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Aaron Nichols – juvenile pedophile; will justice be served?

Please go to this site and read this post. It is very scary to think that prosecutors would allow this now convicted sex offender to not serve any jail time. Apparently he has approximately 21 victims (although his father, Bob Nichols, told him to keep his mouth shut about the other victims) he was only charged for 2 victims, incidents that happened in 2002 and 2003, when he was a teenager. He is currently 21 now.

Please read this link: Aaron Nichols and I urge you to write to the Judge in this case. These victims deserve justice, not the fear of seeing him on the street as they try to pull their lives back together.

Also, be sure to read this letter written by a friend of one of the victim’s. It gives some details about this prosecutor, that I sure hope other prosecutors don’t take her lead when dealing with confessed child molesters.


22 Responses

  1. Many of his victims were either too young to recall or blocked out. Other victims could not come forward as their families did not want them too. Because his father would not allow Aaron to speak of the others….we may never even know just how many he molested.

    As a family friend of one of his victims, I urge you to write letters to Judge Proffitt. Encourage her to reject the plea and require time to be served.

    Thank you.


  2. Thanks for sharing this Bonnie!


  3. This man ‘sicko’ needs to serve time for what he did to those children! He should not get off with only probation and registering as a sex offender.. This is sickening and disgusting and I hope and pray those children get justice and are able to get the mental help they need. The father also should get time for not turning his son in. I understand and know the love for our children but when they do wrong we MUST show them the right way regardless of what their consequences will be.


  4. The dad should knew and didn’t tell the friends. That is a moral crime of the utmost but not illegal. However telling his son, Aaron “not to tell about the others” now THAT is illegal and charges should be brought up against him.


  5. Well, Stephanie Smith, deputy prosecutor, who thinks she has all the power “Claims” that the Statue of Limitations for what Bob did (covering up his sons crimes and forbidding him to disclose all the victims) is only one year.

    Anybody know if that is really true, or another lie?


  6. I very seriously doubt that is true but I don’t know that for sure!
    I hope it isn’t.. Dad needs to pay for not telling. Who knows he could have saved some kids some painful and unnecessary memories.


  7. I agree with everybody. I will definately be writing that judge. And if I ever see this fool in public, I PERSONALLY am going to kick his ass. I hope I’m with a few friends so we can jump him. His dad needs a MAJOR ass kickin. One word for this family:TRASHY. We need to protect our kids. If it were my son, what was LEFT of him when I was done with him would be in jail.


  8. thanks for sharing


  9. Am I getting this right? A prosecutor in Tipton knew about this for over a year and didn’t do anything about it? Why hasn’t he been disciplined?

    The dad knew and told the son not to tell about the others? Why no charges against the dad too?

    Someone who has confessed to molesting children may get no time because his family had the money to hire some expensive lawyers?

    The prosecutor in Hamilton County has agreed to this plea bargain? Isn’t she supposed to be FOR the victims?

    How can this be?


  10. You tell me……….how can it be? As a mother of one of his MANY victims I cannot begin to tell you how betrayed we feel. Not only by his parents who knew he had a problem years before we were allowed to find out and sat quietly by and did nothing, but also by the first prosecutor that waited 357 days to recuse himself because he all the sudden realized there was a “perceived conflict of interest” since Aaron’s dad is the County Coroner and his uncle is the President of the County Council and the family had contributed financially to his political campaign. To add futher insult to injury the dad, Bob Nichols, takes pictures for the local paper and shows up to events and photographs victims of Aaron sometimes and the parents sit by helplessly and can do nothing. The editor of the Tipton Tribune, Jackie Henry, defends Bob to the parents saying he has done nothing wrong and you cannot blame the parents for the child’s sins. When we try to post about this on the only local forum through the Kokomo Tribune, the threads always get deleted. We’ve been heartbroken and waiting for justice for over 2 1/2 yrs. Anybody that can help, please do.



    UPDATED INFO at this link. Also plans for a peaceful protest and address where letters concerning this case can be sent.


  12. They won. The kids lost. He is free. I am so sad.


  13. I have a very dear friend who has some family members that were victims of his. The pain that poor family and the rest of the families that have had to go trough is intolerable. I think that people need to contact all the big new stations in Indianapolis and demand that they get involved with their own special investigations. His easy sentencing is not going to keep him from doing it again. I attended Marian College with him, he’s always sort of creeped me out and and eventually I learned why. This issue needs to kept alive. People can’t give up.


  14. Is he STILL there??? (Marian College)


  15. yes, he’s still at marian


  16. This is so sad, I read that his excuse was that he had been molested as a child.. Give me a break those kids won’t get the same treatment if they use this excuse as adults, I was molested as a child.. They would probley get time just like he should have..


  17. I just wanted to say I am soooo crying right now that I have read this I have 2 children young. my heart & prayers go out to all the families this monster has done this to. God Bless you all. I have been dealing with a similar case someone in my family has also been molested and it is now going to trial (happened 5 yrs ago) the only good thing about this was he videotaped himself doing it. I hope that the “LAW” bring under stiffer penalties (even the death penaly) for hurting children. Every 2.2 seconds a child is either physically or sexually abused in this country, something to stop & think about. A pedophile is a pedophile plain & simple this is not something that will change. We as parents need to do something about it, make people aware, protect your children, know who they are with DON”T trust anyone you don’t know. Your neighbor, mailman, teachers, ministry, relatives these people can all be pedophiles. Teach children what inappropriate touch is and tell them to TELL if it has happened. I pray to GOD that Aaron & every other PEDOPHILE out there is severely punished for children’s sake.

    Sickened by all this~


  18. That is just wrong. Goes to show you that money is more important to these people than morals. I’m disgusted all over again.


  19. lisen up everyone the prosecutor… Jay Rich is no good he has covered up alot more than you think.. Ask aboubt, The
    Murders of a few in Tipton In. Tabbitha, Shane J. there are more these are the ones I have knowledge of.. Ask him he won’t answer, Shane was rulled accidental overdose.. Ask him how.. As a rule I don’t like to listen to rumors but there is fact in the cases mentioned.. Now a Child molester, his Family is well known in this town.. Give me a break turn a blind eye won’t you.. Glo


  20. Although it feels like nobody even cares, just wanted to let people know that Aaron only received probation for being a serial child molester and is free. He attends Marian College in Indianapolis, Indiana. Protect your children, the law isn’t going to do it for you.


  21. This guy is out there again, at St. Alphonsus Parish in Zionsville, IN. Look out, families. He is being given haven at this Catholic Church by the Pastor who is doing nothing to supervise him. Take a careful look at his photo so you will know him well as he lurks about the Parish.


  22. This story breaks my heart. I am currently going through something similar with my own son. He is 7yrs and has been raped on several occasions by his dads brother who is 14yrs. Now it has come to light we know (my family) that there is no way a 7yr old could make up such a story, which we only found out about because my mom caught him in the act. Since we’ve reported this to the police my sons dad and his parents and other siblings have completly turned against us and my son. This leads me to believe they knew about it all along. I believe juvenile sex offenders are abuse victims themselves. This isn’t an excuse but even more reason to investigate and punish the parents or any person who tries to conceal such a vile crime. Sex offenders of any age have some sort of evil streak and should never be let back into the community.


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