensic Files: Family Interrupted
Blood Relatives: Blood is Thicker
Redrum: Bad Seeds

Thomas Bartlett Whitaker, 25 [death penalty; spared the death penalty by the governor 2/22/2018]
Steven Champagne, 23 [15 years in prison]
Chris A. Brashear, 23 [life, parole after 30 years]


SID Number: 05908024
TDCJ Number: 00999522
Race: W
Gender: M
Age: 31
Maximum Sentence Date: DEATH ROW
Current Facility: POLUNSKY
Projected Release Date: DEATH ROW
Parole Eligibility Date: DEATH ROW

Office History:
Offense Date 2003-12-10
Sentence Date 2007-03-08
Case No. 42969
Sentence (YY-MM-DD) 8888-88-88


SID Number: 06883381
TDCJ Number: 01467806
Race: W
Gender: M
Age: 28
Maximum Sentence Date: LIFE SENTENCE
Current Facility: EASTHAM
Projected Release Date: LIFE SENTENCE
Parole Eligibility Date: 2035-09-14

Offense History:
Offense Date 2003-12-10
Offense MURDER
Sentence Date 2007-09-19
Case No. 42968
Sentence (YY-MM-DD) 9999-99-99


SID Number: 07595867
TDCJ Number: 01471820
Race: W
Gender: M
Age: 29
Maximum Sentence Date: 2020-09-13
Current Facility: GIB LEWIS
Projected Release Date: 2020-09-13
Parole Eligibility Date: 2013-03-15

Offense History:
Offense Date 2003-12-10
Offense MURDER
Sentence Date 2007-11-19
County Case No. FORT BEND
Sentence (YY-MM-DD) 42970 15-00-00


138 Responses

  1. Hi Bonnie,

    The Whitaker case is the subject of my next book. I have already written 100 pages and look to finish it later this year. It is a very crazy and unique story.

  2. I would be very interested in reading your book, Mr. Micthell. I write off/on to Thomas Whitaker and also read his blog… Very interesting. After reading his site, I was very compelled to write to him, not with questions ‘how could you?’, but I am beginning to understand where he is coming from and made me wonder how my son felt growing up (very angry young man).

  3. Kathryn-
    Did you just out of the blue start writing him? How did he take it. I have been following his case and stay updated in his websitie until like you said, you just feel compelled to write him and just talk with him. So I did yesterday and I was just wondering how he would take it. If he would write back or be offended by me writing him.

  4. Bart’s journal/blog is very interesting. He’s a good writer and seems very intelligent. but obviously he’s a very dark soul. I have spent a lot of time reading through that website. I believe his father maintains it — Bart writes the journals in prison and his father posts them.

    It is amazing that his father has the capacity to forgive him.. absolutely incredible. His father begged the court to not sentence him to death.. very sad.

  5. I have been writing to Thomas since last fall and was finally about to go to Livingston last week to spend some time with him. I would encourage others to write to any death row inmate (no matter their story or guilt or innocence) – I think mail is something they all look forward to. Thomas will answer letters that don’t attack him, there are a lot of hard questions that people that have followed the case have, and you will have to understand the level of trust that needs to be there before he can answer any of them. His father no longer assists with his website – his cousin handles all the entries now. I may be partial to his writing style, I have established such a wonderful connection with him. I think that all of us suffer at one point or another with masks and if he’s able to help you define what worked for him on his journey to healing, he most certainly will.

  6. I have no desire to write him but I am sure that had he not killed his mom and brothers they would’ve looked forward to getting some mail.

  7. There are reasons for everything we do in life – even if they are bad ones.

  8. I would say that he made a poor choice that had no reason.

  9. I hope the opinion is an educated one (on the case) and personal knowledge of all involved.

  10. I hope the opinion is one that is educated (on the case) and personal knowledge of all involved

  11. Excuse me, I read about this so yeah, I know about all that is involved.
    I know that Bart was the greedy ass bastard who wanted mommy and daddy’s money. What makes you think that I know nothing of this case? Because I said that he made a poor choice or because my opinion doesn’t match yours? Big whoop, I believe in forgiveness but he shouldn’t be alive.

  12. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I would just encourage anyone with any opinion (my own as well) would take the time to have PERSONAL knowledge. What the media portrays may not always be reality. There is a lot of truth in what is out there – but also a lot of false information. Having a difference of opinion on things is what makes us all individuals.

  13. I don’t wish to know him, or write to him. I wish to eshew evil. I agree that we are all entilted to our own opinions.

  14. I have been writing Thomas since March of this year. I actually began writing him with no knowledge of his case at all. I didn’t even know what crime he had committed. I saw his photo on and it was sad. He had such innocent eyes, almost childlike. Once I read the ad on the site, I wrote him and have been ever since. If his father has the capacity to forgive him, who are we to judge? He is a very intriguing young man. The entire situation is very sad.

  15. It is sad Angel, I wish more people had the capacity to not judge the situation before knowing all that is out there. I don’t think he is a bad person, actually quite the opposite. He’s lucky to have great pen pals. Meeting him was really quite an experience. I had no expectations but really high hopes – I am so glad that I went. I am planning another trip hopefully in November.

  16. I am actually going o visit in January. He said that I will eligible for a special visit becasue I am traveling from Florida. I am bit nervous and I am not exactly sure what to expect.

    I have never been to Texas, now I am going all alone to visit a prison. My friends think I’m crazy. But I feel a connection with Thomas and I want him to know that there are people out there that truly care about him. We have become very good friends over the last few months. And I am thankful to have come into contact with him. He has definitely helped me view things a little differently. He has made more compassionate! His father is an amazing man and he is in my prayers everyday. I could only hope to have the compassion that Kent has.

    Thanks for responding Erin,


  17. No problem Angel – if you need any tips on Livingston I am sure we can figure out a more personable way to chat. Next, let me apologize for using such a public forum to ask such a personal question – I can imagine the flak I will take from others, but I am left with no alternative. Is your connection with Tom a romantic one? Please feel free to tell me to mind my own business – but I had to ask. Myself (and I thought him to) had started to develop that connection sometime before my visit and truth be told, was one of the main reasons I made the trip. Once there that all became a reality and I left there thinking I was “his girl” as he puts it. I am putting it out there because I have a lot to lose and since I came home have “found” some other girls online – I am truthfully just trying to decide if I am traveling down a road I shouldn’t be. I totally understand if you would rather not respond here – or at all. Take Care

  18. No our connection is not a romantic one. We joke and flirt but very innocently. I would not allow myself to gain romantic feelings for a man on DR because it would be harder for everyone involved. We are strictly just friends and we both intent to keep it that way.

    When did you go and visit him? if want you can email me at

  19. Angel and Erin,

    This is not a place for that. This is a place for the VICTIMS, not those accused of the mruders. Please have respect for the victims.

  20. It is not only disrespectful but it is disgusting to think that one feels romantic feelings toward him. What? Can’t you find a man outside of the prison? You need someone to pay attention to you so bad that you have to find someone who isn’t free outside of the bars?
    I call that desperate 🙂

  21. Hey everyone,

    I am very sorry If my posts have offended anyone, that was never my intention.

    I do think about the victims. I have been in contact with his father also and he is thankful for Thomas’ penpals. His father is the true victim in this story and he is an amazing man with a forgiving heart. I think that we could all take some notes from him.

    Again, I am very sorry if I had offended anyone at all. That was never my intention.

    Sincerely, Angel

  22. Angel and Erin,

    I have also been writing Thomas for a few months now, and I have come across another one of “his girls” lol, as you put it. She and I talk online, and are looking to know some more of his friends. If you would, e-mail me at 🙂 I would love to hear about your visits! 😀

  23. This is sooo freakin’ desperate !! Developing a “romantic connection” with a DR sentenced, and not figuring out you’re not the only one :D… And what is called “flirting innocently” ?? Some really don’t know yet about men / human nature O.o ….
    And yes, the “offended” ones must be very happy to read about this; well, for some, life goes on, right? And thanks to internet, even behind the bars you can still come across so many naive, weak or whatever female individuals around the world. What a beautiful world.

  24. There is nothing wrong, or unnatural, with feeling emotions for a man, even if he is on Death row. A man is a man no matter where he is or what he has done. Heart’s have no eyes, which is why love is blind, but on the same note it means that hearts cannot judge a person by what they see only by what they know.
    I have 6 prison pen-pals (one of them Sweet Thomas) and I love all of the dearly. They are my friends, and just because they have done bad things that doesn’t mean that “bad” is the true nature of their heart.
    Humans make mistakes. That is one of the innate attributes of being human.
    If you think about it people do things that are “out of character” all the time. People lie, cheat, steal, and do all sorts of immoral things every day of their lives, but we do it because it’s survival. It’s impossible to live a completely honest life. How can we as a society judge right and wrong when we do things viewed as “wrong” every breath. It’s hypocritical, but that too is a large part of life.
    The point is, I read all of these comments and don’t think anyone hear has the right to judge this case. The main victim of the whole crime has forgiven Thomas, so why is it that such a random group of bloggers can’t.
    I think that if every girl that Thomas writes to wants to fall in love with him than that is okay. Everyone deserves to be loved. He is not playing you and he is not seducing you. He is being an honest person, and in this world honesty is rare, it’s hard not to fall in love with that.
    If you choose to hate Thomas then you are ignorant.
    Ignorance is too often the voice of hate and of conscience. Remember that next time you look in the mirror. If you cannot forgive someone for a mistake, especially when it didn’t directly affect you, then you, yourself, are doomed to fall victim to the label of society. Term such as B**ch will be marked upon your forehead and worn as comfortably as a crown thorn.
    Forgive, Love, Remember, and learn. Those are the only things I can tell you.

  25. Kudos to you Magia!!!

    I agree with you 100%!! Thanks for the post

  26. Wow Magia, amazing post! REALLY appreciate that, and I’m sure Thomas would too. 😀

  27. Magie,
    If you are writing to 6 prison pals, are you telling them all that you love them? You feel that romantic feeling for all of them?
    You said that people lie, cheat and steal every day.. True some people do but there are some that chose not to do so. Who is judging here? I think it is disgusting that you all have to go looking for love in prison.
    You said that if you can’t forgive someone for a mistake!!!!! wth? How is what he (and the others) did (do) a mistake? He fricking had his mom and brother killed. NOT a fricking mistake here…
    and you said that terms of B**th will be marked upon your forehead for not forgiving? That is a very stupid remark!!!! It is not up to us to forgive him but for the family and God to forgive him AND I wear the term b**th proudly and I would rather be known as a bi**h than a dumbazz ho.

  28. Lavonne – You must forgive to be forgiven.

    Everyone else on this page, who is a not a “dumbazz ho” (yeah, I said it.) Please visit Thomas’ Myspace page at, or join his Facebook group. The group is called “Friends of Thomas”.

  29. Damn, bitches, have a cold shower. The boy is guilty as sin, and just koz yawl wanna fuck him all better don’t mean its gunna happen. But you’re right, hon, there’s somethin’ about a killer in a cage.

  30. Wow. This conversation definitely took a turn toward the worse.

    I am one of Thomas’ penpals, and I am not looking for love at all. I began writing him (not because of his crime, which I knew nothing about at the time) but because I randomly chose to write a DR inmate to learn more about things that society tries to ignore. We cage these people up and forget about them. I understand that he and most of the other inmates are 100% guilty of their crimes and they are paying for it, DEARLY. But WE forget that the people are still human beings! Even though their decisions weren’t humane, does not mean that we have to treat inhumanely.

    I do not pity any of the inmates at all, they made their beds, so they must lie in them. But I just don’t agree with how hard the mattress is. If you know what I mean.

  31. Veronica I know that in order to be forgiven I have to forgive others FOR WHAT THEY DO TO ME.. I don’t have to forgive him for killing his mom and brother, that is between him and God. That’s his problem, not mine. The way I see it, one has to be pretty desperate to look for love in prison..

  32. I ain’t a dumbazz ho but I won’t be visiting his page..

  33. To clarify….

    There are many different kinds of love.
    There is the love of primal passion (lust), romantic love, and finally the pure love of an unconditional friendship. The love of a friendship is by far the most natural of all loves, and it is the one which I choose to share with my pen-pals, both male and female.

    I do tell them I love them, often, and I feel no shame for that. They know enough about me to know my heart, and vice versa. We know that current life and circumstance cannot allow anything more then a strong friendship and both parties have accepted that, but just because I don’t hold a romantic desire for them doesn’t mean I don’t have the right to express the love I do have for them to them.

    I choose to live without regrets and I would deeply regret it if I went my whole life and something happened to me, or to them, and I never told them how I felt. Unspoken words are just burdensome.

    I do not judge them, because it is not my place. Only they know their true intentions, and the drive behind their crimes. Whether it was passion, greed, hate, a mix, or some other reason only they can know. It is something that they can try to express but the real inner workings of a human is not something that words can ever do justice to.

    I do not contest that Thomas is guilty, and if you ever spoke with him neither would he. He knows guilt well and he lives with it. He feels it slowly eating away at his soul, a punishment far more torturous then death. He is his own prison. Hate is not needed to make him feel bad, because he already does feel bad. Hate for him only reiterates the ignorance of some people.

    I called it a mistake because that is what it is. Sure he plotted, schemed, planned or whatever you choose to call it, but that is what his mind was telling him was “right” at the time. When we make mistakes we all generally go into them thinking they are good ideas or that they are “right” and it’s only when we figure out the flaws of said ideas that they can become mistakes. Thomas now understands that wrongness of his actions, therefore the whole event was a mistake.

    And everyone lies Lavonne. EVERYONE. You have to to survive if you always told the truth you would be a very hated person, and I don’t think that everyone hates you. Although you don’t exactly strike me as the warmest of hearts.

    Finally, as I said before prison is just a location. It holds no value to why we should or shouldn’t love someone. Love has no boundaries. All humans can be and should be loved by somebody in some way.

    Nobody here NEEDS to fall in love with someone in prison, but all of us are able to if we let ourselves. To fall in love with someone behind bars is not a crime or an abomination. It is the person we fall in love with and not where or what the person has done.

  34. Magia if you are going to address me spell my name correct and NO not everyone lies. Some people have higher morals than others and will do the best that they can without lying. Let me tell you a secret.. I don’t give a rat’s fat butt if you or anyone else likes me. I am who I am and if I have to lie to make friends then I don’t need friends!
    Truth is I do have a warm heart for people but I don’t like the BS that you and your friends are doing on here.
    I am tired of reading all of your bullcrap of the love you all have for these murders so do us a favor and do what Bonnie said and stop posting your stupidity on this page.. This page is for Patricia and Kevin NOT Bart./

  35. meow… hipocritical much? I believe you mispelled my name earlier as well. but I suppose bitter people such as yourself bathe in that sort of thing.

    I won’t argue against your opinions because you are entitled to them, but if you truly feel so strongly as you do, then I truly pity you.

    The mother and the brother rest in peace, and they are honored. I have great respect for them and feel much remorse about what happened to them. However they didnt hate Thomas, and I don’t feel they would wish hate upon him either, not even now. Bu we’ll never really know.

    Good luck to you. I just hope you find a bit of empathy for imperfection before you become a freeze dried hag. 😦

  36. I resent the fact that any so-called “woman” thinks it’s ok to be pen pals with a damn murderer. Yes, people do make mistakes, but as Lavonna pointed out, this isn’t one of them. A mistake is burning dinner, or misplacing your car keys. What Thomas did is not a mistake.
    Veronica, I’d rather eat chopped glass with ice cubes than to visit this asshole’s My-space. YOU post on his my-space, you dumb ass hoe.
    And all you bitches get the hell off my sister Lavonna’s back. She doesn’t have to bottomfeed on your bullshit, she has her own mind and opinion. You rock sis, you KNOW I got your back.
    The rest of you dizzy hoes keep wasting your ink. I can think of alot more CONSTRUCTIVE things to do than write a murderer in jail. Why don’t you guys go help look for Caylee Anthony, beat her mom’s ass, do something else besides jack off over a letter. (sorry Bonnie, had to say it)

  37. Magia, sorry for misspelling your name.. I am not a hypocrite nor do I need to be pitied from you or anyone.. I am a strong, dependent woman who does not feel the need to find love from someone in prison.. I have kids, a husband and lots of family who give me what I need to survive. I feel as strong about my opinions as you do getting love from inmates. I will never be a dried up hag, although I am a bitch I wear that name with pride honey cause that means I am strong and believe in myself and I am not afraid to speak my mind.

  38. Thank you Shauncey my sister 🙂

  39. Ah ebonics, the butcher shop of the english language…

  40. Magia,
    Ok, and we give a shit about your opinion because……….

  41. Lavonna,
    Anytime sis. Anyways, think about this. Why are we getting razzled over a bunch of hoes who have nothing better to do than write letters to murderer’s? Yawn……waste of time and energy.
    Nushawn bimbo: LOL!!!! You are crazy!!!

  42. 🙂

  43. […] Before Six found a website with all you need to know about this case it’s very interesting!! Patricia and Kevin Whitaker murders 12/10/2003 Sugar Land, TX Bonnie’s Blog of Crime __________________ be nice to the people on your way up,because you will meet them again on your […]

  44. I stumbled on this website by accident. I had not heard about Mr. Whitaker before today. I find it interesting that some of you are so full of hate for someone you have never met. Forgiveness in this case is irrelevant. Hatred is not. It poisons you and places you n danger of facing God’s wrath. Mr, Whitaker did nothing to any of you.

    However as a Christian, I understand that murder is not an unforgivable sin according to Jesus. What comes out of your mouths defiles you. I must say that I find it a bit far fetched to fall in love with a man who is sentenced to death, but easy to understand how one can love him. Love your neighbor as yourself is the second great commandment. To the ladies who cares about this person and, I admire you. To women who refer to themselves as female dogs, love them also. They need it. Anyone spewing that much hatred must be very unhappy indeed.

    I noticed that one of you mentioned ebonics. Are the women spewing hatred non white Americans? If so I understan the anger. The treatment that non whites receive at the hands of hypocrital Americans is beyond belief. How any survive in the American way of extreme discrimination simply because of skin color is awesome. I listen as many say they will never vote for a black man when black people have been voting for non blacks every since the right to vote was given.

  45. Wow, Misty, you may honestly be one of the most pure and honest, understanding bloggers I have every read. thank you for your impartial christian opinion!

  46. Misty,
    Pretty good comment. I do not know these people personally. (convicts) I can’t say that I hate them, but I do know I hate what they DID. Moving on…
    In my opinion, you have to have pretty low self-esteem to start and conduct ANY kind of a relationship with a convicted killer. (meaning you did NOT know him prior to prison) I think it’s tacky and desperate. I mean, there are so many more meaningful things you can do. Like volenteer at a children’s hospital. Go around your neighborhood and get people to vote. Adopt a needy child. Do charity work. Join yoga. Search and beat down Casey Anthony. Anything BESIDES write to a murderer who doesn’t deserve to be alive. I guess desperate hoes cause for desperate meadures. How truly sad.

  47. ***measures***

  48. Misty
    I am the one who referred to herself as the bitch, that is what some on here think I am and I don’t care.. that name does not bother me in fact I can be a bitch.. I was NOT spewing anything that resembles hate and how you got hate from my writing shows me that you either don’t understand what you are reading or you just feel the need to speak when not spoken to..

    Also, I understood the question you asked about “Are the women spewing hatred non white Americans? Uh NO I am a white female age 41 two girls, husbands middle class and I am NOT full of hate.. I speak my mind and I am blunt so how does that make me full of hate? I don’t hate no one.. I might not like their ways but I don’t hate no one and for you to judge me is wrong!

  49. One more thing Misty… If you are so full of love and kindness toward everyone then why did you not express sorrow or sympathy for the VICTIMS.. You know, the reason for this page.. Not one time did you have anything to say about them. Just wanting to dog me weren’t ya?

  50. Hi, I also write to Thomas Whitaker. I learned a lot from him.
    I find it great that others feel empathy with him aswell, but
    I realized that there are many prisoners on Death Row re-
    ceiving little or no mail. So I think he gets spoiled with letters whereas others suffer from loneliness. In case you
    are intending to write to a prisoner I would recommend you
    to write to someone who hasn`t got so much attention.

  51. […] some guy who hired pout for about $ 1,000 some one to shoot his own family ? in this blog Patricia and Kevin Whitaker murders 12/10/2003 Sugar Land, TX Bonnie’s Blog of Crime If you read the comments left you will see that there are other women who appear to have romantic […]

  52. I now have 10 prison penpals. They are all wonderful in their own ways. Writing to them is probably the most rewarding thing that I have ever done.

  53. What a shame. Even on death row, these murderers STILL use people….and people let them. Lol!!!

  54. Sunshine,
    Your letting a murderer TEACH you things?? What’s wrong with that picture??

  55. LOL Shauncey looks to me like most of the women on here that are writing to these inmates don’t have a personal life.. They are to scared to have a healthy relationship with a man outside of the bars..

    I still think it is very disrespectful that they feel the need to use the page that is for HIS MOTHER AND BROTHER to write on. Shows us how little they disrespect not only their selves but the family of Patricia and Kevin.

  56. **Not how little.. should have said how much they disrespect.

  57. You ladies keep talking about how desperate these girls are and how they have no lives but it looks to me like you are the pot calling the kettle black. I mean, you keep coming back to this page just to see if someone commented on your last post. Is this what you do with your time? There are so many more productive things you can do, right Shauncey? To each there own! Just as you do not want anyone to judge you, then you shouldn’t throw your judgement onto anyone else.

    This page is for the victims, I agree. And it just so happens that one of these victims has forgiven the convicted. Kent loves his late wife and son very much but he is not going to condemn his other son for his actions.

    We have no right to judge any of these people. I bet none of you ladies would condemn Kent for forgiving his son for having his wife and son killed. Then why are you condemning the people who decide to communicate with the convicted?

    I am by no means insecure or desperate. I decided to write to a DR inmate just to help open my eyes to another aspect of the world that we all try to ignore. When I began writing Thomas I did not know of his crime and how publicised it was. I do not regret my decision to write to him though.

    I also use my time to volunteer at local shelters around South Florida and I sponsor a child in Africa. I believe that a lot of the desparity in the world is swept under the rug and ignored. We need to face it head on and realize that God did not create a perfect world and He wants us to face this sinful world. A little compassion can go a long way!!!

  58. Angel
    I have a husband, kids and a job and if I want to use my time being on here I can.
    You don’t have to tell me that his father forgave him, I know that and that is between him and God not me..
    I don’t understand why you all keep posting on here about the needs and love that the DR inmates have.. The little bitch had no love when he had his mother and brother murdered.
    I already said that it is very disrespectful to get on this page but I guess you all just can’t stop and you feel like we need to read about it . I have compassion for people but you all are forgetting this page is NOT FOR THAT LITTLE BITCH BART..

  59. Vic•tim (
    1. a person who suffers from a destructive or injurious action or agency: a victim of an automobile accident.
    2. a person who is deceived or cheated, as by his or her own emotions or ignorance, by the dishonesty of others, or by some impersonal agency: a victim of misplaced confidence; the victim of a swindler; a victim of an optical illusion.

    By definition then, is not Thomas a victim as well?
    Thomas is a victim of his own inability to deal with emotions. He is a victim of lost conscience and ill-guided direction pushed upon him by the compassionless tyranny that was his alter-ego, Bart. (and if you have any type of education at all you will know that the concept of an alter-ego is VERY valid, Some peoples are just more controlling then others) For it was Bart who planned the killings and Bart who ran; yet it was Thomas who came back to face up to tragedy and Thomas who was charged.
    Bart is dead. He died the minute he was forced to look in the mirror and be held accountable. Bart was never as strong as Thomas is, yet Thomas who is innately good, is left to pay penance for the crime at hand, and he accepts that.
    With that said Thomas is just as much a victim as his mother and brother are. Therefore, this site is just as much about him as it is about them.
    Bart was evil. Bart cared for nothing but himself, and was as you so graciously put it a “little bitch”. Thomas is not.
    However, I don’t expect you to climb from the depths of your wallow of ignorance long enough to understand these truths. As a matter of fact, I don’t really care if you understand anything his friends say, it is a chip off your character and not mine. Typing to people like you is a waste of energy because you are the type of person who will always see things in one dimension and who will find some day that they have been missing out on just how beautiful the whole three dimensional picture really is. Negative emotions are just as blinding as an eclipse.
    Just know, that when you wish bad things on people whom you know nothing about and whose true nature you have never seen, bad things happen. Karma is a bitch….
    It is not your place to judge him. It is not your place to judge us for caring. So stop, and the argument ends.

  60. Thomas Bart is not a victim!!! If Bart died that is because he chose it and you’re right Karma is a bitch just like little bitch Bart…
    Girls who write DP inmates are
    1. reckless or dangerous because of despair or urgency: a desperate killer.
    2. having an urgent need, desire, etc.: desperate for attention.
    3. leaving little or no hope; very serious or dangerous: a desperate illness.
    4. extremely bad; intolerable or shocking: clothes in desperate taste.
    5. extreme or excessive.
    6. making a final, ultimate effort; giving all: a desperate attempt to save a life.
    7. actuated by a feeling of hopelessness.
    8. having no hope; giving in to despair.
    I am not in a dept of wallow of ignorance stupid ass, that would be you ‘ladies’ who can’t handle the real man in this world.. You know the ones who aren’t behind bars..
    So shove that up your big nose and the argument end there.

  61. Magia,

    Thomas Bart Whitaker may be a “victim” of himself, but he is NOT a victim of this crime. Period. He is alive and breathing. But his mother and brother are DEAD – MURDERED by their It is offensive to have people come here and sing his praises and call him a victim of the crime. If it was your family, I guarantee you would not feel the same.

  62. I USED to write Thomas also for many reasons and I was all ready to come to this site to defend him. However, with some simple internet research some things have come to light. The only person Thomas is victim to is HIMSELF. He plays people, he lies, he tells some people one thing and in letters to another he is talking behind their back!! Every single one of his pen pals is a female which is not an issue, except that he seems to have them falling over each other to help him. I would have thought after what he has been through and the pain he has caused, he would have learnt something. But in my opinion he has not. He is still using people for personal gain, and i do not think a single person who writes him will ever know the true Thomas, despite what he says. But I am not judging the people who continue to write him, that is totally up to them, I have just decided on the basis of what I have found out, Thomas is not everything he says he is. People take time out of their day to write these men and women on DR, i would have thought the least they could do is be straight with their pen pals.

    The events that Thomas caused are tragic, and there are no excuses that Thomas can hide behind. He is still living with his “masks”; a mask for each of his pen pals.

    That is just my opinion. I have no wish to enter into an argument about Thomas, I have now cut ties with him totally.



    Please remember, this is NOT a place forThomas Bart. It is for the VICTIMS of the murder, not the murderers. If you want to talk about them, go to the Discussion Forum, as that is a good place to talk about them:

    This post is about the victims! Not those who made Patricia and Kevin the victims or their admirers, pen pals, etc.

    I will start to remove posts that do not follow this. Have respect for the victims.

  64. I have to say this. I don’t HATE anyone. I was raised to forgive.
    Angel, you can kiss my ass. I will judge a MURDERER any way I damn well please and don’t you forget that. Obviously your not voleenteering ENOUGH if you have time to pen pal with murderers. Thank goodness your opinion means shit to me, like mine should mean to you. I think your stupid. (didn’t mean to judge you)
    Thank you Bonnie, once again, for putting these so-called women in their place.

  65. Once again, RIP Patricia and Kevin. You will be missed.

  66. Oh my! Is the the type of world that the internet has created? People so lonely that they talk to DR inmates? Let me guess……you all also internet date? “The Internet”-better than beer for getting dates!

  67. Tazmin!!!
    FINALLY!! Someone says it like it is! This guy is a total joke and I am completely embarrased to say the $$ amount he got me for – he is GOOD at what he does I will say that much – I am sure one day it will all catch up with him – I didn’t know him before he went to jail – but I can put a couple pennies on the fact that he hasn’t changed a bit!!!

  68. wow, I am not at all surprised that a story of this magnitude would turn up such emotion.

    I will tell you this: I was Bart’s roommate for over a year at Baylor. We roomed together our freshman year and hung out most of our sophomore year. I just recently found out about all of this while my girlfriend was watching oprah and they have a special airing on monday, october 6th.

    I will say that Bart is quite the womanizer. He’s very intelligent, cunning and driven. He is also very manipulative. All that being said, he and I got along very well surprisingly. I met his family a few times, we were both from the same area outside houston.

    I think i’ll take the time to write to him and maybe if i’m ever in texas i’ll visit him. He was a good friend of mine and i’m really sad to see this all happen.

  69. Hey paul, I’d like to talk to you if you’d let me. Please e-mail me.

  70. I have heard of the case and I just finished watching Oprah on the subject.
    I have been reading all of your posts and wanted to say this:

    Women who start romance with a Death Row Inmate, are people who have really been hurt before and are unable to step outside their comfort zone (right now). Believe it or not they find the relationship with the DRI safe. The only problem I have is when it goes beyond fantasy and they actually want to marry the guy. Thats when its not safe and its really ridiculous.

  71. none of us are in love with him (well I love Thomas but not THAT way) we just care enough to fight against the hate. that is all

  72. Magia,

    But what about murder? Do you condone that? What hate are you fighting against? If it is against Thomas Bart, then look at the root cause of what people are upset about. THE MURDERS. You don’t even mention that at all.

  73. None of his pen pals condone what he did, but all hold the belief that killing him is not justice, its just legalized murder. It’s the easy way out for our government for people that they don’t really know what to do with.

    How can you slap him on the hand and say don’t do that, and then in the same breath do it to him? That is not justice, no lesson will ever be taught that way, at least not one that will be retained.

    To wish death upon someone, even a murderer is to convey the real hate of your soul.

    Kent forgave him and he is the father, the same one that Thomas tried to kill. He the only one that this case REALLY effects. Most of us are just onlookers passing judgement.

    And I for one just can’t understand how anyone can wish death on another person. Murderers are still people. Life is not something that should be put on the scale when it comes to punishment because it is so precious and hold so much unforeseen value.

    Thomas did kill his mother and brother, and may they rest in peace. It was a tragedy and I am sincere when I say that they will be missed. They will not be forgotten.

    I don’t wish to fight all the political battles that come with this topic. I am tired of fighting against vengence, it is poison in this world and sooner or later its going to bring the end.

    Whether Thomas dies tomorrow, or in 10 years. I am still going to be his friend, i love him as that and only that. I’m not going to leave him because the world thinks that I should, because he made a TERRIBLE mistake and devalued the life of his own family.

    I am not condoning what he did, I am not disrespecting those who this world lost, I am just trying to point out that everyone carries a little hate with them, a little guilty conscience, and a little personal sin. Sometimes it manifests into more, sometimes it dies down. Thomas just didn’t have the mental means to control his hate, and like a wildfire it burned out of control. Some people snap easier then others, its as much of a mental defect as schizophrenia or manic depression.

    Just remember wishing death on ANYONE (Innocent,Guilty, handicapped, ect…) is not a good thing. It can never bring back what was lost. It is the ultimate act of hate. As I said it is “legalized murder” and society as a whole is just as guilty as Thomas as an individual.

  74. You call killing 2 people a “terrible mistake”? Wow. I’d hate to see what a “horrific” mistake is to you. What? Sept. 11th all over again? I think your blowing the whole “wishing death on people” thing out of proportion. The crime FITS the punishment. How can you murder 2 people and think you deserve to live? I don’t get it.

  75. valueing his life is not de-valueing theirs. I am not going to argue…

  76. Magie,
    I think you have a good case of too much “jail house rap”. You’ve being brain washed girl, wake up!! I don’t wanna argue, I’m trying to understand. How do you value someone’s life who doesn’t value the lives of others??? This dude doesn’t give a damn about you girl, can’t you see that. But go ahead and keep wasting your ink. Let’s see how much appreciation he shows you.

  77. Please remember, this is a place for the VICTIMS, not for those to defend in ANY way those convicted of killing them. If that is what you want, go to the discussion forums. But NOT here. I will remove all comments from here on out that are about those convicted of the murders.

  78. Does anybody know when Thomas will run out of appeals, and if there is in deed a date set for his execution? Sorry folks but he deserves the needle. Its really too bad that in our society, we can not pose what they did to the victims on them. Eye for an Eye etc.

  79. Bonnie, looks like no one wants to listen to you when you tell THEM to stop talking about those who are convicted of the murders…
    Why don’t they start their own blog of “how we are crazy about death row inmates”?

  80. Veronica-
    I would like to talk to you more about a few subjects. I would like to get in touch with Kent Whitaker and I know you have contact with him. Please email me if possible at Thanks! Shelley

  81. I just got through reading Kent Whitaker’s book (Murder by Family). I had no knowledge of this case until I just happened to lay eyes on the book on a store shelf last Thursday. It easily reduced me to tears…….as many other terrible human actions in this world have also done to me. I just got through reading many of your entries. Every view point posted is to be expected. No matter what the subject, there will be view points in all directions…..extreme directions. I know, some things are just down right hard to believe, but…….thats life. Basically, sometimes when I hear people voice their thoughts or opinions or read these kinds of things (like some of these entries) I just think ‘thank god I’m in charge of my own thoughts, feelings, and the directions I allow them to take ME’. I’m really not interested in insulted anyone no matter how bizarre (in my opinion) their thought-process. But the truth is people, our very opinions are directly related to our own experiences…..or lack of them. For instance, these ladies who are writing and seeking the attention (or seeking to give it) of DR inmates,
    I wonder would they write to the one who murdered ‘their’ family. The truth is, not one of you ladies corresponding with these men have lost a loved one to murder and thus an inmate sitting of DR for it. It is easy for you to choose to embrace them…….for whatever under-lying reasons cause you to desire that. I don’t believe theres a right or wrong here- just YOUR choice. For instance, nor have I endured the murder of a loved one, but I would NOT choose to write an inmate of any calibur. For several reasons: 1). I certainly wouldn’t be comforting him if it were my family he killed. And If he’s not worth communicating with if he killed mine, then he’s equally not worth it if he killed yours (or whomevers). 2) I am married with children and can you imagine how well that would go over with my 3.) No desire; for whatever reasons those desires emerge…… Listen guys, its expected that his father would be right there by his side. It amazes me that some people act suprised by that. Thats HIS child. You couple that with his strong relationship with God……. My own relationship with God doesn’t compare, and even I have no doubt that theres is NOTHING that could cause me to abandon either of my two boys. But anyway, my point is, you cannot use Bart’s father as your own justification for your own involvement. People proclaim, “his own father has forgiven him, who are we not to?” Well, thats just it…..thats his father…..THATS WHY he forgives him. I’m not his father (or his victim for that matter), therefore, I don’t have anything to forgive him for….and nor do you. By the way, there are other cases where family of victims have forgiven the murderer. I watched a movie (true story) not too long ago actually, that betrayed this. Worse, the Victim’s parents were NOT related to the murderer and forgiveness, even compassion, was eventuall given. It was a beautiful story actually. I know, sounds crazy. But remember, we all do to someone else at one point or another.

  82. After re-reading what I wrote, I would like to clarify a thing or two. There was no intention of judging any individual who corresponds with prisoners. I actually think that many people reach out like that after reading the story because they suddenly feel this strong sense of “oh my god, I feel so sorry for these people. I just need to reach out with a kind word….” Then one thing leads to another. And we might consider the well known fact that there really are MANY innocent people imprisoned (yes, ‘many’) and what a damn tragedy. I hate to think about it. Our judicial system has no problem admitting that. “But it still the best system we got” they say. And Strangers reach out ALL THE TIME in many different situations for many different reasons. To be honest, at many points reading Mr. Whitaker’s book I wanted desperately to put my arms around him and comfort him. And Bart, I did want to many times during the book also…..but BEFORE the murders took place. But, the reality is that many other people (and its alway females) seek relationships with incarcerated individuals for completely different reasons. These women are not unfamiliar to psychiatrist. The odds of your affection being ‘rejected’ by a lonely, bored, prisoner is slim to done. Anyway………I think these are the ‘type’ of people many of your entries were targeting. But, nevertheless, its one’s own choice. I think, ‘how sad’, but what more is our right to say. I’m just glad I’m free to make my own decisions and that I’m psychologically healthy enough to navigate through what I should do and that which I ‘probably ought not do’. Good night…..

  83. Michelle – If you were attempting to post a non-judgmental viewpoint, you failed miserable. You do not KNOW any of the things you claimed to “know” about penpals of DR inmates. Several of us are married, several have families, and few, yes, some of us HAVE had family members MURDERED, you judgemental ****.

    I do not write this inmate because I pity him, or because I “feel bad for him”. I write him because I am a paralegal, and I have an interest in learning as much about the law as I can, from every viewpoint. I have no desire to make a romantic connection with this man. AND, I’ll have you know, that he has several male penpals. Stop using the words “always” and “never”. You are uninformed. Don’t feel sad for me, because I have a pen-pal who gives me a different view on life. A REAL view. No sugar coating on how horrible life can be – to drive you in your own mind to believe that your family needs to die.

    I think you should go back to that bookstore, and look for a book on Open-mindedness. You did not aim to offend, but you VERY much so did.

  84. JRWMOMMY- Thats right, truly I was not intending to offend. But God forbid one mistakenly do so for there will surely be unkind people like you ready to pounce. And perhaps YOU should be a little more OPEN-MINDED about that before needlessly calling names. Reminder… I Clearly stated that people correspond for different reason. But irregardless, my opinion is mine, just as your entitled to yours…..without being attacked for it. Just as I know nothing about you (except that your a paralegal and some how that explains it all) You have no idea how open minded I am. I actually laughed when I read that because I’ve been accused more than once of being just that- TOO OPEN MINDED! Damned if you do……damned if you don’t. Well, gosh, can’t please everyone. But Honestly, if your not one of ‘those’ women whom I attempted to respectfully point out for the sake of the topic, then why in the world would YOU get offended? If yours ties are purely professional in nature, why in the world would you get offeded anyway? Who in the world are you defending?? And…..I have no doubt that Bart has male pen-pals. My statement clearly referred to the individuals seeking a romantic relationship. Oops, caught myself that time (not being open minded), those male pen-pals could be interested in romance too. But really JRWMOMMY, no bodies cares what YOU are doing.
    LIke I said, I read a lot, well, wild entries (to keep it relatively nice) and if I were truly judgemental and Oh so closed-minded….I would have targeted a ‘specific’ person(s) entry. You know, kind of like you so pathetically did mine. Let me explained to you just a little bit about my ability and experience at seeing things from both sides….O.k. you IGNORANT F*U*C*K…. My father was murdered….shot in the back and left alone to bleed to death (nobody was ever able to determine why this murderer would even attack him- I guess for fun). My Uncle was murdered…..stabbed in the back by a drunk mexican over a $1 pool game. Both these men were descent men who had never had any troulbes with law. I also have an Uncle whom has spent most his life in and out of prison (although not for murder) But I don’t like it at all when people just assume that all prisoners or ex-convicts are bad people- because I don’t think he is; My husband has been a correctional officer with the state Prison system for 22 yrs. and I assure your ass these officers know far more about whats going on inside their heads then all of you THINk you know. You outsiders believe what they WANT you to believe. Anyway, family has arrived……..

  85. O.k. Dearest JRWMOMMY (more like mommy-dearest), in keeping an open mind, I re-read what I wrote the other day trying to pin-point where I went so horrifically wrong. And, well, I just don’t really get it. I still feel that I was rather benign. NEVER did I call names, never did I put anyone down, never did I say that NO ONE should be communicating with inmates. Because I don’t feel that way. I was just talking about different aspects of it, just expressing thoughts, and I did so lightly enough to be reasonably accurate (aside from any use of the words “alway” and “never”) Bet YOU’VE never used those words before….especially while fighting with your husband. LOL . PLEASE TELL ME…..HOW DO YOU OFFER KINDNESS, PATIENCE, AND UNDERSTANDING TO A GUY WHO WATCHED HIS BABY BROTHER ‘TWITCHING’ ON THE FLOOR AS HE WAS DYING (NOT TO MENTION HIS MOM, ETC..) , BUT YOU EASILY ATTACK ANOTHER STRANGER FOR MERELY EXPRESSING HER THOUGHTS AND AT LEAST TRYING NOT TO OFFEND ANYONE???? I wasn’t talking rocket science, it was really just COMMON KNOWLEDGE kind of stuff anyway. It seems to me that simply because I pointed out that there are “some women” (and thats what I said- “some”) who do specifically seek romantic relationships with inmates (And thats just a fact thats been a fact for a loooooong loooooong time- whether it offends you for some reason or not), it seems that you attacked me for that. I WASN’T EVEN TALKING ABOUT YOU…WAS I??? Or Was I? It occurred to me that you said “many of US” (many of “us” are married, many of “US” have families….what ever in the hell were you even talking about….I don’t know?) But anyway, you wasn’t speaking for yourself. So, why the hell would you throw yourself and your agenda in the same category along with everyone else’s. Thats kind of foolish for someone whose on the defense. Amongst other reasons, perhaps it was your way of not having to admit that there is no one sitting on death row that has killed YOUR dad, or mom, or sibling. Oh, or anyone else you loved. And you DONT know what that would feel like. When I talked about that the other day in what I wrote it was merely something to ponder. It was not to say that a person should not write an inmate if that were their circumstances. Its a personal choice. It’s just that odds are…………and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that. You have an interest in learning about the law from every view point ?? And what view point of the law is O’ Bart gonna teach you. Oh, never mind, I’m just saying……since you threw your own weight into this, I don’t mind saying, “your not fulling anyone”. And no, that doesn’t mean your being judged. It just means ‘we understand’ (meaning any reasonably intelligent person reading our entries). And it’s o.k. And honey, I didn’t CLAIM to KNOW anything about pen pals and DR inmates (re-read). But, surprise surprise, it turns out I do. Just from the side where many of you look like fools who can’t conjure up a life (take note: I didn’t say ALL)! It is YOU who doesn’t know what your talking about. Or, rather, who your talking to! Well, I’ve always heard that you encounter some real freaks on the internet, and Lo and Behold, the first time I communicate I conjured up a real ‘closed-minded, hateful, no one’s thoughts matter but hers, out-of-touch with reality, psycho. And before I go, I have to ask this…..before you got to my entries, there were many others that were down right viscous….mean…bad name calling of people who pen-pal with inmates….. why in the hell did you target me? I did none of those things. You are a hateful and mean individual. So, again, PLEASE tell me, how is it that you offer kindness and understanding to a guy who WATCHED his FAMILY dying,,,,, but you attack another stranger for merely expressing her thoughts and at least TRYING NOT TO offend anyone. I am a nurse…I spend my life, my time, my own money caring for people who cannot do it for themselves……… Why doesn’t your sorry “eager to learn” ass try understanding the side of the law from an abused child’s point of view??????????? WHY??

  86. You hypocrasy is baffling.

    I’m not going to sit here and argue with you over who’s murder was more gruesome: your family’s or mine, because It’s none of your business what has led me to know both sides. And I’d like to know which story you’re going to go with, since in your original post you said: ” nor have I endured the murder of a loved one, but I would NOT choose to write an inmate of any calibur. ” Hmmm???

    What baffles me is the fact that you keep using the words ” Know” and “always”.
    “–and I assure your ass these officers know far more about whats going on inside their heads then all of you THINk you know. — ” Do you care to know that my significant other was also a correctional officer, and is now a Sheriff’s deputy? Would you care to group his opinion in with that of your husbands, just because they have similar field experience? I doubt they do have the same opinion.

    And then, you chastize my maturity and intelligence by complaing about my calling you a name (which I didn’t – note the astrics), yet you go on to call me an ignorant ****.

    In your first comment, you stated that you were an suddenly “we’re” the outsiders. You don’t know Thomas Whitaker. I do. You’re the outsider. Criminals are not a race or a species, they are individual people. Yes he deserves what he’s getting – I don’t argue that. But I do have to argue that he is still a person, not some whored up pimp of Livingston.

  87. How are readers of this supposed to know whether Michelle is telling the truth as pointed out by
    JRWMommy everything this person said was contradicting from their first post. From their not knowing anyone ever that has been murdered to their father and uncle being brutally killed. Makes you go “HMMMM” is this person reading what they are writing. I do not know Thomas, Bart whomever he is but I do believe prisoners are humans who have made very bad choices which they are having to face the consequences of choosing those choices by serving jail time in city, county, state or federal custody. I know very little about this case other than what I hear secondhand from my wife who is very interested in this case but others as well. IF people are going to post something on here at lease proofread what you post, it will help keep you out of hot water for contradicting yourself or making yourself look like a complete “ASS.” as I would say or “A COMPLETE IGNORANT FUCK” as Michelle so eloquently described herself:)

  88. Hypocrisy? Honestly, do you actually know what the definition of the word is. You CONTINUE to be so far off target that is a joke to even be communicating with you. You are not very perceptive or possess much incite. I am fully aware of what I wrote before AND AFTER. I did proof-read MORE THAN ONCE. As I ALSO STATED, nandj. Primarily to determine exactly where I targeted JRWMOMMY. It was not my choice to disclose such personal information regarding the deaths of my own close members of the family because, you know as well as I do, that once you do people believe you see it all from one bitter side….no matter what you believe. The fact of the matter is, my dad and uncle were both killed (12 years apart). Simple fact. Makes absolutely do difference what so ever if you people know that. It was never my intent to get in to this to such personal depth. But then, very unexpectedly, I received such a hateful post from this individual who just flat out attacked me, and additionally, ASSUMED and stated very matter of factly that I didn’t know what I was talking about. What?? Wrong! She couldn’t be more wrong. She was out of line. And so are you NANDJ. The story obviously interested me too or I would not have read the book or made any post after coming across this web-site. I also have the utmost confidence that I am the least of Ignorant fucks amongst the participants in these endearing conversations. NO DOUBT. And JRWMOMMY, you play it down so innocently to deny even calling me a name….. you say “note the astrics” Thats funny. Are you joking?! Are not people SUPPOSE to UNDERSTAND the ASTRICS? You are simply ridiculous. And because I’ve come to realize just how difficult it is for you to grasp ‘concepts’, let me TRY to make this more elementary…..I am an outsider of YOUR world. You people… The type of people that offer compassion to the perpetrators rather then the victims. I have an INSIDERS perspective (from being the wife of a LOOONG time officer of the system…..and currently) of the embarrassing manipulations by these guys being pulled on naive people like you. We’re talking about two separate worlds my dear. But then, it really wasn’t that hard to understand. And no, Really I’m not interested in hearing about your husbands experience. Because I too kind of doubt your honesty, have all along if that wasn’t apparent to you either. And even if he is a sheriffs deputy…..and?? Not really worth bragging about anyway. Do you even need a high school diploma for that? Just curious. Nandj, you don’t know who Bart is but you beleive prisoners are still jsut people who’ve made very bad choices???? I thought you read the posts. He’s a damn murderer. He killed his mom and brother. REMEMBER?!!! He is not the same as all poor inmates who are just merely trying to do their time. Get real! Oh god, YOU make a person go HMMMMM!! foolish!!! And you JRWmommy, Yes, I suppose in defense, I most certainly did chastise your maturity and intelligence…….I still do. But anyway, I will take the advice of my good friend and Co-worker, Dr. O, whom I have shared these posts with (being open-minded and reserving the right to be wrong….aren’t you proud) and he suggest it is a waste of precious life to argue or try to reason with people of “little intelligence” and down right “bottom feeders” and for me to cut it off. And by the way, nandj, “HOT WATER”? lol. Oh, thats real cute. The fact that you even breath mean something to very FEW people in the world. I will now be deleting this trash web-site, because people like you occupy it. And I’m not going to proof read THIS. Imagine that. Hope I did’nt make to many mistakes.

  89. Michelle,

    You don’t sound like a very nice person to me. Maybe you should re-read the book about forgivness. Why did you pick it up in the first place?

  90. michelle…………..irregardless is not a word

  91. 2barnettkids…… are absolutely correct. girl, what you doing in here……. trying to get an uproar, don’t worry, I got your back!

  92. Why don’t you all just leave Michelle alone? She has the right to her opinion and this page is not for BART.. It is for his mother and brother.

  93. Yeah, Lavonna – Your previous posts REALLY show what you’re here for. Nothing but caring and compassion for the victims.
    It really comes across well when you’re calling the other people names, and judging their reasoning for writing an inmate.

  94. I stumbled across Thomas Whitaker’s journal after watching the program on the murders. I have read every entry and look forward to the next.
    I am devasted that greed led to the destruction of this family. I admire Thomas’s father for his grace under fire. I can only imagine how his days are spent and that he knows the clock is ticking for his son.
    I plan to write to Thomas. I also write to someone at another prison in TX, son of a dear friend. He got 20yrs for possession with intent to sell. Wonder how many other states have that strict a penalty.
    I am a grandmother and am not looking to hook up with an inmate. Perhaps some of the young girls who write inmates are looking for love, glamour or notoriety. Not my business.
    I think the TX justice system is flawed. A product of the Bush clan running the State for so many years. My opinion only and not up for bashing.
    If inmates who have professed innocence for years can only get their case revisited, DNA testing etc, Ahhh, a pipe dream I guess. Once you lock em up, you truly throw the key away.
    I have said what I wanted to and have rambled on too much.
    Bless the beasts and the children.

  95. Peggy I don’t understand how someone can get 20 years for possession with intent to sell but then someone can take a life and get out within 10-15 years. I don’t think that is right.
    Also I am not going to bash you on Bush but I will say that a lot of things are messed up on both side of the political parties:-D

  96. Nicole,
    Like, where did you show you cared? I haven’t seen a post from you about the victims. Just smarting to others.
    I do care about the victims and their families but I don’t see sucking up to the killers.

  97. OK I have something to say,
    I am extremely upset with all the bashing everyone on here is doing to Bart as well as a few things one person said about Patricia and Kevin’s deaths. I am a family friend. Patricia was my kindergarden teacher and became my second mom. I love all of them and it hurts to see people bashing Bart. Yes, I know what he did was totally wrong. I wish it never happened. But it has and everyone must deal with it. But PLEASE if your going to say something horrible, don’t say it at all.
    1. Bart is NOT flirting with anyone. He has no intintions of that so get that out of your heads. He doesn’t mean to come off flirty thats not what he wants.
    2. HE WASNT AFTER MONEY. it had nothing to do with that. Plus the money that they did have wasn’t the huge amount the media keeps saying.

    If you would like to speak with me personally contact me.

    but im seriously saying stop with the crap about Bart. Even though its been a while it still deeply hurts. enough is enough

  98. Larissa,
    This is a forum for the victims not the victimizer. I don’t believe Bart has the capacity to be remorseful and he has never really explained why he did it, he skirts around the actual reasoning behind his actions. I think he is arrogant and a waste of space, I will celebrate on the day that the needle goes in his arm he is a waste of a human being.

  99. This is an apology for my post which I wrote on the 19th September 2008. After taking some advice and having my conscience come into play I wish to say the following.
    The post is a lie, I am not a pen pal of Thomas’ nor have I ever been. I in fact help with a Pro Death Penalty group, so I would have no need to be corresponding with a DR inmate. After reading some earlier posts it was very easy to take some of the information written and interpret it into a negative and totally untrue light, in order to further the agenda of the group to which I am attached. Having never had any contact with Thomas or anyone who knows him, I have no evidence at all to support what I said. It was simply a very cheap and easy way to cause him plenty of drama.
    I should take the opportunity to apologise to anyone who has been affected by my post. There is no need for malicious, childish games like the one I played above.

  100. Tazmin,
    You have to respect someone who can admit that their wrong and apologize.

  101. Freya,
    I know its about the victims but yet everyone is making it about Bart. I loved Patricia like a mother. I grew up knowing her but I also hate to see people talk so coldly about Bart. What you said was uncalled for. Don’t talk about someone so poorly if you truely know nothing about what happened. Just quit.

  102. Erin,

    I truly feel sorry for you. How pathetic going to visit someone on death row thinking that you we’re his girl. Then finding out that there’s others. You seriously need to get a life…….

  103. Larissa,

    You are a complete nutter and full of bullsh*t. As if you would stick up for someone who murdered someone who was like a mother to you. You’re just as sick and desperate as all the other Bart lovers on here. How can people NOT talk so coldly about a COLD BLOODED MURDERER????? What if Bart had planned to kill your real mother?? Would you still stick up for him them??? You probably would, as you sound as sick as him. Think about Kevin never graduating, never getting married, never having children, his life is over becasue of his psycho brother. How dare you stick up for the sick SOB that killed him and his OWN mother. Bart deserves to die, and I’m thankful that the jury agreed on this also. He’s the reason our wonderful Country has Captial Punishment. Rot in hell Bart Whitaker.

  104. Lavonna, you seem to think people that write to imates have no personal life and or are desperate…I have to ask what makes you any different? You seem to spend a great deal of your energy and time bashing people who are only showing compassion. I find it sad that your only outlet from your unhappy life is to come on this site and spead the hate and masking it to make yourself out to be some kind of saint.
    The victims….you want us to think about the victims…maybe you should ask yourself ” what would they want?”
    As a mother i wouldnt want my son to be on DR nor would i want him bashed by bitches. Also as a mother i would lay down my life or have it taken from me if it meant my child found his cure.
    Instead of being alone in front of your monitor….spreading hate and taking pride of calling yourself names your childress would be embarrased of….go kiss and hug your family.

  105. Larissa,
    You need to open your ears and your eyes and see that Bart is evil, and doesn’t deserve sympathy from anyone, he is only crying because he got caught. WAKE UP.

  106. Sassyshea
    You can kiss my white crack!!!!
    I do not have hate in my heart but you all ( the groupies) seem to think that this page is for him. It isn’t. I don’t have an unhappy life thank you. What pisses me off is that everyone wants to talk about Bart. That bitch is not what matters. This page WAS intended for his mother and brother.
    So are you telling me that you all who write to the inmates actually have a life?
    Are you that desperate bitch?

  107. LMAO Lavonna, It was only a matter of time before someone else got to kiss that white crack….LMAO You go girl.

  108. Bonnie, I went to spam again. 🙂 please find me.

  109. Wow..after reading through all these posts I almost forgot what this article was about. I gotta side with Lavonna and the others tho. I’m not gonna judge people who write inmates, but why do they continue to bring it HERE. Exchanging emails, and talking about what a great person a KILLER is, is not what Bonnie wanted here on HER BLOG(correct me if I am wrong). She stepped in at least once or twice to say something and it’s as if she was ignored. Like Lavonna said they act as if this is a forum for him, when Bonnie has made it clear that her blog is for the victims. Just my two cents:-)

  110. Larrissa is clearly in love with FART! Why else would a family friend stick up for a COLD BLOODED murderer??? Sick, sick, sick, desperate, desperate, desperate. Get a f*cking life! He killed his mother and brother! He deserves to die strapped to a bed in a nappy.

  111. sassyshea,
    You really have alot of nerves! You might wanna kiss mine after Lavonna’s!!

  112. Thank you Maya 😀
    Amanda Loved that Fart part 🙂

  113. Thank you Donna 🙂

  114. OMFG – This Veronica chick is in love with Bart too and Angel flirts with him. They want to speak to everyone on here that knows Bart. STALKER ALERT, STALKER ALERT!!!! Again two more lonely, sick, sad and desperate women.

    Clearly that’s saying someting about women whom fall for DR inmates. No man wants them on the outside so they have to go after men on the inside. Men on the inside will only use them for money and books and these desperate women will fall for it thinking that their “his girl” when there’s really about 10 of you. It’s very sad. ‘PLEASE GET SOME MUCH NEEDED HELP LADIES”

  115. All the Bart lovers on here. Think about how you would feel if Bart murdered your 19 year old brother and Mother and tried to kill your father? Would you then believe that he doesn’t deserve the death penalty??? Kent forgave him becasue Bart is his son and his only remaining family member. You women don’t have his blood running in your veins. You just want your 15 minutes of fame becasue this story was in the media and on Oprah. He will tell you that you are beautiful, tell you that he’s now a different person now. Yep, just like most men on DR. Didn’t you know they are all INNOCENT and have now all found GOD! I guess you feel Osama doesn’t deserve to die becasue he made a terrible mistake also. Bart tried to kill his family THREE, YES THREE times. He even got caught and that didn’t stop him from actually doing it. He is pure EVIL, EVIL, EVIL. I bet most of the women on here are single mum’s and under the age of 30. Desperate to find love anywhere. Your poor children, growing up believing mummy thinks murderers are okay, becasue they made a mistake once. So hey if I grow up and killed my mum, dad and my brother it would be okay becasue mummy said so!!! God you people should be locked away in the cage with Bart. RIP Kevin and Tricia.

  116. Lavonna,
    No thanks…Not interested in kissing your ass, Shauncey is doing a good enough job.
    I have never written to an inmate before……But why does it bother you so much that some people do? I must ask…are you controlled or in a abusive relationship? Most people that care so much about what other people do and express it so HARSHLY are usually the ones that are controlled in their life…..
    To me you seem to be so angry about some harmless letters…..hmmm makes me wonder. If women want to write an inmate…so what. What do you care? Oh yeah i forgot…..your the potty mouth mom claiming to be a saint.
    Remember just because some write letters to inmates doesnt mean they forgot about the victims….
    My final comment is…..I wonder what his mother and brother would think about your comments in her son’s regard?

  117. Sassyshea, I never said to kiss my ass I said my crack.
    What part of reading all of this do you not understand? I don’t give a ratt’s ass who you all write to. I have a problem with you all getting on her after Bonnie has told you all to stop!

    My final comment…… Yay does that mean you will shut your big mouth? We can only hope 🙂

  118. I never claimed to be a saint

  119. You people really disgust me…
    You are the walking, living, proof that ignorance is bliss in the minds of small people.
    You are the fuel that keeps the fires of hate for the unknown, burning so strongly within the heart of society.
    It is the hate for what you can never know that will be your own crucifixion. You are the manifest of this world’s greatest evil and you submit, and let your heart bow to it because you refuse the knowledge to know better.
    You hate what you don’t know. You hate what the grains of society tell you to hate because you lack the enlightenment to see past the media. Don’t believe everything you hear. Don’t assume that because the internet says something about a person that it is truth, the truth is in the eye of the beholder. It is objective.
    You act as if you all knew Kevin and Patricia personally, and you didn’t. You act as if you know all Thomas’ motives, all any criminals’ motives, and you don’t. You sum them up, you personify them, by past actions and events, history; yet you will never know the whole story. Nobody will. Only those who rest in peace and rot in prison know the truth as to why this happened, and it is irrelevant now because it has happened and it is over. Five years it has been over. Five years it has had to come to a shallow boil and die, yet you argue to keep the hate alive. There is no peace or rest for this subject or its victims because nobody here will let there be.
    This crime has never affected your life there for it is none of your business.
    You cannot sum up a person by what they do. Murderers are no different than any of us, they are merely broken human beings who are cast in the shadows to justly suffer for their crimes. They are fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, aunts, nephews, cousins, ect…To somebody. There is no discrimination to the breaking of a soul. They bleed, they breathe, they feel, and they think. They need no reminders of what they did, or didn’t, do because the memories of their poor choices are constant torture.

    They need no internet slander from distant onlookers and gossips.

    To wish suffering, to wish death, on a man whom you have never met is heinous and cruel. Walk in his shoes for one day and then tell me “justice”. If you can’t do this, then you are one of the reasons for such a repetitive string in history. Murders keep happening for a reason, and people like you are the reason this world will never change.

    Thomas has come to terms with personal responsibility, he never denies that. Yet society as a whole needs to do this as well. Everyone is at fault for violence and hate because it is our nature. Instead of killing what we can’t fathom, why not fix it? The answer: Too much effort. Humans by nature are also lazy and self centered. There is so much effort that takes place within the justice system; yet it is towards punishment and not repair. Repair the broken and it will come back to you tenfold.

    Kindness can be contagious if given to those whose hearts are susceptible.
    Don’t bash on his pen-pals because they are able to give a non-objective friendship, or because they are kind human beings. It is their choice. They choose to open their minds, instead of close them, in order to learn. They are better people because of it, and somebody’s world is a better place because of them. There is nothing wrong with their passion for this man. I commend them. Whether they love him, or like him it doesn’t matter. He is what he is, man. Whether he has 1 or 50 penpals it is none of your concern. It is his, and their, business. Why judge someone for the amount of friends they have, or who they are friends with? Jealousy? Envy? Insecurity? It is not as though these women were tricked into being his friend, you cannot help who your heart leads you to, who it bonds with. Connection is everything if you have the mind to accept it.

    I will not argue with anyone on here. So don’t bother. I will not post again anytime soon, so don’t waste your breath. I have spoken my peace and hope that you think a little more before you speak. I pray forgiveness, or at the very least silent contrition, finds its way into all of your hearts. I pray that Kevin and Patricia rest in peace and that they will help you. And finally, I pray that you will be able to look into your heart and find your own personal evil and fight it off so that you don’t end up broken too because the world is filled with disapproving people, mirrors of yourself, who, like you, will not bend to kindness or civility. That is a choice.

    Stop posting on here and let it go. Let this case and all its tragedy rest in peace.

  120. *You people really disgust me…*
    * You act as if you all knew Kevin and Patricia personally, and you didn’t. You act as if you know all Thomas’ motives, all any criminals’ motives, and you don’t. You sum them up, you personify them, by past actions and events, history; yet you will never know the whole story*
    No I didn’t know them personally but you all started this crap when you come on a page that is be a tribute to Patricia and Kevin, after Bonnie has told you many times to stop.
    * This crime has never affected your life there for it is none of your business.*
    It was made our business after you all kept disrespecting Bonnie’s wishes.
    *You cannot sum up a person by what they do. Murderers are no different than any of us, they are merely broken human beings who are cast in the shadows to justly suffer for their crimes.*
    Yes we can. He chose to have his family murdered for money so I put two and two together and it sums up to = he deserves death!
    *Walk in his shoes for one day and then tell me “justice”.*
    Hell NO. I have no desire to kill my family.
    *If you can’t do this, then you are one of the reasons for such a repetitive string in history. Murders keep happening for a reason, and people like you are the reason this world will never change.*
    That has to be one of the most ignorant sentence that I have ever read. People like me are the reason the world would never change? Ha! Doubt that being as I have never murdered no one.
    * Instead of killing what we can’t fathom, why not fix it?*
    How do you propose we fix it?
    *Don’t bash on his pen-pals because they are able to give a non-objective friendship, or because they are kind human beings. It is their choice. They choose to open their minds, instead of close them, in order to learn.*
    Ok, but why don’t they start their own blog for him? Why continue to do what is against the request of Bonnie?
    *It is his, and their, business. Why judge someone for the amount of friends they have, or who they are friends with?*
    Already answered that.. They brought it to this blog and made it our business.
    *Why judge someone for the amount of friends they have, or who they are friends with? Jealousy? Envy? Insecurity? *
    That would be a hell no, not jealous or envious of them. I have more security about myself than to be jealous of women who are looking for love behind bars. I love being married to one that I can touch, see him love our kids. But thanks for asking.
    *I will not post again anytime soon, so don’t waste your breath..*
    Thank God

  121. Lavonna, you are a riot:-) How much you want to bet they will both be back?:-)

  122. Lavonna – I 100% agree with everything you said. You go girl. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  123. They are like boomerangs.. They always come back 😀

  124. Lavonna,
    Again i dont want to kiss any part of you….Thanks for asking….Finally we see your softer side. I was afraid there was nothing to you but hate and anger….Sorry i misjudged you…..But i must decline on your generous offer of affection…..

  125. First of all, I hadn’t heard of this story until today. And have no desire to even look at Bart’s blog nor myspace. I also want to point out that writing to any prisoner, is at the least, your own choice. But in my opinion, a poor one. By the way, it is a violation for a prisoner to have an updtaed myspace. (personally know someone recently written up for it) However, being on death row, I am sure Bart could care less. I do hurt for the members of this family that have suffered here, Those being Kent, Patricia, and Kevin. And all of the surrounding people who knew the deceased and are missing them. May Patricia and Kevin rest in peace. However, I do have a few things to say to some of the bloggers:

    Magia: survival? What? What about Patricia and Kevin surviving? And 10 prison pen pals? You must have no life. I have three kid’s and their dad is in prison, has been for 5 months, and hasn’t gotten a letter/visit from me. He is not a bad person, but does not deserve anything from me. And his crime wasn’t at all that bad. “Hate for him only reiterates the ignorance of some people.” No, it only gives him the pleasure he was looking for in the beginning. For someone to pay attention to what he did. And given the definition of the word “victim” I would say that you have become one of Bart’s victims. “It’s the easy way out for our government for people that they don’t really know what to do with.” That is about the only sane thing you have posted. I agree completely with letting him be released into general population where he can really feel what it’s like to live with the guilt and possibly pay for it. “little hate. little guitly conscience, little perswonal sin?” Nothing about this crime was little. Ignorance is bliss. And you seem ignorant.

    Angel: He deserves to be caged up and forgotten about. So what if his father has forgiven him? He is his father. And he is entitled to forgive him if he wants. Bart has every one of you fooled. He plotted this whole crime out on more than one occasion. And then even tried to follow through with killing his father AFTER the deal went “unfinished”. Then threatened someone’s family with a Christmas card! “I decided to write to a DR inmate just to help open my eyes to another aspect of the world that we all try to ignore.” Really? Or are you getting tips from him? Does soemone need to look out for your family? Here’s a tip: He doesn’t give a damn about you. And if he were out, he’d probably kill your family.

    Anyone who has created a “romantic relationship” with Bart: Romantic relations? Really. He is a MURDERER. Cold Blooded. He is never going to get out and be with you. And you most definitely are not the only one.

    Larissa: I am deeply sorry for your loss.

    Britney: Unfortunately, it looks as if there are far more than 10.

    Sassyshea: When he murdered his mother, he gave up the right to be called her son.

    And last but not least: Lavonna and Shauncey: You go girls.

    • Andrea,

      I disagree with one of the first things you said, about writing to an inmate is a poor choice. Please remember, some inmates (in fact many) are NOT murderers or predators. Some have done white collar crimes, robbery, burglary, forgery, etc. Does that mean that their families or friends should just suddenly disassociate from them? No, they may not condone their behavior, but they should still love them and support them. I, for one, have a close friend in jail and would never abandon him just because people don’t think it is right to support him. I do not support any criminal behavior he did, but I support him personally. And I do write to him and accept his phone calls. In my life right now, he is the only person who actually accepts me for who I am and does not criticize everything little thing I do. We have known each other for over 20 years now.

      Everyone needs a friend. Writing to an inmate, especially a friend or family member, is a choice, but that does not make it a poor choice. It makes it a choice. But if what you mean are these women who search for inmates to have more than a pen pal relationship with someone that they actually do not know, point well taken there. And it appears that this is what has happened in Bart’s case. These women either ignore or don’t know anything about the case, and take the convicted murderer’s word over common sense. That is what I find very sad.

  126. Bonnie,

    I apologize for the way I said my comment. I agree, all crimes are not harmful, nor did I mean that all inmates do not deserve to be written./supported. The father of my children is in prison now. I don’t write him, for my own personal reasons. He took my kids and told me that if I didn’t come home and be with him, I would not get them back. He still gets to talk to them on the phone when they are with his mom. But I have no desire to communicate with him. Given the circumstances surrounding Sam and Lindsay Porter, I had no choice but to call the police. Would he have hurt our kids? I am certain that he wouldn’t. But when it come to my kids. I don’t play “what if” games. My dad served time in prison. The only mail he received mail from me was a hate letter. I have many friends in prison, and yes I have written a few. Never have I “started” a relationship with any of them while in prsion, nor after they got out. I was directing that towards the women who go there searching for relationships. Didn’t mean to impose that I don’t support anyone who supports inmates. I do understand that there are people in jail for less than murder. And even people that are in there for things that they may have not actualy done.

    • Andrea,

      In your position, I too would have called the police, and I am glad you did. I have never just started a relationship with someone I did not already know who went to prison. Funny thing, my friend just called while you were posting! Makes for a nice day for me. Except that he is a Broncos fan, but I guess not everyone is perfect!

  127. to amanda. wow. u have no respect for the ones that have lost two important people in life. why would i be “in love” with someone who i always saw as my brother. really? that was uncalled for. i believe that about 99.9% of yall who write on here have no relations to the Whitakers AT ALL. for people like me, it hurts deeply to hear all the crude things yall are saying. its been 5 years and im STILL dealing with grief. yes, i am one of his pen pals but thats MY way of dealing with everything. it’s MY way of getting closure and finally telling him all the things I wanted to tell him 5 years ago. i never said what he did wasnt wrong, cause in EVERY way it was. but i dont believe that he should have gotten DR because i believe that he would suffer more locked up and thinking bout it every single day for the rest of his life in jail. im not saying im fully on his side but Patricia was my second mom. i loved her. although i didnt know kevin as well i still thought of us being close in some ways. what would Patricia think if she saw all the things yall are saying about her son? what would kent think as well? its realy upsetting to read all of these ugly posts yall write. esp when your saying im as sick and desperate. seriously get a life. this was practically my other family.

    to Andrea thank you for understanding me.

  128. Larissa,

    I have lost many, many loved ones in my life. And I know of the hurt you feel. My brother was killed in a car accident when I was 10. My other brother was brutally murdered when I was 18 and the killer got off on self defense, even though he wasn’t hurt at all, and was in no way defending himself. My dad, my cousin, and three close friends committed suicide all in one year. I watched my first love shoot himself in the head and die. I can’t imagine having to forgive anyone who took the life of one of my loved ones, but in no way do I judge anyone who does. It would be hard not to forgive them if I were close to them. I don’t have to forgive Thomas, because I did not know him nor any of the victims. I will maybe never understand why he did it, and will think poorly of him for it, simply because all I know is that he killed two innocent people. If I knew him, maybe it would be different. But I don’t. But please don’t let the things that people say on here get you down. You have every right to feel the way you do.

  129. note from blog owner
    This is NOT the Maya that is a regular poster. Please do not confuse the two.


    You must be 16 or something and VERY stupid. Kent and Patricia would forgive Bart because he’s THEIR son. (Well Patricia can’t as she’s DEAD!) and remember sweet Kevin? He was only 19, had his whole life ahead of him. Until Bart had him EXECUTED and he was left GURGLING in his OWN blood. Bart is nothing to you and you are nothing to him. You keep going on how they were like a family to you and Tricia was like your second mum. But you constantly stick up for the man who killed them. Hell you even write to him. Which means that you are extremely sad, desperate and EXTREMELY sick. Kent was supposed to be dead also, but thankfully he survived. Then Bart tried to finish him off as well as threaten Fred’s family. He deserves to die, how can someone kill two of his own family members, seriously wound another and deserve to live?? Where’s his ex fiancee?? She doesn’t write to him, she wants nothing to do with him. (She’s got brains, unlike you) He’s a continuing threat and he’s even a threat to the inmates in general population, hence why he got the death penalty, you dumb f*ck. RIP Patricia and Kevin

  130. 🙂 Maya

  131. Hey, I didn’t write that! DAMN, now I need a new screen name:-(

    note from blog owner
    You are right. The other one who posted as Maya has a different IP address and email address.

  132. I need to start paying attention to the icons! I seen your name and thought it was you.

  133. whoever f***ing wrote under Maya’s s’n is so fin cold hearted! YOU DONT KNOW THE FAMILY SO WHY THE HELL ARE U TREATING ME THIS WAY! And no I am NOT 16, I’m f***ing 19. I dont see how writing him makes me “extremely sad, desperate and EXTREMELY sick” WTF are you serious? wow. get a life!

    Andrea im so sorry to hear about everything. But I respect you. You’ve definately had it harder than I have but your a strong woman I can see.

  134. Thanks for the clarification, Bonnie:-) It is appreciated. I changed my name to avoid confusion:-D!

  135. Larissa,
    You seem to like the celebrity part of being friends with a high profile murderer, as twisted as that is… I also think you like the attention you receive from his notoriety, one day you will grow up and look back and be embarrassed about your choices, if not, then you are as sick as him. I tend to side with the latter.

  136. the celebrity part? really? i dont see how anyone could see him as a celebrity or want to get attention from it. honestly. and how the hell could i be embarrassed about my choices? and why would that make me sick like him because im not embarrassed? talking to him about what happened five years ago is me getting closure on all the millions of things that were left unanswered to me. i have no intention of wanting to be in the “celebrity part of being friends with him”. if i didnt know him this case would have never have effected me and i would never have even looked at this website.

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