A New Black Widow serial killer? Here’s Betty Neumar…

     Betty Johnson Neumar

John Neumar (10/2007) – North Carolina
Harold Gentry (7/14/1986) – North Carolina
Richard “Dick” Sills (1965) – Florida
(1955) – Ohio
(1952) – Ohio

Betty Neumar: Black Widow (one of my favorite blogs!)
Woman Arrested in Cold Murder Case Has Other Dead Husbands
Police investigate wife for five dead husbands
Betty Neumar Latest
Betty Neumar’s house searched by deputies
Man allegedly asked to kill Neumar’s husband may have gone to police
Four states now looking at Betty Neumar Case
Black Widow or Mere Coincidences?
Police in NC may have been warned before killing
New details emerge in Neumar’s first NC court appearance
Wikipedia: Betty Neumar

10 Responses

  1. I saw this on Nancy Grace, but was shocked to find the “original airdate” was from 2005. Your blog was found when I decided there is no way reruns would not work on her show. Thanks for writing about this. I love your journal, I’ll be checking back often. Best wishes, Teraisa

  2. Can anyone say Dorthea Pointe?? (i think i spelled it right) The old woman from Sacramento, Ca. that was murdering her tenants and burying their bodies in her back yard for their social security checks. (damn!!) Thats the first person I thought of when I saw this case. Alot of people think elderly people are so innocent, but these old hoes have more sense than alot us. For one, they’ve been on this earth longer, so they probably know a little more. They have had YEARS to perfect their scams, cover up murderd (pre DNA days) and all kinds of different bs. But this old murdering whore actually LOOKS crazy. There’s no telling how many people she’s ACTUALLY killed. Throw the book at the old bitch!! No sympathy.

    note from blog owner
    It is Dorothy Puente. I have one of her cookbooks!

  3. There is a woman now in Memphis who has had three husbands die mysteriously and now she has my Dad in her grips. He was not married to her he went into her home to confront her on swindleing money from him and he has never come out of her clutches. He has gone from a healthy retiree to a non verbal person in a wheel chair. This woman has put my father on 500 ml of Dilantin with no diagnosis of seizures. She has taken him to 27 different Doctors to keep up this level it is poisoning him. I know I have all of his medical records….I have the data , but no one will help. My Dad is now under 70 pounds I am praying for help to get my father to the State I live in now. I have contacted the Gov of TN office who told me TN Doctors were good enough for my Dad, but then the Gov of TN came up here to Mayo Clinic himself. I have contacted DHS and they were all so concerned someone might try to sue them they allowed my Dad to stay in this situation….MY Dad is strong and he is a fighter he is holding on he knows I will never give up!!
    This womans Daughters 42 year old husband just died of unusual circumstances this past year. I stay involved calling and keeping track of what this mother is doing with my dad I believe my actions are keeping him alive.
    Can anyone help!!! Jeanette Nevilles

  4. I think you should get your Dad out of there right away. There is no time to lose. Take him for a visit to your house and never let him go. She will still have his money but you will have him. Just let her have it but rescue your dad. She doesn’t want him. She wants what she can get from him.

  5. I stayed at her house for a day or two as a guest. She was really nice…. but I guess I wasn’t married to her!

  6. Shauncey- that’s who I was thinking of, too! I think it’s why I got everything confused. Teraisa

  7. Betty Neumar, the black widow. I knew her for 7 years before Harold was murdered. Yes she is definitely capable of murder or having him murdered. Nobody but the Gentry family knows that Harold was scared of her. He must have known something.

  8. I just watched the documentry on Betty (Black Widow) and found it curious that no-one during the documentary asked Betty or tried to find out how she knew her third husband was dead. Initially reports claimed that she said he shot himself in Florida (but no-one was really sure) but during the documentry she later said that he froze to death in his truck… how does she know this? Was she there? Did someone find his body and tell her? Where is his body now?….. I hope someone followed up on this as it seems very strange…

  9. Susan, her third husband Richard Sills was in an argument with Betty and said well I will just kill myself. Now if somebody was going to kill theirself most likely they would have shot theirself in the head, chest etc. but he was shot in the left side and he was right handed, with the gun he used it would be hard to do this, I think she shot him. Her 2 children were in the trailer and the police never interviewed them. Sloppy police work. She is one evil woman. I know her.

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