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    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Serial Killer: Terry Blair *Killed 7 women in Kansas City, MO – sentenced to LWOP*

Patricia Wilson Butler, 45 – found in detached garage at 2611 Montgall [9/2/204]
Anna Ewing, 42 – found at 2608 E. 23rd St. [7/14/2004]
Carmen Hunt, 40 – found at 2905 Park [9/3/2004
Claudette Juniel, 31 – found at 2745 Olive [9/4/2004]
Sheliah McKinzie, 38 – found in detached garage at 2611 Montgall
Darci Williams, 25 – found at 2431 Prospect [9/4/2004]
Angela Monroe (5/1982) (mother of 2 of his children, she was pregnant)
Nellia “Suzy” Harris and Sandra Reed – charges dropped

Police Identify Woman Found Dead Outside KC Apartment
Police Find 2 Bodies At 26th And Montgall
Search Intensifies For Suspect In Multiple Killings
KMBC: Similarities Arise Between 6 Recent Murders, 1982 Case
Blair Charged With Murder Of Woman In Serial Case
Detectives Reveal How Case Against Blair Developed
Police Identify Fifth Body In Serial Murder Case
Police Identify 6th Body In Prospect Murders
Trial for alleged Kansas City serial killer under way
Terry Blair’s Son Speaks Out About Serial Killings
Kan. City Man Guilty of Killing 6 Women
Terry Blair found guilty of murder
Wikipedia: Terry Blair (serial killer)
Murderpedia: Terry A. Blair

The First 48: A Serial Killer Calls [Season 2: Episode 16]


DOC Id 46436
Offender Name Terry A Blair
Race Black
Sex Male
Date of Birth 09/16/1961
Height/Weight 6’0″ / 178
Hair/Eyes Black /Brown
Assigned Location Potosi Correctional Center
Address 11593 State Highway O, Mineral Point, MO 63660
Assigned Officer Phone Number (573) 438-6000
Sentence Summary Life W/O Parole {life W/O, Life W/O, Life W/O, Life W/O, Life W/O, Life W/O CS}
Active Offenses MURDER 1ST DEGREE(6 CTS)
Completed Offenses Completed sentence not found
Aliases Nickname Solid Gold; Terry Blair; Terry Anthony Blair; A Blair Terry; Terry A Blair; Terry A Blair


15 Responses

  1. mylifeofcrime,
    2 questions. First, has this asshole been sentenced yet?
    Second, is he the first African-American serial killer??

  2. Don’t answer question 2!! I just saw your “black serial killer” list below.

  3. Shauncey,

    Yes, he has been sentenced. He received LWOP and I believe it was several consecutive sentences (but I could be wrong).

    And no, he is not the first. There have been several. I have posted on Chester Turner in California, and there has been:

    Matthew Macon (just got sentenced yesterday; I will be doing another post on him – I have done a couple already)

    Calvin Jackson
    Harrison Graham
    Craig Price
    Henry Louis Wallace
    Howard Arthur Allen
    Jake Bird
    Alton Coleman
    Kendall Francois
    Carlton Gary
    Derrick Todd Lee
    Coral Eugene Watts
    Cleophus Prince

    This page lists 65 of them:

    Only thing, the Carr brothers are NOT serial killers. They are mass murderers.

  4. Actually those (the recommendations) are not mine, but come from WordPress. I did not even notice those! I will be checking them out as well.

  5. Thank you. This link will make excellent reading for my research. As always, mylifeofcrime, you ROCK!!

  6. Birdman
    Shut up.. That comment was uncalled for. They are still someone’s mother, sister, aunt and grandmas. You are a very shallow and ignorant person.

  7. Bonnie, you took off what I wrote yesterday. I wrote out what I believe, because of all that is happening in the world. A prostitute is someone’s daughter, sister and loved one. If I had the opportunity to help just one child, person from being hurt,injured, having his,her life distroyed or being killed,I would do it. You, all the people who work in crime archive, library, news reporters, doctors, teachers and all the people from human rights, have all the opportunity to talk, explain to all the young girls about drug, sex and postitution. Just because a woman is a prostitute and she doesn’t want anyone to judge her, she shouldn’t get angry because a person tell them the truth about what they believe is right. You shouldn’t say that dam murderer, but ask what made him do that. Men or not perfect, made of steel, robots or without feelings. The reason I gave my comment yesterday is because. I was born, not accepting,agreeing or liking any prostitutes. The frist 5yrs. of my life I lived with my mother who I loved more than anyone in the world. Then I six and a half yrs. with my father and his wife. For the six yrs. that I stayed with my father he abused me and never treated me as his son. When I was 19yrs. old I found out why my father left my mother. When I was an infant my father was in the army and sending my mother enough money for her needs, and she was working in a cabaret as a prostitute. When I found out that the woman I loved more in the world was a woman that I didn’t accept or agree with, I got into a very big depression that I got almost crazy. I found that out 37yrs. ago, but I still live with depression and I hate her for being the woman I hate, my father for not beating her, for him abusing me and not treating me as his son. Instead of the prostitutes getting angry for what I say and believe they should go out and talk to other prostitutes and tell them not to have any children, because they will not know how one of their sons will be born like. Tell them when they get into a relationship with a man, not to lie, decive him, but to tell him that she is a prostitute. If all prostitutes do this you will not have men like Blair, all the serial killers of prostitutes and men like me living all my life with depression, not trusting any woman because of what my mother did when I was an infant.

  8. I watched this story last night on The First 48.
    The way this man worked was genius, but sick.
    The games he played with investigators were
    absolutely unbelieveable. He deserves to be
    put away. I’m glad one of his victims survived.
    If it weren’t for her – he might still be out there.

  9. Soooo… Can someone give me some basic info on this guy?

    Is he a typical serial killer like Dahmer?
    Has he been put in jail? – How long??
    Are there any documentaries or videos on him?

  10. I just got to see the repeat of the first 48 concerning this story. I sit here and could not believe it. How sad was that. My prays go out to the family and friends of all the victims.

  11. why wasn’t he given the death penalty if if were texas he’d be on death row.

    • Even in Texas they make plea bargains (there are serial killers in Texas not on death row – think Coral Eugene Watts & Elmer Wayne Henley). It may not be popular to do so (I have not always liked some I heard of), but they save on taxpayer money, victims’ families’ trauma, and guarantee a conviction. Remember, juries are made up of human beings and anything can happen. Innocent are convicted and guilty are set free. It happens. But plea bargains give a bit of justice, that in some cases may not have happened otherwise.

  12. Wow I’m watching his case right now on the first 48 smh

  13. I agree with Larry why wasn’t he given the death penalty, as Larry rightly said if it had been Texas he would be on death row no questions asked. I see the point LWOP if it was just one person, but 7 to me that’s a death penalty offence. So in my opinion retry him again with a different jury and hopefully they will give him the death penalty. If I was judge jury and executioner then he would be on death row just now.

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