• This Day in Crime History

    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Movies Based On True Crimes: No One Would Listen *Amy Carnevale murder*

Dating Violence

Amy Carnevale

Amy Carnevale, 14, was killed by her boyfriend, Jamie Fuller on August 23, 1991. He was convicted and sentenced to life in prison.

**Update 8/24/2017** It appears that Jamie Fuller is going to get a parole hearing. However, let’s be honest, he does not deserve it. He is where he belongs. Here is a petition to stop this: Stop the Parole of Jamie Fuller

Facebook: Justice for Amy Carnevale
Beverly girl,14, found stabbed to death
Jealous teen slashed girlfriend’s throat from ear to ear, say cops
Fuller is described in murder trial as a jealous boyfriend
Teen faces adult trial in girlfriend’s murder
Charges multiply in girl’s murder
Friend testifies suspect joked while dumping teen’s body
Use of steroids seen as defense focus in Beverly slaying trial
Steroids blamed in killing
Jury deliberates in Beverly murder trial
Fuller is guilty of murder; Carnevale’s killer gets life no parole
Teen pleads in murder case
Movies Based On True Stories: No One Would Tell movie (great site! She has a lot of great information and some pictures)
Commonwelath v Jamie P. Fuller 1995 (appeal denied)

No One Would Tell


Offender Record
Offender ID: W53395
Offender Name: JAMIE FULLER
Date of Birth:
Custody Status: In Custody
Location of Offender: Souza-Baranowski Correctional
Race: Unknown
Gender: Male


152 Responses

  1. I had a jealous boyfriend once. I left him anyway!

    • Too me the only message is……. dont go out with the jock simply cause he’s a jock….. go out with the nice, ugly guys because it whats in the inside than the outside! I have no sympathy for Amy & even less for Jamie

      • Brian,

        How do you know why Amy went out with Jamie? Did she tell you? I have no respect for you, since you feel it is ok to talk negative about a victim, even though my comment policy prohibits that.

        • I completely agree, We should never disrespect a deceased person. If you can’t say somthing nice don’t say anything at all and I dont know about you, but I was taught that in 1stgrade.

      • Brian, I am an older woman (42) now and i also had a extremely jealous boyfriend at one tme 20 years ago.What some people dont understand is in the begiining they are wonderful,than after some time will become more possesive.It doesnt start the way some may think .One day he is giving you gifts and saying how much he loves you ,the next he starts gradually taking over more and more of your life till you dont really know yourself.My point is until you have been in a situation like that ,making comments about how you dont feel sorry for someone is not wrong.Most people who end up here dont ask for it sometimes by the time they realize whats happening it has manifested to complete fear.I was lucky and will never stand for it again,ever…… so think of your comments before you make them.

        • Kimberly,

          Thank you for sharing your experience. Since I have also been through it, I do understand. I wish people would not judge those who have been in an abusive relationship. It is NOT easy to live with or get out of.

        • Kimberly I have been in same type of relationship, it’s completely scary how a person can change from the Dr. Jekyll to the Mr Hyde personality. It’s terrifying. I have been stalk, attacked and threatened numerous times by my ex boyfriend because I left him. It’s a nightmare because the stalking is still happening. Thank God and the justice system for restraining orders and police protection, yet some how they find a way around it. I hope the young man Brian understands that this can also happen to men just like women because women are abusive and hurt their spouses as well. Please don’t judge but help stop bad behavior when you see it.

      • Brian,

        All I can is …. Really?? How can you possibly say you have no sympathy for Amy?? She was murdered!!! Hindsight is 20/20 and while it may be “easy” for you to see signs, after watching the movie or reading a newspaper article, its not always so obvious to 14 yr olds that think they’re “in love” …. You should be ashamed of yourself!!

        • You are right, You will always have mindless idiots with a simples brain with no capacity to have an open mind or walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. No one taught them anything. So the person who made that comment needs to be pitied because he or she is pathetic. You can tell sometimes when people make stupid comments like that they come from a stupid family.

      • he wasnt a jock he wasA PUNK

      • Classic Nice Guy whining. Somehow this guy turns a terrible tragedy–a young girl murdered by her boyfriend–into some kind of screed about Why Ugly Guys Deserve to Get Laid. Unbelievable.

        What a sad, sad story. Beautiful girl.

      • i was friends with jamie and he was never a jock. he was a shy skinny withdrawn and bullied little boy until he started lifting weights and using steroids. he wanted to be big and tough looking and he was. he went from bullied to bully, the more he drank the more violent he became for mostly the fun of it. by the way I have not spoken to him since he was charged with this horrific crime and by no means am trying to make excuses for him. amy was a sweet girl and she is missed in Beverly very much. R.I.P. Amy

        • It’s very sad what happened to her, jaime deserves to rot in prison for what he did! There’s no excuses for that! “You may not be able to control your mind, but you can control what you do.” He’s practically already dead, now that he’s in prison he has no life. As for Brian!! How could you say that? What kind of person says something like that, about someone who has lost their life so tragic! Regardless if their teens or not or jocks or nerds nothing like this should ever ever take place! Relationships shouldn’t escalate this far! My questions is where were the parents? It’s important to not ignore the signs of an abusive relationship. Importantly All parents need to pay more attention to their children! And to who they consider their friends and who their in a relationship with. “You have a responsibility to the people you care about step in if you notice an abusive relationship.”

        • I will never forget what happened to Amy,and when I wen’t to visit some one in Walpole way back in the day I seen the C.Os had him shackled he looked pathetic.

        • I seen the film only recently and have read blog after blog about what really happened. I know what Jamie did was terrible but I think he sentence was wrong he was 16 with a history of abuse from his father when he was a child, not to mention a mother totally dependant on him, he had serious trust issues not to mention steroids mixed with alcohol. What people are failing to see her is that he was mentally unstable and did not deserve the harsh sentence he got. There where friends egging him on to do this and also Amy was 12 when she start dating him what mother let’s a 12 year old get in a relationship so seriously at that age then sees her coming in bruised and sees her school work suffer and doesn’t stop it from happening!!! There are way more people to blame that Jamie in all this, it could of been prevented long before it happened if anymore had of just stepped in teachers, parents, friends!!! Jamie was abusing steroids and drink not a good combo he was definately mentally unstable at the time of this terrible crime his sentence should of reflected that!! 20 to life pending review!!! Amy was carrying his baby and still very much in love with him and he claims to have loved her so why kill her and their unborn child, only reason I can see is steroids and alcohol.. Jamie should be reviewed and released on parole and I would feel the same if it was my daughter it happened to

          • Lisa,

            You really would want him released, even though he has no remorse for what he did? And I find it sad that if you had a daughter who was murdered that you would not want her killer punished. Anything less than life for a cold-blooded murderer is not enough time. And yes, I have had loved ones murdered. I personally believe that he would hurt another person if released.

          • Im not saying he should be released what I mean is that I think he should at least be reviewed and considered if it would be ok for him to be released. It’s like saying people can’t change, they can now I don’t know if he has changed maybe he hasn’t but it was almost 20 years ago, when he was abusing drink and steroids, and also dealing with teenage hormones, craving love that he was not getting at home and sadly has a distorted view of love from what he seen while he was growing up, surely these factors should be taken into account? He did a disgraceful unforgivable thing and not for one second do I think he should not be punished for it but I think there should be a limit in the punishment within reason, if he is indeed as you say unremorseful for the horrible crime he committed then no don’t even consider releasing him, but if ge was sorry every day for the last 20 years for what he did and begging for forgiveness then I think his sentence should of at least aloud the option to review and decide if and when the punishment had fitted the crime… I don’t mean to upset anyone with my comments. I have not had anyone killed in my family nor has anyone in my family killed so I do not know how I would feel but I imagine either way I would wish everyday for them back in my life.. Jamie may have been an evil monster but to his family he was not and to his family at 16 he pretty much died too it’s not the same I know far from it, but I have seen lighter sentences handed out, James bulger killers are out, casey Anthony didn’t even do day in jail, baby p killers out… The list goes on who gets to decide one person gets away with murder and yet another does enough time for everyone?

          • Lisa,

            I do understand what you are saying, however, he is doing time for his crime. There is no reason to mention James Bulger’s killers, as that is UK justice. Casey Anthony was found not guilty, so of course she did not go to prison. Unfortunately. Because I believe she is guilty. Any way, in this case, no, Jamie is not asking for forgiveness. He has no remorse. He belongs in prison. Of course his family supported him, as his mother tried to help with an escape plan for him and she was charged with that. Families are rarely objective in these things. Very few parents believe their children could kill, even when shown a video of them doing it.

            But you do have the right to your opinion and I do see what you mean. I have seen people that I support their release. But it all depends on the crime, the offender, etc. If there is no remorse, then absolutely not.

          • Didn’t realise he was in no way sorry for what he did, so in that case the of course you are right he should be kept where he is, I was under the illusion that steroids, alcohol, a bad childhood and youth where all factors in that terrible killing, but 20 years later and he’s still proud of what he did then let him rot.. I really taught after 20 years of nothing but time to think about what he did then he’d eventually realise how wrong he was, clearly that has not happened so best kept inside..

          • I agree. You know, I saw Karla Faye Tucker, who truly changed and was a different person, even though she knew she was to be executed. I have seen quite a few others who used their time to become a better person, one who could contribute to society. But I guess some just don’t care.

          • Actually what people didn’t see was how he reacted in the court. My relative was there because she was friends with him and Amy and was dating one of the kids that was waiting for them to catch up through the wooded path… they knew nothing about what was going to happen, although Jamie had it planned. They were all afraid of him… my relative was interviewed and was in the courtroom and they didn’t show him crying/sobbing. They only showed him stone faced. What happened was wrong but if you guys didn’t know Jamie you shouldn’t judge him… just the crime… He was a VERY quiet kid (we had a couple classes together) and actually very polite and well mannered. The steroids/alcohol really changed him… but still… i don’t believe that he doesn’t regret it. True his mother tried breaking him out but that still doesn’t mean he hasn’t shown remorse. No one can know that unless they are with him or had seen him AFTER the murder. just saying!!! Amy really truly was very beautiful and super sweet… it was a true tragedy for anyone that knew her… =(

        • Jamie is a loser and a coward who wouldn’t pick on someone who would do him in.

        • Hi my name is Jonathan and I have followed this for awhile,do you have any pics of Jamie and Amy that you would share,my email is we can talk some time.Thanks god bless.

      • You’re An ASS, The Biggest One Online… How Dare You Speak Of An Innocent Victim, Like That. How Was She Supposed To Know What She Was Gonna Do. When I Saw The Movie I Assumed She Was Gonna Make It Out. I Didn’t Even Know It Was Based On Something Til I Looked It Up. God Bless Amy’s Soul + Her Friends & Family… RIP

      • Dude not all jocks are like that and trust me some guys are ugly and they are still like that what they did in high school makes no difference I am just glad that he can never do that again and I pray for her family I know it’s tough

      • Brian, you are a jerk and I hope nobody ever dates you…no sympathy for AMY…what?? She was a human and somebody’s daughter. You don’t know why she dated this other jerk..sounds like you have no regards for human life at all. Shame on you! Amy may you rest in her mother may GOD comfort you everyday you miss you baby girl.

        • Jamie is a punk ass, he knew what exactly what he was doing and what he wanted to do. U can’t blame the steroids, alcohol and being abused for what he did bcuz that’s bull. I was abused by my parents and I was an alcoholic and abusing drugs, and never once did I ever lay a hand on any of my girlfriends, I always treated them with respect, so dont go blaming the alcohol and all that other bs for what that punk ass bich did.

      • Lord forgive that girl for no reason , all because of some jealous fool. Jamie deserves what he got, R.I.P baby you was so pretty.

      • Obviously you have no idea what the real message is not all Jocks are the same and it’s so stupid for you to think that an ugly guy is going to be any better then a jock everyone has a different personality maybe you should open your eyes and see that.

  2. I had a jealous boyfriend as well, but he’s history! Everytime I see No One Would Tell I see my ex. It’s really creepy!! Please email me if you get some pics. I am so interested in this case since it happended in my state.

    PS my name is gina


  4. If you go to this site and click on “no one would tell” you can find a picture of Amy.

  5. Hey, I new this kid, in fact I introduced him to Santos, the guy he got his roids off of. (he was huge for a ninth grader) and he really was nuts. And she really was a sweet girl. I knew all involved very well. Did you know that he had a plan to escape from prison after he had his balls cut off?

    • Wow he had his balls cut off I didn’t know that!!!!GOOD. they all should.

    • Why Would you Do thatt see she had the right the live you no i Can’t belive you over jeausley you are one low down and dirty if i was Amy Carnevale i Run And Tell the police on you

  6. justin,
    Your killing me dude! Roids?? Balls cut off? Please explain.

  7. I met Fuller about 9 mos. before the murder and I knew I was looking at pure evil.

  8. oh my god i cant believe this would happen the movie (no one would tell) its starred candace cameron bure in the movie i saw her face in the bag obbsession is nothing to joke about

  9. i recentally saw the movie “no one would tee” and my health teacher explained to us wat happened to her..i think that is the most horrible thing anyone could do!

  10. I had a friend from high school who was not so lucky. I just watched the movie again march 21st 2009 and it brings me some kind of hope that things are changing. He got what he deserved. No one would tell is a great movie.

  11. I do not care if your the biggest baddest guy in the world or how pissed off a girl got you or even that you were jealous of the guys she talks to or even jealous of her friends that gives you no right to treat a girl that way it gives you no right to hit her or even think about hitting her **IT DOES NOT** make you a man!!!!!!!!!!

  12. ohhh and i forgot just because you can doesn’t mean you should….

  13. This story is really sad i actually bought the movie not so long ago. I kept reading articles in the internet of the real full story of Amy Carnevale. I found a picture of her on the 1991 newspaper. i FOUND at this site:

  14. i dont have a boyfriend who is anything like jamie so i do not understand at all amy’s position but i do believe it was so utterly sick what he did to her. but then again she should have realized after the 2nd time he hit her that he wasnt sorry and it was just going to happen again. and if she really believed they had love than she should have thought again because if any man hurts a woman its definatly not love, its abuse. R.i.p amy

    • I do understand why you’re saying she should have realized and I know its very frustrating. But it’s brain washing. Its exactly the same when a student or a person is bullied and they harm themselves. They are being brainwashed by the people who torment them into thinking they’re nothing. It would have started out slow, a couple of rough hand holdings, or nasty words and then slowly over the weeks it got worse. By this time his bullying would have taken away her confidence until she felt trapped. And lets not forget she is a 14 year old girl. She’s still developing and having normal hormonal teen issues on top of an abusive boyfriend. I don’t think anyone in a domestic violence situation can be strong enough to just walk away, i think it takes loads of therapy, time and support. After you’ve had someone you trusted so implicitly undermine you completely, you need to build up your self worth and confidence again.

    • when you are in a abusive relationship…..sometimes its all a person has and they began to fill its their job to take care of the abuser..they fill its their fault…they never tell as children dont tell…until you walk in those shoes please…dont judge Amy

  15. i have never seen this move but i know what she went through i had a boyfriend that hit me all the time and he told me if i told anyone he would kill me well im still here but he’s not we broke up

    • good for you Kim, it’s all about control with these types.
      Amy wasn’t as strong as you,(in my opinion). And she probably didn’t have such a great support system in her life either, (parents, friends,etc.)

  16. I havn’t been inn an abusive relationship yet but i’m dating a 20 year old. He’s VERY jealous when i talk nto my ex-friend. When he tells me he dosn’t like him hanging with me but at the end i do what i want. He tries to control my life but only God has control over me. I’ve see “No one would tell” & believe me the person that movie is about didn’t deserve to die at a young age. There is always a way to get out of an abusive relationship, Thank you!

  17. that is not fair what happend to amy and now i understand where no one would tell came from. i am so glad that Jamie got what he deserved. cus if nobody would abuse other people then the world would be a better place. But it’s not so we got to try to get it changed ourselves and get abuse to be stoped and maybe things would be better.

  18. when i said ourselves i ment things

  19. i’ve been trashed-talked by a guy but that’s as far as it went. took some time to realize the potential danger behind a relationship with that guy. But i just can’t put myself in the position where a woman would want to come back to a guy after he had laid a hand on her and then believe everything is her fault when she gets abused. how does she see love in that? it’s so disturbing. if you love them you would always want what’s best for them and respect any decisions they make in life. not try to meet up to your expectations. my heart goes out to those that have been victims of an abusive relationship.

  20. First I would like to say sorry about what happen to you Amy no one should have to go through that and no one should have to die way way before their time. Another thing I would like to say to all of Amy’s friends and family is that I know what it fills like to loose someone you really love and how it fills to no someone you care about is being hurt but you are unable to stop it you see when I was little a lot of bad things happen I’m referring to when I said I know what it’s like to loose someone you love when I was six my eighteen year old uncle was shot to death it took me a long time to get over it but I did.And when I said someone you care about is being hurt and you are unable to stop it I’m talking about how when my dad was alive how he use to beat my mom I used to worry that oneday he would actually kill her but before he could get to that part my mom left him I was sad that she left but happy she was away from him.What my mom did is what Amy should have did to Jamie.

  21. i feel sorry for the family
    and i also know how it feels to lose someone you love and also how it feels to be beat
    but i know she loved him and when you love someone u cant just turn your back and go away
    she did this but he was ill and killed her
    i hope he is not fine and he ll never fell good
    he deserves the badesest thing on earth

    pls can some one tell me wher i can find a pic of them?

    tomorrow is the day when he killed her 😦 RIP girl

  22. I found this site with a real newspaper article about the murder. It has a picture of Jamie Fuller in court.,3074903

  23. come on he was only 16 they did’nt no what love was two innocence lives have been taking from this world .

    • Sonia,
      You are certainly not calling Jamie Fuller an innocent person are you? He was old enough to know what he was doing and that what he was doing was wrong. At 16, you know that murder is not only illegal, but wrong in every sense. If he was not taught that at home, then his parents would also belong in prison.

    • I am glad that someone realizes that 16 is not old enough to understand any adult things. I agree 2 innocent lives gone.

      • I do not agree that 2 innocent lives are gone. Amy is the only innocent one. She is the victim here. She can’t speak for herself now or then. Jamie killed her. He slashed her throat. That is not innocence. It has been said that he had been physically violent with her before. He knew what he was doing. Slashing someone’s throat from ear to ear is not an accident nor the act of an innocent person. In my opinion, yes, he is evil and he is where he belongs. Would you go to Amy’s family and tell them that you believe Jamie is innocent and should not be in prison? Can you not really think about the victim and her loved ones for a change? And please remember, this is a place to remember AMY, not to justify or defend the person who killed her.

        • I wasn’t responding to you I was responding to sonia Davis above. But by no means would I ever excuse what he has done and I know it is horrific. But he was way too young to fully understand. I’m not saying he’s innocent if the crime because yes he is guilty of it but he did not have the maturity to fully understand his actions.

          • I knew you were not responding to me. Are you really saying that he did not understand that physically abusing someone is wrong? That slitting someone’s throat and thereby killing them is wrong? He did not understand that? If that is true as you imply, then his family deserved to be convicted of the murder as well, because you should learn at a young age (yeah, before 10 even or younger) that these acts are WRONG. I disagree with you about this. He should have known that these acts are wrong, illegal and immoral. My neighbor’s daughters are 8, 10, and 11 and they all know that these things are wrong. I do not understand why people try to say that teens are so stupid that they do not understand that abuse and murder are wrong. This is why we have so much violence among teens. People give them excuses to not take responsibility for their actions.

          • I’m saying you have no idea what life was like for him and you certinatly do not know his family situation. The death of Amy is tragic. But people dont murder others unless something is wrong.

          • Dani,

            Actually, Your last statement is not correct.. Sociopaths and psychopaths do not need a reason to kill. You are naive to believe that there “has to be a reason”. Ask Richard Ramirez, Chester Turner, or any other serial killer, mass murderer, spree killer, or even child killers why they killed. Can you tell me what was wrong that caused Christian Longo to put 2 of his children in pillowcases with rocks and throw them into the water? Sometimes, there is not a real reason. As for Jamie, in my opinion, he is a sociopath. He was violent before he killed Amy.

            You are still justifying what Jamie did. No matter his home life or whatever, none of that excuses what he did or justifies it. Many people come from abusive homes, even worse than his, and never kill or hurt another person.

        • Well, normal people do not go around killing people. Again I do not excuse the actions, I just think there is more to it. That’s my opinion which I am entitled to just as you are equally entitled to yours.

    • prick ….. he stabbed her, slashed her throat from ear to ear and then wrapped her up and dumped her in a lake to conceal the evidence and you say he is an innocent. at 16 you most certainly know what you are doing because of fools like you these people get out again and again to commit more of the same , eye for an eye is what i say.

  24. Seroids/alcohol or not..this kid was just plain messed up. You cannot use that as some sick excuse for murder.

    I first seen the movie, No One Would tell & it really hit a nerve with me. Then I read the story and it hit me even harder. I went through an abusive relationship and after seeing this, I thank God I’m alive. I just hope that people after seeing the movie & hearing the story, they will be more aware. Let something positive come out of Amy’s life. May she always rest in peace…

    As for that disgrace of a human being named Jamie Fuller…well theres no words to describe what a disgusting piece of trash he is. I hope he is forever haunted by what he did.

  25. Opps I’m sorry..on my last comment I said Amy’s life, I meant her death. Sorry!

  26. as a victim of an abusive relationship, I relate to this movie, I was 17 at the time (I’m 23 now). I was a Junior in High School and the guy was a Senior, we started out great until he started getting jealous and would hit me. Many days I would be punched, hit, kicked, or strangled by the guy until one day he snapped on me during a picnic with our friends, he was rubbing my feet and I had my eyes closed and next thing I knew I felt my ankle being crushed, the guy had taken a metal bat and broke my ankle. Needless to say we were over and I was with him eight months, I’m a survivor unlike Amy, God Bless her soul.

  27. I remember this case from back when I was a kid. It shook me all over and took me out of that age of teenage innocence and into a world that was all too real for me to understand. Now even though I did not know anyone involved in this personally I followed the entire case, from murder to trail to attempted escape and additional trials. I believe if I look hard enough I have all the original atricles related to this case, if so I will send them on over to you.

    Almost 20 years later and this affects me now the way it did then, I learned a lot from this incident and I will never forget about Amy, even though I didn’t know her I have spend a great deal of my life thinking about this case and about the young victim, and I hope this story makes people especially young people realize how precious life is as I did all the way back then.

  28. I have seen this movie over and over again and I cant believe that ths would happen to an innocent and sweet girl. I am a criminal justice major and we satudied this case, but I didnt know about it until I saw the movie for the first time cause in the movie the names were changed. after wards I came home and started researching this case and I am glad he got life without parole, but his friend according to my book should have gotten a longer sentence for helping dispose of the body. My thoughts and prayers go out to amys family and I hope fuller rots in hell. If I was the judge i would made him sit on death row just so he can know what it feels like to wait and die.

  29. I Wacthed This Movie all the time never did I Think It Was a true movie until last night on LMN True Movie Thursday Im Shocked and really interested in seeing pic’s of the both of them so please email me to if you have pics.

    • Keyanna,

      When I find them (I think someone emailed me some), they will be posted here. I do not send things out to people personally. Sorry if that seems rude, but if I were to do that, I would not get much else done.

  30. I went to school with both Jamie & Amy. I have middle school yearbooks with their photos. Jaime signed my 6th grade yearbook. My neighbor went out with her prior to Jamie. It was a horrendous event – Jamie got what was coming to him with the sentence…actually wish it could be longer. She didn’t deserve what he did to her. Been almost 20 years, still sad. Served on a jury last year with a judge who was the prosecutor in the case and thanked him 4 getting justice. Doesn’t bring her back tho.

  31. I knew Jamie Fuller’s Mom Celeste she just barely died of cancer in 2009 may,20 she was in her 60’s

  32. I remember this case and it has always stayed with me. I think it was covered by Court. Something made me Google it and I found this site. Interested to know how much coverage this tragedy still receives in local press? I would like to hear from anyone that has more info on the last 20 years of coverage. Has Fuller survived in prison?

    • Hi, I’m in my 50’s now, but I remember this case so well cuz at the time my OWN niece Amy was also 14 & growing up too fast. The murder also happened about 50 miles from where i live in Massachusetts, & was slathered in all the local papers for awhile- but very little since! Mr Fuller, as I recall, was 17 when he killed Amy- & should NEVER get out of prison. No one has along with mentioned here that, as he threw Amy’s body into the water, he remarked “Bye Amy! Boy it ahsucks to be you!” That horrible statement cemented Amy’s murder in my memory, & placed Jamie Fuller on my ‘monster list’

  33. Man….I just wanna see what the real people look like!! What a horrible thing that dude did to that sweet young girl!! I just saw the movie for the second time and it is just so so sad!! And good question fshugs!! I wonder, with no balls…..LOL
    Ha Ha

  34. I was good friends with Celeste. She recently died. I’m very sad because she was a really nice person and meant no harm to anyone.

    My 3 sons, I and my (second) husband used to sometimes play baseball with Jamie and Celeste. He seemed like a nice kid. I would also hang out with Celeste at her place while all the kids would watch videos on the TV.

    I just need to tell y’all that Celeste was truly set up. She spent a year in Framingham jail and when she got out she came over to talk to my husband and me. She told us the whole story and we are convinced that she was talked into by an undercover cop. L…O…N…G story!

  35. I have seen this movie many times and it makes me cry.
    Most of all it makes me so sad to know that this is a true story based on a gorgeous girl who had her life cut short at the hands of this monster 😦

  36. I lived in Jamie’s neighborhood, so I was a first hand witness to the abuse that took place between Jamie and Amy. She would frequently walk around on hot summer days in shorts and swimsuit, covered in bruises. Jamie was physically abusive and mentally abusive as well. As a cheerleader for PopWarner football, he would have her so fearful of him that with a simple point of the finger Amy would have to stop cheering and stand still. Despite the attention it drew, and the bruises she couldn’t hide, nobody did anything.

    Not more than a week before Amy died, I ran to the ice cream truck that stopped every day in our neighborhood. Although the same age, there weren’t any clear differences between Amy and myself. Our lives were shockingly different. She was living the kind of life that scared me to my core. I remember wanting to ask her standing beside her in that line if she was okay, if she wanted help to get away. Jamie was so scary that you had to break eye contact with him if you crossed his path, and I was afraid of what he would do to me or my family if I dared to interfere with his life. I guess I always thought someone would eventually step in. I was wrong. The day after a hurricane hit in late August (Hurricane Bob?) I saw Jamie, Amy and a few of my other classmates walking to the shortcut heading out to the Middle School. I didn’t see her again until her picture was posted missing in the newspaper, but Jamie was really involved in handing out the flyers and I thought they must have been separated at the time of her disappearance. I saw Jamie last when he was arrested and placed in the back of the police car. Disgustingly, he was smiling at onlookers. I think of Amy often, and have promised myself that if I were to see someone in need as Amy was, I will do something to get them help.

  37. obviously the family worked real hard to get every spec of her of the computer…why….fuller should be wiped out of the world not her….theres nothing on this trial clips nothing

    • Ed,

      I seriously doubt that Amy’s family had anything to do with the lack of information about this online. Cases that “old”, unless extremely high-profile (like Charles Manson, Son of Sam, etc.) do not always have details online. Most news stations or newspapers do not go back that far. If they do, it is in the archives and you have to pay for those. The Internet was not that popular at the time. Not many people had their own home computers. Try getting information on murders from around 1900 or so. Very hard. Not many trials were also televised at the time. Not sure if this one was or not.

  38. […] Teen killed Here one blogger shares a case about a teen killed by boyfriend. […]

  39. Just saw the movie and googled to find out the details nehind the story. The movie was a much softer gentler version of the ugly truth about what Jaime did. Does anyone know anything about his life behind bars? Has he committed more cirmes since he tried to escape?

  40. Girls,
    If a boy ever hits you just once, YOU MUST leave him immediately and tell an adult right away.
    Seriously, do not laugh this off!

    • Bob,

      What about women who are abusive to men? It DOES happen you know. It really bothers me that people only seem to care about or acknowledge female domestic violence victims.

  41. my bf of 8 months is growing more n more abusive. i even have had conversations with him about his controlling, possessive and jealous behavior. which started right from the beginning. he controls who i see, talk to and who i even talk to online. he gets very jealous and goes into my accounts and blocks and removes ppl. even without asking. he has sent hate mail, made mock accounts of men who are interested in me. i used to feel very secure and so happy. i now am consumed with what wont make him upset and not saying the wrong things. i fear sometimes i will end up like amy. he always has a punishment for me, he says i have to be punished because i do wrong and dont listen hard enough, or i havent learned. he is older then me, so i sometimes think he is wiser, he is definately smarter. sometimes i fear i will never be good enough. i have tried to leave, he confronts me and tells me to get it out of my head. that i cannot leave. i do love him. and i do not want to leave him. i just wish he wouldnt second guess everything i do. i have been so faithful to me. while he has lied, hurt and betrayed me many times. i never seem to matter unless it suits him to care. i am a doormat and i feel unloved and alone now. i hope one day i can be happy again. sorry for writing this here. but today i been thinking alot and this story always meant alot to me.

    • Its hard to leave someone that you feel so attatched to, but when it deals with circumstances such as these you have to do what is better for you. You are just witnessing the “beginning” of a abusive relationship. As time goes on the worse it will get, for he will feel like he has you seeing as you went through already a lot of unescessary crap that he’s tossed at you. To him you are not his love, you are not his ONE, and you are not one to be respected. You are his prey, he feeds off you, and will take every piece of u as he can get, then leave u. Dont be that helpless victim, stand up not only for the sake of yourself, but for the sake of your LIFE. You are not in denial u know what he does is wrong which gives you that step to walk on..Nobody deserves to be second best or less then what they really are..Im sure your an amazing person and im sure someone who will provide you with what you really want and need is out there, dont risk that chance with someone that may cut that time and opportunity short. Take care of yourself you are loved out there, remember that!

  42. My ex-husband was VERY abusive with me. I should have quit being near him since I was in school. He was jealous of EVERYBODY! My best girlfriend didn’t like him and he didn’t like her of course. I got intimate with him (which I should haver NEVER done) and got pregnant. I was an honor roll student, but back in my time you could not go to school pregnant. So, my mother told me I HAD to get married. To make the story short, he almost killed me with his beatings. He would send me to the hospital, and had to stay one week before I was able to leave. My baby girl was three months old when he gave me one of those real bad beatings. I could hardly move and my neck was stiff. I finally divorced him after 23-years of abuse and humiliation. Now he is married to a 6 ft 200+lb woman who has him well in control, plus he lost the leg he used to kick me with on an on the job accident. He cannot treat her the way he used to treat me. God says “vengeance is mine.”

  43. Awww poor girl. She was GORGEOUS too.

    Read further it tells of the real story, not just the movie.

  45. Jamie Fuller is lucky the state of Massachusetts does not have the Death Penilty if any one deserve to be executed Mr Jamie Fuller does May he rotton in Hell

  46. He is my cousin, and I am now just reading all the info out there on this case.

  47. i also didn’t know this was a true story until i looked it up she she was to young to be with someone that old why did her parents get involved? i also was involved in abusive marriage but with the help of my family i got out. and to all who are saying that your related to him and you knew he was abusing that 14 year old young girl and didn’t tell his mother to get him out of that situation cuz he was not grown you people make me sick, a child is dead because his family members, neighbors did nothing.

  48. When I first saw this movie, I was a 15 year old girl in the same position as Amy. My mother and her friend had the idea to make me watch this movie, going on about how much I love true crime and this would be something that would interest me. Part way through the movie, I realized what they were trying to tell me. It took me 6 months to wise up and break up with the guy, but only after he threw me into a wall at school and then punched the wall. The next day he told my sister it was either the wall or me…… That was 15 years ago. Now a married mother of 3, I am waiting for the day when my daughter is old enough to watch this movie. I don’t want to scare her while she’s still young (8 yrs old) but I want her to see what might happen if she allows someone to hurt her. To Amy’s family and friends- your pain and her death has saved many girls from meeting her fate. Thank you for sharing her story. May she rest in peace, and Jamie rot in hell!!!!!!

  49. is he still in prison?

  50. In high security prison for life with no chance of parole. His mother, Celeste, died a few years ago. She was a friend of mine.

    • What prison is Jamie in?

      • Lisa,

        It was already in the post: Souza-Baranowski Correctional

        • Sorry I didnt even notice. Do you by any chance know how old he is now? I just think it was wrong what he did but I think many factors played a part in what he did and should of been taken into account when it came to sentencing him.. I don’t he he should of got life without parole, maybe 20 to life with the chance of parole or something like that. He did an awful crime I know and lord rest Amy but I really don’t think he was mentally stable at the time. Just my opinion I’m sure loads would disagree with me.. Have I guessed right that he now 36?

          • He’38! He was not a “child” at the time of the murder- SHE was!!! She was 14, & he was 17!!

  51. It’s always sad to hear about someone losing their life over someone being jealous. I know of a girl who was trying to break up with her boyfriend, and he said the samething the boy in the movie said, ” if I can’t have her no one will.” One morning she was getting ready to get on the school bus, he came and told her that he want to take her to school.She went with him.The worst part about this, he beat her up first and put her in his trunk. He and his friend was rideing around all that day with the music up loud, but his friend heard bumping, and the one who did the killing told him that it was a dog in the trunk. That night he dumped her body on a country and covered her up with a area rug. He thought he had gotten away with. He did just like the guy in the movie, he called her parents and asked to speak to her, knowing that he had killed her. What he did not know that some one had saw him on side of the road. It was about two days later when her being missing it was aired on the news. He is as well serving a life sentence. That goes to show whats done in the dark will come to light.

    • And after he was sentenced, were all of his appeals denied? Also, was his life sentence a mandatory one because if so, there’s a possibility of him getting a resentencing hearing. Depends on the state as I don’t know which state this was in.

  52. I was once in an abusive relationship. I was very young, and he was like five years older than me. The thing is I thought I loved him, we were together for three years.People was telling me to leave I didn’t want to. We always fought, every time I turned around he was jumping on me. He didn’t want me to go around my family, he always wanted me around his. My guess was that he wanted them to watch me. One day he was gone to work and I was getting ready to go to class, he called his sister and asked her what did I have on. One night we were going to get dinner he got mad at me and he put a gun to my head, he was drunk, I saw my life flash before my eyes. At that point I said to myself that i have got to get out of this or he’s going to kill me. So one night he wanted to go to the club, I told him that I would take him, so I did. When I got back home I cleaned up and packed at the same time and I left. Now I am married to a wonderful man of two years. Even though we have disagreements he never put his hands on me, and I love him very much for that.

    • I am so sorry you had to go through so much to find a good guy. I am glad that he is a wonderful man though.

  53. i use to date this guy father of all 3 of my children he is also very jealous and as well use to beat me as long as i was with him i was scared for my life finally i got the courage to leave him i even left state juss to get away from him till this day im scared he’ll find me… but i thank god every day that he hasn’t i’ve never been more happier than i am today thanx to the movie “no one would tell” sincerely, V.R.

  54. Wow I like the movie but its like why crazy how guys get

  55. I hate to say it but people who are being abused won’t leave because of how they feel about themselves, that they feel they can’t leave the person because they don’t deserve any better.

    They NEED to learn to get mad at the behavior that is aimed towards them, they NEED to lern to get mad at the fact that they deserve better than this or they won’t leave, I know because I didn’t until I finally got mad and told myself I deserved better than what I was getting and that if I didn’t leave soon, it could be a very real possibility that one of us would soon be dead.

  56. Its so sad, but what really is sad, isJamie Fuller took a life and by doing so, he ruined his life. what a waste. margery

  57. Leaning outside his window beepin and shit, damn I can’t believe someone could do that to a girl, for crying out loud he said it openly, I wouldn’t take it as a joke, probably pleading the 5th and shit

  58. Wow that is so sad and pitiful to be that young I’ve watched the movie no one would tell and if any of what was seen in the movie actual facts then that’s awful to take someone’s life over nothing or cause u obsessed or jealous is a stupid dumb reason in the movie her friends sat back and watched this happen and did nothing the movie was inspirational and had a good message but just goes to show that domestic abuse is not ok and people can pretend that it’ll get better but it won’t and get some help or tell someone before its too late cause you’re the victim……………

  59. Sad

  60. Seriously people? Are you kidding me? First of all, let me start by saying . . . no person, ( regardless of gender ), deserves to be murdered. Especially over something as minor as jealousy. ( Keep in mind, jealousy is one of the main reasons a boyfriend or husband would murder his wife and/or lover ).

    However, there are two sides to every story, including the truth. His side and her side. The truth is, ” Bobby ” murdered ” Stacy “, or whatever the hell their names were. ( Names are not important at this time ). Anyways, the point I am trying to make here is simply this. . . ” Stacy ” was just 14 years old, she should have been paying more attention to her books than trying to ” get it on ” with a boyfriend.

    By the way, before anyone makes a smart remark, please go back to my introduction. I did not say that she deserved to die, but she should have kept her mind on her education first. Especially since she was only 14 years old.

    • Marie,

      At 14 years of age, a girl is normally boy-crazy. How any girls that age only care about school and grades? That is the age when many get their first boyfriend. It is normal. When you say she should have been paying more attention to books than a boyfriend, well, that is just naive. Maybe you did not think about boys or date or anything as a teen, but most do. Personally, I was boy-crazy at that age, but yes, I had straight A’s. You are basically judging her – a movie characer at that, about being a normal teenager. Remember you are assuming that Amy, the real life person did not pay attention to school and only cared about a boy. You are wrong to do that, because it is simply not true. Remember, Amy is not Stacy. Stacy is not real, but a movie character, who was based on Amy, but the story was changed for dramatic reasons. Maybe you should talk to Amy’s mother and tell her what you have said here. I doubt you would but I seriously doubt she would like to hear you judge her daughter, who did nothing to deserve this.

      And yes, the names matter, especially the victim’s. She needs to be remembered. If all you call her is Stacy, then you are referring to a movie character, and not Amy, the real life person who was brutally remembered. This is a site for the real life person, Amy Carnevale, not for a movie character, or to review the movie.

      • Mylifeofcrime;
        Typical. I certainly would not expect you to understand. ” Boy crazy ” is certainly not the phrase I would use here. Too bad I am unable to tell you what I really think. My comment(s) would certainly not be published.

        Secondly, it is obvious that you do not fully understand English, otherwise you would not waste time replying to my comment. Thirdly, do NOT insult my intelligence. I am certainly aware of the age that a girl becomes interested in a guy.

        Also, ( not that it is any of your business ), but I did have a few crushes way back when I was that age. However, ” sleeping ” with them was certainly not on the agenda. In closing . . . shut up. Tell it to someone who cares. > : (

        • Marie,

          You have your opinions and I have mine. However, how arrogant are you that you tell the blog owner to shut up and tell someone who cares. Obviously people do care as they come here. You are basing your opinions on your experience. But welcome to current society. Teens do have sex, whether adults like it or not. For the record, I did not sleep with my “crushes” as a teen either, but that does not mean I turn a blind eye to what is happening now. And I do understand English, thank you very much.

          Obviously you live in your own world and think yourself above the average person, especially teenagers. And no need to respond. Since you so despise other people’s opinions, no reason you should be following my blog.

    • Her mother should have protected her especially since the whole damn town knew. The boys friends and classmates should have turned him in, Amy shoukd have stayed away from him after hearing about the threats, they should have gases his @$$. A bunch of should haves.

  61. Hello Everyone: I have seen this movie about three times. Life Time really portrayed this real life story at its best. I am a mother and a grandmother. Jamie seems as though he had issues long before meeting Amy. It appeared to have all started at home. If he was disrespectful towards his mother, thenof course he would be towards his girlfriend. Amy being young and finding love didn’t have the chance to really experience life at all. She broke it off and he couldn’t stand it, I guess in so many words if I can’t have her then no one will. To take a life because they refuse to become apart of an abusive relationship was not right. If my memory serves me correctly Jamie got 25 yrs to life with no parole. TO everyone that is here on this BLOG…Jamie is serving and doing the time for the crime, so God has his judgement already in tact. Amy is gone to Heaven and she is safe with God. For those that knew both, pray for peace to be still. I will buy this movie for the purpose for others to learn the right and wrong way to do things. Murder is wrong and taking a life is not a right. Unless someone invades your personal territory and threatens your life that is a different story. So I pray that we all find Peace for Amy and trust me God will deal with Jamie….this is a choice that he made and had to deal with.

    • Amy was pregnant as well, there are 2 murdered lives in heaven.

      • I’m from the uk an have followed this film for years an can I just say for 1 amy wasn’t pregnant she was 14 an in love her 1st love do u remember what ur 1st luv was like for 2 domestic abuse isn’t just in teens or just women even though 90% of abuse is, When your in a relation ship like that u don’t see it happening neither do your parents or friends as the abuser makes it feel an look like its your fault ur not worth anything no one else would want you your friends an family don’t want you etc etc as you saw in the movie no one would tell when you talk an talk about your partner/ x partner your friends/family get sik of It an stop listening or just completely abandon you without actually realising what’s going on,

        It doesn’t just start with a slap it starts romantic lovey nice could be for a few week or even a few years then slowly without realising your isolated from friends/family etc by this time unless u realise what’s happening its to late Amy was murdered because she finished with Jamie an after he failed to talk her into staying with him he killed her “IF I Can’t HAVE HER NO ONE’S GONNA”
        This happens everyday so look for the signs in friends an family 8 out of 10 couples/friends an family members are going through some sort of abuse …
        Mental abuse
        Physical abuse
        Sexual abuse
        Emotional abuse
        Look for the signs an please if you see just one thing out of the ordinary TELL SOMEONE !!! This is NOT OK

        O an BRIAN listen you absolute child I’m gonna make 2 assumptions about u ur either a child who hasn’t the maturity or the knowledge to grasp what this film an story means or u urself are being abused/ the abuser why else would u say u have no sympathy for the victim only someone going through it and is really defensive trying to convince themselves that its the victims fault would truly believe that u need to either GROW UP or GET OUT maby both !!!!

        • Amy Carnevale was a 14 year old cheerleader who was murdered in the Boston area in 1991. She was pregnant with the baby of Jamie Fuller, her 16 year old boyfriend, at the time of her death, and he was eventually convicted of the murder.

  62. OMFG I cannot believe half of you are calling this SCUM BAG innocent because he was 16 so I guess JAMIE BULGER’s murderers are innocent aswell don’t be so bloody stupid u know right from wrong at the age of 2 o n btw I was with my x from being 12 up untill 21 n believe me I knew what love was so just because some people might of felt it before you did or earlier don’t assume you know everything like I previously said he killed her because she finished with him he was a jealous obsessive controlling abusive bully o an a sted ed if u take steroids your nothing more than a self obsessed drug abuser who has literally no life so u spend ur days in the gym or lashin out …..

    C’MON ppl THINK!!!

  63. everyone looks to blame someone in this and yes people saw signs that she was being abused, that’s why her story became “no one would tell” i’m sure. but as a parent and as the someone whose sister constantly ran away as a child, i won’t say parents are fully to blame.sometimes people do all the things they think are right and things still don’t change the outcome. we can discuss amy’s story until blue in the face and it won’t change how or why jaime took her life. all we can do is look at what happened to her and learn from it really. i have never been physically abused by anyone but have been mentally abused and abusers are comepletely and totally manipulative. trust me they say and do whatever benefits them the best. i have seen no one would tell at least 4 times. and i still hate what happened to her and how they portray her as older than she was, which probably did also factor in why she stayed in an abusive relationship. and i do not doubt jaime was manipulative and said and did whatever kept amy at his side until it was too late for her. i agree no one should blame her though. i too sit and watch a movie and go omg why stay? but if you havent experienced abuse you don’t know why from experience. and even if you have, you still dont know why that particular person stays or stayed.

  64. Um, hi, I dated a boy for four years, and he was a quiet, boy, not popular, had barely any friends, I was with him from 18 to like 2 months ago, I finally left, it was hard because i love him so much, being a victim of abuse is no ones fault, and saying so is just ridiculous, anine can be like that, not just jocks. My boyfriend used to hit me, call me a whore, fat, ugly, tell me no one wanted me, he urinated on my head and face, he degraded me. So don’t act like this girl deserved it, she trusted this pos. You disgust me. R.I.P Amy

    • So I disgust you? You know what . . . you are not worth arguing with, as it is only a waste of time and energy.

  65. This was a great movie, but can’t believe this had to happen to Amy. Thankfully, he’ll have to suffer as well as she did, but it won’t bring her back, but some justice has been established.

  66. He needs to rot and his mother is a peice of shit for what she was trying to do it makes me sick.

  67. At 37 years of age, does anyone know if he has ever apologized to the family? Has he ever regretted what he has done? Even though he has had a sad childhood, I hope he has learned compassion, understanding, and intelligence. I agree he should remain behind locked doors for the rest of his life. Anyone with updated info or an updated picture of him, please share with us. Everytime I see the movie I get upset, angry, sad. Amy, please know we have not forgotten – we know you are at peace and surrounded by love. Hopefully we will get to meet you and talk with you when we, ourselves, enter your realm. Luba

  68. He should have got the death penalty being slapped or hit is more
    Serious then people seem to realize

  69. RIP Amy tragic way to go ,god has another angel

  70. I watched this movie today and this is the sadist thing I seen. That boy deserves to have life in jail. No girl should go thrw what she done.

  71. What does someone do if there in a abusive relationship but theres a lilte one involved? But they dont wanna leave cause theyve been together for 7 years and her excuse is I love him And I have a kid with him?

  72. “What does someone do if there in a abusive relationship but theres a lilte one involved?”

    Think about this statement for a minute, abusive relationship? and with a child?

    If you love your child you would know the answer.

    • If you are selfish you will stay. If you love your child you wouldn’t want to raise them around that kind of abuse and if you continue to do so, I hope someone calls children’s services and someone who does care about the child will step in to protect him/her. But it is the PARENT’s job to protect their children and make sure no harm comes to them. Even if the abuser is not hitting the child, every bit of information about how to live a “normal” life is being processed through their mind and they will grow up thinking that this kind of relationship is normal. Take the child and RUN!! Get a restraining order and apply for legal custody of your child.

  73. Watching the movie No Will Tell, made me so sad. It is sad to find out that, it was base on a true story, a young girl went through that. May Amy R.I.P because that girl did not deserve that, no relationship should end that way . I do not think Amy knew that her life was going to end so soon.I have no pity for Jamie he needs life in prison, he does not need to be out. Amy it was not your fault, you was so young and innocent may you R.I.P, watching your story is a wake up for all women of ages that is going through the same thing. Get out of abusive relationship before it is too late.

    • exactly, im only 12 and I cried my eyes out for poor amy or stacy.

    • If you are selfish you will stay. If you love your child you wouldn’t want to raise them around that kind of abuse and if you continue to do so, I hope someone calls children’s services and someone who does care about the child will step in to protect him/her. But it is the PARENT’s job to protect their children and make sure no harm comes to them. Even if the abuser is not hitting the child, every bit of information about how to live a “normal” life is being processed through their mind and they will grow up thinking that this kind of relationship is normal. Take the child and RUN!! Get a restraining order and apply for legal custody of your child.

  74. This is soo sad she would have been 40 years old today if she had lived.

  75. My health teacher showed this to us, because we were in the process of learning about domestic violence and abuse. I honestly believe he deserved to be put in jail, but it was partially the parents fault from both sides. If I was Amy’s mom I wouldn’t of accepted the lie that she told about the bruises. I would have gone directly to someone that could put the situation under control and left immediately.

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