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  1. Rob Dixon, was Paige’s ex husband, he worked for Broomfield Ambulance in Broomfield Colorado as a Paramedic, several times during his time at Broomfield Ambulance I witnessed him abuse several female ambulance personal both verbally and physically if anyone had anything to do the the disaperince of Paige then Rob Dixon should be that the top of that list.

  2. I think that would be speculation at this point in time. But, would I put something along those lines beyond the ken of Rob..?
    Nope, not for a second. I’m just glad the jerk left shortly after I came to BEAS.

    Say hi to Dawn for me.


  3. If the sheriff dept would look on that secret camera hidden in that crappy car , during the month of July . ( the camera that was pointed at Lester Jones house ) It would give them a clue.

  4. Seems that her second husband had a split personality where he could be overly nicey nice but would explode if things didn’t go his way. His lawyer on the show Disappeared acts like a well paid monkey. He was moving back within 4 hours of her home to take a job and she was nervous. I wonder.

  5. Has anybody thought to take a look at Scott Kimball ?

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