• This Day in Crime History

    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Women on Death Row: Tierra Capri Gobble – Alabama – for the murder of her 4 month old son, Cody in 2004

 Phoenix Jordan Cody Parrish

A memorial for Cody
In The Arms Of The Angels: Phoenix Jordan “Cody” Parrish
The Town That Wept
Parents, uncle arrested in Dothan baby’s death
Murderpedia: Tierra Capri Gobble
2005 Case Details: Tierra Gobble – white, age 21
Child Abuse Case
Murdered Infant
Gobble Delay Denied
Gobble Sentenced To Death
Murdered infant’s estate in dispute
Report: Caseworker never told of missing kids

Tierra Capri Gobble – convicted, sentenced to death
Samuel David Hunter – child’s father [pleaded guilty to manslaughter, sentenced to prison, release date 2/25/2009]
Edgar Parrish – uncle [pleaded guilty to child abuse, sentenced to prison, release date 11/03/2008]


TierraGobble prison mug

AIS: 00Z719
Race: W
Sex: F
Hair Color: BROWN
Eye Color: BROWN
Height: 5′ 5″
Weight: 188
Birth Year: 1983
Custody CLOSE
No known Aliases
Scars, Marks and Tattoos:
No known scars, marks, or tattoos

GobbleT info


86 Responses

  1. She should die the same cruel death her baby did. She is another of the worthless pieces of cow patties on here for killing their kids. What in the world is so bad to cause you to bang your child’s head? Messed up is what that is..

  2. I totally agree. She’ll get no sympathy from me. RIP little Phoenix. God bless you.

  3. these women are getting off easy death by leathal injection
    they will lay there and die when they should be beaten to death until they can no longer live themselves.The president should make it a law that any one killing a child should die the same damn way they took that innocent childs life. RIP little angels of god.

  4. I reckon that people who advocate that sort of punishment BillieJo actually should be forced to carry it out, rather than alk sh*t on a blog. And then, of course, they should be charged with murder, and we’ll wait for someone else to come along just like them, and they can kill you, and then they can be charged with murder and… etc etc…

  5. Actually Chris I think you’d find plenty of people willing to carry out vengance for poor innocent children who are viciously murdered. Ridding the world of these sickos would be a beautiful thing and make them suffer too. And anyone willing to do it would not be just as bad because they don’t go around murdering children, just killing the bastards who do murder children. HUGE DIFFERENCE!

  6. but if she had an abortion, tearing the child to pieces she would be thoughtful…..

  7. No abortion is also murder! I know that it is legal but it shouldn’t be.. it is out and out murder!

  8. This is an outrage. Kill the freak just like she killed her baby.
    You want to take a life then yours also should be taken!!!
    In the same manner!

  9. I so agree !!

  10. I say the bitch should die the same way she killed that innocent child. The person that spoke earlier is absolutely true putting a damn needle in her arm and letting her go to sleep is bullsh _ _. They need to suffer like these children do. An eye for a big dam eye. RIP little sweet baby. I’d kill the bitch myself if I could.

  11. I have a grandaughter in Heaven who died age 15 weeks from illness her family would give anything to have her back . I hope that this monster dies a slow agonising death. God bless you little Cody safe & happy in your heavenly home……

  12. Anyone who believes women aren’t as vicious as men when
    it comes to murder is an idiot. I am sick of hearing about
    how we must equal out those by race, gender, etc., who
    are sentenced to death. If they do the crime, let them have
    the full force of the death penalty. The hell with
    statistics. There never was a statistic that brought back a
    child or anyone else who has been murdered.

  13. No sane and right minded person kills her child in premeditated murder. She is evidently a very mentally disturbed person and while what she did was truly outrageous I don’t think she can be held responsible to the point of condemning her to death for it. She simply hasn’t got the mental function to have any understanding of what she’s done so executing her isn’t really any kind of revenge or aversion for other people.
    Cody was more the victim of a system that didn’t support him and allowed him to end up with his parents when they were clearly violent towards him.

  14. OK, so this response wont get any warm welcomings, but I feel bad for her, but before you go throwing the pitch fork at me, I’ve known her since we were in the 6th grade, and we’ve lived across the street from each other for quite a while, and at one point in time, she lived next door to me. Tierra wasn’t the kind of person to kill anyone, much less kill a child. David however, was. He had a very short temper, and was very aggressive / abusive. One night while playing a video game, he stood up and threw the game console at her just because she asked him what he wanted for dinner. Tierra helped me raise my two nephews, and their cousins. She babysat them for me while I was in class. As far as I’m concerned, Edgar is the main person to blame. He knew that he shouldn’t have taken the kids out of the state of Florida. He as well as David was abusive / aggressive. Tierras parents aren’t blameless either. I read a newspaper article a while back in which her father stated that he hadn’t seen nor heard from Tierra in almost two years. This was reported in 2005. from Between 2003 and 2004, her and David lived with her parents off and on. David was asked to leave after it was found that he had not only abused Jewell, Their daughter (by her birth name) but was also starting to attack Tierras younger brother, Dallas Jr. Tierra never lifted a finger in harm towards her daughter, she loved Jewell. In conclusion, I know you want to grab your pitch forks and light the torches because of what this “monster” has done, but before you do, step back and try to gather all the facts.

    NOTE: Thank you to “Ben”( the last post on this site) for trying to look at it from another point.

    • I’ve known her since she was younger too I agree with what you write I find it hard to believe she did it I think it was David

  15. Another side note that I left out previously. Not too many people know this, but David wasn’t the baby’s biological father either, which would give his reason to be violent.

  16. Okay, question for Christian. If David wasn’t the baby’s biological father, then who was?

  17. I have to agree with the one that said that David was to blame also I raised David I adopted him when he was 2 years old. And no matter what help I tried to get him it did no good he was very aggressive and abusive even as a small child at one time he planned on how to kill me and every one in the house. I now look over my shoulder with him out of jail, cause I have no doudt that he had just as much to do with this as her. And yes Ed too he should have been protecting these children. I do have to disagree with Cody not being David’s from the picture I seen Cody looks just like David. I didn’t even know that Cody was born and I wish I had know maybe I could have done something to protect him. I am just glad that Jewel is safe now. And hope and pray she has a good life. And no harm comes to her.
    A Broken hearted grandmother

  18. I was jewells babysitter and the daughter in law of edgars boyfriend! 1st i would like to say that i am sorry to mrs.bonnie hunter! As for what has happend i was with these people until they moved out of town! Ed was very aggresive to david and yes david was strange but i never saw him be aggresive until pushed! As for terria she was always dressing in black and acting very strange. Right after cody was born david and terria came to my home and asked my husband and i if we would adopt them cause they didnt feel that the childern were safe with mr.parrish witch i agreed they were not but i had just adopted my own child and was not in the positin to have anymore at the time so we declined! At that time terria looked at me and stated if she couldnt have them no one would!! I loved jewell very much i had kept her on and off from the time mr. parrish had taken coutody even while they went on week long vacations! If you ask me the only reason that he took the kids was so he could hold it over david and terias head! I dont not believe at all that he did it out of love!!! About a mth before they were to move to alabama they came to visit at this time my husband and myself told mr.parrish and mr.jordan that we would love to adopt cody! They told us they did not want two kids they only wanted jewell so after they had gotten full coustody of the children if we still wanted him that they would get the papers!! this was in nov of 04! i didnt here from them agian until dec16 the day after cody’s death!! I did testify in the case agianst terria!! She was never a fit mother she couldnt even take care of cats!! I remeber goin to there home to see baby cloths coverd in dog feces and there home was never clen she also never got any prenatial care for either child!! David also wasnt fit to be a parent!! I have no contact with niteher david nor terria!! I did have contact with mr.parrish cause i didnt believe that he was totaly at fault for what happend i thought that he did what he did when he took david and terria with him to al. he did it so they didnt loose there kids forever!! I never thought that somthing like this would happen. Now i do not know what to think anymore mr.parrish has not changed at all his stay in prison was not long enough!….. Mr.parrish is makin a trip to fl the same town that i live in he wanted to come see us i had mixed feeling about this from the start!! But then i found out 3day ago my mother has a toumor and this is going to be a long process so i had to tell mr.parrish that he couldnt come!! Now a normal person would have been ok with this! But not ed he is very self absorbed he got mad and told us all kinds of hateful things right down to sayin he hoped my mother died!! So i do not believe that prison did anything for this man!! Now he is roming arond like he is inocent and not at fault for anything!! I think he is only coming to fl to cause drama!! …… I feel bad for not believeing the truth i think that all party’s involved should be punished because ultimately there was a wonderful paerfect lil baby boy lost here and all of them are to blame someone should have protected him!!! Thank god jewell gets a 2nd chance!! {{ I will forever love you jewell}}

  19. I was Tierra’s best friend in high school she would never have hit her children let alone kill one of them. To those of you who would say that they found some sort of evidence proving she did it i believe it was said that it was a diary of sorts what alot of people don’t know is that she was mentally ill. A sort of multiple personalities thing. i dealt with her alternates many times in high school. You people are not GOD. You have no right to judge. You also have no right to judge because you don’t know all the details about her or the situation.

    • Charlotte,

      Dissociative Personality Disorder is very rare. Who diagnosed her in high school with it?

      • charollette ur full of it when it was time for some one to be there u werent there. and u knew she would hurt her self and u knew she never wanted kids stop taking up for someone who admitted that she did it in her diary and to the cops

        • i wasn’t there because i got kicked out and had to move back to ft myers and she did want kids we talked about our future plans all the time yes tierra needed help but did you seek it out for her? no you didn’t so don’t go actin all high and mighty like you know shit because you don’t

  20. and on another note why the hell was david let out of jail?!!!

  21. You know I have read some many places that she could have not done is because of this and that. Have you gave this evidence to the right people and if she did not do it and David did it why is she saying she did and why has she took all the blame like I said before I have no doubt that David had just as much to do with this as she did if not more. If every one knew David was abusing her and the children why didn’t you do something before Cody had to suffer it all and I am sure Jewell did also. David had no business fathering any children at all and if she loved them so much as you all claim she did and would not hurt them she should have protected them and every one that is saying she was such a good person should have protected all of them. Yes David and Ed both need to still be in jail as far as I am concerned.

  22. ….I am heartbroken by this…..I cried for weeks when I first heard that my friend Tierra…. was on death row for murdering her infant son…..and furthermore that no body claimed the poor child’s body, that the town had to do it and strangers held this child’s funeral!!!!!!!!!! How cold is that….His own family didn’t want to claim him!!!

    I would never have believed that she would do this to anyone let alone her own child!!!!! I went to High school with her. She was very protective and caring of me!!!…… I wonder what could have happened to her to cause this to happen?!? Her life has always been terrible….even as a kid, as she told me…but I never thought it would turn out like this.

    I do agree with Charlotte…about Tierra being mentally ill. But I never saw her being violent toward anyone except herself….I’ve seen her hurt herself many times…but she never hurt anyone else.

    I just can’t believe this happened. I Believe the other two should have received the same sentence as her because they are responsible….probably more than her!!!!

    • who the heck r u, if u were so close whats ur nick name out of the pooh characters and ur wolf name. if u were that close to her u would have one

      • Tigger never gave me a pooh name or a wolf name because I was not part of your group. I only went to that school for 2 years and only had 2 friends, tigger and kat.

  23. That whole situation is really messed up. Sounds to me like the parents were puppets on a string to the uncle. If they were such bad parents, then why would the uncle even consider taking them with him when he moved in the first place? And it also sounds like the uncle only wanted a little girl, and not a boy… especially if he tried to get someone else to adopt him. So why did this incident happen? Sounds like the uncle either drove her insane or murdered the boy himself. I know it’s sad, and this may sound a bit morbid but either way, the little boy is in a better place. At least he doesn’t have to grow up in that kind of environment. And as for the girl, she gets a chance to grow up in a better environment.

  24. Thank you Tori and for the person that said none of the family claimed the body if I had know I would have claimed it I do thank the town for what they done for Cody. That was so good of them and showed so much love for a child they didn’t even know and I am glad that Jewel is safe and no longer has to worry about being hurt.

  25. When a child dies the world should cry..

  26. -i am sorry for the child, and i am sorry for the person acussed for this. i wish that life could have been different, that this would not have happened. but i DO NOT pleasure whatsoever, from the pain of this person on deathrow. to do so, would make me alittle sick, as so many out there, who do. i am sorry for them as well.

  27. Oh David, come one we all who know you know that your no saint. Save that BS you just wrote all it is, is a put on to make you look good.

  28. This will haunt David for the rest of his life…I have a two month old daughter by David and he was there during most of my pregnancy but when I was 35 weeks along he left me. I guess that’s a good thing because if he really did do something to his other kids then he won’t be around to do anything to this one.

  29. Folks Cody’s family on Tierra’s side did not know that he was even born. We found out about Cody from the WONDERFUL STATE OF ALABAMA TWO days after the funeral and wanted to know how we were going to pay for it!!!!!

  30. My question is exactly what happened and what made these three people snap on an innocent four month old baby? I’m not looking for a bunch of he said she said either.

  31. This question is for David,

    Why didn’t your family or Tierra’s family know that Cody was born? If you guys didn’t want the baby why didn’t you guys just take him and his sister to DHR to be adopted?

  32. Has anyone ever has contact with Teirra since she has been on death row and has an execution date been set yet?

  33. To tell the truth David don’t know what happened. He got a phone call while he was at work. They didn’t know he was born because they didn’t anything to do with them. And its not that they didn’t want their son. They didn’t have a car seat to take him home in and dhr took him and placed him with the uncle. And no… who the hell would want to talk to a child murderer??? I think some people should mind their own business and leave David alone. It’s bad enough that his son was murdered. Its something he must live with everyday. And I don’t know how his relationship with Tierra was but I do know that he’s not aggressive or abusive towards me or our our daughter. He is a damn good father.

  34. And Amber… the David who posted that comment was not David Hunter. The first time David even saw this blog was tonight.

  35. Yes I made some real hateful stuff on here. But didn’t have all the facts at the time now I do have them. And the person that call thier self Tell the Truth pretty sure I know who that is. David was at work at the time this happened. And he has paid his dues and is a totally driffent person now then he was before. He suffers every day for the son and daugther he lost. I am not saying he is no angel none of us are. Tierra said she did it and has not said any thing driffent to get her self out of this. The torment David goes threw every day of his life is enough punishment he is trying to make his self a better person and has done a pretty good job of it.

  36. Actually I’m not trying to start any trouble the person you think I am is not anyone close to you but a complete stranger. I am a former resident of Dothan, Al. and I have a son who is the same age as Cody would be today. I am also a Criminal Justice student trying to understand the story as a hole not just from what I have read in the news or online. I am on neither side of the story. I came upon the blog when I was researching about inmates on death row in Alabama. When reading this blog I found that the people writing to the blog were people who actually new these individuals. The questions that I asked were merely to understand the situation better not to cause trouble. Is easier to ask the people who were involved than to listen to hear say in the news. I am truly sorry for this happening to everyone’s friends and family linked to Cody’s death no child deserves to die, ever!! The reason I asked did anyone talk to or have heard from Teirra was because I also have someone sitting on Death Row in Alabama and there is another woman on death row who did not commit the crime she is accused of. And Also the news reports or anything that is found online said anything about David being at work when the incident happened. So that is why i asked the questions I did, Sorry for any inconvenience.

  37. To Christine,

    I was not out to bash David. After reading all the blogs I truly thought that was David and really believed that his mother meant what she said. That is why I asked that question.

  38. I am only a law student only trying to learn more about what Really happened in this case. I just thought that maybe I could learn more about it on here verses only from the news.

    Sorry again for any inconvenience.

  39. Ok if you go to you can look up this case and read the whole thing there.

  40. Christine,

    I really do thank you for your help.

  41. Everyone involved in this situation should die. Davids nothing but a whore, a user, keeps having kids and can not take care of them. Do you run David because your scared your going to hurt another child? Sick trailer trash! You need to be beaten! At least Tiera is standing up and saying she did it. Everyone needs to quit saying I didnt do it. I wasnt there. He did it. She did it. I didnt know anything. YOUR LIERS!! You should be sitting on death row with the other crazy child killer! If she has mental disabilitys why did dcf let them take them from florida? Why didnt they investigate further who they were putting the children with? Alot of why questions and yet never get an answer. David needs his little nasty ugly penis cut off and to be locked up along with the uncle! Live your life now that your free, you will get whats coming to you. Just stay away from children and quit making babies you can not take care of and might kill one day too! Sickos!!

  42. christine-its funny how you are bashing him n the beginng and you wont let him around your child…but now your taking up for him? Quit lieing and making excuses for the child killer. Anyone who takes his side or maked excuses for anyone that killed this baby should be in prison too. I hope he has nightmares and regrets about what happened. A CHILD DIED FOR NO REASON EXCEPT THEIR SELFISHNESS!! No one knows what happened except David, Tierra and the uncle. So no one can say oh no that didnt happened he was at work when it happened he didnt do it. Or the uncle was trying to help them. And yes only GOD can judge, so they will all get what is coming to them for what THEY DID!

  43. I knew tierra in high school and she was always acting so werid but we were friends. I’m sorry to say that she was never right in the head but that is no excuse to kill a child and being mentally ill is no excuse either I’m bipolar and I have 3 children and i dont abuse them or forget to feed them. She deserves to die for what she has done and so do the rest of them. In school she was alwasy talking about death and how she wanted to die and people she wanted to be rid of. My husband and I took our oldest child over to her and david one night so she could babysit and when we walked into that house it was like walking into a pig pen cat litter pans all over the place dishes a mile high in the sink and the place smelled to high heaven. I wish I could be there when they do kill her I know that is mean but I am who I am.

  44. I say lock the bastard back up all he has done is knocked my doglet up and he keeps screwing everything that walks and is a BIG PIECE OF CRAP! HE is a sociopath and he definately doesn’t need to be in my town of PADUCAH,KY I say we petition to get this idiot back in PRISON OR OUT OF KENTUCKY either one….SOCIOPATH!!!!!! I can’t believe they actually let him out..boy where they stupid! It’s so obvious he is the one that drove Tierra to do it..consider all the crap my friend Christine has just been put through with this garbage…NOT ONLY HAS HE CHEATED ON HER AND LEFT HER THREE TIMES the first time she didn’t know they had just started dating and she found out she was pregnant she barely knew david then, THEN he leaves her when shes eight months takes off to florida to screw this anna chick then he leaves her goes to his sisters house or so he claims then he comes back to Paducah and gets back with Christine they got married October 31,2010 now its December and he is screwing some nineteen year old kid he met when he was suppose to be working and he keeps trying to accuse christine because she kicks him out because he keeps texting secretly and she knows he is cheating its so OBVIOUS that he is a sociopath and I never let him around my daughter I knew from the minute he hit on me I wanted to punch that stupid P.O.S in the eye and I say he should be on death row just like Tierra he is as much to blame as she is!

  45. David has major issues and he is a sociopath. I just didn’t see it until recently. He is very manipulative and he is very convincing. I can’t believe I actually believed his story. I felt sorry for him for a while but on December 15th he sat and played video games and text the chick he was cheating on me with. He just kept telling me to leave him alone. Not bc he was mourning over his son but bc he was texting another woman who he left me for a few days later. And he has everyone convinced that its my fault he was cheating. Sociopath. I see through his crap now. His side of the story is that he saw that tierra was a lil rough with the baby but that he didn’t think she would kill him. He was asleep on the couch when it happened he says. And that the next day the uncle rushed david to work where he got a phone call saying his son was in critical condition at the hospital. Idk I wasn’t there. But I do see how manipulative he is and I have caught him in several lies.

  46. A mother is someone who takes care of their children. Puts their children ahead of their needs including men! Especially a sociopath as you call him. Which he is! What is so special about him that he keeps getting all these girls? He must be doing something right in the bed! Cause he sure is an ugly bastard! Christine if you are a “good mother” you would not let that child any where near your baby and you would make sure any children he donates his sperm to dont ever get treated like that baby boy did in alabama. If anyone has not figured out yet how his story keeps changing with everyone he talks to about where he was at when it happened! He probably is the one that killed that baby and the dumb crazy one on death row is taking the rap because shes so in love with david that he told her to! Yeah girls are stupid like that! Your baby does not deserve to know she has a dead brother because of her sperm donor being crazy and a sister that survived it but is now without a baby brother! I would KILL my husband if he touched one of our 5 kids so bad to put them in the hospital! THATS WHAT A MOTHER DOES!! IF you cant do that for your baby then you do not deserve her either. I am pretty sure that in a couple of months we will see that you and david are back together and you will be taking up for him again! Thats how you STUPID GIRLS are! I hope for your daughters sake I am dead ass wrong!

  47. does anyone know when the crazy one on death row is scheduled to die? Or how about how or why david and his uncle really got out early? Not what david says…but an honest answer that came from the state!

  48. I’m thinking about writing Tierra and asking her what part David had in it for my own piece of mind. I told David that if he wants to see her he can take me to court. Idk when she is supposed to die.

  49. Yes he’s very good in bed and we made a beautiful baby girl but I’m not taking him back. Ever. In fact my daughter and I are moving about 300 miles away from him pretty soon. And it’s going to be a permanent move.

  50. First of all I’ve known Tierra(Tigger to her friends) since ’99 and she lived with me about seven months prior to this and we had something like a relationship before her and david got back together and no not my child she suspected she was pregnant then and told me she believed the father was a guy she had a thing with while she was with david and that he had two different colored eyes. Second of all the whole multi personality disorder(sorry charmander) was a joke, I was fooled somewhat in school but now have the experience and knowledge to say that although there is always a chance I am wrong but it was for attention just like spreading the rumor in 2000 she was going to make Bartow High School the new columbine. Furthermore although I once and still love her I am going into law enforcement working on my AA in criminal justice and must be honest with myself and this is a way for me to do this, she is guilty and no matter what her adoptive father(yeah big dallas I’m talking about you), or David(little runt will get his come uppins its Karma), she had some of the best friend a girl could ask for(charmander, queen chris, and myself) she could have done beter but she refused to see that she was heading towards an avoidable disaster. I refuse to feel sorry for her(it was avoidable after all), or that baby(pheonix is better off) I just hope that I did everything I could to help her and Pheonix.

  51. Well Christine, DAVID IS NOT ALL THAT GREAT IN BED! Just cause he father a child don’t make him the bomb in bed. So you must have not had any before him. And hell no daivd is not inncoent in all this. He’s a LIAR, CHEATER, and then some! He is abusive! Don’t try to tell otherwish when I myself know’s from first hand experience. Girl you need to do what’s right for your child and STOP taking up for him! Wake up and get the REAL story before you go defending him. Everyone who did that baby wrong and knew Tierra was doing him wrong needs to be right there on death row with her sorry ass. EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO LIVED IN THE HOUSE expect for Jewel, NEEDS TO ROT in a cell right next to Tierra. I dont know why in the hell he’s walking free making all these babies he cant take care of. He keeps walking out, what does that tell you?????
    That he is a SORRY ASS.
    Christine, belive me if he cheated on you numerous times, believe me he’s not done. David WILL NEVER be faithful to a woman! EVER! He dont have it in him to do so. Cause every person he has ever been with he’s cheated on and lied to!!!!!!!!
    Maybe now you will open your eyes for your daughter’s sake. Give her a REAL FATHER who loves her no matter what and wont walk out every time he get’s in heat for another woman!

    I’m sure I’ll have to be back soon or later for more advice and truth! Until then take care!

    • Well you say all that lived in the house should rot in a cell with her. Well there was 4 people that lived in the house david, tierra,Ed and Walter (Jordan) but everyone got convicted and sent to prison except for him and why was that he was in the house the same time tierra killed Cody he was just down the hall from her Why did he not go to prison like the rest of them????

      • I know i have been wondering the same thing!!! But he wont talk about it. The only reason I can see is because Ed had custody and David and Tierra were his parents.

      • Since you happen to be Edgar’s sister you should know that answer better than anyone!!!!! But again just like I said THEY all should have to rot in a cell FOR LIFE! ALL 4 of em!

  52. Oh and read this article and tell me how classy it is that they try to claim the $800,000 that was awarded to Jewell, for a child whom died in their care, who they were supposed to protect!
    It’s more disgusting than anything!

  53. What’s going on between me and David really isn’t relevant to what happened in his past. So sorry for putting it out there like that. Well truth be told none of us were there when this horrible incident happened so everything anyone says about it is just an opinion. I don’t know for sure what happened that night but Tierra said she did it. And my opinion is that yes David and Ed are just as responsible for his death because they should have protected him from his mother. I dont think they should all rot because of it…they only failed to protect the baby bc according to the evidence Tierra was the only one to have had contact with him 10 hrs proceeding his death. There’s no evidence anywhere saying that David physically abused his kids and I don’t believe he would hurt our daughter. I believe he deserves another chance at being a father. We’re only human and we all make mistakes. But there’s no proof of him hurting his kids that I am aware of. So if any of you want to step up and say you saw him hurt his kids go ahead and then YOU will be just as guilty for not reporting it. He’s done his time I say leave him alone. I just couldn’t imagine what it would feel like to have someone I was in love with murder my child. She says she didn’t mean to so i dont believe that she is the monster that everyone is making her out to be. But still there is no excuse for it and I believe she does deserve the death penalty. As for David he did his time and he’s paying for his son’s funeral. Fair nuff in my opinion. It wasn’t the smartest thing for me to do… getting pregnant by a guy who was involved in a case like this but its not like I’m sitting here allowing my daughter to be abused. As for “they” trying to claim the money that was awarded to Jewell… I’m not sure who “they” are or is but I know its not David. But yeah it is disgusting.

  54. Who the hell said it was his kids he abused???? U didnt see me say that did u. NOPE sure the hell didnt. But I wouldnt doubt he did! EVERYTHING HE DOES OR HAS DONE has to do with you. You share a child with that idiot! And your just as stupid for putting up with all his shit. But why am I not one bit suprised that your foolish ass is taking his side. You apprently dont know everything there is to know about david and his situation past & present. But girl you will see in the long run how that low life is. And you will be wishing you would have listened to people. You really do need to stop taking up for him cause apprently you already know how he works. He leaves your ass over and over again! Why cause he’s using you!!!! That is all he know who to do is use ppl. But let me tell you one thing you should really stop and think, wonder if that was me & my life and I was in that situation. Did those kids ask to be brought onto this world with sorry ass parents like Tierra & David? No they didnt. So stop making excuses for him! He may have not been the one to actually kill his child, but he knew how Tierra was he should have put his children first then and now. And yet he didnt in either situation! Maybe then you would wake the hell up and get out of fantsy land!

    And as for Tierra and her sick ass, you need your head examined for taking up for her and believeing that shit. Of course her and david are gonna say anything to make them look all good.

    You really are just as mental as they are, you all need to see a shrink! The innocent one in this whole situation is your daughter, whom you are supposed to protect regardless, and you havent done that by letting david come in and out when he pleases. Put your foot down for crying out loud & go see that shrink!!!!!

    Your pretty disgusting yourself if I do say so myself!!!!!!!!!

    When he leaves your ass agian for another hoochie, I’ll be laughing my ass off cause you have it coming, but I’ll be praying for your daughter cause she so dont deserve the crap your putting her though!

  55. So you think I’m disgusting eh? Lol That’s cool. Say what you want I really don’t care. Opinions are like @$$h0les…

  56. Go ahead and keep posting under a fake name. Call me stupid, foolish and disgusting I don’t give a Shh. And by the way I’m not taking up for anyone here. I’m simply posting my opinion just like you are!

  57. I think your crazy as hell Christine to put your child in that type of danger. Your bf is a sick dude and will eventually hurt that child. Your only there cause your all he can get and your worthless.

  58. Thanks, I know I’m crazy. Lol we all have to be a little crazy to make it in this world. I don’t feel that she is in danger. What society fails to realize is that people put their children in danger everyday. When you put your child in a car you are putting them in danger. A drunk driver could hit you. When you let your child play outside you are exposing them to insects that can bite and the sun which has harmful uv rays. When your child breaths the air that surrounds us they are exposed to all kinds of toxins, etc. Parents who take their children to day care are possibly puting their children in danger. Leaving their child with a stranger. I’ve heard many horror stories about day cares. But anyway you can think I’m crazy and worthless all you want. And you can think my hubby is a “sick dude.” That’s the beauty of America. Lol you obviously don’t know us. 🙂

  59. LMAO, yeah your still a disgusting piece of trash just like the rest of the fucking bunch! May you all rot in hell. And may your daughter have a peaceful beautiful life without a sorry excuse of a “mother” & “father”.

  60. I probably will rot in hell if there is one lol and my daughter will have a beautiful peaceful life. She’s my daughter. I have custody of her and that’s not going to change. 🙂

  61. You hear about the inmates who find about a child killers’ sentence and ‘punish’ that inmate in prison. I hope that is happening with this lady. I hope the rest of her useless life is not pleasant. I realize that some of you may have grown up with her, and knew her closely, and yes…she may have been a decent person then. What you have to realize is that people go through changes, sometimes for the worst and turn into terrible human beings that have no concience of what they are doing to another. I have children of my own and I realize they can be frustrating and can cry and whine to no-end. But the difference between a mature, loving mother and an insane child killer is the ability to take that frustration and put it into house cleaning or working out, or some other outlet. This woman was imbalanced mentally, and unfortunately did not have this ability. For this reason, she needs to die. If perhaps there were no such thing as the death penalty, she would eventually get out of prison..and there WOULD BE yet another victim of her mental instability.

    • Remember, Tierra is on death row. She is not in general population. She is in a cell by herself. From my understanding, she has little contact with other inmates.

  62. what right do any of you have to judge this girl? not one of you was there in that house when it happened, not one of you knows every aspect and detail of what happened. I completely agree that the crime was horrendous the loss of a child is wrong on so many levels. however you have no right to decide that she should rot in hell and how dare you wish that on her YOU ARE NOT GOD!!!!!!!

    i believe the only thing she is truly guilty of is not having the backbone to stand up to david and ed and allowing them to remain around her children

    • Savannah,

      Just as that is your opinion, others have the right to theirs and you do not have the right to tell them it is wrong in any way. It is human nature to feel the way most on here do. And sorry, Tierra did not have the right to kill her child, whether you believe she did or did not. She was convicted and is on death row now. If the evidence was wrong, you need to let the prosecutors know that

      • i’m not saying they don’t have a right to feel the way they do nor did i in any way imply that she had a right to kill her child no one has any right to take a life but they have no right to JUDGE her only GOD can judge us only GOD can say whether or not we will rot in hell

        • Please remember that forgiveness, God, judging, etc. are not part of the criminal justice system. You say that only God can judge, but what about those who do not believe in God or any kind of religion? If you want to stop people people from doing what comes naturally, then you should have the same compassion for those who don’t believe the same way you do.

          • First of all, this “god” you speak of does not exist. If there was a god, do you think that baby boy would have died? What kind of sick god would let a baby that young die?

  63. […] Phoenix Jordan Cody Parrish, Age 4 Mos…2004 […]

  64. WOW to charollette, kent christian and who ever else claims they were tierras best friend. yall are full of shit. sorry thats the truth where were yall when she needed some where to hide from her step dad dallas. no where she was living with me, she told me she had sex with david on a slide in highland city down the road from her house on feather drive. u say u were there for her where were u when she graduated pissed off at her and didnt speak to her . only melissa and i, i have pictures of her from after graduation kent she never loved u she just needed a place to crash and used u. david was scary and so was tierra. my parents took her in but she had to leave bc she talked about killing her self and hurting who ever got in her way that wouldnt make her life happy. i was supose to be jewels god mother. and i knew she was pregnant with cody, but i had to find out he died from the news. you say she was protective of u. the ssyn person who the hell are u. were u in the group that hung out with us????? there was only a few me carrie missy charolletee kent we wanted to get away from u but u were a stocker !!!! we all had nick names. i was kanga i was the motherly one. remember most of yall crying to me bc u were being picked on or ur boyfriends broke up with u. YES i believe tierra did itl. Yes she should die.tierra was crazzy real crazy believed in witch craft and everything but the next day believed in god. david probably broke up with her again and she lashed out at the kids. i feel sorry that this little girl has tierras and davids blood running thru there veins. and i thank god she was givin a new chance at life with a new name. but as for tierra ur a phyco path. and stop blaming everyone else for ur mistakes. did yall know she was prego once before and she kept hitting her self in the stomach so she would miscarry bc she didnt want any kids . SHE NEVER WANTED KIDS!!!!!!!!!!! bet yall didnt know that

    • … have me mixed up with someone else.
      1) its STALKER…..not stocker
      2) I never stalked anyone. Really never even spoke to anyone except tigger and kat.
      3) I was never part of your group so I never came crying to you for anything!
      4) Tigger came to me! She became my friend, and she talked to me everyday. I never said I was her best friend….I said she was my friend, completely different thing.

      I really do not know if she did it or not…I only knew her for a couple years cause I moved away in the 10th grade.
      I hope she did not do it…but if she did…then she is where she needs to be!

      In my opinion…there is way too much drama in all this crap. Bottom line…A Baby was murdered….it should have never happened. It is a tragedy, it makes me sick. who was there to protect those kids????

    • Full of shit, Eh? Does letting Tierra stay with me because she did not want to go home to her parents, or home to David make me full of shit? Does talking to her lawyers in PERSON make me full of shit? Does making time to write to her as often as I can make me full of shit? Does believing in her even after all of this shit that has happened mane me full of shit? Before you go telling people that they’re full of shit, you need to get your fucking story straight! Tierra has ALWAYS been like a sister to me, and I still consider her family, no matter what people think she has done. I do not give a rats ass what people say, DAVID is the reason this baby boy died. The psychotic mother fucker should have been castrated at birth. To those that are curious why Walter did not end up in prison, it is because he is the that called the police in the first place (according to him). I have seen and talked to Walter since this has all happened, and he still works at the Walmart in Plant City if anyone else wants to talk to him.

  65. As a mother, this breaks my heart and sickens me. I am so sorry for this precious baby…it is a tragedy. No baby deserves to die like that. It is unspeakably evil!!! I feel so sorry for Jewel….I hope things turn out ok for her, and that she will have some peace and security in life…God Bless her!.
    I will never claim to know what happened that day. I can’t say she did it or she did not do it…..neither can anyone else because no one was there!!!!
    No matter what…God knows the truth…Justice will be served for baby Cody….who ever murdered him, will answer for it! wether it was tierra, or one of the others….God will avenge.

    I hope that everyone affected by this can have some peace and closure some day.

  66. […] Phoenix Jordan Cody Parrish, Age 4 Mos…2004 […]

  67. I am deeply sadden by what happened to baby Cody, and I hope Tierra gets executed as soon as possible. She does not deserve to breath another day, she placed no value on human life, and to do that to her own child is just beyond reprehensible. She should die for it.

    I was encouraged to see that people in her life were not totally illiterate. after reading what happened, I thought she was from some trailer park where child were not cared for. reading Christine’s entries, I was shocked that this happened where people could read and write proficiently. I don’t understand how her house was full of dishes, dirty, and smelled as it did and she was semi-educated? Didn’t she know not to live like that? And sending a new born to live with some old man with no maternal instincts, Edgar? The child services program should be shut down. newborns need constant care, all day, every minute. Not to be fed at 1am, and then checked on again at 9am …. 8 hours later — when he was found playing? that doesn’t even make sense. they need feedings every 4 hours and diaper changes. and should not be left alone for 8 hours a time…Tierra was clearing lying and Edgar did not take responsibility for that child to only feed him within 8 hour intervals.

    That being said, justice was served. I’m glad she’s going to die for it.

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