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  1. I can tell you charges were dropped on the boys because they weren’t involved, and the prosecutors KNEW that they didn’t have ANYTHING showing that they were!! Thank god that someone has finally used some common sense in this case!! There have been people saying all along the boys weren’t there, maybe that should have been checked into before the sheriffs dept. went on national television with NO PROOF that the boys even knew about it…. tisk tisk PCSD…

  2. mylifeofcrime,
    Did the victim drop the charges? What gives?

  3. No the prosecutors dropped the charges, because they knew they didn’t have a case against them!

  4. What about the girl beating her on tape? Or did they not have enough evidence that it was her??

  5. I think that all of them there should be charged. NO ONE told or did anything to stop it and I would think that being an accomplise should be enough to hold charges.

  6. Law enforcement never had evidence against the boys — in fact they intentionally disregarded evidence and witnesses that would prove the boys were not lookouts.

    As for Cara, she is guilty only morally; the law set up by adults in Florida says you do not have to help in such situaions. She reportedly tried but she obviously did not try hard enough. Per the testimony of the *victim* Cara did not beat her nor aided or encouraged her beating in any way.

    In other words, none of the three should have been charged in the first place. Prosecution simply waited this long so the outrage caused by law enforcement lies subsided a little and only then finally dropped the charges. That’s “justice” Polk County style.

  7. just because the charges were dropped doesnt mean they werent involved…

  8. Well Joel, just because YOU were not charged does not mean YOU were not involved. Also, for all we know, YOU are guilty of many batteries.

    As far as the two boys and Cara are concerned, the evidence is actually pretty clear — they are NOT guilty of what they were charged with.

  9. Didacticus, The reason that Cara was let go is because she agreed to testify against the other defendants. Obviously it is easier to convict the other 5 defendants if one flips. Please enlighten me to the PRETTY CLEAR evdience. I believe you are saying that accused are only convicted if they do something on camera. You are a fool.

  10. chooch, there was no deal, she was simply cleared and should have never been charged since the victim said Cara neither hit her not encouraged anyone else to hit her and none of the other girls implicated Cara in any way.

    Cara said she’s WILLING to testify, not that she AGREED to testify — she was not asked to do so by prosecution. And she never said she will testify AGAINST anyone. Her testimony is unlikely to help prosecution anyway, but she may be called by defense.

    And the charges against the boys were simply ludicrous from the start. They went shopping, there were like 3 witnesses, they told cops to check the convenience store camera tape but cops intentionally didn’t, and so on.


  12. Right on Trazz!

  13. right on Trazz.

  14. THose three are friggin lucky. As a mother let me tell you. In my eyes they are just a quilty. No matter though because these three will stand before God. The rest I hope rot in jail. I can’t imagine any good ever coming from their lives.
    I never understood how you could get so many crazy ass people to commit one crime. I get ok one loony going off…but, to get eight of them together in agreement to hurt a person is just beyond what I could think of. People need to start raising their kids properly. Spare the rod spoil the child. My children are no stranger to the old school ass-beating. Guess what it works. Ok so I’m ranting a bit. This just sicken’s me!

  15. Lindsay’s family shous have sued them and at least gotten some money. those girls are pieces of trash and they will always be evil and vile human beings.

  16. So does that mean – when a team goes to rob a bank & the one person waiting outside (get away car) – just cause he dosen’t go in the bank – he had no part in the crime & should now have a good chance of not being criminally charged (not involved) – well at least in Florida – SHAME on the police & courts down there.

  17. What kind of message is the law & court system sending to other adolescent’s? Just sit & watch & enjoy a good show – that way nothing will happen to you?

  18. What you are all forgetting, is that the parents of Victoria still have the choice to sue all 8 of them in civil court for damages and pain and suffering. Doesn’t matter if the criminal charges against the three were dropped. If they were involved in any manner – even if it was so little as to know it was happening and not intercede…they can still be held accountable in civil court. Criminal charges, or their dismissal in this case, DO NOT mean they are getting away completely scot free.

  19. Anyone who defends these kids is an idiot. They were all guilty including those loser boys but their lives will never be the same. The should have prayed that they went to jail because life outside jail is going to be much more torturous for them.

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