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  1. why the media give out details about their findings when they don’t know who did it?…Don’t they realize that they may be tipping off the murderers and giving them a chance to leave the scene and escape to another country making the police’s chance of finding them harder or impossible.

  2. You do understand that they don’t give out all details right? So far, not enough details have been released to make anyone feel worried about being arrested.

  3. Sometimes they release enough to make the people they are watching do something stupid. By doing this they allow themselves and the criminals a chance to mess up. If the criminals get worried and decide to flee or hide evidence they catch them. On the other hand, they also run the risk of missing their target or losing them for good. In this case they obviously believe the risk is worth the reward. Only time will tell if their gamble pays off.

  4. To me, this just illustrates how a person with no motive and no criminal record might be able to get away with murder. I mean, think about it. If you were just an average middle-class person with a job and a family, and you normally kept a gun in your car, you could drive through a remote area and see somebody walking down the road, and just blow them away with little chance of getting caught. I mean, you have no connection to them, you have no record, unless somebody sees you and gets your plates, the authorities have no reason to come look for you.

    But the thing is, normal middle class people with jobs and families just don’t normally do that kind of thing. And people who could contemplate doing it usually don’t live normal middle class lives. They offend repeatedly. They make mistakes. This is a very puzzling case.

  5. I saw something on Fox channel 5 today 9/4/08 at 5:00 pm that there are new suspects in the murders as of today. We missed most of the story and are wondering if they have caught the people responsible for this horrible crime.

  6. ZZ, you’re messed up.

    It had to be the truck full of boys out shooting guns in the same area at the same time. Come on, they’re not suspect? Find where a bunch of sick stupid little punks would dump guns, like holes in trees or creek beds.

  7. I think ZZ made good sense.

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