Has Hartford lost it’s heart? 78 year old man hit by a car and NO ONE helped him

What is wrong with the people in Hartford? Yes, I do know and do understand that this was done done by ALL citizens of Hartford, but it sure does reflect poorly on them. An elderly man going home after buying milk is hit by not one, but two cars (who were apparently chasing each other) and NEITHER one stopped, thereby making it a double hit-and-run. THEN several other cars drove by, seeing him laying in the MIDDLE OF THE ROAD, but did anyone stop to help him or even check on him? Absolutely not. Not to mention the bystanders on the sidewalk that did nothing but stand and stare. What is wrong with you people? Are you so selfish and narcissistic that you can’t help someone so obviously in need? This man, 78 year old Angel Arce Torres, is in critical condition and is now paralyzed. And I do understand that he was jaywalking, sure. But does that mean that he should be hit by 2 cars, left for dead in the middle of the street? ABSOLUTELY NOT. While it is not true that everyone just ignored it – there were several 911 calls, but did any of those people take a couple of minutes to stop and check on the man as he laid in the middle of the road until a policeman drove up (purely by chance by the way)? Yes, people are in a hurry, but too much in a hurry to help another human being? And most of the cars just swerved around him rather than to have a bit of humanity.

And by the way, it is not as if he darted out into the road and the drivers could not see him. Watch the video:

Video shows bystanders ignoring hit-and-run victim
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Heartlessness On Park Street
Conn. police release 911 calls in controversial hit-and-run
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An Appalling Snapshot

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9 Responses

  1. I was sickened and still am by this! What is happening to humanity? Where are peoples compassion and consideration for others? People really need to take a long hard look at themselves and ask how they could not help this poor man in his obvious time of need.


  2. People not caring doesn’t stop in Hartford, it’s all over the place. We are mostly a non-caring society. I also wanted to point out that the cars that hit the man were in the wrong lane. It seems they were passing lanes. So Jaywalking or not, the man had no reason to think he was not safe.
    From someone who does care


  3. I did not watch the video because I don’t want that image of him being ran over in my head. I would be ashamed if I were there and did nothing to help this little man, just thinking of what happen fills me with rage, sadness and overwhelming sorrow for him. I don’t understand why no one tried to help him. Like Bonnie, I don’t understand some people. Those who were there but did NOTHING to help, rest assure what goes around will come back to bite you in your fat butt and you will regret not helping him.


  4. Lavonna,

    The video is hard to watch, but it is quite amazing to watch how the people just go on with their lives, cars just drive around him, and pedestrians just stand there and look at him. It really does show how little people care.


  5. Melissa,
    I figured it was, that is why I chose not to watch it. It is heartbreaking to see stuff like that.


  6. People really don’t care these days. Remember the lady that lay DYING at the hospital on the floor and people stepped over her?? America is heartless. I would’ve helped him. God bless this man.


  7. People in Connecticut only look out for themselves. They are heartless. It’s this kind of immoral stuff (usually not caught on tape though) that is why I have been trying to move out of this state for all of the eight years I’ve been trapped here.


  8. Loucindy,

    It is really unfair to categorize all people from CT that way. I highly doubt that they all are that bad. Maybe alot where you are, which is unfortunate.


  9. This really concerns and outrages me…..the lack of action and compassion towards this precious man hit by not one, but two cars!! We (my family) know the inhumanity and the compassion of man. We have a 20 year old daughter who is severely disabled. Whenever we take her out in public you would not believe some of the looks, stares, reactions that we get. And yet on the other side, we’ve had some wonderful folks who smile or come up and talk to us about their disabled family member. There are all kinds of people in this world. My hope and prayer is that the good outweighs the bad, but sometimes it does not seem like it.


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